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The AK-47 is an assault rifle commonly featured in the Uncharted series. It is an average rifle, typically used as an early to mid-game weapon by the enemy forces encountered during that time. It is not particularly strong in any way, with only middling stopping power, but will prove effective at medium range engagements, or point-blank firing if so needed. Its accuracy drops off sharply after a few seconds of continuous fire.

The Nathan Drake Collection featured a gold AK-47 that was available as a reward after beating Brutal difficulty.


Drake's Fortune[]

Nate using the Ak-47 in the drowned city.

The first AK-47 used by Nathan Drake in Drake's Fortune was taken from a mercenary in "A Surprising Find", when they were in the Amazon rainforest, and in the following chapter from pirates in "Plane-wrecked", when they were at the hidden island. He proceeded to use the rifle repeatedly, as it was readily available due to how often the pirates used it, up until "Sanctuary?", after which they were entirely replaced with the M4 rifles used by the mercenaries. The AK-47 appeared for the last time in "The Heart of the Vault", in the namesake treasure vault, where Nate found a large group of AK-47s and Moss - 12s that were left behind by pirates who were killed by descendants.

Among Thieves[]

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The first appearance of the weapon in Among Thieves was the chapter "Borneo", where many of Zoran Lazarević's soldiers came equipped with them, and it could also be used by Nate. The weapon was among many others Nate could make use of during his adventure in Nepal. Prior to the chapter "Urban Warfare", an AK-47 was initially seen inside the jeep he was driving as he was making his way to his destination. After being driven off the road by one of Lazarević's large, armored trucks, Nate was forced to flee as it chased him through a narrow pathway, using the AK-47 as defense. Nate fired continuously at the vehicle until it blew up and tumbled over.

The weapon was once more available to Nate when he was traveling on board Lazarević's train in the chapters "Locomotion" and "Tunnel Vision". The weapon was absent until "Siege", when Zoran Lazarević and his army attacked the Tibetan village. Aside from Crossbows, many of the Tibetan civilians used AK-47s in the battle, which continued on into the following chapter "Cat and Mouse". The weapon was also available for Nate to use against Lazarević's convoy in the namesake chapter "Convoy".

Once again, the weapon was absent for a while until Nate and his allies made their way into Shambhala. When the three prepared to go after the Cintamani Stone, Nate armed himself with an AK-47 that he picked up, apparently having been used before by the dead civilians lying around in the area. Like with many other weapons, the rifle proved not to be a very good defense against the Shambhala Guardians, as it would take a large barrage of bullets from the rifle to finally subdue them.

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Among Thieves[]

In the multiplayer component of Among Thieves, this weapon is the starting primary weapon in standard-rules online multiplayer matches, thus making it the most used weapon in multiplayer. It is found on all maps in various locations. It has high damage power but low range and accuracy. The recoil is high, therefore it is best suited to close range engagements.

Drake's Deception[]

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The recoil has been lowered slightly from Among Thieves. It is one of the first weapons unlocked and available from the start, the other being the G-MAL. The AK-47 comes with mods in online multiplayer, with a total of seven: Call Out, Scope Zoom, Reload Speed, Clip Size, Blind fire Accuracy, Accuracy, and Max Ammo.

Image Name How to acquire Mods
Jade- AK47.jpg Jade AK-47 Level up to Rank 65 Blindfire Accuracy, Max Ammo
Eddy's Ak-47.jpg Eddy's AK-47 Complete the Alexandria Legendary Treasure Set in Classic. Call Out, Scope Zoom, and Magazine size
Drake's Ak-47.jpg Drake's AK-47 Complete the End of Death Legendary Treasure Set in Three Team Deathmatch. Reload speed, Blindfire Accuracy
Navarro's AK.jpg Navarro's AK-47 Complete the Mortician's Curse Legendary Treasure Set in Free for All. Max Ammo, Reload Speed
Pirate AK47.jpg Pirate's AK-47 Available exclusively in the Drake's Deception Special Edition for the EU. Clip Size, Max Ammo
Naughty Dog AK It can be obtained in contest and the now unavailable Find the Ring competition.
NDI AK It is exclusive to only Naughty Dog developers, as it was only seen and used by Naughty Dog.
PAX Prime AK Available with PAX Code. Reload Speed, Clip Size

Medals and trophies[]

Trophy data
50 Kills: AK-47
Kill 50 enemies with the AK-47. Bronze

Scoring 50 kills with the AK-47 will unlock the medal, worth 10 points, and the bronze trophy "20 Kills: AK-47" in Drake's Fortune and Drake's Fortune Remastered. Scoring 50 kills with the AK-47 will unlock the medal "50 Kills: AK-47", worth $10,000 in Among Thieves.

Behind the scenes[]

In the beta for Drake's Deception, a modification could be attached to the gun that increased the rate of fire. This feature was removed from the final release.