A Rock and a Hard Place is the first chapter of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


Nathan Drake awakens in a train carriage, bleeding heavily from a wound in his abdomen. As several objects fall toward him, he realizes that the carriage is hanging off the edge of a cliff. The chair he is sitting in falls away, and he falls down with it, saved only when he hits the exterior handrail at the lower end of the carriage. After gaining a firm grip on it, he scales the wrecked carriage, making his way to the top of the cliff. The carriage he is climbing is being held up by a second carriage, which sits atop the cliff edge. As Nate enters this second carriage, it begins to fall over the edge. He narrowly escapes, and falls to the ground at the edge of the cliff, passing out.

In a flashback, Nate drinking alone at a beach bar. He is approached by Harry Flynn, an old partner in crime. Flynn informs Nate that a "client" is willing to pay a huge sum of money if they can steal an artifact from the Istanbul Palace Museum's Travels of Marco Polo exhibit. Nate initially refuses, pointing out that both he and Flynn know two people who were killed trying to steal something from the museum. Flynn points out that Nate is the only one ever to have made it out of the museum, and that he can't do it without him. Nate points out that it is a three-person job, seconds before Chloe Frazer joins them. Nate, recognizing Chloe, is surprised, but keeps quiet about their history when she pretends not to know him. Flynn informs Drake that Chloe is the third member of their heist team, before laying out his plan, which is as follows: Nate and Flynn will enter through the sewer, before climbing up to the museum's courtyard. From there, they will climb to the rooftops, which they will run along until they reach the tower where the artifact is held. Chloe will aid them by switching off the museum's floodlights, allowing them to move without being seen.

At this point, Flynn reveals what they're after: an oil lamp. Nate points out that the lamp is worthless, and that there is no point in going after it. Flynn produces a journal entry which he "borrowed" from his client, written sometime during the 13th century. As Nate translates the Latin journal entry, he realizes that it was written by Marco Polo. Translating the rest, he and Chloe realize that the entry refers to the "lost fleet." Flynn asks them what they're talking about, and Nate fills him in on the details of Polo's voyage.

Marco Polo left China with 600 passengers and fourteen ships laden with treasure from Kublai Khan. A year and a half later, he arrived in Persia with only one ship left and eighteen passengers. Nate points out that despite recording every detail of his journey, he never told what happened to the thirteen ships, the passengers or the treasure; the "lost fleet." They discern that this is what Flynn's "client" is after. Examining the image of the lamp closer, Nate realizes that it must have been a gift to Polo from Kublai Khan. Flynn and Chloe remembers a line from Polo's journal: "The light of the great Khan shelters the faith of the thirteen." Nate points out that Polo must have hid something inside the lamp; something that pinpoints the location of the lost fleet. As a final thought, the three decide that they're "dicking" Flynn's client over, and going after the treasure for themselves. Their plans in place, Nate asks, "what could possibly go wrong?"

The flashback ends and the story returns to the present, with Nate awakening atop the cliff. He proceeds through the wreckage of the train, somewhere in the mountains, trapped in a blizzard. The burning train wreckage is strewn around a snow covered plateau. Throughout the wreckage, he passes the bodies of soldiers, and at one point, encounters a live one, who is quickly killed from a blast. As Nate proceeds through the wreckage, the fires around him cause an fuel carriage to explode. The explosion dislodges another carriage, which barrels down a slope and hits the carriage Nate is in. Nate is knocked unconscious by the impact.

In another flashback, we see Chloe arrive at Nate's hotel room, shortly after their beach bar meeting. They allude to a past relationship, before Nate questions her about her current relationship with Flynn. Chloe assures him that it's "mostly professional." They plan to split the treasure three ways, before disappearing together, abandoning Flynn. Chloe warns Nate that Flynn can't know about them until after they have found the treasure. Nate worries that Flynn will be "pissed," but as they kiss, Chloe assures him that everything will be "fine."

After the flashback ends, Nate regains consciousness and proceeds on his pained journey through the wreckage, constantly hindered by his wound. Moving further away from the cliff, he comes across a Phurba dagger sticking out of the snow. It is clearly of some importance, and he clutches it tightly as the story flashes back four months.

Nate, Flynn and Chloe approach the sewer tunnels beneath the Istanbul Palace Museum at night by boat. Flynn claims he'd feel a lot better if he had a gun, although Nate assures him that he won't need one, as there are only museum guards and they have their patrols all mapped out. Chloe drives the boat up to the sewer entrance. The three cut through the sewer's bar grating with a blowtorch, and then begin navigating through the tunnels. Once they finding the right passage, they split up. Nate and Flynn head under the museum, while Chloe travels in the opposite direction, preparing to cut the power to the floodlights. She tells them that she'll have the van waiting at the rendezvous point, and warns them to make sure they are out of the museum in time. Nate and Flynn jump down into the sewer tunnel and begin their navigation through the sewers to the museum.


Once you have control of Nate, move along the yellow rail to the left. Keeping going left until you are behind the train. Now climb up the train along the right side. A boulder will fall and knock you down a bit. Once it has fallen, continue climbing along the right side of the train. The game will tell you to press PlayStationX to jump when you can no longer climb up. Press PlayStationX to grab the ledge, and press it again to grab another yellow rail. Move along the rail to the left. When you're in the middle of the rail, an object will fall and stop you for a second. After it falls continue moving to the left until you grab a tall yellow rail. Climb up this rail until it falls and slams into the rail. The game will then tell you to hold the left analog stick in the direction you want to swing and press PlayStationX to jump. Do this and move to the left. When you can't climb anymore, hold the left analog stick to the left and press PlayStationX to jump.

Press PlayStationX and pull yourself on top of the ledge. Now push the left analog stick forward and press PlayStationX again to jump to a bench. When you've grabbed it, press PlayStationX again to pull yourself up. Now push the left analog stick to the left and press PlayStationX again. Keep pressing PlayStationX until Nate stands up. Now hold the left analog stick down and press PlayStationX, and then PlayStationX again. Now hold the left analog stick to the right and climb along the train. When you grab the yellow rail, continue climbing up it. You can also hold the left analog stick up and press PlayStationX to jump up along the rail.

When the rail falls, hold the left analog stick to the left and press PlayStationX quickly. Continue climbing the train until you are at the very top of it, and then jump to the yellow ladder and climb up it and pull yourself up onto the train. Now keep running as the train begins to slide off the cliff, and Nate will pull himself up.

Part 2Edit

After the flashback, walk towards the tree to your right and look for the flashing light. Walk up to it and press PlayStationTriangleto pick up a treasure. Now head into the train wreck and keep walking along the path through the train. After getting through the narrow spot between two trains, look for a 92FS-9mm near the dead soldier and pick it up with PlayStationTriangle. Also very close the gun is another treasure; make sure you grab it. Now walk to the door on the train near the dead body and press PlayStationTriangle to open it. Enter the train, climb over the trail and pick up the ammo. Walk to the end of the train, hold L1 and then aim at the lock and press R1 to break it. Now press PlayStationTriangle to open the door. You can also press R2 to reload your gun.

When you come off the train, hold R1 and look up to shoot at the third treasure to make it fall. Now head forward and you'll see a soldier. He'll spot you and shoot at you. You can either shoot him back or just wait a second and let an explosion kill him. After this, continue moving forward and pick up the ammo the soldier had. When you enter another train car, head to the back of it and press PlayStationTriangle on the door to push through it. Head forward and climb up the boxes. When you're on top of the boxes, climb up the rails to the top of the train and press PlayStationX. Jump off the train car and onto the other one, but don't move forward. Instead, jump off the train onto the large grey box. Head to the bottom of the screen and onto a small sectioned-off area on the ground where the fourth treasure is located. Once you have picked it up, climb back up into the train.

Walk to the end of the train and when you reach the door, press PlayStationX to climb out of the train. After the cutscene, move the left analog stick around to wake Nate up. Look for the opening in the train and jump to the yellow rail. When you're on the rail, move along it to the right and pull yourself up onto the train. Head to the bottom of the screen and pick up the fifth treasure, then head to the other end of the train. When you have fallen, continue heading forward until the flashback begins.