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A Surprising Find is the third chapter of Drake's Fortune. While continuing their search for El Dorado, Nate and Sully stumbled upon an astonishing discovery—an intact German submarine stuck within the rainforest.


Sullivan stayed behind while Nate dived into the water and swam across the lake to find a way inside the U-boat. With some successful climbing, Nate was able to get inside the vessel.

The Coin[]

As he searched the soup and blood-filled vessel, Nate came across a corpse with pockets full of Spanish gold. As he told Sullivan about his discovery, he then began to feel the trail getting warm again, believing that the Germans "had a little secret".


Nate discovers two maps to the island.

After some more searching, Nate eventually found himself in the captain's quarters, where he found the captain "ripped to shreds". As Nate radioed Sully about the captain's presence, Sully, expressing zero concern for the dead captain, told Nate to check his pocket. Upon doing so, Nate found a Kriegsmarine map, which revealed the location of an island where the Spanish took the El Dorado statue. He also found a smaller, hand-drawn map that provided greater detail of the island.

As he told Sully about the good news, the latter expressed his concerns about ending up on another wild goose chase until he was suddenly cut off. On his way out of the submarine, Nate accidentally knocked over a torpedo that nearly crushed him. His luck soon ended once he realized he triggered the torpedo. As it was about to go off, he quickly exited through a launch tube and swam back to shore.

Time's Up[]

Nate is confronted by Roman and Navarro.

Upon emerging from the water, Nate was apprehended by Gabriel Roman and Atoq Navarro, who pulled him out, confiscated his gun, and held him and Sully at gunpoint. Roman revealed to Nate that Sully owed him a lot of money. Nate was forced to relinquish the Kriegsmarine map (although he managed to keep the second map that he found). When Navarro questioned the map's connection to El Dorado, Sully explained that the Germans were after the same thing, and the map was the key to finding it. Roman, however, was not quite satisfied and felt Sully needed a "reminder", aiming his revolver at Nate.

As Sully tried to convince him to leave Nate out of the situation, Roman shifted his aim to Sully, and without hesitation, shot him in the chest. Nate quickly reacted by trying to grab Navarro's rifle, but within seconds, the torpedo Nate accidentally triggered earlier finally set off, causing the entire submarine to burst while a few mercenaries were on it. With Roman and Navarro distracted and knocked down by the explosion, Nate took one last glance at Sully's motionless body and began to make his escape, shortly before Roman and Navarro took notice.

Whoa there, Cowboy[]

As he rushed back down into the jungle unarmed, Nate ran into Elena, who delivered him a punch in his eye for leaving her back at the dock. Nate quickly shoved her against the wall to hide her from two mercenaries that ran past them. He then told Elena about Sully's death and asked for a spare gun. After she gave him one, the two proceeded to fight their way back to the temple entrance to escape the mercenaries for good.

Uncharted Island[]

Nate and Elena team back up.

Once they found a jeep, Nate asked Elena to memorize the coordinates to the Kriegsmarine island: UK2642. While anxiously trying to start up the jeep, Nate explained to her that the island on the map was most likely where the Spanish took the statue, and Sir Francis followed them. Once Nate got the jeep started, the two drove out of the forest.

Elena films the propeller flames.

They flew towards the island in the Hog Wild. While doing so, Elena filmed as they drew closer, recording for a new episode of her show. Shortly after finishing, they were hit by an anti-aircraft fire, which destroyed one of the plane's propeller engines. Elena searched frantically for parachutes, while Nate desperately attempted to keep control of the plummeting plane. After finding two parachutes, Elena strapped one on and then reluctantly dived out of the plane, hopeful that Nate would be right behind her. After Elena parachuted out, Nate abandoned control of the plane and proceeded to jump after her. As he jumped and deployed his parachute, he quickly realized the hole it had, and he ended up falling down into the jungle below.

Fortunately, Nate broke his fall when his parachute got dangled in a tree. Seemingly having lost consciousness for a brief moment, he then woke up to a large statue of a sword-wielding angel, which startled him for a few seconds. After freeing himself from his parachute, he checked himself to make sure he did not lose anything. He realized, however, that he left the second island map inside the burning plane, which has crashed deep within the jungle.


Exploring the U-boat[]

Nate swings on a vine.

Once the chapter begins, dive into the water and swim over towards the waterfall, then swim right towards the cliff area. Climb up and grab hold of the vine using Left analog stick and then X, then swing to the right (using Left analog stick). To reach the second vine, grab onto the ledge right above you and shimmy before jumping, then swing to the left. Shimmy towards the same direction and grab hold of the ledge at the end of the short path. Jump up and grab the vine, then swing over. You should try to build up enough momentum before swinging, as it will decrease your chances of missing this jump. Upon grabbing onto the ledges, bound your way around and then climb up into the rocky shelf. Leap across the small gap, and then head left towards the cliffs. Press Circle to drop onto the ledge, then shimmy to the left. You can then pull yourself back up, but you will find yourself dropping again as you inch your way around the corner. Once you get to the small ledges above the surface of the vessel, simply drop down onto the vessel, then head to the center of the vessel, where you will find a ladder that leads down inside the submarine.

Nate begins his search inside the vessel.

Once you are inside the vessel, head forward into the next room, where you will need to open a door by following the game's prompt (rotating Left analog stick in the indicated direction). Head forward until you drop down into another hall, where a short cutscene triggers. Continuing on, you will find yourself in a brief swim to a ladder that will take you into the next room, which is not far from the captain's quarters. Continue forward to trigger the next cutscene, after which you must head back the way you came. Instead of getting back in the water, however, you will be heading further down the hallway into a small area where Nate will accidentally trigger a torpedo. He will rush out of the submarine through a hole, leading to the next cutscene.

Escaping the mercenaries[]

Nate uses an AK-47 against his enemies.

The last part of the chapter involves fleeing from Navarro's mercenaries. As you run down the path, take out the approaching unarmed mercenary using a timed Brutal Combo (Square + Triangle + Square). Continue down the path until the next cutscene triggers. Following that, you will now have Elena at your side. You two must venture back through the temple while fending off the mercenaries. Simply follow the flares that are placed along the path through the temple. You will also be able to acquire an AK-47, which can prove quite helpful here (particularly on high difficulties), as it allows for more simple spray and prey tactics.

Mercenaries will typically appear either alone or in pairs, and use their surroundings for cover, only popping out to approach you, fire, or throw grenades. All three instances are when you should return fire, as the temple corridors do not allow for any real space to maneuver. Once you return to the outside entrance and kill the remaining troops, look for the jeep in the far right section of the woods to end the chapter after a series of cutscenes.