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Trophy data
First Treasure
Find a Treasure. Bronze
Treasure Hunter
Find fifty treasures. Bronze
Treasure Master
Find all treasures. Silver

A Thief's End features a total of 109 treasures. Treasures contribute to unlocking rewards, as well as trophies. Trophies are granted at one, fifty, and all treasures. These are respectively titled "First Treasure", "Treasure Hunter", and "Treasure Master", with the first two being bronze and the latter being worth silver.


Infernal Place[]

Panamanian Cat Pendant[]

After Vargas allows Nate to explore the prison fort, he will direct him to an area with a well and a grappling hook. Climb down the well and grab the treasure lying at the bottom, inside a small tunnel.

Navaja Folding Knife[]

In Chapter 2, jump from the smaller, red roofed tower onto the side of the main building. Shimmy up the wall and drop inside. Check the base of the pillar opposite the grapple point. The Navaja Folding Knife is in a pile of rubble.

The Malaysia Job[]

Antique Padlock[]

When the chapter begins, swim to the right to find a fallen wood log forming an archway. The Antique Padlock is under the log.

Chiriqui Shark Trinket[]

After finding the Padlock, you’ll swim into a narrower underwater area. Within that area there are a number of rock arches you’ll swim through. Swim through the leftmost one; you’ll find the treasure to the immediate left as you begin to exit the arch. You may also find it easier to find if you swim through the arches, and then turn around.

Antique Pocketwatch[]

Go northeast of the wrecked trailer through tall grass, all the way to the rock wall. It's on a little ledge.

Antique Arcade Token[]

When you get out of the water, go up the stairs in the center of the boat's deck and the treasure is on a shelf across from the crane.

Once a Thief...[]

Mughal Water Container[]

Before you grapple hook to the rocky wall - when Sam gives you the grapple hook - go to the opposite side of the grapple hook area (the far left side of the cliff) and the treasure will be on the cliff.

Nephrite Brass Cup[]

When you reach the orange building, the treasure is on a back window of this building hidden behind a lemon tree.

Viking Cloak Clasp[]

When you get to start playing as Nathan when you climb through the window to meet Victor, you have to go back to the room you entered first behind you. The Viking Cloak Clasp should be on the table.

Mother of Pearl Horn[]

Exit the room with the Viking Cloak Clasp and push past a small group of people. Immediately to the right is a balcony. Continue onto the balcony and turn right. Immediately turn towards the archway you just came though. The treasure is sitting on a lip right next to the column.

Persian Bronze Bowl[]

After getting the access card and into the cellar entrance, proceed into a storeroom that has round banquet tables leaning against the walls. To the right of the tables there will be a stack of boxes, covered in a blue tarp, the treasure is on these boxes.

Brass Barber’s Bowl[]

After the last treasure, proceed with Sam to an area that has a door with a small window. Follow Sam down the stairs and immediately turn around, the treasure will be on the floor next to some barrels at the bottom of the stairs.

Syrian Vase[]

Immediately after exiting the vents, do not follow Sam but instead turn left and drop down onto the courtyard below. Go all the way to the right and you'll see a ladder going up a balcony. Get on the balcony and jump on the pipe next to the door. Make your way around the corner of the building and drop down onto the small roof landing. The treasure is on the roof.

Persian Candlestick[]

This treasure is found in the segment where Sam lowers the ladder for you. Climb your way up, but instead of following him, run across the little room with the red door and windows. Climb up the windows to reach the roof. While on the roof, you can see a balcony on your lower right, jump down across onto it, you will find the treasure there. Note: You might wanna save before jumping, if you missed and die, there is no way on getting back up other than reloading the chapter or save

Mughal Dagger[]

After the cutscene where Nate falls, leap across to the first metal pipe, then drop down to a lower pipe. Leap across, then hang left. Hang off the cliff closer to the water, then shimmy to the right. Climb up to the pillar and the treasure is right there.

The Grave of Henry Avery[]

Redware and Silver Jug Flask[]

To find this treasure, look in the inlet on your left at the start of this chapter.

Bronze Boar[]

To get this treasure, immediately head right at the beginning of the chapter and head inside the cave down the hill by the cliff.

Carved Wood Kashkul[]

You'll find this treasure within the first ruins area. Walk along the right rock wall toward the crate with blue tarp. You'll see the treasure by the cliff behind the tree that's besides the tarp.

Carved Nut Bottle[]

Before climbing the cliff within the first ruins, you most blow up the crates blocking the small cave to find this treasure.

Traveling Inkwell with Seal[]

Within the cliffside ruins, in the sliding section, head to the back of the cliff and drop down to the furthest ruins to find the treasure.

Carved Ivory Vanitas[]

Before entering the door to the dormitory graveyard, climb the wall to the left to the top floor of the building, and you'll find it below a statue.

Scottish Ha'penny[]

After going down the stairs to the foggy catacombs, turn left into the small room with the statue.

Slipjoint Clasp Knife[]

When you climb up the cliffside to the cave, Nate and Sam will encounter a few Shoreline soldiers. There is a dark tunnel you can use to sneak up a level. Within that short tunnel is a crawl space where you'll find the treasure.

Pewter Singing Bird Box[]

On the same cliffside as the previous treasure is found, make your way across to the small cave before following Sam up to the side of the cliff.

Tortoise Shell Snuff Box[]

After Sam and Nate regroup at the top of the cliff, head back to where Sam climbed up and hang off the ledge. Climb down to the platform where Sam ran to before the bridge broke, and the treasure is there.

Persian Tailoring Scissors[]

This treasure is found underneath the short staircase, after jumping across the beams above the sunken pirate ship.

Those Who Prove Worthy[]

Lantern Mounted Flintlock[]

Before you cross the bridge, head down the small path to the left of the bridge, leading to a cave directly underneath the statues from the entrance.

Strange Pendant[]

In Chapter 9, right after completing the puzzle with the crosses and bucket, the door will roll open. Continue forward, taking the right path (the left path leads to a view and an optional conversation) toward a cliff on the right. There is a rope grapple point. Hang from the ledge and climb down, then jump and swing across the chasm to reach a secluded alcove. The corpse here has the Strange Pendant.

The Strange Pendant is a reference to The Last of Us, also created by Naughty Dog. A common collectible are Firefly dog-tags, dropped by agents of an organization that galvanized a resistance movement and searched for a cure for Cordyceps. The name on the pendant, Druckley, is a portmanteau of the game's directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley.

Amatory Box[]

After swinging across the gorge to the area by the broken bridge, drop down behind the pillar to the left of where you land. Continue climbing down to find the treasure.

Pewter Box[]

After the cathedral cinematic, search the side of the catacomb room, and you will find it behind a fallen statue on a ledge.

Memento Mori Skull Watch[]

This treasure is found within the cliff with the broken bridge, coming after the catacomb rooms. Climb down the cliff by the broken bridge to get it.

Scottish Tipstaff[]

This treasure is found behind a basket and the crate Nate must use to swing across the gap in the room with the broken bridge.

The Twelve Towers[]

Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box[]

Search the first ruins you encounter. Climb the outside of the ruined wall furthest away from the stairs to find the treasure.

Eroded Flintlock Pistol[]

Search the cave behind the first waterfall you come across. You'll find the treasure right before the weak bridge.

Mughal Ivory Power Flask[]

This treasure is found on the second floor of the first tower you encounter. Climb up the wall to reach it.

Parchment Scroll[]

Search the ruins after the first tower. These ruins overlook a canyon. You'll find the treasure on top of a crate on the first floor.

Ancient Fertility Idol[]

Search behind the rock formation on a crate on the U-turn hill before the second tower. Climb over the rock to enter the area and find the treasure.

Pocket Celestial Map[]

This treasure is found within the ruins after the second tower. These ruins are behind a large rock and overlook a cliff. You'll find the treasure on a window on the second floor.

English Ale Bottle[]

Head over to the red building on the left side of the area after spotting the Shoreline trucks up ahead. Enter it by climbing up on the truck and blowing up part of the roof. You'll find the treasure in the building.

Pewter Letter Cylinder[]

This treasure is found within the well on the right side of the map by the cliff.

Mughal Box[]

When you're in the open area before the volcano, stick to the left side and follow the stone pillars up the far back hill. You'll find the treasure on a barrel inside the ruined building.

English Musket Bandolier[]

You'll find it within the ruins far below the sentry tower, which is what Sullivan points out when he spots smoke from the Shoreline soldiers.

Antique Tea Tin[]

When you are in the ruins directly below the volcano occupied by goons, use their explosives to blow open a room built into the rock to find the treasure.

Scottish Two-Pence Coin[]

The location of this treasure is called out by Sam and Sullivan. It is found at the top of the signal tower on the way up to the final tower in this chapter.

Scottish Snuff Mull[]

This one is found in the courtyard of the third tower, just to the right of where you enter through the cellar.

Brass and Ivory Tankard[]

It is found in the third tower after opening the gate for Sam. You'll find it hidden behind the stacked boxes and crates on the left side of the room with the staircase.

Muff Pistol[]

After you open the gate in the third tower and Sam rushes through, head into the room and destroy the crates on the right and you'll find it.

Hidden in Plain Sight[]

Earthenware Mug[]

At the start of the chapter, go down the steps then double back to the left and head down into the alleyway then look at the far end.

“Antique” Compass[]

It is slightly rusty with a red rim, and can be obtained through haggling with the street vendor to the right of the butcher shop during Hidden in Plain Sight. It can be assumed that this compass is fake, hence the reason why "antique" is in quotations.

Nephrite and Jade Bowl[]

Once you're inside the tower, enter the overgrown side room to find it, at the base of the statue.

Ivory Handle Dagger[]

This treasure is found above the bell on a balcony facing the west.

Brass Globe Hand Warmer[]

This one is found in the rubble of the bell after the cutscene of Nate destroying his phone.

At Sea[]

Combination Lock Tobacco Box[]

This treasure is found by broken barrels on a shadowy overgrown beach on the bigger island. This beach is closer to the ship wreck island. At the back of the beach are the barrels with the treasure.

Brass Pocket Sundial[]

When you are in the sunken ship to the left of the big island. Dive to the first room of the ship. You'll find the treasure by some neon pink coral.

Silver and Wood Tankard[]

This one is found under a rock across from the skeleton on a post on the small island, shoved in a dark corner. The rock is located between two palm trees.

Persian Silver Pen Box[]

When your are on the ocean side of the island with the first tower, head inside the shallow cave on the beach and look in the corner to find the treasure.

Panamanian Pendant[]

If you are on the back of the smaller island, you will spot a very little beach with a few palm trees. Cross the rocks there and you'll find it there.

Persian Leather Notebook Case[]

Head to the back of the larger island. Between the two arches is a ledge that can be reached by jumping on top of the boat. Climb the wall to get the treasure.

Deccani Bronze Spouted Bowl[]

Scout the courtyard by the blocked door. You will find the treasure on a path on the right side of the door, in the shadows.

Mughal Elephant Carving[]

After Sam goes missing in the ruins, leap to the first roof of the arched building. Instead of making your way to Sam, head right around the wall and you'll find a small cave with the treasure inside.

Ottoman Helmet[]

You will find this treasure in an open crate within the base of the tower on the big island.

Deccani Bronze Vase[]

After you climb the tower, swing slowly over to the ledge before the mud slide, but DO NOT drop straight into the slide or you will miss the treasure. Peek to the left, climb the ledge, and you will find it on the other platform above the mud slide.

Strange Relic[]

After you venture inland a ways and come across a mudslide accessible via grapple swing, slide down but do not drop down into the cistern. Look left. A forested pathway leads to climbing. When you reach the top, look for a stone basin on the other side. Take a running leap and, mid-jump, grapple across to find the Strange Relic.

Hamsa Mythical Goose[]

You'll find this treasure below the second statue with the spear, on the way down the cistern. Instead of dropping down, climb the rope and swing over to the base of the statue.

Pique Tortoise Shell Box[]

This one is found in the provisions room of the Cistern. Just swim through the water to get it.


Persian Ring[]

After Nate wakes up, continue climbing the rocks until you approach a wall with a bunch of ridges and ledges. On it are two waterfalls, and excessive paths leading up to the next ledge. Use any of those paths and climb all the way up to the right to where the wall curves. Toward the top of the curve is another one, which has a wider opening. That's where you'll find the treasure.

Wood Tankard[]

You'll find this one at the beginning of the left path in the cave of the waterfall. It is sort of hidden behinds some large rocks, next to a few pots.

Spy Glass[]

This one is found by the river of the waterfall cave. It sits on some crates to the left when entering the river.

Dress Dirk[]

After the long battle in the jungle, you will find a skeleton before a rock wall. To the left of the skeleton is a grove with the treasure in the back.

Frechen Bearded Bottle[]

When you're at the exit of the crushed house, instead of leaving, head right into the room that's still intact. Turn right again and crawl underneath the room. You'll find the treasure at the back of this crawlspace, by some crates.

Join Me in Paradise[]

Carved Horn Bird Sculpture[]

At the start of the chapter, don’t jump down from the platform! If you do, you won't be able to climb back up, and you'll have to restart the chapter. Instead, head right and climb through a hole in the brick wall. Head over to the cart on this side of the floor to spot the treasure.

Mughal Vase[]

Head inside the shop that has birdcages with baby toys on the second floor. You'll find the treasure on the first floor of the storage room.

Ancient Stone Pot[]

Search in the second prison cell from the left. You can get inside by creeping through a hole in the bars of the cell farthest to the left.

Painted Copper Bottle[]

Head right at the fork after climbing up the ladder in the hideout. You'll see the treasure at the back of the tunnel by some broken beams.

Stout Vase[]

When you're in the room with the grand staircase, head up the right side, and you'll find it on the desk behind a bust.

Slipjoint Claspknife[]

You will find this treasure after swinging from the tall watchtower. Once you land, walk around the corner of the wrecked building. Prepare for some grappling, and jump off the cliff. Swing to the open floor, and you'll be able to nab the treasure from a table that is close to falling out.

Large Bronze Boar[]

After you swing your way inside the grand building, climb across a wooden ledge to the left and enter an overgrown room. You'll see the treasure on the table.

Mughal Serving Vase[]

You'll find it in some broken chairs to the right of the doors in the plaza.

Mughal Jade Bottle[]

When Sam and Nate drop down into a cellar after the first firefight on the cliffside, walk to the side of the of the room that's ruined, but do not jump out to the next building. Instead, look left and climb the wall. You will see the treasure in the back corner, on the corner of a ledge with some stacked boxes.

The Thieves of Libertalia[]

Emerald Flask[]

Look under a bookcase to the left of the room, and you'll find it close to the door and the captain painting with "thief" written on it.

The Brothers Drake[]

Toy Soldier[]

Head towards the lit-up bushes, which are to the right of where you start. Behind them and the fountain you'll find a bench with the treasure on it.

Toy Seaplane[]

You'll find this one at the top of the staircase by some boxes, in the room with the sarcophagus.

Pirate Snowglobe[]

After Sam and Nate move the bookshelf, climb up and turn around. You can jump to the little balcony with barricaded stairs. Leap over, then grab the treasure, which is on the purple couch.

For Better or Worse[]

Mughal Flared Vase[]

After Nate boosts Elena up the ladder, follow her to the corner of the path where an optional conversation triggers. Look left to find a drop off where the treasure is.

Mughal Hinged Box[]

After you regroup with Elena at the elevator, walk past it and head down to where the bridge broke, and you'll find the treasure on the crate.

Jade Serving Bowl[]

Search the second floor of the water wheel building. You'll find it on the balcony.

Ancient Stone Bowl[]

After the elevator fight, rush past the car towards the sun. Bound around the cliff and you will spot some pots and a crate behind the bushes. That's where it is.

Pewter Incense Burner[]

Right before the super tall elevator on the right is a really small ladder that will take you up to a shack built into some rocks. Head through it and climb out the back window and you'll find it.

18th Century Combination Lock[]

Head over to the water wheel structure for the big elevator. You'll find the treasure on the spinning gear.

New Devon[]

Mughal Stout Vase[]

You'll find this one in the back left corner of the area with the gate, at the start of the chapter.

Small Mughal Dagger[]

After you jump onto the first cage in the gate area, leap forward to the next beam, but instead of pushing forward, jump to the pillar to the far right. You find the treasure under the cage in front of you.

Mughal Candle Holder[]

Dive into the water and take a swim over to the mostly sunken house, but stick to the left side of it. Walk toward the tree in the back corner and you'll see it on the corner of the stone arch in the wall.

Mughal Circular Box[]

You will find this treasure across the river by a waterfall in the area with the skeleton of a hanged woman. Since Nate has to access this area to get the rolling crate, it shouldn't be missed.

Mughal Headdress[]

After Nate and Elena slide down a crumbling house, swim toward the next house with the open window, but do not enter. Instead, go past the window to the inner corner of the exterior of the house, then take a dive down to find the treasure.

Spanish Brass Chalice[]

After swimming into the house after the other one collapses, exit the bedroom and go right and down the short hallway. You will find the treasure on the right, behind the couch.

Mughal Painted Elephant[]

Once you're outside of Avery's mansion, head past the entrance through the kitchen and the cannons. You'll see the treasure on the ledge of the pillar.

Mughal Dinnerware[]

Search the second floor of Avery's office. Head up the spiral staircase and you'll spot it on a small desk.

Avery's Descent[]

Ancient Stone Vessel[]

After Nate slides down into the exploding mummies death trap, head inside the cave left of the mummy, and then jump down to the bottom of the pit. The treasure lies at the base of the steps.

Mughal Decorative Cudgel[]

When Nate and Elena come across the skull-decorated mermaids, head to the left path and take a right into a little cove where the treasure is, on a barrel.

No Escape[]

Jade Flower Pendant[]

Before you grapple your way over to the ships, get up to the ledge where you'd jump from, but instead, look back toward the sun and ocean. Jump toward the rock with the holes, then climb up to find the treasure.

Stoneware Bearded Jug[]

This treasure is found in the blue building underneath the stairs when you first get to the little town.

Stout Jade Vase[]

Before using the wagon, run through the river and head underneath the house that's located by the broken bridge. Leap up through the hole, and you'll see the treasure on the table.

Painted Spouted Vase[]

You will find this treasure on the second floor of the rundown building with the stone archways in the overgrown courtyard, after Sam runs off.

Mughal Perfume Bottle[]

After Sam runs off, search the first building on the left in the overgrown courtyard. You can enter through a hole in the wall.

Brother's Keeper[]

Mughal Enamel Bird[]

After you find Sam's first footprints, attach your grapple to the pole, but don't jump across to the small cave opening. Instead, turn around and swing as high as possible to reach the higher ledge that's next to Sam's footprints.

Stone Vase[]

When you're in the cave with very blue stream running through it, look for two short ledges. The treasure is on the farther short ledge with the turtle and crates, one of which holds the treasure.

Strange Fruit[]

Once Nate spots Avery's ship while grappling, look just to the right of it. Along the ledge, you'll see a very small cave marked by a white line. Scoot down as far as possible on the rope, and swing to it. You will need to swing just right to make it to the ledge.

Rajasthan Box[]

In the waterfall cave after the sliding segment, there's another small cave next to the waterfall, to the right of the waterfall from your perspective. You'll see the treasure in the corner.

A Thief's End[]

Mughal Egg Pendant[]

When the chapter starts, you will have to get out from under the dock, and make your way to Avery's ship. Don’t do that. In the middle of the lagoon, between the dock and the ship, is a little underwater cave. Find it and the treasure inside.


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