The Agarwal .40 is a semi-automatic pistol only available in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer.



The Agarwal .40 is a DLC weapon (from the Lost Treasures DLC). The weapon can be dropped through a DLC weapon chests or purchased for 400 uncharted points. The Agarwal has high damage moderate recoil accuracy and slow rate of fire. Best used close to mid-range. 


  • Starting Ammo
  • Reload Speed
  • Silencer
  • Aimed Strafe Speed
  • Clip Capacity
  • Recoil


  • This gun is great in nearly all type of scenarios and is a solid pick for a secondary weapon.
    • The main downside to the Agarwal .40 is its slow rate of fire and blindfiring.
  • The Agarwal .40 has one of the highest damage output of any secondary weapon. 
    • The Agarwal even rival some primary weapon damage output. 
  • The Agarwal . 40 is nearly a complete upgrade over the Jackal
    • However the Jackal cost 0 LP and is still a reliable secondary weapon.
  • according to her render in the bonuses menu, Elena is shown carrying the Agarwal. She's also shown using it in combat in the later chapters; however, for unknown reasons, her Agarwal when firing has the Para .45 sound. 
  • In his attempt to execute Chloe in the Lost Legacy, Asav appeared to have a Agarwal in his hand. 
  • The Agarwal's render and design is very much identical to the .92FPS from the first and second games.