The Ahnenerbe was a German organisation set up as a branch of the SS under Heinrich Himmler. Its main purpose was to track down the roots of the "Aryan race" and they sought artifacts and culture all over the world.

The organisation was formally know as Studiengesellschaft Geistesurgeschichte, Deutsches Ahnenerbe, meaning Study Society for Primordial Intellectual History, German Ancestral Heritage.

In the Uncharted SeriesEdit

The Ahnenherbe is featured openly in Uncharted 2 as the backdrop for Karl Schäfer and his expedition to Tibet. It is also highly likely that the Ahnenerbe were involved in the German expeditions to recover El Dorado in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Known Ahnenerbe Expeditions Edit

  • Karelia - A region of Finland, chosen by the Ahnenerbe for its history of Pagan Sorcerers and Witches.
  • Bohuslän - A part of Sweden chosen for it's petroglyph rock carvings.
  • Italy - Val Camonica - chosen for it's prehistoric rock inscriptions, some of which were concluded to be Nordic Runes, confirming for the Ahnenerbe that the Ancient Romans were of Nordic descent.
  • Middle East - The Germans investigated what they believed was a power struggle within the Roman Empire which they thought had been fought between Nordic and Semitic people.
  • Antarctica - The Reich funded an expedition to the area they named New Swabia.
  • France - The Bayeux Tapestry - The Nazis took great interest in the tapestry as it showed the Germanic Franks defeating their enemies and sought to make connections between them and the Aryan Race.
  • Tibet - Himmler sought to validate the claims that the Aryans had conquered most of Asia.

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