Airport is the fifth and final Co-op Adventure mission that appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The three playable characters are Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan, and Charlie Cutter.


The mission begins with Nate, Sully, and Charlie spying on three villains: Eddy, Flynn, and Lazarevic. They appear to possess the other half of the Janus statue the three heroes need. They proceed to cross the airport to get to the three villains, fighting off Lazarevic's soldiers on the way. Near the end, the trio must defeat all of the three villains (Eddy wields the Tau sniper, Flynn wields the Dragon sniper and Lazarevic wields the shotgun). Once they have all fallen, a cutscene ensues. Lazarevic admits defeat and dies. When the trio put both halves of the statue together, Drake decides to call it "Fleddy", after Flynn and Eddy, thus ending the mission.


  • Eddy was most likely killed in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Flynn and Lazarevic were killed in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. This proves that the Co-op Adventure missions take place in an alternate reality.
  • Eddy's clothes are much darker in the Airport than in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.
  • This mission is based on One Shot at This.
  • At one point in the chapter, Cutter calls Lazarevic "a right asshole", which is ironic, as both characters are voiced by the same actor.
  • The twisted reunion Drake refers as he encounters Lazarevic, Flynn and Eddy. who are also the antagonists of Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2.

Some Crushing TipsEdit

1) At the point where you pull down or kill the heavy armoured guy on the container hang there and use your pistol to kill more enemies or when they climb up, pull them down but make sure to move if they drop a grenade

2) For the mega bomb kickback boss use either the cluster bomb or Army of three and after he is killed, stay there where he jumped down behind the container if both of you or a teammate have those kickbacks ONLY ONE USE THEIRS because in case you die it will be hard

3) At the part where you are on the roof (no one must jump down) go back to where you climbed up the ladder because some of the snipers you killed may have dropped a sniper or two; pick them up take out the RIGHT turret and then the MIDDLE turret after that if you still have ammo take out the turret on the LEFT then jump down on the right side of the roof and go to the corner of this area and cover that point until ALL THE BOSSES ARE DEAD AND THE HEAVY ARMOUR GUYS after they are done kill all the light enemies and then grab every single power weapon you can find

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