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Nate scaling the wall of one of the ruin's many rooms.

The Amazon Ruins is a location that appears in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The ruins are seen in The Search for El Dorado and A Surprising Find.

Events in Uncharted: Drake's FortuneEdit

Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan must make their way through the ruins in order to find the U- Boat on the other side. After the events of the Chapter 3 cutscene, Nate and Elena Fisher fight their way back through the ruins in order to reach her jeep.



The entrance is concealed and keeps the ruins hidden. After realizing that a certain area of the ground is hollow, Nate pushes a huge boulder onto the ground, revealing the entrance. This then leads to a passageway into the ruins.

Room 1Edit

The first room contains Spanish helmets and clothes. On the other side is a deep drop that prevents anyone from going any further. Nate shoots a barrel which causes a column to fall down, bridging the gap. A weight-and-chain mechanism is used to open the next door.

Room 2Edit

This room contains a huge torch-like object. After being lit, two smaller hanging torches catch fire. When Nate shoots these, they burn the wood blocking the next passage.

Room 3Edit

The third room is a cylinder shape. After Nate slides down a vine to the ground, he shoots an explosive barrel. This then reveals a ladder. To the side of this is another torch. Lighting it opens up the next door.

Room 4Edit

This is the main puzzle room. There are four symbol switches in the room that match up with four symbols from Francis Drake's diary. If they are pushed in the correct order, the floor opens up to reveal a well-like hole. A pool of water sits at the bottom of the well. After Nate activates another part of the puzzle, more water floods into the well, enabling him to swim into another cavern. After climbing up the cavern wall, Nate comes out in the next room.

Room 5Edit

Nate uses explosive barrels to open the door and allow Sully to get through. The rest of the room is a short corridor leading to a double weight-and-chain mechanism that both Nate and Sully must work at the same time.

Room 6Edit

This is the largest room. It consists of a wooden walkway. After Nate begins to walk across the walkway, huge platforms begin to descend from the walls, destroying it. Nate reaches the other side of the room before getting crushed by the huge platforms.

Room 7Edit

This final room used to be where El Dorado was held. Although Nate and Sully soon realize it is long gone.


After a few more steps daylight can be seen in again. Outside is a similar layout to the entrance - stone columns.