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The Amazon rainforest is a location in Drake's Fortune, appearing the chapters "The Search for El Dorado" and "A Surprising Find". Here, Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan explored an abandoned temple in search of the lost city of El Dorado, while simultaneously discovering a German U-boat.


Nate and Sully exploring the forest.

During their search for El Dorado, Nate and Sully searched at the coordinates in the forest, eventually discovering several hidden ruins. There, they ended up stumbling upon an entrance, which led them inside a long-lost temple. After venturing through it, they discovered El Dorado was actually a statue, and that it been taken out by the Spaniards. Continuing their search in "A Surprising Find", they soon spotted a German U-boat trapped in a river in the middle of the jungle. Nate explored the submarine alone and discovered Francis Drake's diary's final page, which was a map, and a Kriegsmarine map that would lead them to the treasure which had been sought after by the Nazi soldiers.

Nate and Sully astonished by the large vessel.

When Nate exited the vessel, Gabriel Roman and Atoq Navarro confronted him and Sully at gunpoint, and the two were forced to surrender the Kriegsmarine map that Nate had taken. Roman mercilessly shot Sullivan, shortly before the U-boat exploded. Nate, who was unarmed, was left with no choice but to escape the mercenaries and leave Sullivan behind. He shortly after ran into Elena Fisher, after which the two ran back through the temple, fighting through the mercenaries. After exiting the temple, they left the forest on a jeep, en route for the hidden island marked on the map made by Francis Drake that Nate managed to keep.



The rainforest consists mostly of a naturalistic, lush environment, featuring an abundance of trees, vegetation, rock formations, and stone structures. Key locations consists of temple ruins and a German U-boat.

Temple ruins[]

The front entrance to the temple.

The temple ruins was where the El Dorado statue was held before the Spanish dragged it out. This fairly large, abandoned temple contains a total of seven rooms, almost entirely connected in a linear fashion. Hidden at the base of the front wall is an entrance Nate smashed open to gain access to the interior. In front of the temple entrance are several tall, climbable stone structures, which are, according to Nate, 2,000 years older than Inca structures.[1] Similar structures are also found at the back of the temple.

A dark brazier room.

The first room contains piles of rubble and debris, and is split in half by a large ravine, with one half of the room at a higher elevation than the other. Only a single fallen pillar (caused by Nate) bridges the empty depths. Past the gap is more rubble, and a stone door that is connected to a partially hidden chain and pulley system. Behind said door is a room with a massive brazier, which was used to burn some wood debris blocking next passage. The next room is a massive cylindrical-shaped chamber, with a pile of rubble in the center, which used to block a ladder until Nate blew part of it up.

The puzzle room's pit.

The next room contains another brazier, which when set alight opens the next door, and closes the previous, connected to the next chamber through a long hallway. The next room contains a puzzle involving stone pads that had to be pushed in a specific order to raise four pillars from the floor, which then led to the opening of a circular hole in the center. The hole opened up to a massive underground cavern, and contained a sluice mechanism activated by pushing a heavy block onto a switch, which partially flooded it. Part of the original cave structures could then be used to climb up through a section of collapsed floor behind the closed gate of the puzzle room, which was also blown open by Nate.

The room where the El Dorado initially was.

Another hallway connected the previous room to another chain-activated gate, followed by a massive chamber, this time only featuring a series of wooden walkways, up until Nate's attempted crossing caused it to collapse, and the pillars lining the walls to fall over and serve as an impromptu bridge instead. This led to a narrow staircase, and also the final room, which used to be the worship chamber of the El Dorado statue, which used to be sit in a niche, with carvings of people worshiping it lining the wall surrounding it. The chamber itself is largely featureless, save for a few pillars and more rubble lining the walls. A nearby passage leads to a separate room where the Spaniards blew out part of the rear wall to move the statue, revealing a similar layout to the front entrance. Leading from this area is a small narrow path that leads towards a river, which was where Nate and Sully caught sight of the German U-boat.

German U-boat[]

The German U-boat.

Here in this area are some very high cliffs, with a few vines and other plant foliage. There are also several large waterfalls spewing over from the top and down into the water below, followed by another small waterfall right below the tip of the U-boat, flowing into another stream below. When one gets a good vantage point from either on top of the U-boat of the cliffs, one can see some high mountains far off in the background.

The German U-boat seen in "A Surprising Find" is known as the U-857. It had apparently gotten trapped as it was coming up the river during flood season. It is a large vessel with a derelict and filthy interior, filled with blood and soup according to Nate. It has several narrow passages and rooms, connected by circular hatches. One section of the boat has become flooded, as seen when Nate swam his way through the vessel. The boat is now completely destroyed as a result of a torpedo Nate unintentionally set off.