Amazon jungle

Nate and Sully exploring the jungle.

The Amazon rainforest is a location that appears in Drake's Fortune.


The Search for El DoradoEdit

Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan traveled through the jungle in search for the lost city of El Dorado. It was here that they discovered some hidden ruins. They searched the forest looking for clues as to where the treasure is. They stumbled upon an entrance, which took them into the long-forgotten temple.

A Surprising FindEdit

After searching through the temple, they then stumbled upon another surprise, a German U-Boat stuck in the middle of the jungle. Nate explored the submarine and discovered a Kriegsmarine map that would lead them to the treasure.

Unfortunately for Nate and Sullivan, Gabriel Roman and Atoq Navarro confronted them after Nate exited the submarine. They were forced to surrender the map, then Roman unhesitatingly shot Sullivan. Nate, who was unarmed, was left with no choice but to escape the mercenaries and leave Sullivan behind. After running into Elena Fisher, the two run back through the temple, fighting through the mercenaries. After exiting the temple, they left the forest on a jeep, heading for the Kriegsmarine island.