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Ambushed is the first chapter of Drake's Fortune. Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher were on an expedition on the coast of Panama, where they recovered the lost coffin of legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake, who was buried at sea over 400 years ago. Soon after, the two faced an unexpected ambush.


Grave Robbing[]

Nate looks through Sir Francis' diary.

After Sir Francis' coffin was salvaged from the water, Elena filmed it lying on the boat's deck, giving a brief commentary on the discovery. Nate then began prying the coffin open while Elena continued to film. She then inquired about Nate’s desire to defile his ancestor's remains in this manner, also mentioning that her research showed that Sir Francis had no children. Nate wanted to prove to her otherwise by opening up the coffin and seeing what was inside, proclaiming there would be no corpse. Once the lid was off, Nate discovered a small box containing Sir Francis' diary. Elena was eager to take a peek, but Nate denied her a look by covering up her camera lens, saying that she had her story and that the deal was for the coffin only. Elena began to scold Nate, reminding him of the contract he signed and that she had a right to see everything.

Nate and Elena arm themselves with pistols.

When Nate suddenly spotted some pirate boats approaching from afar, he broke away to radio his mentor and partner Victor Sullivan, telling him to hurry along to pick them up. As Elena spotted the pirate boats getting closer, she suggested alerting the authorities. Nate revealed, however, that they did not have a permit to be in this location,[a] and insisted that the two of them handle the threat themselves. Nate armed himself with a pistol and loaned one to Elena moments before the pirates began swerving in and began attacking. After a lengthy gunfight, a pirate boat equipped with a rocket launcher circled around them, firing repeatedly at the vessel and destroying its two cranes, as well as firing its rocket at the interior, causing it to burst into flames. Right on time, Sully swooped in with his Hog Wild seaplane, scaring away the last remaining pirates. Moments later, several explosions set off on the boat's deck.

Onto Something Big[]

Sully helps Nate and Elena aboard the plane.

As the boat was about to explode in a matter of seconds, Nate and Elena jumped overboard, with Elena successfully managing to secure her camera. The second the two jumped into the water, a huge explosion set off, scattering everything on deck. As the two swam over to the plane, Sully opened the door and helped the two inside, with Sully kindly introducing himself to Elena. During the flight back to shore, Nate shared with Sully his discovery of Drake's diary, theorizing that he faked his death and must have been on to something big. Sully then suggested they keep this a secret between them, however, as Elena returned Nate his gun, she requested a look at the diary after landing.

Nate and Sully discuss Drake's voyage.

Back at the shore, Nate and Sully were aboard Sully's boat, discussing Drake's discovery, while Elena was outside on the phone with her producer, discussing the boat incident. Nate explained to Sully that Sir Francis must have hidden this final treasure to keep it from getting out when he returned to England. He then revealed a page from the diary that read, "El Dorado", which was believed to be a fabled lost city of gold. Unfortunately, the last page of the diary was torn out, however, the two were still determined to go after it. However, Sully feared that Elena's recorded story would attract unwanted attention, despite Nate's assertions that she would be able to hold her own. With Elena still occupied with her phone conversation, Nate and Sully took the opportunity to sail off without her. Suddenly taking notice, Elena gave a quick chase but was unfortunately too late.


Nate performs a Fast and Furious Combo.

This chapter introduces you to some of the basic movesets you will be using throughout the game. Here, you learn the concept of gunfire and melee combat. The first enemies you encounter are two pistol-wielding pirates, who will swerve in on their boat and begin shooting. If you wait for the pirate at the top of the boat to climb down towards his partner, you can shoot the explosive barrels to take them both out. Alternatively, you can just shoot them both to death. The same methods can be used on the next two pirates that approach the scene. As more boats approach, pirates will jump off and swim toward the vessel, and after a brief moment, they will be seen climbing aboard. This is when melee attacks are introduced. The game will first prompt you to perform a Fast and Furious Combo by pressing Square five times. You are not required to do this, however, as you may still defeat your foes through any means necessary.

The ship ends up under major fire.

More pirates will begin climbing aboard. This time, the game will prompt you to use a timed Brutal Combo (Square + Triangle + Square), which if done properly, will increase the amount of ammunition enemies drop upon defeat. Again, these prompts are not required. You will then be attacked by four pirates who will climb aboard from different ends of the ship. This time, the game offers no prompts, and you are free to fight by any means necessary. Once all pirates on deck are defeated, a gunboat will begin passing by, carrying a mounted machine gun and a pirate with a rocket launcher. Getting behind the cranes is not recommended, as they will eventually be blown by the rocket launcher.

Instead, take cover (using Circle) behind the crates until Sully arrives in his seaplane. After a brief moment, the game will prompt you to press a button, which will direct you to the plane as it circles around the vessel. You still must protect yourself, as the gunboat will continue to circle the ship and fire continuously. Keep yourself behind cover until it circles to the other side, just be sure not to stay in one spot for too long. When the enemy boat reaches the other side, the enemies will retreat, and gameplay of this chapter ends.

Behind the scenes[]

The Ottsel-branded wetsuits that Nate and Elena wear are a reference to the Jak and Daxter series, in which Daxter is transformed into a half-otter/half-weasel hybrid called an ottsel.

The boat featured in the "Onto Something Big" cutscene is Sully's boat, nicknamed Sullivan's Travels. The name was taken from a 1941 film of the same name. Amy Hennig has stated, "The theme of the movie is a touchstone for Uncharted."[1]


  1. It is revealed in Eye of Indra that Nate got Elena and her producers to pay for the expedition, not mentioning that he did not have a permit to do so.