Ammo Award
Ammo Award Booster


Receive extra ammo with every Commando, Gunslinger, Long Gun Fever, or Wild West medal you receive


$15,000 (Competitive) $100,000 (Cooperative)

Required level

Rank 15 (Competitive) Rank 36 (Cooperative)

Booster slot

Slot 2 (Both)

 Ammo Award is a booster that appears in the multiplayer of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It is available in both competitive and cooperative game modes. Ammo Award gives the player additional ammo for every Commando or Gunslinger medal in competitive modes and for every Long Gun Fever or Wild West medal in cooperative modes.


All three levels have the same effect in competitive as in cooperative modes. The boosters always gives the same amount for each gun based on a fraction of the standard, unmodded clip size, and is always rounded down. The booster does not award ammo for any power weapons (Mag 5, Pistole, Sawed Off Shotgun, SAS-12, RPG-7, T-Bolt Sniper, M32-Hammer, and PAK-80).

Level 1Edit

Receive additional ammo for every Commando or Gunslinger medal in competitive modes and for every Long Gun Fever or Wild West medal in cooperative modes. The level 1 booster awards an amount equal to 50% of standard clip size. To upgrade to level 2, the player must earn 3 Streak medals in competitive and 8 Head Cracker medals in co-op.

Level 2Edit

The amount you receive is increased.  The level 2 booster awards an amount equal to 75% of clip size. To upgade to level 3, the player must earn 9 Streak medals in competitive and 24 Head Cracker medals in co-op.

Level 3Edit

The amount you receive is increased significantly. The level 3 booster awards an amount equal to 100% of clip size.

Amounts awardedEdit

Gun Clip Size Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
AK-47 30 15 22 30
G-MAL 30 15 22 30
M9 32 16 24 32
Dragon Sniper 5 2 3 5
KAL-7 28 14 21 28
FAL-SS 20 10 15 20
Para 9 15 7 11 15
Arm Micro 25 12 18 25
Raffica Pistol 15 7 11 15
Tau Sniper 6 3 4 6
Wes-44 6 3 4 6

Tips and StrategiesEdit

  • At level 1, the amounts awarded will only prolong your ammo supply minimally. Upgrading this booster is essential.
  • At level 3, enough ammo is awarded to potentially score a few more kills in competitive gameplay. If ammo is conserved well, it is possible to use a single gun for a long time before running out of ammo.
  • The Ammo Award booster combines very effectively with the Weapon Expert booster.  The extra ammo helps prolong the life of double-modded guns that you are not likely to pick up from dead enemies.
  • Ammo Award makes it possible to exceed the max ammo for a gun.
  • In Co-op, Ammo Award is an essential tool for prolonging the ammo stores of rare, but powerful guns such as  the Dragon Sniper, Tau Sniper, and Wes-44.