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The Twitter update menu.

Twitter events were updates that allowed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves to automatically update the Twitter account of a player with information on their progress. The functionality was later removed from the game.[1]

Update categories[]

The game would post updates when the following events occurred (if the player had the selected event enabled):

  • When connecting to multiplayer.[2]
  • When a cinema file is uploaded.[2]
  • When a chapter is completed.[2]
  • When earning multiplayer money.[2]
  • When earning trophies.[2]
  • When reaching a level milestone.[2]


The Twitter functionality was first included in pre-release copies of the game intended for review consideration. The frequency of the updates drew concern and criticism, often resulting in Twitter feeds being updated several times per-hour.[3] As a result, functionality for the "When a Chapter is Completed" update was removed entirely, despite the option to enable it still being left in the game.[3]

The Twitter update functionality stopped working after the expiry of the SSL certificate, an encryption protocol to provide security.[4] Naughty Dog made the decision to not update the certificate following a change to Twitter's API which rendered further updates with the game's code impossible.[4]


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