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Among Thieves features a total of 101 treasures. Treasures contribute to obtaining medals and thus money, as well as trophies, with which you can unlock rewards. In Among Thieves Remastered they will unlock rewards directly based on how many treasures you have collected. Although there are a total of 101 treasures, only 100 are required to unlock the final Master Fortune Hunter medal and silver trophy.

Medals are awarded each time upon collecting a total of five treasures, excluding the very first one, titled "First Treasure". Trophies are the same, including the first treasure trophy, but only award a trophy each time upon collecting ten treasures. All medals and trophies are worth $10,000 and of the bronze type, excluding "Master Fortune Hunter", which is silver worth $25,000.

Among Thieves Remastered includes the Master Thief Collection gold trophy for collecting all treasures and the Strange Relic. Among Thieves Remastered no longer includes trophies for collecting most treasures, and only awards them upon collecting one, twenty, forty, sixty, eighty and all of them. Thus only the "First Treasure", "Novice", "Intermediate", "Proficient", "Expert", and "Master Fortune Hunter" trophies appear.

There are no treasures in the chapters "Only One Way Out", "Keep Moving", "Convoy", and "Tree of Life".

A Rock and a Hard Place[edit | edit source]

"A Rock and a Hard Place" contains five treasures.

Wrathful Deity Statue[edit | edit source]

The Wrathful Deity Statue is found at the beginning of the chapter. The treasure can be found immediately upon gaining control of Nate atop the snowy cliff right after watching the cutscene introducing Chloe and Harry. From the starting position, the player should walk to the right. The telltale shimmer of a treasure in the snow can be seen just to the right of the tree.

Saraswati Statue[edit | edit source]

The Saraswati Statue can be found shortly after the first treasure is found. More specifically, it can be found immediately after claiming the very first firearm. From the corpse the 92FS - 9mm pistol came from, the player should look forward towards a corner in the wreckage, and keep an eye out for that telltale glimmer.

Tibetan Snuff Bottle[edit | edit source]

The Tibetan Snuff Bottle is found right after emerging from the previously-locked door. Do not move, and keep that gun armed that Nate used to break through the lock in the first place. The treasure is nestled in the corner of the wreckage. However, to find it, Nate must look up. The corpse of a thug hangs precariously above, and the telltale flashing of a treasure can be found on his person. Shoot it down with the gun to claim the treasure.

Bhutanese Lime Box[edit | edit source]

The Bhutanese Lime Box can be collected after Nate encounters a random enemy upon finding the third treasure. After the explosion takes out the bad guy, Nate must continue onward until he eventually hits a part where he has to hoist himself up some luggage, do a quick scale, and then jump over to a secondary car. Before exploring the car, have Nate drop down to the metal crate below and walk south. The glimmer should be seen in the snow below. Hop down and collect the treasure.

Ghau Amulet Thogchag[edit | edit source]

The Ghau Amulet Thogchag can be acquired after Nate hoists himself up into the train car following the previous flashback. Do not go to the left (forward) to proceed with the chapter. Instead, turn back around and hoist up to the far side of the train car, where a shimmering object can clearly be seen.

Breaking and Entering[edit | edit source]

"Breaking and Entering" contains ten treasures.

Byzantine Gold Coin[edit | edit source]

The Byzantine Gold Coin is the only treasure originated from Greece in all the Uncharted series, found once Nate emerges from the sewer. There are some wooden crates stacked next to each other so that they form some sort of L-shape. In the corner of the room nearest those crates is another crate. The treasure is hidden there. Walk around the L-shaped obstruction to collect the treasure.

Glass Evil Eye[edit | edit source]

The Glass Evil Eye is found after Nate gives Harry a boost up to the ladder and he drops it down for Nate. Climb up and then jump to the other ladder hanging down the opposite direction. The treasure is on this platform.

Ottoman Ring[edit | edit source]

The Ottoman Ring is found after going up a short staircase to the left to enter what appears to be some sort of supply room, with unused artifacts and exhibits all around Nate. Swing rightward and move towards the large wooden door; after reaching it, turn right and the treasure is in the corner.

Silver Amulet Box[edit | edit source]

The Silver Amulet Box is found when Nate enters the court where Harry tells him to go left. Follow the left path like he says, leading Nate to a roof-like structure he can jump over to. The next step is to drop down onto the guard below. A rectangular flower box can then be seen along the rightmost wall. Walk up to the side of the flower box and claim the treasure.

Silver Belt Buckle[edit | edit source]

The Silver Belt Buckle can be found in the fountain in the next vast, guard-filled room. Jump over the fountain's outer wall, and run through the extremely shallow water until the on-screen prompt shows up, indicating that there's a treasure nearby. Specifically, the second guard that Nate has to stealth take out is leaning on the fountain, and the treasure is right behind him. Take him out and grab the treasure.

Ivory Chess Knight[edit | edit source]

The Ivory Chess Knight can be collected after Harry gives Nate the Tranquilizer Dart Gun. Before using the support beams to walk and climb to the staircase at the top end of the room, go to the right end of those beams, and climb up to what appear to be isolated and useless horizontal beams on that end of the room. Walk over to the treasure to grab it.

Ottoman Bracelet[edit | edit source]

The Ottoman Bracelet is one of the better-hidden treasures in Among Thieves' early-going. Before using that rope to climb upward, look to the right to see an epic chasm with water cascading down below. Use the rope to swing rightward, but instead of climbing up the cages covering the exhaust fans, look for a ledge that proceeds towards the edge of the building. This will turn a corner, where the treasure can be found. The sewer outlet below will glimmer, indicating where the treasure is. Drop down atop it and hang off of it to successfully grab it.

Antique Pocket Watch[edit | edit source]

The Antique Pocket Watch can be found after climbing up to the window and navigating across the steel bars underneath the metal balcony. Nate will be forced to shoot an enemy below with one of his tranquilizer darts. With that done, jump down to the platform he was once occupying and move forward. Jump over the balcony's edge to the copper roof below, and follow the edge of that roof to the right, then left around the building. Look behind and to the left at the building. On the wall, alongside a huge tapestry of some sort, is where the treasure is. Shoot it down from its perch, and then jump down to the area below to grab it once it's fallen.

Antique Pipe[edit | edit source]

The Antique Pipe can be obtained as soon as the player gains control of Nate after Harry's betrayal. Nate must act quick, though, because the guards' lethal weapons will be pointed at him immediately. There is an alcove on the outer edge of the room with what appears to be a concrete lion's head of some sort. There are multiple lion heads, so the player has to look for the one to the left of the guard behind the gate. Go towards this alcove and quickly acquire the treasure.

Jeweled Bracelet[edit | edit source]

The Jeweled Bracelet is located in the large chamber Nate comes to in the sewer, where guards are taking shots at him from the yellow catwalks overhead. Run through this area and then, at the tunnel leading into the next location, turn around. The treasure is near a pipe angling out of the ground. Dash towards it and claim it quickly.

Borneo[edit | edit source]

"Borneo" contains four treasures.

Yuan Dynasty Coin[edit | edit source]

The Yuan Dynasty Coin is found after activating the first of Chloe's explosive devices and gathering the detonation pad she left nearby. Proceed forward through the dense, aqueous forest. Almost immediately on the left, there should be a log leading upward to an isolated section of the path. Walk up the log to find a tree branch, where the treasure is located. Use Nate's gun to shoot the treasure down, and then run up to it to claim it.

Yuan Dynasty Jade Animal[edit | edit source]

The Yuan Dynasty Jade Animal is close to the beginning of the area where the firefight began. Look for a log on the right side of the watery path going up and to the right, where another isolated location can be found. The treasure is in this area, atop what appears to be an ancient wooden barrel that has somehow found its way into this shallow water.

Jade Pei Pendant[edit | edit source]

The Jade Pei Pendant can be obtained after Chloe asks you to quickly deal with the mercenaries. The player can then climb upward. To continue with the main quest at hand, continue along the path on the left, but to find this treasure, veer off to the right during the climb. The treasure is located above the waterfall the player past earlier, and can be grabbed from up here. After taking the right path, follow the shallow water to the apex of the waterfall. The telltale glow of the treasure will emanate from atop a severed tree trunk.

Amber Jade Chimera[edit | edit source]

The Amber Jade Chimera is located above the exit out of the camp with the jeep in it. To get there having climbed back up the rope, the player should not walk forward up the staggered steps ahead, but instead jump to the platform to the right. Following the pathway as it curves rightward, the player should keep an eye on the white bricks on the left wall. Use these to climb upward, and then jump to the horizontal wooden beam behind. Swinging across a couple of these beams leads to a large fallen log that bridges the area below. Walking rightward along the log, and then moving forward, the player should jump across a previously-tread pathway below to another platform. The treasure should be sitting near a fallen barrel on the right.

The Dig[edit | edit source]

"The Dig" contains three treasures.

Mongol Paiza Passport[edit | edit source]

The Mongol Paiza Passport can be acquired in one of two ways. Players can either kill all enemies after entering the cabin which starts a cutscene and then the enemy waves begin, or kill the first few enemies that are occupying this area when players arrive. There is a shipwreck nearby. Look up at the tallest masts (with Nate's back to the cabin, but not actually entering the cabin) and the treasure can be seen at the top of the mast for players to shoot down.

Jade Belt Slide[edit | edit source]

The Jade Belt Slide is located in the cavern where the remains of Marco Polo's fleet lie dead. Search for this treasure before grabbing the amber "blue stone" and fashioning a torch out if it. Immediately after dropping down into the cavern, turn to the right and walk along until there is a large statue on the ground. Looking up will reveal another of the same large statue. Look to the right and the treasure should be there. Use a gun to shoot it down.

Yuan Dynasty Helmet[edit | edit source]

The Yuan Dynasty Helmet is found as soon as the player gains control after the cutscene. Staying in the same room, turn around and face the location where the map and dagger were just found. While looking at that location, look up and to the right to find a shimmering dot on the wall. Shoot it down and then walk up to it to claim the treasure.

Urban Warfare[edit | edit source]

"Urban Warfare" contains one treasure.

Strange Relic[edit | edit source]

The Strange Relic can be found after the helicopter shows up; kill the soldier and drop on the street. Wait a few seconds to avoid getting spotted by the soldiers walking to a street nearby, and then go to the right. In a corner between two buildings is an open sewer next to a parked rickshaw. Jump in it, and the Strange Relic is in the left corner on top of a small pile of rubble.

Desperate Times[edit | edit source]

"Desperate Times" contains six treasures.

Silver Dress Clasp[edit | edit source]

The Silver Dress Clasp is the first of six treasures found in this chapter. Once you've defeated all waves of enemies, search the facade of the building in front of you, the temple-like structure where enemies were pouring out of during the previous firefight. Above the main door, you'll see some sort of emblem (seemingly like two fish) with a gem in the middle of them. That gem is actually the treasure you seek. Use any weapon to shoot the treasure down. Just like with the last treasure, though, you'll want to wait until the firefight ends before grabbing it.

Brass Bird Lamp[edit | edit source]

The key finding the Brass Bird Lamp is the large, sign-strewn electrical pole in front of the truck where the RPG-wielding enemy was stationed. If you're facing the temple, it'll be to your right. From ground-level, you will see a glimmer of a treasure on an object at the very top of the tall pole. However, you cannot shoot it down. Instead, you will have to use the signs and other objects around the lamppost as a makeshift ladder leading upward. Once you get to the top, you can obtain this treasure rather easily.

Copper Rice Measure[edit | edit source]

The Copper Rice Measure can be found in a pretty bizarre place. Once you are on the semi-circular rooftop of the hotel, you can jump into the second floor window to continue your quest. However, if you instead head to the far right end of the semi-circle, at the place it ends, you can find this treasure sitting alongside the building. It is easy enough to grab once you know precisely where it is.

Yuan Dynasty Urn[edit | edit source]

The Yuan Dynasty Urn is a fairly well-hidden treasure. Going through this chapter, you will recognize a stairwell with an elevator shaft between. The idea is to head up to the very top of this stairwell. The stairs will eventually break off, and it will appear as if you will be unable to continue. Jump from the break in the stairs towards the extra small elevator shaft running vertically down the middle of the stairs. When you are hanging from the top of it, all you have to do is pull yourself over the cage so that you land atop the elevator car itself. This is where the treasure can be found.

Enameled Snuff Bottle[edit | edit source]

The Enameled Snuff Bottle is located nearby. It is actually in a rather obvious location, especially if you think back to the mission's very first treasure. When you're on the semi-circular patio with the gigantic fallen concrete pillar laying over it, head to the left, and jump over the railing so that you are standing atop the orange roof. Follow this roof forward and leftward, and in the distance, You will see an open suitcase that must have fallen earlier. You will see a shimmering dot in the suitcase as you approach it. Acquire the treasure from there.

Incense Burner[edit | edit source]

To find the Incense Burner, you will need to know precisely where to look, because you will not be able to easily spot the usual glint of the treasure in an outdoor area such as this. Get through the collapsing building, cross the roof-to-roof bridge that Chloe tells you was built by the resistance fighters, and first deal with the enemies on the roof below you and to the left. Then, walk up to what appears to be some sort of raised doorway back into the building, with an air conditioning unit and water tank atop it. Climb up to this area, and you should see the treasure icon appear on-screen.

They're Coming With Us[edit | edit source]

"They're Coming With Us" contains four treasures.

Worn Pendant[edit | edit source]

The Worn Pendant is found immediately at the start of the chapter. Here, there will be a hole in a house to the right. Head inside to find the treasure on a cardboard box.

Nine Jewel Ring[edit | edit source]

The Nine Jewel Ring is found right after the last treasure. You will be in a firefight and have some high walls to take cover behind in front of a fountain. The treasure is found within a bell at the top of the fountain. Simply shoot it down to claim it.

Ankhora Water Vessel[edit | edit source]

The Ankhora Water Vessel is located in the next area following the firefight. After clearing out the enemies where you found the first two treasures, you will need to push a door open with Chloe. Upon entering the next area, head to the water, and go from one pile of rubble to the next until you reach a pile on the other side of the river where the treasure is sitting.

Silver Shiva Amulet[edit | edit source]

The Silver Shiva Amulet found near the end of the chapter. You will be lead through some blue doors into the courtyard of a temple. The treasure is found sitting in a small wagon in front of the steps to the temple entrance. You will need to collect it before approaching the entrance.

The City's Secret[edit | edit source]

"The City's Secret" contains two treasures.

Bronze Altar Spoon[edit | edit source]

The Bronze Altar Spoon is found at the start of the chapter. Turn right and head through the doorway. Scale up the wall here and the treasure will be right at a gate.

Bronze Varaha Statue[edit | edit source]

The Bronze Varaha Statue is found later on in the chapter, when you are venturing through a hallway and you and Chloe fall into a trap. The treasure is located in front of you, sitting on top of a pile of bones protruding from the water. Grab it after disabling the spike trap.

Path of Light[edit | edit source]

"Path of Light" contains three treasures.

Copper Lakhe Mask[edit | edit source]

After ascending the first blade of the giant dagger and getting in view of the bright, red face, leap over to the walkway as required and follow it all the way to the end to find this treasure.

Carved Jade Figurine[edit | edit source]

After lowering the first blade into place, turn left and look upwards to find the treasure. You will need to shoot it down. Make sure you do this before you make your way back down to the bottom, as this area will no longer be accessible afterwards.

Bronze Ganesh Statue[edit | edit source]

After climbing down the statue's throat, turn left into the underground room to find it on the outside path.

A Train to Catch[edit | edit source]

"A Train to Catch" contains five treasures.

Nepali Bronze Lion[edit | edit source]

The Nepali Bronze Lion is found within the first courtyard with soldiers. It is located within the dark alleyway opposite the position of the wooden ladder.

Yuan Dynasty Lotus Jar[edit | edit source]

The Yuan Dynasty Lotus Jar is located within that same courtyard. After getting on the fire escape, go up the stairs to the top platform to collect it.

Cham Lion Mask[edit | edit source]

The Cham Lion Mask can be collected after defeating the soldiers while hanging from the signs. After lowering the bridge, head back to the door that was barred shut. You will find the treasure just to the right of it.

Jeweled Statue Crown[edit | edit source]

The Jeweled Statue Crown can be found after ziplining down into the train yard. Head down between the train car to your left and the building to your right. You will find the treasure on the ground about halfway towards the end.

Three-Stone Coral Ring[edit | edit source]

The Three-Stone Coral Ring is found inside the large warehouse, atop an air conditioning unit. To get there, climb the train car to your right and head to the back wall, then shimmy your way across. Monkey yourself across, then leap onto the air conditioning unit to pick it up.

Locomotion[edit | edit source]

"Locomotion" contains three treasures.

Miniature Bronze Stupa[edit | edit source]

At the very beginning of this chapter, you will be hanging on the left side of the train. Continue to the first window on your left and climb inside the train cart. Walk to the far end of the cart, where you will find the Miniature Bronze Stupa on your right.

Yama and Buffalo Statue[edit | edit source]

After having defeated the first few men on the train, you will enter a train cart that appears to have no way to continue. Jump out of the window the way the thug you just killed came in. You'll have to go rightward to proceed with the mission. Instead, climb the bar to the ladder on the left which you use to reach the top of the cart. There you will find the Yama and Buffalo Statue.

Newari Bronze Figures[edit | edit source]

During the early-going through this section fraught with danger, you're going to want to hang off the side of the train cars you encounter. More specifically, the train car with the two enemies that get killed by the horizontal metal bar is the train car you're looking for. You can hang, and then jump into the otherwise isolated train car. Within, you'll find plenty of crates and boxes, but what you're searching for is that telltale glimmer of a nearby treasure, tucked neatly in the corner of the train car you're currently occupying.

Tunnel Vision[edit | edit source]

"Tunnel Vision" contains two treasures.

Gilded Bodhisattva Statue[edit | edit source]

This treasure is found within a train car that you are walking over. In other words, you don't have to ever enter this train car, meaning you're going to have to keep an eye out for this treasure's location, or pass by it all together. After sniping the aforementioned soldiers, begin to run forward. The train car next to the train car holding a haul of coal is the key. Work your way to the side of the car and drop down. You'll see an entrance into the train car from there. Launch yourself inside and walk to the far end of the train car's exterior (towards the way the train is going) to claim your treasure.

Tibetan Saddle Ring[edit | edit source]

After you breaking the next train car open, you will need to use the crates inside this train car to hoist yourself up through the ceiling. However, before doing this you can grab another treasure. More specifically, you can find this treasure at the far end of the locked train car. Once you've breached the train car, it's as simple as walking up to the treasure and grabbing it. Just try to grab it before poking your head out of the ceiling, which will catalyze a necessary gunfight, but one that might otherwise distract you from grabbing this treasure in the first place.

Train-wrecked[edit | edit source]

"Train-wrecked" contains three treasures.

Tibetan Prayer Wheel[edit | edit source]

It is advisable to wait until all are cleared before searching for it. To find this treasure, head far left from where you started and follow the cliff wall. You will see the treasure flashing on the ground. You want to follow the cliff past the train cart that is suspended by other debris. (This wreck should be on your right side).

Tibetan Silver Vase[edit | edit source]

Another treasure can also be found in the snowy area with all of the train wreckage, and just like the aforementioned treasure, you'll probably want to wait until the firefight around you ceases before you go searching for it. If you're facing the fiery wreckage that exploded at the end of the fighting, the treasure can be found on the left side of this area suspended up near the roof on the left side of the train cart that is off the ground suspended by one of the other carts. (Or go left from where you get the M32 Hammer on top of the cart, look at the outside).

Tibetan Knife[edit | edit source]

This treasure can be found on the right hand side from where you started. Once more, you'll want to wait until all enemies are killed before you go searching. Head along with the the cliff side on your right and you should see this treasure flashing in the rocks directly in front of you as you approach. (Another point of reference is to the right of the train cart that exploded after the last enemy wave).

Where Am I?[edit | edit source]

"Where Am I?" contains three treasures.

Ram's Head Thogchag[edit | edit source]

As soon as you gain control after the cutscene, you can find the very first of three treasures found here. Leave Tenzin's house, and turn right, and then right at the black and white yak cow, you'll reach the back end of the house. Keep an eye out for the treasure's glimmer on the ground next to some tables.

Bronze Buddha Statue[edit | edit source]

The second of three treasures found in this calm chapter is in a rather obscure place. When you run into the kids playing soccer, you'll know you're in the right area. Moving forward, those kids are on your left, but you'll actually want to go to the right. Move across to the other side of the street and climb the ladder you find there. Then, vault over the green wall on your left, and search the grassy area along the building on your right. Here, you'll run into this treasure.

Singing Bowl[edit | edit source]

The third and final treasure is found adjacent to the elder's house. Be certain that you don't walk up to the stairs leading to the elder's front door, or you're going to catalyze a cutscene and will be forced to replay the chapter (not that that's really a big deal or anything). Simply look along the side of the elder's home. The treasure should be sitting next to a tree, securely in the tree's gigantic shadow.

Mountaineering[edit | edit source]

"Mountaineering" contains six treasures.

Tibetan Ritual Blade[edit | edit source]

The first of six treasures here can be found as soon as you descend the ladder after crossing the chasm with your guide's rope. Instead of going through the tunnel in pursuit of your guide, turn around and head in the other direction. You'll quickly run into a dead end, but you'll see the glimmer of a treasure along the edge of the dead end pathway that you can easily grab before continuing.

Clay Deity Head[edit | edit source]

Tenzin will find a rope in the remnants of the campsite at this location, at which point Drake and he can climb back up to the same snowy platform you originally entered the area via. The ability to swing across the campsite to a platform on the other side is now given, but first, why not jump on that rope and simply hang around for a while? Instead of swinging across, the change the rope's momentum so that it swings in the other direction, rightward to leftward and back again. You'll be able to swing to the right side of the room in this way, where an isolated platform containing this treasure can be found. Swing and jump, hang off of this platform, and grab your prize.

Bronze Chenrezig Statue[edit | edit source]

The player will need to hoist themself up to a higher platform nearby to continue. There will be some ropes leading up to a platform even higher up. After ignoring them for the time being the player should drop down to the lower platform adjacent to the player on the left. The treasure can be found on this platform.

Skull Cap Drum[edit | edit source]

When you reach the end of the river of flowing water careening down the ice, you'll see a small waterfall where the water drops off of a cliff to an area below. To continue onward with the chapter, you're going to need to head leftward. But first, head rightward from the waterfall. This little alcove contains the treasure you seek, and is easy enough to obtain. Just keep an eye for the on-screen prompt letting you know a treasure is nearby, since seeing the treasure's glint in the ice is a difficult proposition.

Silver Needle Case[edit | edit source]

This is an easy treasure to get, though if you miss it, you can't backtrack to get it. Before jumping down the hole towards the corpse with the P08-9mm sitting next to him, simply work your way leftward along the snowy, semi-circular pathway. You'll run into this treasure there, and can grab it and then jump down to claim your firearm.

Bronze Stupa Ornament[edit | edit source]

Before you shoot the crate down to continue, you'll want to grab another treasure. The crate and the way forward is to your right, but instead, go leftward, passing the corpse with the ammunition near it. You can squeeze through a thin passageway and reach an isolated cavern within the mountain. Simply jump across the gap to the only other platform here, and the on-screen treasure prompt should show up. This is an easy treasure to get in premise, but it's also an easy location to miss all together.

Heart of Ice[edit | edit source]

"Heart of Ice" contains six treasures.

Mandala Thogchag[edit | edit source]

This treasure is pretty well-hidden. The key to grabbing it is the third and final spinning cylinder the player comes across when crossing the gap. When reaching the third cylinder, the player should climb up to the very top of it and begin to rotate along with it. Attached to one of the wooden boards (that serve to knock the player down) is the treasure. The glint can be seen clearly, but to actually grab it successfully, the player will have to rotate just underneath the wooden board and grab it as the on-screen prompt indicating a treasure is nearby shows up.

Dipa Oil Lamp[edit | edit source]

This treasure is located after you drop down from the big gears (there is 1 big wooden gear with a large portion missing) You will drop down onto another very slow moving gear and there will be a rope in the middle that you need to grab in order to proceed in this level. BEFORE you jump, you will see the jagged rocks just to the right of the rope and you will see the glinting of the treasure. Direct your swing towards the treasure and grab when you are close enough.

Tibetan Flint Lighter[edit | edit source]

Located directly after you obtain the Oil Lamp (while swinging from the rope). This hard-to-spot but easy-to-acquire treasure hangs off of the side of the flat gear (This is the gear AFTER you land and fall and ride that gear down). Hang off the side of the gear and the bottom and ride it round and under the rocks. Grab the treasure just as you emerge from the other side.

Bronze Dorje[edit | edit source]

You know the gear that you ride twice? Not the first one! The gear near the very bottom, just above the water level. You ride its outer surface up once, jump over to the left, and then ride its outer edge up once more. This is to allow you access to an area you'll need to traverse to proceed with the chapter. However, if you ride the outer edge of this gear up to the very top, you'll be able to jump to a horizontal wooden beam. Once you've pulled yourself up, you can begin to jump rightward. Jump to the right, and keep moving forward, jumping from beam to beam. You'll eventually come to an isolated, completely out-of-the-way platform where this treasure is hiding. It may be one of the hardest treasures to come across in the entire game.

Tibetan Ceremonial Axe[edit | edit source]

After you climb up a set of three gears, you will use a pole to swing yourself to small ledge to left. But before you shimmy around, look to the right while hanging from the ledge. You'll see, clear-as-day, a statue with a glowing eye. That glowing eye is a treasure. Pull yourself up in front of that statue, shoot the treasure down at point-blank range, and claim your prize.

Trigram Thogchag[edit | edit source]

This treasure is in a pretty obvious place, though you'll need to actually look in the proper direction to find it. The key is the gigantic, evil-looking statue that turns round when you get to the central pillar. Cross the statues that come out of the water and stand in front of the aforementioned evil-looking statue. Take aim with your gun (almost straight up) and look at its head, and in particular its crown, you'll see the gleaming of a treasure up there. Wield your P08-9mm and shoot the treasure down, and then walk forward to claim the treasure once it's fallen to the ground before the downward steps.

Siege[edit | edit source]

"Siege" contains three treasures.

Amber Skull Bead[edit | edit source]

When the firefight around you has ceased and you've deemed the area safe, it's time to rush the location of the first treasure, which is in a raised barn on the opposite side of the street from the machinegun nest. More specifically, this area has an RPG that you can acquire (though we recommend against it), and plenty of hay in the background. Along the hay is the treasure in question, so you can simply walk up to it and grab it before proceeding onward.

Antique Ghau[edit | edit source]

As soon as you emerge outside, you'll be able to grab this treasure. From where you climbed up the ladder onto the roof, face leftward, and then jump down off of the roof to your left. There should be a building lining this part of the screen, with a tree growing nearby. Along the base of the tree is this treasure, so be sure to keep an eye out for its telltale glimmer!

Bell Thogchag[edit | edit source]

About halfway down the slope, you'll see a small stone structure off of the main wooden pathway. This stone structure has a staircase leading up to it, and is surrounded by some aged wood, colored both red and blue. The treasure sits within this small wooden structure, and is rather easy to get to. Just be sure not to neglect grabbing this treasure en route down the slope, because the never ending firefight ensuing around you could prove to be quite the distraction.

Cat and Mouse[edit | edit source]

"Cat and Mouse" contains four treasures.

Yak Horn Carving[edit | edit source]

After your first encounter with the tank, Tenzin will be fumbling like a fool to open the door. After entering the house you will kill a few more guys and round a left corner where there will be more enemies on the roof. BEFORE you need to jump over the wall the treasure is just to the right near the AK ammo.

Bronze Tsongkhapa Statue[edit | edit source]

As soon as you break through the wooden barricade with your partner, you will have to jump out of the door, swing on a rail, and perform some other acrobatic feats in order to get away from the ever-vigilant tank. Once you land on a pathway with a wall on your left, temporarily blocking the tank from reaching you, simply go up the path and keep an eye out for a nook on your left. Within this nook is a treasure, so be sure to grab it. Keep your gun at the ready, though, because enemies will be concurrently coming down the path ahead and to your right, which will no doubt frustrate your advance.

Tibetan Trumpet[edit | edit source]

This treasure is easy enough to find, since you'll quite literally stumble over it as you move forward. Once you've crossed the chasm with the tank smashing the wall above you, you'll find yourself on the roof of a manmade stone structure. Move along to the next building from there. It should be a drop down for you, with some wood jutting out from the next building. The treasure is down here, and when you drop down, the treasure icon should appear on-screen. As long as you're thorough, this treasure is virtually impossible to miss.

Gilt Tara Statue[edit | edit source]

Midway through the chapter where you will encounter your second RPG location, head up to the roof where the enemy with the RPG is (there are also 2 guys inside the house as you enter it and another guy out back with a desert eagle) from the roof, run as if you where going straight through the house and you will need to jump over a small gap at which point you should see the hatch on the ground, drop down into it and grab the treasure. (Note: This is after the "is this guy [tank driver] drunk".

The Monastery[edit | edit source]

"The Monastery" contains eight treasures.

Tibetan Silver Earring[edit | edit source]

The first of eight treasures found during this chapter can be acquired by approaching the sealed door to the left, near all of the gathered trucks. If the player looks at the top of the sealed door, a flashing beacon can be seen, which indicates a treasure is there. Using the pistol shoots the treasure down from its perch, and can be collected by walking up to the front of the door to grab it. Since the treasure doesn't contrast well with the snowy ground, it is best to look for the on-screen prompt indicating a treasure is nearby.

Ritual Crown[edit | edit source]

There are a couple of treasures to grab once all of the enemies and their endless reinforcements are downed. The first can be found closer to your starting point, once you've breached the monastery walls. Specifically, you're going to want to enter the small building directly in front of and to the right of the door through the wall (if your back is facing said door). Once you enter the room, head to the open area along the huge chasm adjacent to the monastery, and look rightward. You should see a horizontal red wooden beam sticking out from underneath a stone platform. At the very end of the wood is a gleaming treasure for you to acquire. You'll have to get over to the wooden beam using the pieces of red wood along the adjacent wall, and then shimmy to the edge of the beam to grab the treasure.

Silver Official Seal[edit | edit source]

The next treasure we'll bring you to is actually near the stationary machinegun. Head forward from the gun and towards the broken stone wall to your right. Drop down towards the gap in the wall along the water, and hang from the edge of the dock there. On the far side of the broken wall are some red pieces of wood you can grab onto. Pull yourself upward towards the glowing orb hanging off of one of the red pieces of wood, and claim your treasure while hanging there.

Silver Offering Pot[edit | edit source]

Elena will dash off automatically following the cutscene, so you should chase after her. It's in that direction that you'll find not only the way forward, after Schäfer, but another treasure as well. After jumping over the severed bridge, you'll have to pull yourself upward in order to continue. But before doing that, drop down off of the platform you're on so that you're hanging off of the right side of it. Adjacent to you should be a red-colored wooden beam that you can move over while hanging, granting you access to a little alcove containing this treasure.

Tibetan Turquoise Ring[edit | edit source]

This is a fairly well-hidden treasure, but one that's easy to obtain once you know precisely where to look. When you're climbing up to the area above the locked door, don't go rightward. Instead, use the bricks to swing around to the left side of the building. You'll see an overhang below, one that you can drop down on. From there, drop down on the balcony below that the overhang rests over, and look up. You can shoot the treasure down from its perch here and grab it once it falls. Then, use the debris and bricks on the left to lift yourself back up and over to where you need to be to continue.

Carved Wooden Ghurra[edit | edit source]

This is a fairly obscurely-hidden treasure. Once the player has crossed the previous bridge, the one which is accessed after the locked door blows open, the player should look down and to the right. Instead of going forward into the next tower, the player can drop down onto a series of bricks below. Hanging from each, they can work their way lower and lower until they reach the actual location of the treasure, sitting on a brick next to one of the bridge's support beams.

Bronze Tiger Bell[edit | edit source]

This may be one of the best-hidden ones in the game, and one of the most difficult ones to get to as well. You have to eliminate the entire threat across the nearby bridge before attempting to get this treasure, or you'll get cut to shreds. Thus, be sure all snipers and their light gun-carrying friends are all killed. Then, in the tower with the boards leading over to the bridge, work your way down to the lowest level. You'll find a bridge severed in two down here, and the gap between the two halves of the bridge seems too great for you to jump. But if you assumed that, you'd be wrong. Start running towards the severed bridge, getting a good gallop going. Jump at the last possible moment, and Drake should barely be able to grab the far side of the broken bridge. You can then scurry forward down a ladder, continuing down some stone platforms. You'll see the treasure suspended above you on your left. Shoot it down and claim your prize before continuing.

Antique Bronze Lion[edit | edit source]

The Antique Bronze Lion is found in the narrow room you enter just after climbing along a beam. Acquiring this treasure is easy, though you should wait until this location is completely devoid of soldiers before attempting to go after it. At the far end of the room, you'll need to work your way leftward through a door to end up back outside. Before you do that, look upward along the far wall, and you'll see the shimmer of a treasure hanging above the window. You'll need to shoot it down, but to actually get up to where it falls, use the broken pillar to hoist yourself up high enough where you can leap over to the window sill.

Reunion[edit | edit source]

"Reunion" contains nine treasures.

Tibetan Ritual Vase[edit | edit source]

This treasure is easy to find, and is indeed almost impossible to miss. After the cutscene runs its course you'll regain control on the upper catwalk of the starting room. Work your way around to a wooden plank that seems to lead to a drop. However, in the distance you'll see a rope conveniently hanging. Carefully leap towards the rope, and Drake should grab on automatically. The angle at which you initially swing after jumping from the plank should lead directly to a treasure embedded in the pillar you're swinging at. Simply keep an eye for the treasure prompt to appear on-screen and quickly hit Triangle to claim the treasure before you swing away.

Tibetan Conch Horn[edit | edit source]

The Tibetan Conch Horn is found in Reunion, located in the area with the tree on top of a flight of stair (There are also enemies being attacked by the guardian). It’s best to go for this item after the fighting. If you are standing at the tree at the top of the stairs, with your back to the tree you will see two gold statues on the top right building. You will see a pillar in the middle below them. The treasure is on the right side of that pillar.

Bronze Oil Lamp[edit | edit source]

When the Heavy Weapons Troops and all the other soldiers here are defeated, you can easily grab another treasure. Thankfully, this treasure's location is actually en route to our next destination, so you can do it all at once. Run back towards the origin-point of this area, where you initially dropped in once you went through the previous door. Nearby should be a green and yellow ladder scaling upward into the half-wrecked building adjacent to you. Climb on up to the topmost floor and move rightward and then forward. The path will eventually drop off. It's at this point that you should look up and to your left at the top of the pillar directly next to you. Use a firearm to knock the treasure from its perch, and then pick it up once it's fallen.

Ancient Sword Guard[edit | edit source]

As soon as you work your way through the window, your eye will no doubt catch the location of yet another treasure, the fourth of nine found here. To acquire it, you must shoot it down, but you can't do so until you've worked your way to the rubble-strewn floor of this building. Once you're there, you can aim upward, shoot the treasure down, and then grab it once it's on the ground. Easy.

Tibetan Coral Earring[edit | edit source]

Once you've shimmied right until you can't anymore, you'll be able to pull yourself up onto a broken stone pathway. The way forward is directly ahead of you, as you'll have to use the wooden beams sticking out of the side of the building to swing forward.

But before doing that, drop down to the half-destroyed rooftop directly below you, to the right. Once you've dropped down, look up and to the left. Hanging underneath the stone pathway you were just traversing is the treasure. Simply shoot it down and walk up to it to grab it once it's fallen to the snowy ground.

Tibetan Square Ghau[edit | edit source]

The Tibetan Square Ghau is found in Reunion. Located just before the puzzle with the shapes and Tibetan letters. (Obviously a helpful tip before you get there). As you swing on the bits of wood hanging over the building you will climb through a window and jump over to where there are some wooden cases. As you climb up and onto the roof, walk along the wooden beam onto the roof. Go to the corner and hang off, there you will see a statue with the treasure.

Carved Bone Ornament[edit | edit source]

There will be a zip line just after the puzzle with the shapes and Tibetan letter. Just after the zip line action, you will jump over a ledge where there will be a set of wooden stairs. Walk up to the gap in the stairs and look directly up and slightly behind you. Shoot it down to collect it.

Tibetan Hair Ornament[edit | edit source]

Once the threat is eliminated, you can find a treasure. This particular treasure is located atop a statue in the middle of this location. It's the statue closest to the stationary machinegun nest. The treasure is located on top of the statue's front end. Shoot it down from afar, and it will fall slightly. Then, climb up the back of the statue and work your way over its head so that you're sitting in front of its face. With the treasure shot down from afar, you can grab it easily from here.

Tibetan Mala Beads[edit | edit source]

They are the ninth treasure hidden during this chapter. After the soldiers coming down the steps are killed, and before running up those same stairs, the treasure can be found lying in the snow next to the door in the corner behind and all the way to the right of the ladder you used to drop down into the area.

The Road to Shambhala[edit | edit source]

"The Road to Shambhala" contains three treasures.

Bronze Garuda[edit | edit source]

Instead of examining the activated orb, you'll want to get a treasure in this room. Once you examine the orb, you'll catalyze a lengthy cutscene that will ensure you can't find this treasure, so be absolutely, positively certain you get this treasure first. Thankfully, this is an easy treasure to find and examine. Simply search the wall around you, and you'll no doubt spot the treasure's glimmer on the wall. Shoot it down with your pistol, and voila! Acquire your treasure on the ground.

Toad Censer[edit | edit source]

As soon as the player regains control following the lengthy cutscene, they will be in the vicinity of a treasure. After moving forwards from the starting point, the player will be forced to veer rightward and will have to jump over a small gap. After jumping the gap, the treasure should be to the left.

Eight Emblems Pendant[edit | edit source]

The Eight Emblems Pendant is found in The Road to Shambhala. After jumping on the lengthy platform from the flaming skull heads, the third and final treasure during this chapter can be found. To do so, the player works their way forward, jumps leftwards, and then ventures leftwards towards some stairs leading up. After ignoring these stairs, the player works their way carefully to the left side of the staircase. The glimmer of the treasure can be finally seen.

Broken Paradise[edit | edit source]

"Broken Paradise" contains eight treasures.

Phurba Thogchag[edit | edit source]

When all is finally quiet, the player can work their way to the crumbling ruins at the top of the courtyard. After arriving, the player can jump up on top of the pile of rubble, and shimmy their way leftward using the outer facade of the platforms. When able to pull themself up from the rubble, so that they are on the catwalks overlooking the previous courtyard, the treasure can be found hanging off of one of the statues in the vicinity (more specifically, a statue on the left, if the player is facing the rubble below). After shooting it down, the player should grab it once it hits the ground.

Clay Yamantaka Head[edit | edit source]

After you've obliterated that blue substance hanging on the trees, a staircase will be revealed that heads up to another area. Run along the stairs to the very top, and you'll see a treasure hanging off of the tree roots ahead and on your left. Shoot it down from afar, and then walk up to the location on the ground under the tree roots where you can grab this treasure before proceeding onward.

Gold-Leaf Statue Head[edit | edit source]

As soon as you arrive in this new, beautiful area, drop off of the raised platform you begin on and run rightward. Run rightward until you reach the edge of this area, overlooking a gigantic chasm with some gorgeous waterfalls careening downward in the distance. It's here that this treasure can be found. Explore the corner of this area (still with the waterfalls in the distance), and you'll see it on your right.

Fibula Thogchag[edit | edit source]

As you push forward on the broken platforms overlooking the watery route below, you'll be able to grab another treasure. As you push forward, you'll see treasure's glimmer up above on the building to your left. All you have to do is spot the treasure and shoot it down. Then, simply walk to where it lands on one of the broken platforms, and claim it as your own.

Unusual Bronze Mask[edit | edit source]

After hoisting yourself upward with the cart, you can grab another treasure before proceeding. This, the fifth treasure of the chapter, is easy enough to acquire if you know precisely where to look. With your back facing the cart, head rightward and carefully jump to the platform over where you just took out the four enemies. Sitting in a dark corner is the treasure; simply stand around and look for the treasure's glimmer if you're having a difficult time spotting its specific location.

Mani Jewel Thogchag[edit | edit source]

Acquiring this treasure is easy, though you'll definitely want to wait until the fray in this large chamber has subsided before actually going after it. At the center of the chamber, there's a huge torch surrounded by statues and other ornate objects. If you take a look at all angles of the torch, you'll no doubt spot the treasure in question hanging off of the tip of one of the statues' fingers. Simply shoot it down to ground level and pick it up. You're only a couple of treasures away from having them all!

Wooden Vajrapani Mask[edit | edit source]

This will be the one-hundredth treasure you've encountered, though there's one more after this one. To acquire it, leave the chamber where the fray just occurred (and where you found the 99th treasure), going up the staircase straight across from the stairs you used to enter in the first place. This will ultimately lead you to another series of staircases. As you swing left to go up another staircase, look up and to the right, and you'll see this treasure shimmering on the wall. Shoot it down, walk up the stairs, and grab it.

Bronze Statue Head[edit | edit source]

Unless you're a completionist, you don't really need a 101st treasure when there's no trophy attached to it, but nonetheless, we'll tell you precisely where it is. From the location of the Wooden Mask you just found, continue to run up the stairs before you. There are no enemies here, so you can keep running up, up, up. When you reach the floor with a huge split in the ground, you're in the right area to get this treasure. Look along the far wall, near some debris, and you can easily acquire this final treasure not only of the chapter, but of the game at large.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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