Atoq Navarro's mercenaries






South America

Key members:

Gabriel Roman (founder; leader, formerly) †
Atoq Navarro (second-in-command, formerly; leader) †

Series information

Appears in:

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Multiplayer)

Voiced by:

David Agranov
Gregg Berger
David Beron
Jesse Corti
Carlos Ferro
Yuri Lowenthal
Marco Rodriguez
Damian Valencia

Mercenaries are an antagonistic faction featured in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and a collection of playable Villain skins in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. They serve as the main group of antagonists during the second half of Drake's Fortune.


Uncharted: Drake's FortuneEdit

Prior to the events of Drake's Fortune, Roman picked up Navarro from "the gutter" and personally trained him to become a killer and treasure hunter. Roman later hired beggars in South America to become his personal army, and he trained each one of them in much the same way.

Roman was aware that his rival, Victor Sullivan, was close to finding the treasure along with his good friend, Nathan Drake. Roman wanted compensation for money Sullivan owed him.[1] He needed mercenaries to help his excavation of El Dorado, and someone with knowledge of the treasure's history. He chose Navarro as his second-in-command, as he had studied the city's history.

Navarro was made to lead the mission. Unbeknownst to Roman, Navarro had his own agenda, and was not planning on letting him have El Dorado. The mercenaries remained loyal to Navarro, only following Roman's orders on Navarro's word.[2]

It is unknown what happened to the mercenaries after Navarro's death.[3]

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Edit

Several of the mercenaries appear in Uncharted 2 as multiplayer skins.


Weapons-AK-47 AK-47: The standard assault rifle in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-PM-9mm PM-9mm: A standard pistol found in Drake's Fortune and Golden Abyss.
Weapons-M4 M4: An elite assault rifle in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-SAS-12 SAS-12: An elite shotgun found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-M79 M79: A powerful grenade launcher found in Drake's Fortune.
Weapons-92FS-9mm 92FS-9mm: An elite standard pistol found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-Desert-5 Desert-5: An elite and very powerful pistol found in the Uncharted series.



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