Ayar Manco is the holder of the golden staff, who was the last of the first people.


In Inca mythology, one of the main Inca creation myths was that of the Ayar Manco and other Maras Sutic, whom all emerged from a cave called Pacaritambo, which meant "The dawn of Tavern". The golden staff, which was used and owned by Ayr Manco would be used to find the promised land. The permanent land to settle, where the pure golden staff sank into the soil. After cosidering the many destinations they went to, the group choose Cuzco, A series of events occurred and all of his brothers were killed until just Manco was left with his sisters. He had a one son named Sinchi Roca who was to be the next king that could continue the legacy.

Modern TimesEdit

The local Cuiqawa tribe, who claim to be the descendants of Manco and rightful owners of Cuzco had changed a little bit of history like that after being betrayed by his friends, Manco returned to Pacariqtambo with the staff and his family, and the tribe grew over the following centuries. Once Ramón Valdez had heard of this he hired Nathan Drake to steal it from the tribe. He successfully did-so, but was betrayed. Three years later the tribe wanted what their ancestor had, which he rightfully owned. Nathan had gotten back the staff of Ramón Valdez.