The Barok .44 is a heavy weapon featured in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.



The Barok .44 is first found in Chapter 8. The gun is quite rare and is normally dropped only by armored Shoreline soldiers.


The Barok .44 has very high damage, high recoil, average accuracy and slow rate of fire. It is best used at medium range. As the Barok is a heavy weapon, it has no modifications.


  • The Barok is a powerful weapon and is great in a LV1 firefight.
  • The main downsides to this weapon is the magazine size, as it only have six bullets every time you buy the weapon, and it has a slow rate of fire.
    • Another disadvantage of the Barok is that it has low accuracy when blindfiring.


The Barok .44 seem to resembles a Mateba Autorevolver.