Beast Mode
Beast ModeU3


Move faster with heavy objects



Required level


Booster slot


Beast Mode is a booster in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It enables the player to move faster with heavy objects. It can be purchased from the competitive loadout from level 6 and onwards.


Beast Mode costs $150,000, and the player must be ranked 15 to use it. At level 1, the player can move faster with heavy objects by 10%.

At level 2, the player can move faster by 15%. Also in level 2, the player must earn ten "Wild West" medals with the Beast Mode booster equipped. The "Wild West" medal can be achieved by getting five kills with any pistol.

At level 3, the move speed is increased to 20%. In level 3, the player must earn twenty "Wild West" medals with the booster equipped.