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Blue Room

Wallpaper art of the Blue Room.

The Blue Room, also known as the Flooded Room, is a flooded basement in The Fortress. Its only appearance is in The Fortress of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Although it only appears briefly, it is notorious among players for its extreme difficulty when playing on Hard and/or Crushing mode.

Layout Edit

The room is moderately large, however much of its space is taken up by large columns, which presumably support the fort above. Walkways have been placed around several of the columns. The floor is covered in a shallow layer of water, which pours in from an adjoining room.

The two rooms are separated by a wall, and an overhanging hole in the wall is the only way through. The room is accessed by the player through a collapsed overhang doorway opposite this wall. Once inside, the player can not go back the way they came.

Walkthrough Edit

To enter the room, the player must defeat a gatling gun pirate, then drop down from an overhanging doorway. Standing on the overhang, Nate will remark; "This place could use a good plumber." Almost immediately after dropping down, a group of Eddy Raja's pirates will ambush Nate from the drainage tunnels in the walls. Nate will shout; "Son-of-a-bitch! Where'd they all come from?"

Several of the pirates wield Moss-12 shotguns, and there is also one atop the exit ledge armed with an M79.

The second wave of pirates will climb into the room from the other water drainage tunnels after Nate defeats the first. This wave is slightly more difficult, often flanking and surrounding the player on all sides. Cover is extremely limited and offers little protection from the advancing pirates.

Glitch Edit

Due to the difficulty of the section on Hard and/or Crushing mode, a glitch can be exploited whereby the player is able to combat the pirates from the safety of the entrance overhang, without having to drop down into the room.

To do this, the player must first approach the Blue Room (when Nate says: "This place could use a good plumber"), then backtrack to the previous area in the Fort, and fire the mounted gun. After this, the pirates will enter the room, as though Nate had dropped down. With the music level high enough, the player will know the glitch has worked as the tense music will play.