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Borneo is the first and foremost Co-op Adventure mission that appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The three playable characters are Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan and Chloe Frazer.


The mission begins with Nate, Sully and Chloe approaching a swamp in Borneo. They overhear Draza commanding a soldier to get four containers ready to airlift out of the swamp. The trio agrees that they must find out what is in the containers. After opening the first one, they find a piece of a stone tablet. The players must then advance their way through a deployment of Lazarevic's soldiers to reach the last three cases. Once they finally extract the last three pieces, a Dragon Sniper-toting Draza appears. The players must defeat him and his last loyal henchmen. After Draza has fallen, they inspect the statue. It turns out it is the lost half of a priceless relic that used to be in the Vatican. Nate concludes that they must travel to London in order to find out where the other half of it is located.

Hints and tips for Crushing

  1. When the mission starts, kill the three enemies in front of you and grab any weapons you can, then move back to where you started. Hold out here until all enemies are killed.
  2. Don't rush to open the crates; clear the area of enemies before opening it.
  3. When you fight Draza, everybody climb into the sniper tower and focus only on Draza.
  4. When inside the sniper tower, don't throw any grenades as they can push teammates out of the tower or kill all three of you.

Weapon locations

  • RPG - Can be found before crossing the bridge after the first crate is opened
  • Wes-44 (3x) - Located in the area after you cross the bridge
    • There is another Wes-44 behind the water fall in the area with the second crate.
    • Another Wes-44 can be found on the pump in the shallow water.
  • M32-Hammer (Crushing only) - If you kill the Hammer kickback boss in the same area while he is on the floor, he will drop the M32-Hammer.
  • Tau Snipers (2x) - Two can be found in the water hole area:
    • Before entering the area, there is a tent and on the right on the floor, it can be found
    • Before dropping into the shallow water to the left, there are rocks that are climbable. The sniper can be found on top.


  • Borneo appears in Chapters 3 and 4 of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
  • Draza was killed in Uncharted 2. This proves that the Co-op Adventure missions take place in an alternate reality.
  • In this chapter, players can earn the unique medal "Master Basher" for opening a crate.
  • In the beginning of the level, Nate, Sully and Chloe bring their holsters, but not their guns. This is quite strange.
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