Bounty Hunter is a gamemode feature in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer.


Bounty Hunter was introduced in Bounty Hunter DLC.


Two teams of five complete to reach the score limit by collecting bounties from KO’d enemies. When you killed a enemy player, they drop a ''Bounty'' - worth 10 points - which you, or your teammates, can retrieve. If you don't pick up the bounty soon after, the enemy team can swoop in and deny it. The score limit is 600 points.

Throughout the match, both teams will have one random player assigned the role of captain — a high-value target that the opposing team must hunt down within a time limit. If the attacking team can successfully killed the enemy’s captain, they’ll have a chance to collect a bounty worth 60 to 120 points (dependent on how well the captains was doing) toward their team’s overall score. However, captain’s bounties take time to collect, so players must work together to either protect their teammates as they retrieve the Bounty or fight to deny the attacking team before the time runs out. [1]



Uncharted 4 - Bounty Hunters Multiplayer DLC Trailer - PS4

Uncharted 4 - Bounty Hunters Multiplayer DLC Trailer - PS4

The Bounty Hunter DLC trailer which introduced the Bounty Hunter gamemode