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Breaking and Entering is the second chapter of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


As Drake recalls the past few months events, we see him, Flynn and Chloe infiltrate the Istanbul Palace Museum, but Drake finds more than he's expecting. By means of an inflatable speed boat, Nathan Drake, Chloe Frazer and Harry Flynn head to the Istanbul Palace Museum, taking a alternative route to enter the location: the underground sewer system of the museum. Nathan uses a blow torch to rupture the gate, unlocking it on an upper cliff side. They investigate the area until they reach a position where the groups discusses Chloe’s part in the plan: shutting down the lights in the second courtyard allowing the two to pass, then getting a van to escape with. Afterwards, Chloe leaves in the opposite direction as Flynn and Nathan. Flynn points out that there is a gate nearby that will lead to the boiler room. Both start making their way down the sewer, until they reach a big circular brick lined shaft going up, which narrows to a smaller circular shaft with a manhole cover at the top. After Flynn gives Nathan a boost, they climb up to the boiler room. After free-running their way to another room, they find that steam is blocking their way. Soon after, Nathan finds the shut off valve, letting them go further. Right before entering the actual upper part of the museum, they're blocked by a gate. Nathan manages to disconnect the junction box, shutting down the security camera and letting them break through the gates. Two guards patrol the area, which are soon knocked out by Nathan.

Nathan makes his way further through the second courtyard, defeating many museum guards as he does. When done, both make their way to a metal gate, which alone is not a problem, but blocking their way onto the next courtyard is a security camera. Nathan climbs up the gate and shuts down the junction box, causing the security camera to do the same. Now able to go further, Nathan picks up the gate, letting Flynn slip through. On the opposite side Flynn does the same for Nathan. Leading into the second courtyard, Nathan melee executes many patrolling guards in the area. They both climb up a structure on the right of the courtyard, where they stealthily go through a window. Nathan and Flynn hide behind a long box, discussing a way to execute the museum guards without alerting the others, or setting off an alarm. Flynn decides to use two tranquilizer guns, giving one to Nathan and himself. With their newly found guns, they eliminate all patrolling guards in the area. Getting out of the area, they make it over the rooftop using ropes, pipes, cracks, and acrobatic skills to get closer to the building containing the exhibit. Once near, they wait for Chloe to shut off the lights. After a while, Chloe does her part allowing them to get into the building with a rope.

The exhibit in the museum contains the Mongolian Oil Lamp inside a glass container. Flynn soon figures out how to open it without setting off any alarms. Nathan breaks the item. Hidden inside the lamp was a blank piece of old parchment with nothing on it and several chunks of resin. Drake, realizing that the resin will burn gets a lighter from Flynn, and lights the small pile on the floor, revealing secret marks on the parchment. The "light of the Great Khan" reveals the invisible marks left on it by Marco Polo. Concealed on the parchment is a map of Indonesia and Borneo, showing the location of the "Lost Fleet" on the west coast of Borneo. Drake is then betrayed by Flynn, who was just using him, and who then sets off the alarm. Museum guards then show up and run after Nathan, whom escapes unharmed, but soon is captured by Turkish authorities who are waiting for him at the end of the sewer.

After three months, Nathan is still trapped inside one of the Turkish jails room, hallucinating with his hands trying to entertain himself. Both Sully and Chloe enter his room. Chloe says that she had had no knowledge of Flynn's treachery, and that Victor Sullivan would secure his release. They discuss the Cintamani Stone, and Flynn's client Zoran Lazarevic. The group heads into a house, where they discuss Lazarević's plans to wreck Nepal to find Shambhala, which houses the Cintamani Stone. They decide to use Chloe as a decoy to get inside Lazarevic's dig site in Borneo.


When you have control of Drake, get out of the water and head to the large, brick squares and pull yourself up them. Head into the next room and jump to the other large platform and then hump to the yellow pipe. Keep moving to the left and when you can't move anymore, old the left analog stick to the to the lower left and then jump to the next pipe. Do this again and then climb up the pipe and jump from the pipe to the platform. Head into the opening and press up on the directional buttons. When Flynn moves to his position, walk up to him and press PlayStationTriangle. Continue to climb up the walls until you reach the ladder and then exit out of the sewers.

Now turn around and look for the shiny light in the left corner, where the 6th treasure is located. After you got it, head over to the green pipe sitting on the ground and climb over it on its left side. Look up at the platform and look for a ladder. When you see it stand beneath it and hold PlayStationTriangle to give Flynn a boost. When he drops down the ladder, climb it up to the platform. Jump onto the yellow object in front of you and then climb to the top of the next platform. Before you continue on, turn around and you'll see a platform with a shiny light. Jump over to this platform and pick up the 7th treasure. Now jump pack and walk towards where Flynn is. Head to the right and climb up the ladder to find a wheel. Turn the wheel by repeatedly pressing PlayStationTriangle. When you're done, fall down and jump over the green pipe and then jump to the yellow bar and then jump to the platform. Turn to the left and jump to the green pipe. You'll grab a yellow pipe; pull yourself up, walk to the other side of the green pipe, and then press PlayStationCircle to grab the other yellow pipe. Head to the left and press PlayStationCircle to fall onto the yellow platform. Head towards Flynn and follow the instructions on the screen.

After the cutscene, head forward, go up the steps, continue walking, head up the second set of steps and then walk towards the large, brown door and press PlayStationTriangle. After the cutscene, look to your right for a flashing light, the 8th treasure. After you get it, head back down the nearby stairs, and then before the second set of stairs jump to the small platform straight in front of the steps. Climb the platform and press PlayStationTriangle on the box. Head back to the large doors and enter the new opening. Follow the instructions on the screen to take out theguard. Once you've taken out the guard head to the left. After the cutscene, jump over the rail onto the ground below.

Take cover beside Flynn and follow the instructions on the screen. When you're close to the guard take him out with PlayStationSquare. After taking him out, head to the left and climb the large door. When you've reached the brown rail, move to the left along it and jump to the rail and then jump over it. Run up to the guard on the right and follow the instructions on the screen. When you've taken him out, head forward. After the cutscene, jump over the rail and head to the left. Press PlayStationCircle and move along the rail until you're close to the guard. When you're at the corner, press PlayStationCircle again and go behind the guard and press PlayStationSquare. When he's out, run up the steps and follow the path until it ends. Fall down to the ground below and go behind the guard and take him out. When he's out, head back to where you fell and look for a flashing light, the 9th treasure. When you've grabbed it, head to the left and go to where Flynn is standing.

After the cutscene, climb the large door and then jump to the yellow ledges to your right. Keep following the yellow ledges until you reach the box. Press PlayStationTriangle on it and then fall to the ground and press PlayStationTriangle on the door. If a guard catches you turning on the box, make sure you do it faster next time.

In this room, follow these instructions quickly to quickly get through it. Head to the right and jump over the rail. Hide behind the closest pillar, move to its left side, and then press PlayStationSquare to knock out the guard. Jump over the rail around the fountain and into the water. Get behind the guard, grab the 10th treasure, and then cover against the rail and press PlayStationSquare to knock the guard out. Now follow the rail to the right and you'll see a guard on a higher level than you with his back to you. Climb up to the rail behind him and quickly press PlayStationSquare to take him out. Two guards will appear ahead; climb over the rail and take one of them out, Flynn will take ou the other. After this, head up the steps and to the right and press up on the directional buttons. Climb onto the little garden-like thing and then jump to the roof and pull yourself up. Follow Flynn to the window and climb up it. Head to the left and move across the ledges. Jump to the top ledge, head to the open window, and then you're hanging on top of it, drop and climb into it and then fall into the next room. Head forward and a cutscene will begin.

After the cutscene, quickly shoot at the guy on the left and Flynn will shoot at the guy on the right. Make sure you don't miss or else you'll get caught. Pull yourself up over the ledge and take cover behind the boxes to the far left. Shoot at the guy up top in front of you and Flynn will shoot at the guy up top to your right. Now look for the cart and press PlayStationCircle on it. Flynn will help you push it. When you are done, climb up it and then jump up to the platform and pull yourself up. When Flynn is up, press up on the directional button. Flynn will throw a rope up; climb it. When you can't climb it anymore, move the left analog stick to the right and you'll be on a ledge. Head to the right and a guard will open the doors below. Look down and fire at him to save Flynn. When you're done, drop down to the next ledge and move across the other ledges. When you can't move anymore, jump over the gap to the next ledge and then follow it to a platform where you will have you pull yourself up.

Walk along the narrow beam, fall off to its side and move to the left past the large block of wood. Pull yourself up and jump to the next narrow beam, fall off to its side and move past the large block of wood. Climb up when you're past it and jump up to the beams above you. At the far end, you'll see a flashing light, the 11th treasure. After you have it, head back down to the narrow beam and then jump to the area where the steps are. Head up the steps an exit out of this room through the open window in front of Flynn. Follow the path and you'll eventually see a section of the ledge with a broken fence. Jump over it and jump across the gap to the roof. Head to the left and move along the circular structure. When you're around it, walk along the roof and jump across to the roof across from you.

After Flynn helps you up, head to the right and climb over the gray rails, and then fall down to the roof below. When Flynn throws the rope up, jump onto it and quickly jump to the yellow ledge. Climb up the fence in front of the fans and move to the next yellow ledge. Jump up to the next ledge and then jump to the ledge of the roof. When the guard is close to you, press PlayStationSquare to pull him down. Don't pull up as of yet, instead drop down and go around to the other side of the building. Drop down once you get over the drain pipe that sticks out to retrieve the 12th treasure. Go back around to where the rope was. Pull yourself up and head to the farthest unit that has a light attached to it. Climb up it and you'll see a yellow ladder. Jump to the ladder and climb up it. When you're at the top of it, head to the right and move along the beams. When you're at the end follow the instructions on the screen to take out the guard, and then jump to where he is. Head down the path and jump over the section of the ledge without the rails. Head to the right and follow this roof until it ends. Turn to the left and you'll see a flashing light on the tower behind the yellow tarp, the 13th treasure; shoot at it and it will fall. Jump across to the roof in front of you and you'll fall right on top of it. Pick it up and then move along the roof and jump to the roof above you. Climb up onto it and then jump to the right to the next roof. Head to the left where Flynn is. Shoot the guard or climb over the rail and punch him. When you're done with him, head to the right and a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene follow Flynn to the yellow window. When he opens them, walk up to him and a another cutscene will begin.

After the cutscene, turn around and look at the gate that has guards behind it. If you look to the left of the gate, you should see a tiger's face, and beneath it is a flashing light, the 14th treasure. Grab it and then turn around and head into the opening across from the closed gate. Walk down this area avoiding the lasers by continually pressing PlayStationCircle. When you come around the corner you'll see an opening to your right, jump into it and you'll be on a set of stairs. Go down the stairs and you'll see a window, jump up to it and go through it and then fall to the ground. Head towards the far manhole that's opened a bit and press PlayStationTriangle on it. Now keep heading straight until you reach another room. In this room, keep moving forward, but stay along the left wall. Jump over the two pipes and after jumping over the second pipe you'll be right on top of the 15th treasure. Pick it up and head to the right into the opening. You'll see a ladder ahead of you, climb up the platforms and then jump to the ladder. Climb the ladder to the manhole and press PlayStationTriangle.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The scattered newspapers on the ground list the level's designer, background artist, and QA tester as wanted felon.
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