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Nate Brutal Combo

Nate using the Brutal Combo in the final fight against Atoq Navarro.

The Brutal Combo is a powerful melee attack featured in Drake's Fortune. The Brutal Combo is started by pressing Square when you are close enough to an enemy. After the first punch has landed, press Triangle to continue the combo. After the second blow has landed, press Square again to finish the combo. Enemies killed with a Brutal Combo will drop more ammo. A Brutal Combo can't kill the Descendants. Drake uses a Brutal Combo to finish off Atoq Navarro at the end of Showdown.

Trophy data
Brutal Brawler
Kill five enemies with a brutal combo. Bronze
Brutal Slugger
Kill twenty enemies with a brutal combo. Silver
Brutal Expert
Kill five enemies in a row with a brutal combo. Silver

Killing five enemies with a brutal combo will unlock the medal, worth 10 points, and bronze trophy Brutal Brawler. Killing twenty will unlock a silver trophy and medal worth 30 points, called Brutal Slugger. Lastly the silver trophy Brutal Expert, worth 40 medal points, is unlocked upon killing five enemies in a row with the brutal combo. The easiest point for this challenge is at the start of the game, during the Ambushed, due to the relative weakness of the enemies fought.

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