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The bunker is a location featured in Drake's Fortune, located on the north end of the hidden island. It is first visited at the end of the chapter "The Heart of the Vault", and explored in "The Bunker" and "Unwelcome Guests" chapters. It was originally constructed by the Nazis, who used it as a forward base for their submarines.


Nate and Elena looking at a map of the monastery.

Nate and Elena first discovered the bunker after fleeing from a pack of descendants, while escaping the treasure vault. They found a dilapidated Nazi U-boat in a dock, linking it to the one Nate and Sully encountered in the Amazon rainforest. While looking for a way out, they realized the power was out, thus forcing Nate to abandon Elena while he went to search for the generator room. The bunker was filled with packs of descendants that attacked Nate as he worked to restore power.

Nate with the projector, showing footage of a cursed Nazi.

Nate soon realized that it must have been the descendants who wiped out the Nazis. He soon found out, through projector footage and a letter from Sir Francis, that the statue was cursed and that the Spaniards had unleashed hell.

As he ventured his way out of the bunker and back to the submarine dock, he found that Elena has been captured by Roman and Navarro, shortly before he was faced with an onslaught of mercenaries and descendants, which he had to fight through on his way out.



The bunker's true size is unknown, with only one dock actually visited, and only a small area of the tunnel system being accessible. The bunker has, with the death of the Nazis, largely fallen into disrepair, with many sections of the tunnel system entirely collapsed. Rubble, debris, and trash litter the floor, and many small and massive pipes line the walls, now largely rusted. Descendants appeared to prefer using the pipes to move around. Thick metal doors are used to seal the numerous rooms and chambers, and seem to be automatically operated, with several closing or opening on their own once the power is turned on.

Submarine dock[]

The control room.

The dock is first entered through a natural tunnel connecting the heart of the treasure vault, with a small derelict control room. It contains numerous Nazi technology and equipment lined along the walls, with glass windows allowing view over the dock. On the other side of the dock, is another identical control room. The two used to have a direct line of communication through microphones, but one of them broke down. The first control room also has an elevator, leading to the dock's lower level, and the surface.

The docks.

The dock itself is tall and long, but not very wide, with the two control rooms situated near the ceiling in the center. There is a single submarine in the water at the bottom, but whatever supported it has partially collapsed. On either side of the submarine are two walkways, which connect at the back. The front of the dock is entirely open, and has a clear view of the western horizon. The walkway on the south side of the dock is largely empty except for a ladder that leads to the surface, emerging at a radio tower. The walkway on the north side has a staircase connecting to the second control room. The back of the dock features a large collection of massive crates, some of which are stacked on-top of one another.

Tunnels and generator room[]

The generator room.

The second control room connects to the inner tunnel system, with a side passage leading to a small platform at the dock, high up near the entrance. The first room's purpose was unknown, but did contain a film recorder. The only accessible passage leads to a long hallway, with several closed doors visible. It splits off into left and right, with right leading to one dead end, and left to two. An additional side passage on the left path's left side leads to the generator room.

The generator room is large, featuring five massive, green generators near the back. When turned on, a door opened on the right wall, which lead to a small passage with a lever for the electrical systems. An identical passage and switch was situated behind the other wall.


The bunker location was later adapted into an Among Thieves multiplayer map called The Facility, which was available as part of the Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack. It reappeared again as the multiplayer map Facility in Drake's Deception.