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C4 is a variant of the Grenade in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


The C4 is basically a timer-less version of the grenade, requiring players to press down on the D-Pad to detonate the explosive after it's thrown. This makes it slightly more versatile than the grenade, as it can also be used to create ambushes. However, any placed C4s will automatically detonate if the player who placed them is K.Od.

It's unlocked by using any other thrown equipment X times.

The C4 takes up 3 Loadout points.

In-game upgrades Cost Recharge Time Detonation time Other effects
Default None
$300 Can be detonated while downed

Pros and consEdit


  • At 2 Loadpout points, it is the cheapest explosive available.
  • It's more versatile than the grenade, and can be planted on walls unlike the Mine.
  • It's recharge time is shorter than of the other explosives.


  • It takes time to arm itself, during which the opponent might flee.
  • It explodes upon K.O. However, this can be used against the opponent.


  • During a firefight, if you know you'll be downed/K.Od, throw a C4 near you/near an enemy depending on range. Due to the automatic detonation upon K.O, it might take out the enemy depending on how they will finish you.