Cargo Plane

The plane in mid-flight

The Cargo Plane is a vehicle that appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It is marked with the serial number CPCC-56391. The crash-site is shown in the foreground of the front cover of the game.

Singleplayer Edit

The plane plays a large role in the game. The plane is first seen flying over Yemen in Historical Research. It is used by Marlowes agents to airdrop supplies to a convoy on its way to Ubar. Its cargo includes two Trucks, Jeeps and numerous containers and supply crates. In One Shot at This, Nathan Drake, assisted by Elena Fisher, sneaks his way through an airfield in order to board the plane to rescue Victor Sullivan, who was being held captive in the convoy. Nate eventually makes it onto the plane after jumping from a jeep onto the plane's landing gear. Once the plane is in the air, Nate crawls through the ventelation shafts, but is detected by one of Marlowe's agents.

The agent throttles Nate and opens the cargo door to toss him out, however Nate breaks free and they have a brief fistfight on the cargo ramp. Climbing back up to the cargo hold, Nate releases one of the supply crates which knocks the agent off the plane. However, that crate is tethered to the other cargo palates and drags them out as well, and Nate falls out too, but he climbs the netting and makes his way back into the plane while dodging gunfire from other agents at the top of the cargo ramp. Meanwhile, the cargo release has over strained the motorized winches in the cargo hold causing sparks and a fire to break out.


Nate in a freefall as the plane tears apart and crashes

As Nate enters the plane, the cargo bay ramp is closed to prevent any more cargo from being jettisoned. Nate engages in a gun battle with the other agents in the cargo hold while the fire spreads. Eventually, a massive decompression causes the side of the plane to rip open, and excessive strain on the engines cause it to bank dangerously before plummeting, breaking apart as it falls. However, Drake, manages to cling to a supply crate and deploy the parachute, landing safely[1]

The plane is also shown in the trailer.

Multiplayer Edit

Cargo Plane inside

The cargo plane's interior as seen in the opening section of the Airstrip map

The plane also appears in multiplayer. During the first section of the map Airstrip, players fight in and around the plane using moving trucks. At the end of the section, the plane takes off and flies away.

If a player looks out to the desert whilst playing on Desert Village, they will be able to see the crash site. This, like many other things in multiplayer, is not canon, as in singleplayer the crashsite and the settlement are very far apart.


Trivia Edit

  • The plane appears to be based on the Soviet Antonov An-22. This explains the CCCP mark on the left wing.

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