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Cartagena de Indias is a location in Drake's Deception, appearing in Greatness from Small Beginnings, Second-Story Work, and Atlantis of the Sands.


As a teenager, Nathan Drake came here to steal Sir Francis Drake's ring from the Museo Marítimo. While there, he met Victor Sullivan and Katherine Marlowe, who were also after the ring.

Nate noticed Victor trying to steal the ring himself, and figures him as an easy mark. He follows him to a locksmith and manages to snag his wallet that contained the ring's exhibit key. He is caught, but he manages to sneak the ring out.

Later that evening, Nate sneaks into the museum and manages the get the ring while also noticing a cipher disk, which is used to decipher Enochian script. Unfortunately, he is discovered by Victor and Marlowe. They succeed in taking the disk, but Nate is able to hide the ring. Marlowe slaps Nate, which causes Victor to deviate from her due to her sheer brutality to a young boy. Nate runs away as Marlowe's men attempt to catch him. Victor betrays Marlowe and assists Nate in escaping by taking out some pursuing men. Eventually, Nate makes it to a rooftop, where he throws a man off of the roof, marking this as his first kill. He is trapped and is forced to aim the dead henchman's .45 Defender at a henchman who has him cornered. Nate falls down and hesitates in shooting him. The henchman tells Nate to close his eyes as he prepares to execute the boy. As Nate accepts his fate, a gunshot rings out, but it does not come from any the handguns of either Nate or the henchman, but rather Victor, who shoots the henchman with his Wes - 44. Nate remains on the ground, gun remaining in hand as Nate shakes in fear. Victor helps him up and discards his gun. The two then hide out in a tavern, where the two introduce each other and Nate tells Victor about Sir Francis Drake and his journey to Arabia and how his journey lasted a very long time, longer than how Francis Drake sails, who was a skilled sailor and would have only taken him a month and that he was hiding something. They realize the cipher disk may help them in their journeys, but Marlowe has it. But Nate has the ring, so this begins a stalemate that lasts for 20 years, and a partnership between Nate and Victor.

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