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Cave is the revamped map of The Ice Cave from Among Thieves multiplayer. It comes with the Flashback Map Pack DLC.

Map Description[]

Cave's map layout is very similar to its Uncharted 2 counterpart. However, the icy environment and snowy scenery has been melted away and now decorated with green vegetation and life.

It can also be noted that the two small tunnels above the sides of the villains' spawn can be accessed from both sides now.

Weapon Locations[]

  • M32-Hammer - Located underground behind a waist-high cover near the central torches.
  • Riot Shield (x2) - Laying on the ground in either corridor adjacent to the wall that splits the map in half.
  • T-Bolt Sniper - Located on top of the small tower to the left of the heroes' spawn.
  • SAS - 12 - Outside a square building adjacent to two curving stairways.
  • Pistole - At the center of the two pathways joining the heroes and villains spawn.
  • Mag 5 - Located on a piece of cover on the right of the villains spawn.


  • This map is not playable in any Co-op gametype.