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Oh, I don't think I'm getting my security deposit back.
— Elena Fisher

"Ambushed" is the first chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


Treasure hunter, Nathan Drake, and TV show host, Elena Fisher are on a boat off the coast of Panama, having just found and recovered the coffin of legendary explorer, Sir Francis Drake, Nate's apparent ancestor who was buried at sea over 400 years ago.

Opening coffin

Elena records the opening of Francis Drake's coffin.

Elena films Nate as he opens the coffin, only to discover that it is empty, except there is a small metal box containing Sir Francis' diary. Although Elena is eager to continue filming, Nate covers up the lens with his hand, saying that she already got her story. As they begin to argue, Nate spots some pirate boats approaching them and breaks away to radio his mentor and partner, Victor "Sully" Sullivan, asking him to hurry along to pick them up. As Elena spots the pirate boats closing in, she suggests they call the authorities, but Nate reveals that they don't have a permit to be in those waters. Therefore, he insists they deal with the enemies themselves.

Boat explosion

Nate and Elena's boat explodes.

Nate arms himself and hands a gun to Elena just before the pirates arrive at their salvage vessel, and moments later, the pirates begin climbing aboard. Eventually, a pirate boat armed with a rocket launcher swims by and fires at the vessel, causing it to burst into flames. Fortunately, Sully comes to their aid, circling around in his seaplane. Seeing that their ship is about to explode, Nate and Elena jumps overboard and swim to the seaplane, where they are rescued by Sully.

Sully kindly introduces himself to Elena, with a small kiss on her hand. Nate insists they fly out of here before they attract anymore attention. As they fly back to the mainland, Nate shows Sully the diary of Sir Francis, theorizing that Sir Francis faked his death like he thought, and that he must have been on to something big. Sully insists they keep the information between them. Elena, returns Nate his gun and demands a look at the diary when they land.

Sully to the rescue

Elena and Nate get on Sully's plane.

Back on the mainland, Nate and Sully are aboard another boat at the pier, while Elena is outside talking to her producer about the events that occurred back in the ocean. Nate shows Sully the diary and explains to him that Sir Francis must have hidden this final treasure to keep it from getting out when he returned to England. He then shows him a page that reads, "El Dorado," which is believed to be a fabled lost city of gold. Now interested, Sully asks if there is anything else noted in the book, but unfortunately, the last page has been torn out. Despite this, the two are still eager to go after the treasure. However, Sully figures it would be best if Elena does not tag along with them, fearing that her recorded story will attract unwanted attention. Despite Nate's assertions that she could hold her own, Sully doesn't want to risk any competition while going after the treasure.

Meanwhile, Elena is still on the phone with her producer, requesting to have a camera crew present. Shortly after, Nate and Sully sail off, leaving Elena behind on the dock. She then turns around and runs after them, but is too late and walks back in disappointment.


Pirate Fight

Pirates begin attacking the boat.

The first enemies you encounter are two pirates wielding PM-9mm pistols. They will swerve in on a boat and start shooting. If you wait for the pirate at the top of the boat to climb down towards his partner, you can shoot the barrels on their boat to blow them both up. Alternatively, you can shoot them both to death. Two more pirates will then swerve in on a second boat. You can deal with them the same way as the first two by shooting the barrels when they are both close to them. Again, both pirates can simply be shot down.

Following that, as the boats approach, the pirates will jump off and swim toward your boat. They cannot be shot during this time. After a few seconds, they will begin climbing aboard, and at this point, melee attacks are introduced. The game will prompt you to use the Fast and Furious Combo, although you are free to deal with the pirates any way you prefer. After this, a couple more pirates will climb aboard. This time, the game will prompt you to use a timed Brutal Combo, which, when done properly, will increase the amount of ammunition enemies drop upon defeat.

Brutal force

Nate using brutal force against a pirate.

Next, you will be attacked by four pirates who will climb aboard from different ends of the ship. This time, the game offers no prompts, and you are free to kill them through any means necessary. After all pirates are dead, a gunboat will swerve in, carrying a mounted turret and a rocket launcher. Do not get behind the cranes as they will get blown off by the rocket launcher. Instead, take cover behind the crates until Sully arrives in his seaplane. During this part, you'll get a prompt the press the L2 button, which will point to Sully flying around in his seaplane, but still be mindful of the gunboat. It will circle around the ship, firing continuously, so you must make sure that while taking cover behind the crates, you move into certain positions to avoid taking damage from the barrage of bullets.

Trophy opportunitiesEdit

Trophy How to obtain
Brutal Brawler Kill five pirates (of the ones that climb aboard) using Brutal Combos.
Brutal Expert Kill five pirates (of the ones that climb aboard) in a row using Brutal Combos.
Headshot Expert Kill five pirates in a row by shooting them in the head. You'll know if it's a headshot because they'll die instantly. While this may seem hard at first, it shouldn't be too much trouble on Easy difficulty, as you're unlikely to die, so long as you don't go so close that they start punching you.
10 Headshots Kill ten pirates by shooting them in the head. Like explained above, you'll know if it's a headshot if it causes instant death. While this may seem hard at first, it's more easier to accomplish on Easy difficulty, as dying is unlikely, so long as you're not too close to them.
Steel Fist Kill five pirates (of the ones that climb aboard) by first running up to them and shooting them once from the hip with your PM-9mm pistol, and then finishing them off with a single punch.
Steel Fist Expert Just like for the previous trophy, you must kill five pirates (of the ones that climb aboard), but for this trophy, you must kill all five pirates consecutively. Like above, you do it by first running up to them and shooting them once from the hip, and then finishing them off with a single punch.

First appearancesEdit


  • Both Nate and Elena can be seen wearing "Ottsel" branded wetsuits in this chapter. This is a reference to Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter series, in which the character, Daxter is transformed into a half-otter/half-weasel hybrid called an Ottsel.
  • It is revealed in Uncharted: Eye of Indra that Nate got Elena and the producers of her show to pay for the expedition, without telling them that he didn't have a permit to do so.
  • If the player jumps overboard into the sea, a pirate will come up out of the water, grab Nate and pull him under. This is counted as a death and will restart the game from the last checkpoint.
  • Elena's line, "Oh - I don't think I'm getting my security deposit back.", will only trigger if the opening cutscene is watched entirely.
  • Nate makes a reference to being in a Panamanian prison, which would later be explored in the form of a flashback (approximately six years prior), in the second chapter of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.
  • In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, the chapter's events are shared by Nate and Elena with their daughter Cassie Drake during the Epilogue.



Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 1 - Ambushed

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 1 - Ambushed