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The Fortress
The Fortress




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"Oh, you have got to be kidding me."
— Nate, when he approaches the fort.

"The Fortress" is the fifth chapter of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


As Nate treks through the island, he stumbles across a large old fortress. He begins scaling the outer walls of the fortress before breaking in through one of its windows. He finds himself inside the fortress walls, but outside the building itself, stuck in its many outer courtyards. He fights through waves and waves of Eddy Raja's pirates as he searches for Elena, and makes his way toward a small ruined tower that her parachute is hanging off of.

UDF Nate in the Tower PS4

Nate spots a large closed gate.

Upon arriving, he finds the parachute harness empty. He climbs up to a hole and zip-lines down to into a small watch tower. He spots Elena filming out through one of the upper windows, and down below is a closed gate. Using a foreign language, he speaks through a microphone to the gatekeeper. The guard suddenly notices Nate and opens the gate to call for backup. After taking down these guys, Nate proceeds on into the fortress, looking for a way up to Elena. He enters the flooded chambers beneath the fortress and pushes his way forward, again fighting through large groups of pirates.


Climbing the walls

Upon reaching the fortress, be prepared for some skillful climbing. There are several small ledges and a couple of vines along the wall of the fortress. When swinging on the vines, make sure you build up enough momentum before swinging your way further. You will come across a vine, which will take you up to a window. Once inside the building, head right into the hallway, and climb out the first window to your right. You will need to bound your way around the wall again until you get to another vine. Climb up the vine, then press PlayStationTriangle and Nate will grip the vine and bust through the closed window.

Major battle: Large courtyard

Once you are back inside, you can head over to a nearby crate to pick up a Micro-9mm and a few grenades. Head through the hall to the right, turn left to enter an area with some enemies. Take out the first few guys, then head up the stairs leading to the top of the fortress wall. Turn right, and take out the guys on the wall, at the end of the the wall, carefully jump down into the yard below. Head up the stairs and you will approach another yard with enemies. There are several dynamite barrels in the field. Use them to your advantage when clearing out these enemies. Watch out for the guy on the turret! You can toss a grenade towards him if possible. After all enemies are down, you must now search for the tower Elena's parachute is in. Climb the stairs to get back on top of the fortress wall. Head to the tower, climb the stairs within it, and press PlayStationTriangle to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you will be fighting another wave of enemies. On the table is a Wes-44 if you want to use it. Take out the enemies, then head through the gate, leading you into a large flooded hall. At the end is machine gun. You will need to enter the room on the right and grab a M79 to take the turret out. Once that's done, head down there, climb up, then jump down into the flooded chamber on the left. You will then be attacked by more enemies. After you take them out, climb onto the narrow platform closest to the one with the door.

Major battle: Blue room

Open up the door, then you will enter another flooded room. To reach the high path, you will need to raise the water level in this room. First, head to the left, climb up the ledges along the wall to make your way to a winch. Activate it to raise the water. Then head to the other one on the opposite side of the room and do the same thing. Once the water is high enough, you can climb the two ledges to reach the path leading to the next chapter.


Number Treasure Location
1 Strange Relic This one can be found in the area where you first encounter pirates in this chapter. After defeating the pirates, go to the wall with the windows directly in front of the door you came in. Now go in between the windows and climb up the bricks until you get to the top. Go all the way to the left and jump to the roof. The "relic" is in the far left corner.
2 Silver Jaguar After getting the Strange Relic, run toward the large pile of rubble and stone as shown in the picture. Find your way over this pile of rock, and head toward the last watchtower (the structures that look out to the ocean). The treasure will be inside there.
3 Gold Mosaic Inca Earring This treasure is between a large pile of rubble and an arch-shaped iron gate. You can see where it is if you stand where the Strange Relic is. After getting the last treasure, head down to the section where this treasure is (the section before the machine gunner). You'll have to kill two pirates here. Climb over the pile of rubble shown and grab the earring.
4 Golden Spoon This one is very easy to miss. After killing the machine gunner, head up the waterway and go into the room to the right with the torches. There is one pirate here guarding the area. The spoon is behind the ammo boxes to the right of the table. Walk on top of the box in the corner and pick up the spoon.




Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 5 - The Fortress

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune - Walktrough - Chapter 5 - The Fortress