Creepy Crawler Kickback

The Creepy Crawler logo.

Creepy Crawler is a medal kickback available in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, unlocked at level 60 or unlocked by the pre-order bonus code.


When activated, it allows the player to transform into a large swarm of spider-like creatures for a limited time, that can overwhelm any enemy or teammate they touch. Any teammate or enemy that is affected by the swarm will have the spiders crawl over their skin, eventually killing the player. If someone shoots an explosive weapon or throws a grenade near the spiders, it will kill them and warp you back to an area which was close to where you activated the kickback, and this ends the kickback. In the Summer Beta, if you kill someone who is using Creepy Crawler, then you will get the medal "Down Came the Rain," which awards you $500.

Survival methodsEdit

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception™ 4

The Creepy Crawler kickback being used.

If an enemy or teammate jumps away fast enough, they can avoid death. They will move at the same speed as a sprinting player, but cannot climb, making them somewhat easy to avoid. It costs 12 medals. Even with the large amount of medals required to use the kickback, it has been proven possible to use it twice in a Deathmatch or Team Objective game. When running away from the spiders, the player operating them can make them change direction. Therefore, it is advisable for the player running away from the spiders to find higher ground, or to sprint for as long as possible as the kickback only lasts a limited amount of time.


  • When Uncharted 3 came out, Creepy Crawler cost 14 medals, but Naughty Dog changed it to 12 medals in the two-year anniversary of the game.
  • The medal "Down Came the Rain" is not in the full game.
  • The spiders can actually climb walls as seen in the single-player campaign, but for some reason, they don't in multiplayer.