The Cuiqawa are an ecuadorian tribe that appear in the first chapter of Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth.


An Incan myth tells of the Dawn Tavern, the story of Pacariqtambo (the place of origin), a cave from which the first people emerged. One of these people was Ayar Manco, who carried a golden staff which would indicate where his people were to build their city, which supposedly grew into Cuzco. Three years before Nathan Drake's raid on Valdez's compound, ruins were found in the El Oriente which dated back to this time. A local tribe, the Cuiqawa, claimed that this was in fact Pacariqtambo, and that their village had been founded by Manco after he was betrayed by his friends and siblings.

Chapter 1Edit

The tribe hire Nate to steal the staff back from Ramon Valdez. Nate makes it out with the staff, and Alex Munoz, but is trapped by Valdez's men. The Cuiqawa show up, and the men flee.