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The descendants are a species of former humans living on the hidden island in Drake's Fortune. As their name implies they are the descendants of the Spanish colonists who took the treasure of El Dorado from the Amazon. They served a major role in the later chapters, with signs and sightings appearing throughout the game.


Prior to Drake's FortuneEdit

At some point, approximately four hundred years prior to the events of Drake's Fortune, Spanish colonists uncovered ancient temple ruins in the Amazon, as well as a giant gold sarcophagus. They dubbed it El Dorado and took it to their newly colonized island. There, the Spanish colonists opened the El Dorado sarcophagus and were subsequently wiped out by their turned countrymen. The survivors, which must have been numerous, had at the time infested the Drowned City, but were forced out after Sir Francis Drake bombed the customs house, causing the city to flood. He also sank his own ships as he believed the descendants might have used them to leave the island. After his men were eventually all slain he also perished, albeit in front of the heart of the Spanish' treasure vault, in front of El Dorado.

Last Testament 1

A Nazi soldier chained to El Dorado.

Since then, about 340 years passed and the descendants proceeded to breed and grow in numbers, seemingly establishing a new home underneath the Spanish monastery, and the treasure vault. Around the 1940s they seemingly left the Nazis construct a complete bunker with a dock for their U-Boats, who also found and took El Dorado from the vault and moved it to a different cavern, underneath the church. The Nazis discovered the truth about the contents themselves, as shown on recorded footage, in which a Nazi soldier was tied up and acting enraged. However, at some point the descendants wiped out the nazis en masse, removing most of their corpses from the bunker, but leaving their MP40s scattered around.

Drake's FortuneEdit

Hidden island 2

A triggered spike trap.

The first sign of the descendants appeared in "A Surprising Find", when Nate notices the Nazi U-Boat's captain was "ripped to shreds", indicating the could have been mauled by an escaped descendant they were transporting to the Amazon. In the following chapter, "Plane-wrecked," Nate is able to spot numerous simplistic markers placed right at the jungle line in clear areas, as well as hanging from a cliff in front of a short tunnel near a ruined bridge. He also encounters numerous wooden spike traps, which are repeatedly triggered by the hapless pirates he runs into.

Who Made This?

Nate and Elena encountered an dead pirate.

In "Unlocking the Past" Eddy Raja reveals his men couldn't go outside alone as something was picking them off, although Nate shrugs this off. It is not until "Sanctuary?" that Nate and Elena find another spike trap, this time with an impaled pirate on it. They deduce some third party must have built them after they noticed it used scrap metal from their plane, the Hog Wild. Nate also spots a two-toed footprint in the mud and decides to quickly leave the area. Eddy again hints at something else killing his men in "Going Underground", but is dismissed by Roman and Navarro.

They again witness many more markers in the monastery area, especially in the church. Later on in the treasure vault, during the namesake chapter "The Treasure Vault", he twice spots something watching him in the distance that immediately flees once it notices it has been seen. Strange noises and howls were also faintly possible to be heard in the distance. In the next chapter, "The Heart of the Vault", after Eddy Raja and his pirate crew stormed the vault, they got subsequently wiped out entirely by the descendants. Nate witnessed a scared Eddy and another pirate accidentally stumble upon his location, fleeing as they left the dying screams from the pirates behind them.

Don't Mess With Eddy Raja

A descendant grabbing Eddy.

At this point, the first descendant appears in full view, who grabs the other pirate, and drags him into a pit. They proceed to repeatedly try and kill Nate and Eddy, eventually succeeding at the latter, and then proceed to chase Nate and Elena into the bunker. Inside the bunker, in another namesake chapter "The Bunker", more descendants appear, especially after Nate restores the power, which triggers an entire flood of them. He fights and kills dozens of them during "Unwelcome Guests", with the descendants also fighting and killing many of Atoq Navarro's mercenaries.

El Goddamn Dorado 3

Roman mutated into a descendant.

During "Gold and Bones", Navarro tricks Roman into opening the sarcophagus of El Dorado, which causes him to turn, gaining black eyes, and charge at Navarro in a mad rage, who then promptly shot him. Shortly after, the descendants themselves appear while Navarro's men airlift the sarcophagus out of the cave, killing the remaining mercenaries due to their numbers. They were not seen again as Nate left the island on the airlifted treasure.

In Among Thieves Nate made a reference to them in his journal, where he wrote about them as "slippery naked people" for his 'scare-o-meter'.


Unwelcome Guests gameplay 3

Nate attacked by a descendant up close.

People turned by whatever lays inside El Dorado gain black eyes and will attack anything in a mad rage, however, they still had the capacity and instinct to breed, as is shown in their descendants, who lost many of their typically human features. They crawl on all four, moving with ape-like agility, and can use their clawed hands and feet to scale walls with relative ease. They retain the pitch-black eyes but have lost part of their noise, body hair, also gaining large hands with elongated fingers. They have either pale white or slightly more tanned skin and did not appear to be capable of speech, only producing feral growls, screeches, and roars. They only wear loincloths and some sort of leather straps fitted close to their body.

In combat, they resorted to either swiping with their massive claws or attempting to jump onto their victim and bite them in the neck or snap it, although Nate could shake them off in case of the latter. They were not seemingly aware of guns, proceeding to charge their targets with reckless abandon no matter what. Despite this, some also appeared to possess enough intelligence to stalk their prey and even built traps. Their apparent intelligence becomes more clear when taking into account their numerous markers, serving possibly only as a way to claim a territory.

Hidden island 1

One of the notable markers that Nate encountered.

Said markers were typically constructed out of branches and twine, with skulls on-top. Other variants include the hanging of ropes from tall objects, with a few random objects being hung up in knots on the ropes. In "Gold and Bones" it is possible to spot several markers with objects from the pirates, such as jerrycans. El Dorado's main chamber was also filled with them, spanning most of the walls, even including a pair of jeep bodies hanging on ropes from the ceiling, seemingly taken from the pirates' vehicle wreckages left behind after "Out of the Frying Pan".

Behind the scenesEdit

After patch 1.13 in Drake's Deception, a descendant mask was available for Custom Hero and Custom Villain by completing the Decorative Pendants treasure set in Team Deathmatch.

In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Drake's level 3 Super Move turns the opponents into descendants.

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