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The Desert - 5[a] is a heavy semi-automatic pistol that is commonly featured in the Uncharted series. The Desert - 5 is more powerful than the Wes - 44 revolver due to its larger caliber. It is overall the best magnum pistol, as it has one extra round per magazine, two extra rounds total can be carried, and it has slightly better accuracy. The only disadvantage to the Desert - 5 is that it has a slightly slower rate of fire and higher recoil than a normal pistol.

Eddy Raja also used a Desert - 5, called "Eddy's Golden Gun", essentially a gold-plated variant, with a crimson dragon on a white ceramic plate on the grip. It is available to Nate as a powerful cheat weapon in the rewards menu in Drake's Fortune, and the rewards menu in Among Thieves. In the former is required 900 medal points, in the latter it costs $20,000, although in the The Nathan Drake Collection it requires Brutal difficulty to be completed for both to unlock.

The Desert - 5 is based on the Mark XIX variant of the Desert Eagle. It is incorrectly shown with very tall cocking serrations. The "5" may refer to it being the .50 Action Express version of the Desert Eagle, which would also be correct on magazine capacity.


Eye of Indra[]

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The gun also makes an appearance in the Eye of Indra motion comic series. Eddy aims his gold Desert - 5 at Drake when he finds out he slept with his sister, Rika Raja, and he also uses the weapon to shoot Daniel Pinkerton's henchmen that guard his mansion while he and Drake try to steal one of the Indra artifacts. Eddy's gun is used to kill Pinkerton by Rika at the end of the motion comic series, who then takes it with her.

Drake's Fortune[]

Nate facing a mercenary sniper.

The Desert - 5 is the primary weapon used by the sniper mercenaries in Drake's Fortune. First encountered on "Sanctuary?", the Desert - 5 wielded by these enemies sports a laser sight, with which they will make an fatal headshot if given too long too aim without interruptions. If Nate kills a sniper and uses their pistol he lacks the laser sight, but retains the powerful bullets. The Desert - 5 is only available in three other chapters, namely "Going Underground", "On the Trail of the Treasure", and "Race to the Rescue", as the snipers encountered in "Unwelcome Guests" drop their weapon out of reach upon death.

Eddy Raja was also seen waving his gold Desert - 5 around in multiple scenes, and is seen shooting it at Nate during his prison escape at the end of "Unlocking the Past", and again while defending against the attacking descendants in "The Heart of the Vault".

The Lost Legacy[]

The Desert - 5 returned in The Lost Legacy, replacing the Barok .44 from A Thief's End as the game's heavy pistol sidearm. It has very few changes from the Uncharted 4 version, but now has only 8 rounds in its magazine.


A Thief's End[]

The Desert - 5 was a DLC Weapon added to A Thief's End's multiplayer. It was released alongside the Survival gamemode update. The weapon can be dropped through a DLC Gameplay Chest or be purchased for 250 Uncharted Points. As the Desert - 5 is a heavy weapon, it cannot be modified.

Medals and trophies[]

Trophy data
20 Kills: Desert - 5
Kill 20 enemies with the Desert - 5. Bronze
30 Kills: Desert - 5
Kill 30 enemies with the Desert - 5. Bronze
30 Kills: Desert - 5
Kill 30 enemies with the Desert - 5. Bronze

Scoring 20 kills with the Desert - 5 will unlock the medal, worth 10 points, and bronze trophy "20 Kills: Desert - 5" in Drake's Fortune. Scoring 30 kills with the Desert - 5 will unlock the medal, worth $10,000, and bronze trophy "30 Kills: Desert - 5" in Among Thieves and Among Thieves Remastered. Golden Abyss also features an identical bronze trophy.


  1. Referred to as Desert 5 in The Lost Legacy.