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This is the full verbal transcript for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Lines may not be copied verbatim from in-game subtitles, as they can be often erroneous. Instead, they are transcribed according to the rules of standard American English.

Another Round[]

Nathan: “All men dream… but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity… But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. This I did.” -T.E. Lawrence “Lawrence of Arabia”

Thug: Hands up.

Nathan: Enjoying yourself, pal?

Thug: Oh, yeah, you're a comedian.

Sully: Nice warm welcome.

Thug: They're both clean.

Boss: My apologies. One can't be too careful.

Sully: I'm guessing you're Talbot.

Talbot: Mr. Sullivan. And Mr. Drake.

Nathan: That's right.

Talbot: Do you have it?

Sully: Let's see the money first.

Talbot: Cutter. It's all there. Now let's see it. I'll need to authenticate it. Silver. 16th century Elizabethan design… Inscribed with Sir Francis Drake's motto… Well, it appears to be genuine.

Sully: Well, of course it's genuine.

Talbot: If I may ask, how did you two come into this?

Sully: Does it matter?

Talbot: My client will be very pleased.

Nathan: Hold on a minute – Sully, this is fake.

Talbot: I assure you, Mr. Drake.

Sully: Whoa, whoa, you are right. This is phony as a three dollar bill. What the hell are you tryin' to pull here?

Talbot: Perhaps I should be asking you.

Nathan: This is bullshit. The deal's off, pal.

Sully: And you? You can tell your ‘client' you blew it. C'mon, Nate. Let's get the hell outta here.

Talbot: You're not really in a position to negotiate. Now, give me the ring, take the case, and walk out of here like gentlemen. While you still can.

Cutter: Do as the man says, son.

Nathan: You're a thief!

Talbot: Well, now that's ironic.

Cutter: Come on.

Thug: This one's mine!

Sully: Yeah.

Thug 2: Why don't you have a go at me? Come on!

Sully: Oh man.

Nathan: C'mon. No time to rest.

Sully: Come on, let's get outta here. Let's go.

Nathan: Hey there, big fella.

Sully: I got him! All right, quick, hit him.

Big Thug: Nope, bad idea, granddad.

Sully: Damn it!

Nathan: Here, this one's on me.

Sully: This a private party or can I join in?

Nathan: Be my guest. Argh, man… this got outta hand in a hurry.

Sully: Argh, damn it oww… Yeah, thanks.

Nathan: All done.

Nathan: Oh man… That is nasty. Now, just… just gimme a second there, mate. Be right with you. Oh God… okay. Okay, ready for more.

Sully: You hurt?

Nathan: Just my pride. They're gonna need a plunger.

Sully: Come on, let's go, Nate. Here, we can get out the back. How's that for ya. Ready to go, kid?

Nathan: Yeah.

Sully: Let's go.

Cutter: Oops.

Nathan: Aww, crap.

Sully: Ahh… damn it.

Cutter: Come here, come here. Typical bloody Yank, all talk. Hey, ey, ey, ey… He's had enough. Haven't you, mate? Don't. Stay down.

Woman: Hello Victor.

Sully: Kate.

Kate Marlowe: Still wallowing in the gutter with your protege, I see. Not very dignified for a man of your age. Shoulda known you'd be behind this.

Nathan: Oh, careful now - wouldn't want you to melt.

Kate Marlowe: Same cocky little shit. So fearless… I wonder what you're really afraid of… Not bullets, or blood, or broken bones… No, you get off on all this, don't you? Cheating death - or not.

Sully: No…

Kate Marlowe: Mr. Sullivan, I won't harm your precious boy. I merely want what's mine.

Nathan: Gimme that back!

Kate Marlowe: Cutter!

Sully: Oh, no, oh God, no!

Cutter: Shut up!

Kate Marlowe: You fool!

Cutter: Oh, you're bloody welcome, your majesty.

Talbot: Marlowe! We have to get you out of here.

Cutter: Ah, come on - they were a right pair of assholes! What?

CARTAGENA, COLUMBIA Twenty Years Earlier

Greatness from Small Beginnings[]

Young Nate: All right… Here we go… Maybe upstairs. It's gotta be in one of these cases. Wait… here it is.

Young Nate: Sueltame!

Young Nate: Pendejo! Oh, there he is.

Young Nate: I gotta keep up with him. Oh, don't mind if I do. It was rotten anyway. Aw… now where did he go? Now what's he doing?

Young Nate: Aw… damn. It's locked. Looks like he's going upstairs. Hmm… gonna have to find another way up. What's he doing in there? I need to get a better look.

Young Sully: Hey, I don't want to rush you pal, but can you move it along? It's just that I got a lady waiting, you know how that is. Aha… That's the ticket. Gracias. Adios amigo.

Young Nate: Okay… I gotta get that wallet. Crap! Can't go down that way. He's cutting through that building. I bet I can spot him from the roof. Oh… who's your friend? Don't wanna lose him. Damn it. Don't wanna go down there. I gotta find a way to get that wallet. Okay… It's right there in his pocket. Now's my chance.

Young Kate Marlowe: It seems we have some time to kill.

Young Sully: I got an idea. We can while away a few hours.

Young Nate: Sueltame, viejo!

Young Sully: Let's try that again.

Young Nate: Let go of me!

Young Sully: Ahh, that's what I thought. Now don't try to run. You're a long way from home, son.

Young Nate: Don't call me that.

Young Sully: Parents must be worried about you.

Young Nate: Yeah, not likely.

Young Sully: Okay – sore subject. That was a nice lift back there. You're pretty good.

Young Nate: I don't know that you talking about, old man.

Young Sully: Hey, don't call me that. You technique is really sloppy, though. You're telegraphing all your moves.

Young Nate: You're crazy.

Young Sully: Yeah? You've been tailing me all over town. Probably figured me for an easy mark. But you picked the wrong guy, pal. Ah ah.

Young Nate: What?

Young Sully: My wallet. Fine, maybe we'll just call the police.

Young Nate: Go ahead.'Course they might wonder why a middle aged tourist is following young boy.

Young Sully: You are a crafty little beggar, aren't you?

Young Nate: I know how to take care of myself. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you don't like the cops any more than I do.

Young Sully: Good point. Kid. The wallet.

Young Nate: Had to try.

Young Sully: ‘Course you did.

Young Nate: Telegraphing all my moves, huh? Okay, museum's closed.

Second-Story Work[]

Young Nate: There it is. Ah… that was close.

Young Nate: Okay… Whoa.

Young Sully: Damn it, kid…

Kate Marlowe: Why, Victor - look who it is… the filthy little stray that made off with your wallet.

Young Sully: C'mon, son. You haven't got a chance. Just hand it over.

Kate Marlowe: Now - the ring.

Young Nate: What ring?

Kate Marlowe:

Young Sully: Katherine!

Kate Marlowe: Who do you think you are, boy? You're nothing but a filthy, cast off little beggar. You're not fit to touch these objects.

Young Nate: What the hell do you think you're doing? He's just a kid.

Kate Marlowe: Stop him!

Young Nate: Holy crap! Oh God! Let go! Who th hell are these guys? Now they're shooting at me?!

Young Sully: Agh, beat it kid!

Young Nate: Excuse me, coming through! Sorry about that. Whoa! Close one.

Security: Look what we have here.

Security: Whoops. You all right? What are you shaking for? Just close your eyes. This won't hurt a bit.

Young Sully: C'mon. You're okay, kid.

Young Sully: You can relax, kid – we're safe here. Go on. Suit yourself, if you don't want it…

Young Nate: What'd you want from me?

Young Sully: A little gratitude would be nice. I did just save your ass back there.

Young Nate: Thanks. But what's in it for you? l mean, you're a crook, right? You gotta have an angle.

Young Sully: You are one piece of work, kid. What's your story, anyway?

Young Nate: Look, mister, no offense - but I don't even know you.

Young Sully: Easily remedied, Victor Sullivan. This would be the part where you introduce yourself. Okay, suppose you tell me what's so special about that ring.

Young Nate: It belongs in my family. I'm just taking it back.

Young Sully: Passed down from Francis Drake himself.

Young Nate: That's right.

Young Sully: I don't know how to break this to you, kid, but Drake didn't have any heirs. No children.

Young Nate: Well, non with his wife back in England, anyway…

Young Sully: Okay, good point. Let me see it. C'mon, kid - if I was gonna take it from you, I would've done it by now. Thank you. So what is this? ‘Parvis M-'

Young Nate: ‘Sic Parvis Magna' - it means ‘greatness from small beginnings'. That was his motto.

Young Sully: Yeah?

Young Nate: You see, Queen Elizabeth gave it to him in 1581, when he got back to England, after circumnavigating the globe. That's when she made him a knight.

Young Sully: You sure as hell didn't learn that on the streets. How's a kid your age know Latin?

Young Nate: The nuns sort of insisted on it.

Young Sully: Ahh, so like a boarding school?

Young Nate: That a nice word for it.

Young Sully: Okay, then - so what was all that business with the ring and that astrolabe thing back there?

Young Nate: Why don't you tell me. You're the one working for 'em.

Young Sully: Look, kid - a client wants something, I obtain it. For a price. I don't ask any questions. It's just a job.

Young Nate: Looked pretty friendly to me.

Young Sully: Yeah, well… Anyway, I'm pretty, sure I'm fired.

Young Nate: Okay. Look - First of all, that was no astrolabe. Check this out… It's some sort of decoding device. Check this out… On his way around the world, Drake sailed through the East Indies… Only he says that it took him six months to get from here to here.

Young Sully: Yeah, so?

Young Nate: So it doesn't add up. He was way too good a sailor for that – it would have taken him a mouth, tops. He was hiding s something. Something big.

Young Sully: How big?

Young Nate: Like secret-mission-from-the-Queen big. Like millions in plundered treasure that hasn't ever been recovered, big.

Young Sully: That big.

Young Nate: That big.

Young Sully: And that decoder has something to do with it.

Young Nate: I would bet my life on it.

Young Sully: Oh, swell, and Marlowe's got it?

Young Nate: Won't do her much good without the key.

Young Sully: So, it's a stalemate, then.

Young Nate: For now.

Young Sully: So, you still haven't told me what your name is.

Young Nate: And you still haven't told me what you want from me.

Young Sully: Okay, look - you got talent. But you've got a lot to learn. You stick with me, and I'll teach you a few things.

Young Nate: Thanks, but I'm doing just fine on my own.

Young Sully: Yeah, clearly. Whaddya say we try this again? My friends call me Sully.

Young Nate: Nathan Drake. Nate.

Young Sully: ‘Drake', huh? Okay. I see great things in our future, kid. Great things.

Cutter: And… they're gone. All right, lads?

Sully: Oh, God… Thought you were gonna put a silencer on that thing.

Cutter: Sully, you've got no sense of drama.

Sully: Right. All that racket is gonna bring the cops any minute. Let's get the hell outta here.

Nathan: You coulda pulled a couple of those punches, Charlie.

Cutter: What d'ya mean? I hardly touched you.

Nathan: You headbutted me.

Cutter: All right, all right, I got a little swept up in the moment.

Nathan: Yeah.

Cutter: You were the one who said 'make it look realistic.'

Sully: Better stay on his good side.

Cutter: All right, Bright Eyes, look sharp, they're coming your way. Don't lose ‘em.

Nathan: Told you they'd take the bait.

Cutter: How long d'you reckon before they realize theirs is a fake?

Nathan: Who cares? We finally flushed 'em out.

Sully: Now we just follow 'em back to their hole.

Nathan: You do realize you make everything sound dirty.

Sully: I do?

Run to Ground[]

Cutter: Let's get moving.

Sully: Come on, hurry it up, Nate.

Cutter: Shit, the filth.

Sully: This way.

Cutter: What?

Nathan: Come on.

Cutter: Really?

Nathan: Come on, Charlie. What's the hold up?

Cutter: Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right, all right… It'll all be over soon, it'll all be over soon, it'll all be over soon, that's it, that's it… oh… Oh, that wasn't too bad…

Nathan: What the hell is wrong with you?

Cutter: Nothing, I'm fine.

Nathan: Ah… it's blocked. Wait, we can get around this way.

Cutter: Yeah, yeah, right or we could just use a little muscle.

Nathan: Oh, there's a thought.

Cutter: Wall's too high.

Sully: Here… let's move this thing over there.

Nathan: I got it.

Cutter: Put your back into mate, we haven't got all bloody night.

Nathan: Yeah, thanks for the help. C'mon, move your lazy asses. All right, looks like the coast is clear.

Cutter: You should be more careful with your head, y'know, it's -

Chloe: Evening, lads.

Cutter: All right, darling?

Chloe: Looks like hell spit you two back out.

Sully: Ah, it was a thing of beauty, Chloe.

Cutter: Went off without a hitch.

Chloe: You're unusually quiet. What's up your bum?

Nathan: Oh, well, Charlie seemed to enjoy himself a little bit too much for my taste.

Cutter: Here we go…

Nathan: My ears are still ringing.

Cutter: Oh, for God's sake.

Chloe: Helps if you have something in between. Looks like I missed out on some fun.

Cutter: Yeah, you did actually. It was very, very, ah - cathartic.

Nathan: Ha ha, that's funny.

Sully: You have any trouble?

Chloe: Nah, easy-peasy.

Nathan: And you're sure they didn't see you trailing ‘em?

Chloe: Not a chance.

Cutter: So, which door is Scary Poppins hiding behind?

Chloe: Behind that one there the green one. They drove in ages ago and it's been dark ever since.

Nathan: You think they're still in there?

Chloe: Well, I haven't taken my eyes off it. And no one's gone in or out.

Sully: Think these are really necessary? I mean, it's not like they're expecting us.

Cutter: Don't underestimate these blokes they're not messing about.

Nathan: Hey, we're just going to sneak in and we sneak out. Just like that.

Cutter: Yeah, fair enough. But any trouble you shoot first and ask questions later, all right?

Sully: Man, I was sorely tempted to just pick up that briefcase back there and walk.

Cutter: Yeah, you got a lousy poker lace, mate.

Nathan: Hey, trust me. That's nothing compared to what we're onto.

Sully: Yeah, well, at my age a bird in the hand, you know?

Chloe: Eww…

Nathan: Didn't I tell ya?

Sully: Oh, please. Look, I just hope you're right about this. Seems pretty quiet.

Nathan: You think they're still in there?

Cutter: Well, we're not gonna just barge in the front door and find out.

Sully: Well, we can't afford to waste time standing here.

Nathan: I'll find a way in and check it out. You three stay here.

Cutter: Got it.

Sully: Look out!

Cutter: You all right up there?

Nathan: Yeah, sorry about that.

Nathan: Oh, crap. Empty? Wait a minute, where did it go? Where the hell did they go? This doesn't make any sense.

Nathan: Gimme a hand with this.

Cutter: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Got it.

Nathan: Does anybody see a car? ‘Cause I don't see a car.

Chloe: I don't understand.

Cutter: Damn it! You're sure this is the right one?

Chloe: Yes. The green door. I'm sure.

Sully: Nate, we are losing time here. That damn briefcase is looking better and better.

Nathan: All right, come on. They didn't just vanish into thin air, right? There's gotta be an explanation. Just spread out and look around.

Sully: They were here all right. I can still smell the exhaust.

Nathan: Tire tracks — still wet from the rain. Looks like the car turned here. Hey, check this out.

Cutter: Come on, you're supposed to be tl e smart one. What are we missing?

Chloe: Hmmm… Some kind of mechanism.

Natan: Yeah, maybe. Four tires, four points of contact. Sully, stand right there. You two, back there and there. All right, everybody on three, ready? One, two, three.

Sully: And?

Nathan: Well, this has got to be it. Wait… wait, it's the light. Sully, aim your beam at the wall. Like headlights.

Sully: Well abra-goddamn-cadabra…

Chloe: Umm, Nate, just who are we dealing with here?

Nathan: There's only one way to find out. We'll track the car, you head back to the van.

Cutter: We'll try and stay in radio contact. I'll let you know when we get through to the other side, all right?

Sully: Yeah, wherever the hell that is…

Nathan: Just be ready for anything. Might be a quick exit.

Chloe: No doubt.

Cutter: She's the best driver in the business, you know.

Nathan: So I've heard.

Cutter: Well, I think we agree this is more than a little weird.

Sully: Who the hell drives their car underground?

Cutter: Oh, well, let me think. Someone who doesn't want to be followed. You know, it's just a guess.

Sully: Smart ass.

Nathan: It looks like they bored straight into the old service tunnels.

Cutter: It's locked.

Nathan: Not for long.

Nathan: Come on. We should be able to squeeze through here. I think.

Sully: Lead on, Macduff.

Cutter: Oh for God's sake.

Sully: What?

Cutter: Lay on. It's ‘Lay on, Macduff.'


Cutter: Can we hurry it along please, mate?

Sully: You all right back there?

Cutter: Yeah, yeah… you know, just not keen on the old tight spaces, that's all.

Sully: Just keep moving.

Cutter: Oh, thank God for that.

Nathan: Who the hell is Macduff?

Cutter: Is there no bottom to your ignorance?


Cutter: Oh yeah, nice one mate.

Nathan: Thanks.

Cutter: What are you doing? Keep the silencer.

Sully: No, no, keep the silencer, kid.

Nathan: Okay, tunnel's right below us. At least we're still on the right path. Whoa. That is a long way down. Careful, it's slippery.

Sully: There's more of ‘em. Get down. Take cover. Well, that could've gone better.

Nathan: Look out. Here it comes.

Cutter: Well done, mate.

Nathan: Looks like there's some sort of gate up there.

Sully: How 'bout you, Cutter? A little help here.

Cutter: Sure, I gotcha.

Nathan: All right, ready? Pull.

Sully: Got it.

Nathan: Okay, Charlie, come on.

Cutter: There's the tunnel again.

Sully: That's too far to drop though, we'll break our damn necks.

Nathan: Crap. It's a dead end. Down here.

Sully: Where the hell are we headed now? What in the world?

Nathan: Charlie, who the hell are we dealing with here?

Cutter: I don't know, mate, but whoever they are, they are seriously weird.

London Underground[]

Nathan: Look at the ironwork.

Cutter: It's gotta be Victorian, maybe older.

Sully: Man, all this stuff's been rusting for a century.

Nathan: Maybe we can get through here.

Cutter: No way we're moving that.

Sully: I don't think so.

Nathan: Hey, wait. There's a counterweight up there. Looks like it's stuck. All right, one of us should climb up there, and see if they can dislodge it.

Sully: Good idea. Guess who?


Nathan: Crap. All right, almost there.

Sully: That oughta work.

Sully: Here we go. Got it?

Cutter: Yep, yep, take your time.

Sully: All right…

Nathan: What the hell is this place?

Cutter: Good eye. Hey, there's Marlowe's car.

Sully: Thanks for having our back.

Cutter: All right, from here on, no more guns.

Guard: Hands up.

Cutter: Oh, hello, mate, we must've taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Sully: Yeah, is this King's Cross?

Guard: Don't move.

Sully: Hey man, you got us all wrong. We're from Cleveland.

Cutter: Oh, well done, mate.

Sully: Attaboy. What the hell kind of place is this?

Cutter: I've never seen anything like it.

Sully: Some sort of train station or something.

Cutter: Yeah, yeah, but it's gotta be almost 200 years old.

Sully: Jesus, just when you think things can't get any weirder.

Cutter: Shh… get back. Take them out, quietly.

Sully: Nicely done, boys.

Nathan: Come on. They must've gone through here.

Sully: And it gets weirder.

Cutter: Whoa, this stonework.

Nathan: Looks like Tudor, 16th century. Up this way.

Sully: Quietly, Nate.

Nathan: Hey, over here.

Sully: No, no, no, seriously, who are these people?

Kate Marlowe: I'm not interested in your excuses.

Sully: Sh-shh.

Kate Marlowe: He was a loose cannon and you should have known.

Talbot: Yes, it is regrettable-

Kate Marlowe: Sh-tch. Not regrettable. Sloppy. Your poor judgment could have cost us everything. Four hundred years of searching. Finally - Drake's secret will be revealed.

Kate Marlowe: What is this?

Talbot: I don't understand…

Kate Marlowe: It's a forgery.

Talbot: What? That's not possible. I verified it myself… This isn't the ring.

Kate Marlowe: Really.

Talbot: I held it in my hands - I saw him put it around his neck. This doesn't make sense…

Kate Marlowe: We've been duped.

Talbot: Cutter.

Kate Marlowe: Uh huh. You men stand guard and stay alert. We may have been followed. You – come with us. Find them and bring me that ring. Find them and bring me that ring. I don't care how you get it.

Sully: This is quite the operation they've got going here.

Nathan: Look at all this stuff. Eugh.

Sully: Nate, focus. We haven't got much time here.

Nathan: Yeah… yeah.

Sully: What are you -

Nathan: My God, do you know what this is?

Cutter: It's a book, mate. There's a lot of them in here, it's a library.

Nathan: It's not just any book, wise-ass. Belonged to T.E. Lawrence - Y'know, ‘Lawrence of Arabia'.

Cutter: Yes, yes, yes, I know who he is.

Sully: This was mauled from Dorset on the day of his motorcycle accident - May 13, 1935.

Nathan: They must've killed him once they got their hands on it.

Sully: ‘They?'

Nathan: Yeah, ‘they.' They. Them. Whoever these people are.

Cutter: Oh, what a lot of rubbish. It was an accident.

Nathan: Witnesses saw a black car run him off the road.

Sully: Guys…

Cutter: Oh, what, so it was a big cover-up?

Nathan: Maybe.

Sully: Nate!

Nathan: What?

Sully: That thing that you have been waiting twenty years for?

Nathan: Right.

Nathan: Okay… Here we go. L… O… H… D… N… Huh.

Cutter: What is it?

Nathan: Ahh, it's… ‘Long Hidden.'

Sully: What?!

Cutter: Shush.

Sully: No shit, ‘Long Hidden' — are you kidding me?

Cutter: No offense, mate, but your ancestor was a right asshole.

Nathan: Would you shut up, it's an anagram. ‘Golden Hind'… ‘The Golden Hind.'

Cutter: Drake's ship.

Nathan: Yes. It's a clue. It's gotta be something hidden in this room. All right, spread out see what you can find.

Sully: What the hell are we looking for anyway.

Nathan: The Golden Hind.

Cutter: Well, it could be a model, maybe a painting.

Sully: Well, what makes you think it's even here?

Nathan: It's gotta be here.

Nathan: Oh, shit.

Cutter: It's a trap.

Nathan: They're here. Take cover.

Nathan: My God, I was right… he went to Arabia.

Cutter: Mate, we could use a little help here.

Sully: Come on, Nate! Let's go.

Nathan: What the hell are you doing?

Cutter: Got it! Go – Go! We're running out of ammo.

Sully: Grab their weapons!

Cutter: Shit, they're everywhere.

Sully: Goddamn ambush! Cover me!

Nathan: You got it!

Cutter: Just keep moving forward, we'll find a way out.

Nathan: Shit, they're everywhere.

Cutter: Come on, we gotta keep moving.

Sully: Watch it, Nate. This place is crawling with them.

Nathan: This way. Hey, there's a ladder. Come on, hurry up. Cutter, where the hell are we?

Cutter: It's the North Atwood station, come on.

Cutter: Chloe, can you read me? We're coming out the old North Atwood Station. There's no time to explain - we got company.

Nathan: Up here, hurry!

Cutter: Bollocks! Bollocks!

Nathan: Back up, back up!

Nathan: C'mon, come on! Go, go, go, go!

Sully: Oh, jeez. Shit.

Chloe: Come on!

Nathan: Get in! Go! Go!

Sully: …so then guy says, ‘Well, you'd better tickle mine too, cause now I've gotta catch the goddamn thing!'

Chloe: Cheers.

Sully: To a job well done.

Chloe: Yeah -

Cutter: Are you going to join us, darling?

Nathan: Yeah, yeah… Well, the map proves it – Drake didn't screw around in the East Indies for six months. He sailed straight through and headed to Arabia.

Sully: Right.

Nathan: But here's where it gets interesting. See this mark? This is John Dee's signature.

Sully: Who the hell's John Dee?

Cutter: John Dee. One of Queen Elizabeth's closest advisors. Everybody knows that.

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, he was a great mathematician and navigator, way ahead of his time. He's probably the one who invented that.

Cutter: Seriously into the occult. I mean like, in a rally creepy, dark way.

Nathan: See, he signed all his letters to the Queen with this symbol - meaning he was her ‘eyes'.

Cutter: The original ‘007'. You see look, “double-O-seven”.

Nathan: Not really that relevant.

Chloe: So it was John Dee who sent Drake to Arabia?

Nathan: Yeah, it looks that way. Dee and Elizabeth.

Cutter: And Walsingham.

Sully: Great, but what for?

Nathan: Well, that's the million-dollar question, isn't it? And this is where T.E. Lawrence comes in. See, before Lawrence came ‘Lawrence of Arabia'…

Cutter: Great film.

Nathan: …he was an archaeologist. Even when he was just a kid, he was obsessed with history - everything to do with knights and the Crusades. He traveled all over, documenting every Crusader site he could find. It's all in here.

Sully: All right, you've lost me completely, kid, what the hell does this got to do with Drake?

Nathan: I'm getting to that… See, after the war, Lawrence said that if he were ever to go back to Arabia, it would be to search for this place he called ‘The Atlantis of the Sands.' Now the legend crops up over and over again under different names - Ubar, Iram of the Pillars, The City of Brass… but the story is always the same.

Sully: Oh, ‘A city of immeasurable wealth, destroyed by God for its arrogance… swallowed forever in the sands of the Rub' al Khali desert.'

Nathan: Right here.

Sully: Well, I like the ‘immeasurable wealth' part, anyway.

Cutter: And you think this is what Elizabeth and Dee sent Drake after.

Nathan: Oh yeah. And more importantly, it's what Marlowe is after.

Chloe: So wait, if Drake was on a mission from the Queen to find this place, why all the secrecy? I mean, it looks like he went to a lot of trouble to hide whatever he found - even from Her Majesty.

Nathan: I don't know.

Cutter: Oh, I'm sorry — what was that?

Chloe: No, hang on a second. Because, if you recall, the last time we went halfway around the world searching for a lost city things got more than a little dicey.

Nathan: Yeah, but this time we have the upper hand. I mean look, Drake only had half the clues… Lawrence only had half… We have both. And Marlowe has nothing.

Sully: Small problem. The Rub' al Khali desert - six hundred miles across. Even if we knew where it was. The Bedouin go around the damn thing.

Cutter: Even if we knew where it was - which we don't - we would die trying to find it.

Nathan: Just - hold on. You see these symbols here?

Sully: Yeah. Looks like Sabaean script.

Nathan: It's Sabaean script. Right.

Nathan: Look, the Crusades were searching for the same lost city a thousand years ago. But out of all the sites Lawrence documented, only two are marked with these symbols. One in Syria – the other – in France.

Chloe: Ooh…

Nathan: No - you two are going to Syria, we're heading to France. Look, we track down these clues, we find Lawrence's lost city. I'm sure if it.

Cutter: And then what? How are we going to get across six hundred miles of impassable wasteland?

Nathan: Well, it's in the middle of the desert, so technically it'd be about three hundred miles.

Chloe: Oh.


Nathan: Look, I don't know, We'll figure it out.

Chloe: We burn that bridge when we get to it, eh?

Nathan: Exactly - whaddya say?

Sully: What the hell.

Cutter: Let's do it.


Nathan: End of the line, I guess.

Nathan: Don't.


Nathan: Looks like we are going the rest of the way on foot.


Nathan: What?

Sully: Leave it to you to find out a friggin' jungle in the middle of France.

Nathan: Well, we're definitely headed in the right direction. Chateau should be this way.


Nathan: Not too far. C'mon.

Sully: Yeah.

The Chateau[]

Sully: Not too far? With you I never know if that means a quarter mile or twenty. Like that time you got us lost in Peru.

Nathan: You really want to bring up Peru?

Sully: You are not still holding about over me?

Nathan: I was fifteen, Sully. Shoulda known when I met ya that I'd be in prison within a year.

Sully: You were headed that way all on your own, if you recall. Besides, I got you out, didn't I? I always get you out.

Nathan: C'mon, through here. There it is. Just like in Lawrence's notes. Gotta have more faith in me, Sully. ‘Course, I don't remember this ravine being on the map.

Sully: Ah, they must've just put that in.

Nathan: All right. C'mon, we'll find another way around. This way. Watch your step.

Sully: Ooh, I don't know, kid. You sure we're in the right place? This doesn't seem old enough to be a Crusader castle. Looks more like Renaissance to me.

Nathan: You haven't been reading my books again, have you, Sully? No, Lawrence says the original castle was built in the 11th century. The rest was added on later.

Sully: Oh.

Nathan: Ah, this looks sketchy. Look, Sully, your first car.

Sully: Oh, man, that's a 1927 Auburn.

Nathan: Yeah. What's this, mr. Wizard.

Sully: Lawn art.

Nathan: Pretty tacky. The knight who owned this castle, lord Godfrey, returned from the Crusades in the 12th century. According to Lawrence, all that's left of the original castle is the square keep in the gardens. If Godfrey brought any secrets back from Arabia, that's where we're gonna find them.

Sully: Try this door.

Nathan: It's no good?

Sully: Not getting in this way.

Nathan: I bet I can climb up through that hole

Sully: I bet you can.

Nathan: Let me guess. You re gonna sit tight, smoke a cigar again.

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan: All right, don't burn the place down.

Sully: What about that window above you?

Nathan: I don't want to cut myself.

Sully: All right. Nice going, kid. Be right back. I'll be waitin'.

Nathan: Oh crap. Oh, that hurts.

Sully: Hey, kid - up here. It's chained shut.

Nathan: All right, back up. I'll shoot the lock off.

Sully: Make sure that's the only thing. you shoot off.

Nathan: I said, ‘lock.' You good? Okay. We gotta make our way through the chateau to the gardens. That's where we'll find the old keep.

Sully: Oh man, look at this place. Nope. Can't get it open. This damn beam is in the way.

Nathan: Yeah, we gotta get some leverage.

Sully: Think you can get up there?

Nathan: I can try.

Sully: Hey. Help me lift this up.

Sully: There we go. Oughta do it.

Sully: Be careful up there. The whole damn thing is rotten.

Nathan: Looks like those chandeliers are on some kind of… pulley system.

Sully: Yeah. Must be how they lowered them down to clean ‘em.

Nathan: Hey, there's some kind of mechanism over there. I have an idea.

Sully: That's cool.

Nathan: Yeah.

Sully: Oh, you're crazy. Watch it, that thing's coming out of the ceiling.

Nathan: All right, her we go.

Sully: Ahh, right. Got it.

Nathan: There.

Sully: I'm in. Question is, in what?

Nathan: Be right down. Is that a popcorn machine? Okay, let's see if we can find a way to that tower.

Sully: Hey, Nate! Square tower… looks pretty old.

Nathan: Yeah. That matches the one in Lawrence's notebook. That must be it. Nice.

Sully: Thanks.

Nathan: Looks like we can get through here.

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan: Yep, c'mon… I got it.

Sully: Watch it!

Nathan: Whoa, thanks.

Sully: Hey, Nate, isn't this the same symbol that was on the tower?

Nathan: Yeah, that's gotta mean something, right?

Sully: Maybe a secret passage?

Nathan: In a fireplace? Kinda on the nose, don'tcha think?

Sully: Yeah, too simple.

Sully: There's something weird about these suits of armor. C'mere, check it out.

Nathan: The bases rotate. Interesting

Sully: Anything in Lawrence's notebook about this?

Nathan: Let me check. Yeah, here, see: four knights, with an axe, a shield, a sword, and a morning star. Just like the ones in this room.

Sully: Maybe we've got to turn each knight so it's facing the right way.

Nathan: Yeah, but what's the right way?

Sully: Must be some kind of trick to it… a pattern.

Sully: Well, well, a secret passage.

Nathan: All right, gotta hand it to you, Sully. Okay… I'll push, you pull. On three. Ready?

Sully: Wait. One, two, pull? Or one, two, three, pull?

Nathan: Just pull.

Sully: Got it.

Sully: Nate? Hey, you all right?

Nathan: Yeah. Yeah, I'll live. There's no way I'm getting back up there. I'm gonna head this way. Just meet me on the other side.

Sully: You got it. You be careful down there.

Nathan: Right. Hope there is another side. What the hell is that noise? I should be able to get through here. What the…? Hey, a light… That's a good sign. Oh thank God, a way out. All right, I should be able to climb up through there. Piece of cake. Whoa! Oh, crap.

Talbot: They're here somewhere. Hunt them down.

Nathan: I gotta warn Sully. Jesus, they brought a small army with them. Ah, thanks to the gift, boys. Oh, didn't see that comin'. Hey, through here.

Sully: All right, you bastards! Come on!

Nathan: Sorry I'm late!

Sully: Thanks for showing up!

Nathan: Looks like Marlowe brought a goddamn army!

Sully: Yeah - I think the bus just got here!

Nathan: They must've followed us. It's the only way. Talbot's right there. Gotta get inside.

Sully: All right.

Nathan: Up this way. C'mon, Sully, give me some help with this door. All right.

Sully: Well, which way now?

Nathan: I'm not really sure.

Sully: Why don't we try going down?

Nathan: Hey, look at this.

Nathan: What the hell? It's one of Talbot's men.

Sully: It was. But that's impossible, they just got here.

Nathan: Yeah, but what could've happened to him?

Sully: I have no idea, but I sure as hell don't like it. Hey, the tiles depress when you step on them. I'll stand over here so I don't step on any by accident.

Nathan: Good idea.

Sully: Did Lawrence make any notes about this?

Nathan: Let me check.

Sully: This gonna take long? ‘Cuz if it does, I'm going to smoke a cigar.

Nathan: I'm doing my best, Sully.

Sully: That's it! You did it!

Nathan: It's pitch dark in here. Wanna give us some light?

Sully: Sure. Looks like some sort of laboratory, doesn't it?

Nathan: Hey, little more light, Sully.

Sully: You got it.

Nathan: Hm. Seems to be an alchemist's lab. Wait a second… does this place remind you of anything?

Sully: Yeah, Marlowe's creepy hideout, now that you mention it.

Nathan: Sully. Sully, this was John Dee's lab.

Sully: All the way out here? In France?

Nathan: Well, he must've traced the clues back to the Crusades, just like Lawrence did.

Sully: Hey, look at this.

Nathan: Huh, Sabaean script again. But what are these symbols? Looks like he was trying to work something out. There's some sort of message written here in Enochian script.

Sully: Think you can decipher it?

Nathan: I'll try. ‘The altar guards the entrance… to the underworld.' Huh. Well, he did use magic to conjure spirits.

Sully: Yeah. Or the altar could be hiding a secret passage.

Nathan: Oh, right.

Sully: Help me push. Well, would you look at that?

Nathan: Crafty old bastard.

Sully: Why thank you.

Nathan: Not you - John Dee.

Sully: Oh.

Nathan: Oh, here we go. Sully, gimme a light.

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan: Oh, much better.

Sully: Y'know, one of these days you're really going to have to start carrying your own matches.

Nathan: What are you talking about? Whoa… Looks like they really wanted to keep something out.

Sully: Or in… Here give me a hand with this.

Nathan: I got it. Here you go.

Sully: Looks like the family crypt. Your pal Godfrey must be down here then, huh?

Nathan: With any luck. if he knew anything about the ‘Atlantis of the Sands' he took it with him to the grave.

Sully: So, let's find the gave.

Nathan: What's this? Medieval game show? Pretty elaborate.

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan: Got it

Sully: Good job, kid. Ah, looks inviting.

Nathan: Watch yourself.

Sully: Lord Godfrey, I presume.

Nathan: The one and only.

Sully: Whoa.

Nathan: This is it. Here hold this, will ya?

Sully: Sure.

Nathan: Look, it's some sort of amulet. Something written here.

Sully: Gonna do this right on top of Lancelot, huh?

Nathan: Uh… huh. It's in Sabaean script.

Sully: Well, that would be from ancient Yemen, all right.

Nathan: Yeah, exactly where Francis Drake would've landed back in the 16th century. Could be the name of a city?

Sully: Yeah, from 3000 years ago. Without the rest of that inscription, we still don't know where to look.

Nathan: Well, let's hope the other hall is in Syria.

Sully: Yeah, and that Cutter and Chloe can find it.

Talbot: Ah, I wouldn't recommend that.

Sully: Shit.

Talbot: Nice work, gentlemen. Harris, please relieve Mr. Drake of the artifact.

Nathan: Yeah, Harris, come get it.

Talbot: Now - it's hardly worth dying over, is it? Your friend doesn't think so.

Sully: C'mon, Nate.

Harris: What is that?

Nathan: Oh my God…

Sully: What the hell…

Sully: Stay in the light. Get it! Quickly!

Harris: Get 'em off me!

Talbot: Your torch seems to be dying out. Good luck with that.

Sully: God, what a dick.

Nathan: Right?

Sully: We gotta find a way outta here fast. Stay close.

Stay in the Light[]

Sully: The torch is going out. We gotta find a way outta here.

Nathan: Wait. Up there. C'mon, c'mon! Gimme a hand.

Sully: Here - come on. Jesus Christ, they're coming from everywhere. Goddamn it!

Nathan: Come on! Come on, we gotta go! Go!

Sully: Nate! Come on! Oh, God, they're coming through the ceiling. Come on — run!

Nathan: My God these things are fast.

Sully: Come on, Nate! Up here! I gotcha!

Nathan: Jump!

Nathan: Get it off! Get off! Damn!

Sully: All right, you're clear. How about me?

Nathan: Huh, yeah. Turn around. All right, you're good. You okay?

Sully: Yeah, I think so.

Nathan: Allright, let's not go back in there.

Sully: I think that's a good idea.

Nathan: Okay, we gotta find a way outta here.

Sully: Ah, damn it. It's no good.

Nathan: All right. I'll see if I can find a way across.

Sully: Watch yourself.

Nathan: Oh no.

Sully: Look out, Nate! Thing's gonna go!

Nathan: I know, I know!

Sully: Watch it! Hey, that'll work.

Nathan: Yeah, just like I planned.

Sully: Now we gotta find a way down.

Nathan: Ho, ho, hold on… shh-sh.

Mercenary: Empty those cans. Every last drop!

Nathan: What the hell are they doing?

Mercenary: Burn the whole place down.

Nathan: Oh no. Sully, We gotta get out of here.

Mercenary: Torch the place!

Nathan: Ah, crap. That's not good. They're trapped! Take ‘em out, Sully!

Sully: All right, we got ‘em. Go!

Nathan: Jesus… Shit! Hold on, Sully! Hang on - I'm coming'!

Mercenary: Move it! Get in there!

Nathan: Is this an inner ear thing? Let's go!

Sully: Stop them!

Nathan: Ah shit, I got your back. Hurry!

Sully: I'll give ya a boost! C'mon! Ahh, goddamn.

Nathan: No, it's no good!

Sully: We're trapped!

Nathan: There's gotta be a way outta here! This way! C'mon. We gotta get the hell outta here.

Sully: Great idea. You all right, Nate?

Nathan: Yeah, I'm okay.

Sully: I'll meet ya on the other side!

Nathan: Great. Be right there. Watch your step.

Sully: Watch it, kid!

Nathan: Sully!

Sully: That's it - I gotcha! Gimme a hand with this!

Nathan: All right. Oh crap. All right - down here. We're almost out!

Mercenary: Head for the door! Burn, you bastards!

Nathan: Oh no, no, no, no! Wait - up here! There's the door! Oh no, no, no!

Sully: Nate!

Nathan: Oh God!

Sully: You all right?!

Nathan: Go! Go!

Sully: Shit.

Nathan: Damn it! Sully, I'm stuck - help me out!

Sully: Oh shit! It's them!

Nathan: Get down!

Sully: Argh - damn it!

Nathan: Thanks.

Sully: There you go - let's go! Watch it! Oooh, shit!

Nathan: Sully… lil' help?

Sully: Gimme your hand.

Nathan: Thanks.

Sully: C'mon, up here! C'mon, Nate, keep moving!

Oh shit!

Nathan: Oh shit! Sully! Sully, hang on!

Sully: I'm - I'm slippin'!

Nathan: I'm comin'! All right. I gotcha, I gotcha! Go! Go!

Sully: Oh, God - Thanks.

Nathan: Oh, God -

Sully: Come on, Nate!

Nathan: Just keep climbing!

Mercenary: I can't see! This way! It's them! Go! Go! Go!

Sully: Nate, up there!

Nathan: There's a ladder! Come on! Whoa! C'mon, Sully! …Hold on!

Sully: Oh shit!

Nathan: Go!

Sully: Watch it, Nate!

Nathan: Oh my God!

Sully: The whole damn tower is coming down! Run! Go!

Nathan: Keep running, Sully!

Sully: Oh shit! Come on!

Nathan: Oh man, that was close, huh? You all right?

Sully: Oh yeah, just swell.

Nathan: Here.

Sully: Just gimme a sec. You always seem to forget I've got twenty-five years on ya.

Nathan: Ah, C'mon, Sully, you're strong as an ox.

Sully: Anyway, what's the hurry? They think we're in that.

Nathan: We almost were.

Sully: I gotta say, I'm losing the plot here. Remind me again why we're doing this?

Nathan: No, no, no, no, no. If you're gearing up for one of your ‘I'm too old for this' speeches, spare me. Nate, these guys are playing for keeps.

Nathan: Yeah, so? What? You're just gonna roll over for ‘em now?

Sully: Nobody's talking about rolling over.

Nathan: Then quit acting like you're ready to lay down and die, all right?

Sully: Listen, kid. I've had your back for twenty years. I'm not going anywhere - obviously. I just wanna make sure we're doing this for the right reasons. You've got your pride all tangled up in this thing. It's making you reckless. I taught you better than that. Gonna get yourself killed. Hell, probably get us all killed.

Nathan: Oh, no…

Sully: What?

Nathan: Cutter and Chloe. Sully, if we were followed…

Sully: Ah, shit. Chances are they were, too.

Nathan: We gotta warn them.

Sully: Yeah. And get to Syria - fast. Sure hope you remember where we left the car, ‘cause I am completely turned around.


The Next Night

Nathan: Damn it. Still can't reach either one of them. Something is definitely not right.

Sully: How long ‘til this place opens?

Nathan: We've got a few more hours before the tour buses start showing up.

Sully: Then we better hustle. Chain's been cut.

Nathan: Okay, so we know we're not the first ones here.

Sully: As long as Marlowe and Talbot think we're dead, we've got the element of surprise. Let's not waste it.

Nathan: Right. So we sneak in, we find out where they're holding Chloe and Cutter.

Sully: If they're holding them.

Nathan: Glass half full, Sully?

Sully: I'm just saying these guys don't seem like the hostage talking type.

Sully: Let's just go with best-case scenario for now, okay? We rescue Cutter and Chloe, and the four of us just sneak back out.

Sully: Yeah, right. Sneak back out.

Nathan: It could happen.

Sully: Mm-hm.

The Citadel[]

Nathan: Up this way

Sully: You check it out. I'll wait here.

Nathan: All right, sit tight. Come on up, Sully. It's clear. I'll climb up and around. I'll let you in if it's safe.

Sully: All right. Whoa! You okay?

Nathan: Yeah, close though.

Nathan: Ah shit, already? Just what I needed.

Nathan: Come on. It's clear.

Sully: What the hell you've been doing?

Nathan: Uh… the usual. Come on, help me with this. Come on, this way.

Sully: We better hurry it up.

Nathan: Lower me down.

Sully: Anything down there?

Nathan: All right, give me a sec. I'll check it out.

Sully: Nate over here.

Nathan: Back up. I'll shoot the lock. Ah, crap, come on. Sully, help me out. This place is crawling with agents. Chloe and Cutter could be in real trouble.

Sully: Where the hell could they be?

Sully: What the hell?

Chloe: Why aren't you in France?

Nathan: We're rescuing you?

Cutter: From what?

Nathan: We thought you'd been captured…

Sully: Or worse.

Chloe: Wait, why?

Nathan: Well, Talbot ambushed us at the chateau. It was a trap.

Sully: Yeah, we figured they must've followed you, too.

Cutter: Well yeah, they're definitely here.

Sully: Yeah, no kidding.

Cutter: So we might want to think about keeping it down a little.

Nathan: What happened to you two? We've been trying to reach you for over twenty-four hours.

Cutter: Oh, right, I need to top up my minutes.

Nathan: You're using a pre-paid phone?

Cutter: Mate, those contracts are a complete rip-off.

Chloe: What? Mine's broken.

Nathan: Again?

Cutter: Look, just forget all that. You'll never guess what we've discovered. I've got it all in here… Not only did Elizabeth's spy network stretch all the way over here. But they were all part of some sort of Hermetic secret society. The British Occult Secret Service, The School of Night, the Hellfire Club, the Order of the Golden Dawn - they're all connected.

Nathan: So John Dee -

Cutter: and Francis Walsingham, and Walter Raleigh, and even your mate Drake, they were all in on it. But for them it was all about the power - controlling their enemies through espionage, deception, fear.

Sully: Hey, guys?

Nathan: W-W-Wait , wait. So Marlowe and her crew -

Cutter: Are the same secret order - four hundred years on.

Sully: Will you cut to the goddamn chase, please?

Chloe: Yeah, we really need to keep moving.

Cutter: Sure, sure… Here, look. Quod est superius…

Nathan: …est sicut quod est inferius. ‘As above, so below.'

Cutter: That's the key to all of this.

Nathan: We need to get to the highest point of this castle.

Cutter: Thus the stairs.

Nathan: Well done. We should be able to find our way into the crypts with this clue. The entrance has got to be hidden here someplace.

Cutter: There - that's the highest tower.

Nathan: Okay, so we just need to make our way across -

Chloe: Look out!

Nathan: Oh, shit!

Cutter: Bollocks.

Nathan: Get down!

Chloe: Now what?

Nathan: All right, the only way to the tower is through them.

Sully: Great. Whatever happened to that sneak in, sneak out plan?

Cutter: You wha? We can't quit now.

Nathan: Yeah, not when we're so close. C'mon, we'll find another way around them.

Cutter: There's an entrance at the base of the tower.

Chloe: Well, let's head to the top and see what we've got.

Nathan: Gate… perfect. Charlie, give me a hand with this. Go. You through?

Chloe: Yep, clear.

Cutter: Got it.

Nathan: All tight, down. Come on, follow me. Up this way.

Sully: Watch it, Nate! Look out! Nate! Goddamnit!

Cutter: Bollocks!

Chloe: Nate, we're pinned down!

Nathan: Working on it.

Cutter: Cheers mate.

Nathan: Holy crap!Up this way, come on. Up here. Hey, keep us covered all right?

Chloe: Yeah, well just hurry it up lads, okay?

Cutter: Oy, here… you see? ‘As above, so below.'

Nathan: We're definitely in the right spot.

Cutter: Yeah, yeah, but the right spot for what?

Nathan: Well the Crusaders would've hidden the entrance to the crypt somewhere in plain sight. Wait a sec. Yeah, look. That same symbol appears on Drake's map. Right next to this.

Cutter: Of course, Ursa Minor. The North Star.

Nathan: The one fixed point in the night sky.

Cutter: So if we follow that down to the castle.

Nathan: Whaddya bet it points to our hidden entrance.

Nathan: Can I see that?

Cutter: Yeah, yeah. I want it back though. Use the scope, mate.

Nathan: I will, I will.

Cutter: If you're not gonna use the scope, give it back. I'll find it.

Nathan: I'm gonna use it. I found it. All right, now let's see if we can find that entrance. It should be directly below the North Star. There it is.

Cutter: Well that's hidden in plain sight, all right.

Chloe: Um… guys!

Nathan: Yeah, just a minute.

Cutter: It can't be that simple, can it?

Sully: Nate!

Chloe: Look out!

Sully: Get down!

Sully: Get down!

Nathan: Run for it!!

Sully: Ah shit! Come on you guys! Hurry it up!

Chloe: Oh, Jesus!

Nathan: What the hell's wrong with these guys? They're destroying this place. Keep moving!

Chloe: There! There's a wire. We can zipline across.

Cutter: Not while they're firing at us, we can't!

Sully: Incoming! There's not going to be anything left of this damn thing, by the time they're through.

Chloe: These guys don't give up!

Nathan: Come on, we gotta move, now!

Sully: Ready? Let's go!

Nathan: Right. It's all clear. On the wire! Come on! Come on, Nate, come on!! Run!! Come on, go, go!!

Cutter: Where are they? Hey, hey. Down here.

Sully: You guys okay?

Cutter: Yeah.

Nathan: Yeah, we'll find a way around and meet up with you.

Chloe: Watch out!

Nathan: Crap.

Cutter: Hey, mate, look. It's the tower.

Nathan: What about Sully and Chloe?

Cutter: They're fine. Look, look, look, look… it's right there. We gotta check it out.

Nathan: No, I don't think that's a very… and he's gone. Great. Better do this quietly. Come on, this way.

Cutter: You got it.

Nathan: Oh… This is a…

Cutter: Yes… oh. I knew it couldn't be that simple.

Nathan: Wait, wait, wait… it wasn't a storage room a thousand years ago.

Cutter: No, no, no, no, no, mate. We are missing something. Hey, hold on, hold on. The statues, you see? One hand up, one hand down.

Nathan: Yeah…

Cutter: Look. Above, below. It's the same theme, again and again.

Nathan: So — just another breadcrumb on the trail?

Cutter: Well, it certainly looks that way.

Nathan: Let me see the scope again.

Cutter: Yeah, sure.

Nathan: Thanks. Hey, here's that symbol again. Yeah, maybe it's not in the sky this time, but below somewhere.

Cutter: It's gotta be something with the castle itself then.

Nathan: Wait. Yeah, there.

Cutter: Ah ha… ‘as below, so above'?

Nathan: Yeah.

Cutter: All right, so now move the scope upward. What do you see?

Nathan: Yeah, those pillars. That's gotta be it.

Cutter: All right, let's get over there and check it out.

Nathan: Yeah, we'll meet up with Sully and Chloe on the way.

Cutter: Shit! They've spotted us!

Nathan: Come on, Charlie. We can't stay pinned down here. We gotta move!

Cutter: Whoa shit! Where did that come from?

Nathan: Hey, it's Sully!

Cutter: Snipers! In the tower! Watch out, there's two of them!

Nathan: Where. We can get to the pillars from that tower. Come on, we gotta meet up with those guys.

Chloe: You two all right?

Nathan: Yeah, still in one piece anyway. Come on, I think we're onto something. Good to see you're all right.

Sully: You too.

Cutter: Right — here's the wall.

Nathan: All right, the crypt entrance should be here someplace.

Chloe: Well, what does Lawrence have to say about it?

Cutter: He doesn't.

Nathan: This is as far as he got.

Chloe: Well, what are our chances, then?

Cutter: Symbolically, two pillars are used to mark a gateway.

Sully: Swell, which two?

Chloe: And a gateway to what?

Cutter: Well, another realm, a holy place, a place of initiation…

Sully: Oh, doesn't that sound like fun. Hey, maybe around the corner.

Chloe: Yeah, all right.

Talbot: No. Give it to me.

Talbot: Good. Now the journal. Thank you. Don't trust Drake.

Nathan: Where the hell's Charlie?

Sully: Who knows.

Nathan: No, no, no.

Nathan: Shit.

Sully: He's gone. How in the world…?

Nathan: Hey, Charlie, you okay? Huh?

Chloe: Charlie?

Nathan: (notice the dart) What the hell? Look at this.

Sully: Oh, man, what kind of black ops bullshit is this?

Chloe: Let's just hope he didn't have a big dose.

Sully: Oh, no, no, no, no, no…

Chloe: Oh, shit.

Nathan: Easy now. Look at me. Charlie. Right here. C'mon, we've got to move now, okay?

Cutter: Don't touch me. Get away from me.

Nathan: All right, all right.

Chloe: No one's touching you, Charlie.

Sully: What the hell was in that dart?

Cutter: Your face is peeling off.

Chloe: Well, whatever it was, he's tripping balls.

Nathan: Charlie, listen — Hey, you're okay.

Cutter: Get off! I won't let you take me.

Nathan: Hey, nobody's taking you anywhere.

Chloe: Just, just come with us, okay?

Nathan: Yeah.

Cutter: The floor is melting.

Sully: We can stay here — we gotta move.

Chloe: How?

Nathan: Our only hope is to find the crypt entrance.

Sully: Great. Any ideas?

Chloe: Well, Charlie was onto something — I just don't know what.

Cutter: The Wand of the Magician…

Sully: Oh, man, without his journal, we're never gonna find it.

Nathan: Just let me think… All right. Hermetic… from the Greek, Hermes, meaning ‘pillar'…

Sully: I think we got that part.

Nathan: ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom?'

Cutter: Between Mercy and Severity.

Chloe: Wait. Wait, we've got this all wrong. It isn't the space between the pillars… it's the middle pillar.

Cutter: Balance…

Sully: What?

Chloe: It was in Charlie's book. The Pillar of Balance between the two extremes. Between black and white, water and fire, female and male. The Middle Way.

Cutter: The Middle Way…

Nathan: That's it! Sully, give me a hand with this.

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan: All right, c'mon.

Cutter: No, no, no…

Nathan: No, it's okay, Charlie. C'mon, mate.

Cutter: The way up and the way down are one and the same.

Chloe: Uh-huh

Sully: Here you go.

Chloe: This way.

The Middle Way[]

Chloe: Looks like we'll have to squeeze through here.

Nathan: All right, you two go ahead. I'll help Charlie.

Sully: All right.

Cutter: Just… just… just…

Nathan: Come on, buddy. You're okay.

Cutter: Where are you taking me?

Nathan: We're just gonna get right through here, okay?

Cutter: Just why are you doing this?

Nathan: You're gonna be all right, buddy.

Cutter: Stop touching me!

Nathan: You're all right. Take it easy. Take it easy, Charlie.

Sully: All right, we're through! Oh wait, there's another passage up ahead.

Nathan: Just go on. I've got him.

Chloe: We'll light the way for you!

Nathan: C'mon, mate, we're almost there.

Cutter: I can't… I can't breathe… I just… can't breathe… I've got to get out… I've got to get out… I've got to get out… Oh, God… Oh, God…

Nathan: Calm down, all right? That's it. Charlie, go on. C'mon, just one more…

Cutter: I won't let you!

Nathan: Charlie… No, stop - Ch—

Sully: Cutter!

Nathan: Jesus.

Chloe: Charlie! Charlie! What're y—

Sully: (aiming his gun) Get back.

Chloe: Don't! Charlie, you're killing Nate. Okay, you gotta listen to me. You are killing Nate. Charlie.

Chloe: Jesus… Here — Here, we got you.

Cutter: I'm all right… Nate. Nate, Nate, I'm really sorry. I'm sorry—

Nathan: We're even.

Cutter: Hold on a sec — You weren't… You weren't gonna shoot me, were ya mate?

Sully: Like a rabid dog.

Cutter: Wow…

Nathan: Let's try this again. I'll go first this time. Shit. Follow me.

Sully: (to Cutter) No, no, I'm not turning my back on you just yet. After you.

Cutter: Huh. Oh, great… next thing I know you'll be putting that gun to the back of my head telling me about the rabbits.

Nathan: Hey, play nice, boys.

Chloe: Yeah, come on. You're almost through.

Sully: Come on, let's move it along. They'll be looking for us.

Cutter: Amazing… that… Is that a globe?

Nathan: Looks like this thing should spin, doesn't it?

Cutter: This is more than just a crypt.

Sully: Yeah, the whole damn room looks like some kind of ancient device.

Cutter: Where's my notebook?

Sully: You gave it to Talbot, don't you remember?

Cutter: Wha? No I didn't.

Sully: Yeah, your gun too.

Cutter: Ah, bollocks.

Sully: All right, we need to figure out how to get it spinning.

Cutter: Look at this channel.

Chloe: It looks like they were meant for water.

Cutter: I found a stairway.

Chloe: See anything up there?

Nathan: Hey, I bet we can light these.

Chloe: They look like some kind of projections. They're marking positions on the globe.

Cutter: Let's get the other ones lit.

Nathan: Two more to go. Just one left. Last one.

Cutter: Incredible. The beams don't line up with anything, though.

Sully: Let's keep looking.

Cutter: Hey, hey. Is that the water?

Nathan: I'm not sure.

Cutter: Oh, no… Please, please tell me that you see them too.

Nathan: Oh yeah, I see them. Whatever you do, don't let 'em touch you.

Cutter: Really?

Nathan: Just stay in the firelight.

Cutter: What are you doing?

Nathan: I should be able to make it over that brazier, if I'll run for it.

Cutter: You what?

Nathan: I'll clear the way for you once get there.

Cutter: If you get there. You're mental.

Nathan: We have to get the water flowing. You have a better idea?

Cutter: If you throw the torch down there. You got it. Grab another one and try again. Looks like there's another brazier, up there. Think you can throw the torch up there and light that thing? Nice throw.

Cutter: What are you doing? Move, Nate - they're after you. Hurry, Nate! They're on the move!! You got it. There's another brazier, down there. Nice one.

Nathan: All right, get on the other crank and help me open it.

Cutter: Let's give it a go.

Nathan: There we go.

Cutter: Don't tell me we have to swim across.

Nathan: What's the matter, Charlie? Aww… kitty don't like getting wet?

Cutter: I hate getting wet.

Nathan: Oh don't be such a sissy. Okay, one more.

Cutter: All right, let's do this again.

Chloe: It worked. It started to spin.

Cutter: We should be able to rotate the globe now.

Sully: Now we're getting somewhere. Hey, it looks like those light projections might line up with the land masses.

Chloe: Go on. Give it a spin.

Sully: Nice job, kid. You did it.

Cutter: Incredible.

Nathan: That's gotta be the entrance to the inner crypts. Come on.

Cutter: Here we go.

Nathan: All right, we're looking for a knight's tomb, just like we found in France. Now if my hunch is right, he'll be buried with the other hand of our amulet.

Chloe: Is that it?

Sully: Yeah, just like the one in France.

Chloe: Amazing…

Cutter: Yeah, brilliant. Let's get it open. There it is.

Nathan: What do tell ya?

Cutter: Let's see that other half.

Nathan: Yeah, about that… uh… Talbot has it.

Cutter: What?

Nathan: Yeah, I told you how he ambushed us at the chateau. That's when he took it.

Cutter: Well, why did we even bother then?

Nathan: Hold on. Give me a little credit. Here.

Nathan: There. You see?

Cutter: Huh… and with the inscription complete…

Nathan: We know exactly where to go in Yemen. Thank you very much.

Chloe: Nicely done

Cutter: Yeah, yeah, all the same. I think I'll hold onto this one.

Nathan: All right, let's get the hell out of here.

Sully: Ah, shit.

Cutter: They must've followed us.

Chloe: Well, we better hope there's another way outta here. Ah, there's a draft over here.

Nathan: Hey, come here.

Sully: Yeah, yeah, I can feel the breeze.

Chloe: Awesome, please be an outside wall,

Nathan: It's got some give. Charlie, help me with this.

Cutter: Yeah.

Chloe: Guys, we don't have much time. Come on, go! Yes!

Cutter: Ah… thanks very much, I'll take that.

Talbot: Drop your weapons.

Nathan: Yeah, I don't think so.

Talbot: Well, then. What a dilemma. We seem to be equally matched. Until the rest of my men show up, that is.

Sully: We can wait.

Chloe: Oh, no. Guys -

Nathan: Charlie -

Sully: Oh, goddamn it.

Talbot: Now that changes things a bit, doesn't it? Now drop your guns.

Nathan: Why don't you go-

Talbot: Cutter, shoot him.

Chloe: No!

Sully: Wait! Just stop, okay?

Talbot: Now that's better, isn't it? Shoot him.

Sully: You son of a bitch.

Talbot: Cutter - pull the trigger.

Cutter: My pleasure.

Cutter: Run!

Sully: Head for the tower!

Chloe: Go! Go!

Nathan: Shit! I'm out of bullets.

Sully: Run! Up the stairs!

Cutter: Why on earth did you drop your guns?

Nathan: You might've given us a wink or something.

Cutter: Well I didn't expect you to give up quite that easily, did I?

Nathan: Oh, shit!

Sully: C'mon, Cutter!

Nathan: He can't make it.

Chloe: Okay, what can we do? What can we do?

Talbot: Charlie.

Cutter: What the hell?

Talbot: You didn't get very far, did you? Hand it over.

Cutter: Piss off.

Sully: There's nothing we can do, kid.

Chloe: Jesus, this is unbearable.

Kate Marlowe: Oh, Cutter. I had such high hopes for you.

Cutter: Yeah, right.

Kate Marlowe: It's true - You had potential. Now… well, it's funny how things work out, isn't it? You betray my trust… and now we find ourselves here.

Kate Marlowe: As if it were in the cards all along.

Nathan: Charlie, don't.

Cutter: Shit. Shit.

Nathan: No.

Sully: Hurry! Go!

Nathan: Charlie!

Cutter: Ah, shit! Bollocks!

Nathan: Don't move! Don't move!

Cutter: Jesus! My leg! Don't touch it!

Nathan: It's broken.

Cutter: I know it's broken!

Chloe: Just easy does it, mate. Hang on. Nate - look at this.

Chloe: Nate - look at this.

Sully: Oh, what the hell…

Chloe: Okay, we can't stay here. Just leave me the gun. I'll kill those bastards.

Nathan: No way. We're getting you outta here.

Sully: C'mon. Get up. I got him. You cover us.

Nathan: Okay.

Sully: Go!

Cutter: How is that possible? I shot him right in that disgusting nancy boy waistcoat. Well, you saw it!

Chloe: Shit. It's an ambush!

Sully: We need to get him to a doctor!

Chloe: Let's get the hell outta here!

Sully: Watch out!

Chloe: We need to hurry! Help me with the door! Okay. Come on, guys. Sorry, Charlie. Whew.

Sully: Look out! There's more of 'em.

Nathan: Oh crap!

Chloe: Head for the gatehouse!

Nathan: Come on, we gotta get the hell outta here.

Cutter: All right, come on. Just a little further. Just a little further. Ow… bastard shitting, bastard leg. Aargh…

Sully: Easy does it.

Cutter: Jesus… God!

Nathan: Ahh… okay, okay. The bus. We're taking the bus.

Chloe: Well that won't attract any attention.

Chloe: Morning. Not worth the price of admission, folks.

Sully: Okay. Here we go. One… Two… atta boy.

Cutter: Yeah, yeah… okay. All right…

Sully: All right… Right here. All right, I got this. You take care of him.

Chloe: Uh, here they come.

Nathan: Sully, get us outta here!

Nathan: Looks like we lost ‘em.

Sully: All right - I'll find someplace to ditch the bus.

Nathan: Great. You doing all right?

Cutter: Oh, fabulous.

Chloe: That was too close.

Nathan: He'll be okay.

Chloe: No, I mean the whole thing. It just isn't worth it, Nate. Let this one go.

Cutter: No, no, no, no - you can't just give up. If you let these bastards win - after this - I will never bloody forgive you.

Nathan: Don't you worry, Charlie. There's no way I'm letting them win.

Chloe: What is it with you? What are you trying to prove?

Nathan: I'm not trying to prove anything.

Chloe: Right.

Sully: So what he plans kid?

Nathan: I guess I'm going to Yemen. You up for it?

Sully: 'Course I am.

Nathan: All right, we gotta find a quick way in. No hassles.

Sully: Think I might know someone we could call.

Nathan: Who? Oh, no. No, no, no.

Sully: You got a better idea, I'm all ears.

Nathan: What about - No… Fine. Make the call.


Sully: Elena Fisher, Foreign Correspondent.

Elena: Hey, Sully.

Sully: How ya doin', sweetheart?

Elena: Uh, no, sorry, that's sorta frowned upon here.

Sully: Oh, right.

Elena: You two can hold hands though.

Nathan: How are you, Elena?

Elena: Good, thanks.

Nathan: You uh, you look great.

Elena: So, against my better judgment… These permits will get you through most checkpoints.

Nathan: Okay, great.

Elena: Oh, and I shouldn't be worried about what's in those bags, right?

Sully: Course not.

Nathan: No.

Elena: Yeah. Not yet, anyway. All right, remember - you're journalists now. So try and act respectable.

Nathan: Think you can handle that?

Sully: I think she's talking to you.

Elena: So what exactly are you two reprobates up to?

Nathan: Just a little historical research.

Elena: Right. So that explains the big rush.

Nathan: Exactly.

Elena: No cursed treasures?

Nathan: Nope.

Elena: No diabolical warlords?

Nathan: No.

Elena: You are the worst liar

Nathan: What?

Elena: You are.

Nathan: Oh, come on, we're not going to start this, are we?

Sully: Excuse me. The car, where is it?

Elena: It's over there.

Sully: I'll just take the bags and meet you.

Elena: Nate -

Nathan: You're still wearing it.

Elena: Yeah, I am. It helps in this part of the world.

Nathan: Oh, really.

Elena: Seriously, don't flatter yourself. I see you're still wearing yours.

Nathan: What? Oh, oh. Yeah.

Elena: That's what this is all about, isn't it?

Nathan: You don't understand. I finally proved it. Drake lied about his route through the East Indies. Four hundred years ago, he came here.

Elena: Why, Nate?

Nathan: That's what we're here to find out.

Elena: No, I mean, why this obsession? I'm - I'm just worried -

Nathan: I can take care of myself, all right?

Sully: I'm not talking about you.

Nathan: What, Sully?

Elena: He would go to the ends of the earth for you, Nate. Just - don't ask him to.

Nathan: C'mon, that's not fair. What is that even supposed to mean?

Sully: All set? If you could just drop us at the edge of the city, that would be great.

Elena: Not a chance - you two are my responsibility now. I'm not taking my eyes off of you.

Historical Research[]

Elena: If you're trying to pick up Francis Drake's trail, we should head to the old quarter.

Sully: Ahh, so this is the new part?

Elena: Well, it's all relative. The city was founded at least three thousand years ago.

Nathan: All right - well, lead on.

Elena: All right. There - you see that tower up ahead? That's where the old city starts. So, we need to make our way over there.

Elena: Salaam

Shopkeeper: Salaam.

Elena: Okay, through there. All right now I need you to be on your best behavior.

Sully: Yes, ma'am.

Elena: No, I'm serious, police have patrols everywhere, and we don't need to arouse any suspicions.

Nathan: You got it.

Elena: We're just gonna cut through the market. Huh. Okay, it looks like they've got the street blocked off. I'll go see what I can do you two just stay here.

Sully: She's still wearing it.

Nathan: Oh yeah, apparently it helps in this part of the world.

Sully: What does that mean?

Nathan: Pssh… I don't know.

Sully: So?

Elena: All right, it's no good. They're not letting anybody go through. Let's try over here. I know another way around.

Sully: Damn it, this thing locked.



Sully: Thanks, pal.

Nathan: Good thing we've got you with us.

Elena: Yeah, no kidding. Okay, up here.

Sully: Ah, great, more cops.

Elena: Yeah, looks like we're not getting through here, either.

Sully: Gonna have to find another way around.

Nathan: Hey, up here. There's gotta be another way through. Come on. Follow me. You two all right?

Sully: Yeah, on our way.

Elena: Guys, I don't think we should be in here.

Nathan: Oh c'mon, we'll just cut through. It'll be fine. Just don't break anything. Yeah, here we go.

Elena: Okay. See - down there. Those buildings would've been hundreds of years old even when Francis Drake was alive.

Nathan: Right. Good thinking.

Sully: Hey - Nate.

Nathan: Huh?

Sully: Talbot.

Elena: Who?

Nathan: He's got Cutter's notebook.

Elena: What? Wait, Charlie Cutter?

Nathan: No time. Sully can explain everything

Sully: Hey, wait a minute -

Nathan: Meet you down there.

Talbot: Just couldn't leave it alone, could you? C'mere.

Nathan: Not a complete loss.

Talbot: Get him!

Nathan: Hiya, boys.

Sully: Nate! Come on!

Elena: Okay, this way! Hurry! Down here! Through here. Hurry! Let's get the hell outta here. Hey - through here!

Elena: Is somebody gonna fill me in here? Who were those guys, and what does Charlie have to do with all this?

Nathan: He was working with us on this one.

Elena: Wait, 'was'? He's not - dead?

Nathan: No, no.

Sully: Him and Chloe.

Elena: Chloe too?

Sully: Yeah, but they both bowed out when Cutter broke his leg.

Elena: He broke his leg?

Sully: He's lucky he didn't break his damn neck, a fall like than.

Nathan: He's fine.

Sully: 'Course between that and burning to death, I think would've jumped too.

Nathan: Not helping.

Elena: All right -just tell me - what you're really looking for.

Nathan: Uh… This. C'mere. Sully, check this out.

Sully: I think we lost 'em. Whaddya got?

Nathan: Looks like we stumbled right into our secret entrance.

Sully: Well, that's our girl. Well, I'm not going down there without some hardware.

Elena: Go talk to the rug merchant we just passed.

Sully: No - guns. Weapons.

Elena: He's not really a rug merchant,

Sully: Oh, right.

Nathan: Hey - just watch yourself out there, okay?

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan: All right, what is all this crap you're giving me about Sully?

Elena: Seriously, Nate, why don't you just come clean with me? Those guys are not here for ‘historical research', and neither are you. This is about that Marlowe woman, isn't it?

Nathan: Yes. But - look at this - I finally got it. And it's just like I said. That - led to this. And this - led us here.

Elena: To a hole in the ground.

Nathan: Well, it's a glamorous life. C'mon, admit it you love all this as much as I do.

Elena: No. No, not anymore.

Nathan: Really? Okay, well, why don't you just walk away.

Elena: Me? Me walk away. That's funny.

Nathan: Shotguns?

Sully: Why not?

Nathan: What the -

Sully: What? He only had two.

Nathan: Great. All right, just give me a hand with this.

Nathan: All right. Ready?

Sully: Well, well, well -

Nathan: Ha-ha. That's cute.

Elena: What?

Nathan: Because it's a well.

Sully: Shall we?

As Above, So Below[]

Elena: Okay, guys… Secret entrance to what? What's down there?

Nathan: Only one way to find out.

Elena: Another non-answer.

Sully: You expected something different?

Nathan: All right, we're good. Come on down.

Sully: It's just a cistern, kid. You sure this is the right place?

Nathan: Yeah… it's gotta be.

Elena: So what was Sir Francis doing all the way out here, anyway?

Sully: Yeah, to find the lost city of Ubar.

Nathan: Yeah, the Atlantis of the Sands.

Elena: Under this city.

Nathan: No - no, it's in the middle of the Rub' al Khali desert.

Sully: This place just tells you how to find it. Supposedly.

Elena: Uh-huh.

Nathan: You know, this place looks familiar. Wait a minute… this is what Francis Drake sketched on the back of the map. See - check it out. These are the same pillars. All right. Francis Drake must've made these notes when he was down here.

Elena: Does it tell us how to find the entrance?

Nathan: It's pretty cryptic, but I think I can work it out. These holes must be important. Guess we just have to find the right one.

Sully: How are we gonna do that? There are a lot of those holes in this room.

Nathan: Well, there's gotta be another clue. Look around, we're missing something. It's in Enochian script.

Sully: Must've been left by Drake. Can you decipher it?

Nathan: I'll try. “The moon will show the way.”

Sully: The moon? Down here? Ha! I am not hanging around this place 'til night time.

Nathan: I'm pretty sure it's a riddle.

Elena: I'll make a note of it on the map. You're gonna mark up Sir Francis' 400-year-old map?

Nathan: What? He wouldn't mind. So if I stand here… Hey, there's a symbol etched in the floor here. Sully, you go to that column. Elena, you take the one on the far wall there. I've got this one. Okay, now

Elena: Really?

Nathan: I think we have to pull them at the same time.

Elena: Okay, but what if you're wrong?

Sully: Yeah, I kind of like this arm, Nate. I use it all the time.

Nathan: Just do it. One, two, three…

Sully: Are you sure that's the right lever?

Elena: Listen.

Nathan: What'd I tell ya?

Sully: I'll be damned, it worked.

Nathan: Yeah, pretty amazing.

Elena: Oh, okay. So why the big secret all these centuries? What did Elizabeth expect Drake to find?

Nathan: We don't know exactly. Treasure, I guess.

Sully: What else? The buried riches of a lost civilization.

Elena: 'Course it's never that simple, is it?

Sully: Rarely.

Elena: And those assholes in the black suits - they're looking for the same thing, I suppose?

Sully: Yep, they're Marlowe's men.

Nathan: Ah-huh. Guess we have to earn that one.

Elena: Amazing…

Sully: Pick your poison.

Elena: Weird. What kind of symbols are those?

Sully: Never seen anything like it.

Nathan: Looks like it's some sort of mechanism. But someone scattered the gears all over the room.

Elena: You think Sir Francis?

Nathan: Who knows…

Elena: Okay, well let's hope we figure it out. I think we're trapped here until we do.

Nathan: Hey - this screen decodes the images!

Elena: What can you see?

Nathan: All right, one looks like a cross. Then the other has four circles.

Sully: Hey, the same symbol is on some of these gears.

Nathan: Huh. The symbols seem to be rotating in opposite directions to each other.

Sully: Okay, what the hell's that supposed to mean?

Nathan: Ha ha! That did it!

Elena: Nice!

Elena: Okay, all the floating body parts? This is giving me the creeps.

Nathan: Sully, throw me your lighter.

Sully: All right. Coming at ya.

Nathan: Аһ, стар. Whoa… Okay. Ha! See… and you were worried.

Sully: Hey, the first door is open.

Nathan: C'mon.

Elena: Okay, so Nate. Did Francis Drake ever find that lost city that he was looking for?

Nathan: Don't think so… Seems like he only came this far, then turned back and headed home.

Elena: …and concealed everything about this little detour?

Nathan: Yeah…

Elena: Have you stopped to ask yourself why?

Nathan: What do you mean?

Elena: I don't know… this whole place just seems like some kind of a… a warning to me, that's all.

Nathan: Huh, looks like some kind of ornate brazier.

Nathan: Well I'll be go to hell…

Elena: Whoa…

Nathan: As above, so below… Sully, this is some kind of celestial map.

Sully: That makes sense. The Arabs used the stars to navigate the desert - just like sailors on the ocean.

Nathan: That's right. So, you could use these constellations to find the site of the lost city?

Sully: If I had a sextant, sure. I didn't do all that time in the Navy for nothing, y'know.

Nathan: And here I thought you spent the whole time looking for that basket act.

Elena: The what?

Sully: Ahh, never mind.

Nathan: Hey, you think you could remember this?

Sully: Well, yeah - but we oughta copy it down, don'tcha think?

Nathan: No, I really don't recommend that.

Elena: Hey guys, look at this…

Nathan: Huh. Well, that's uh… cheery.

Elena: Do you hear that?

Nathan: Uh-oh.

Sully: Oh, no.

Elena: Wait - what is that?

Nathan: Get away from the walls.

Sully: Hold onto that torch, kid.

Nathan: Oh, crap!

Elena: Oh, no, no… Oh God…

Nathan: Okay. Stay close behind me!

Sully: Watch your step!

Nathan: Keep shooting and follow me.

Sully: Right behind ya, kid!

Nathan: Hurry! Keep moving!

Sully: Agh, they're everywhere!

Nathan: Sully, keep shooting! I think we can get through up here.

Sully: We gotta get this door open.

Nathan: Agh, it won't budge.

Elena: Maybe I can open it from the other side.

Sully: Try to hold 'em off with this. I'll help Elena from this side, just do what you can.

Nathan: How's it going, Elena?

Sully: Hey, Elena - you back there?

Nathan: Sully, I need more ammo.

Sully: One second, kid!

Nathan: Sully, I need it now!

Elena: Here, take this.

Nathan: How's it coming?

Elena: I think I found it!

Nathan: Well, open the door!

Nathan: Any time, Elena!

Elena: Got it! Okay, c'mon!

Sully: Oh, man. I've had more than enough of those damn things.

Elena: Wait - you knew about them? You were planning on telling me, right?

Nathan: Hey - look at this… ‘Let not the world deceive thee with its beauty', ‘It is the dream of a dreamer, a mirage of the desert'.

Sully: ‘The cup of death will be filled for thee' Lovely. It's all in English.

Nathan: Yeah - it must've been Drake,

Elena: Okay, so, let me get this straight -Drake sails thousands of miles looking for this ‘Atlantis of the Sands', and when he gets this far - what he finds here is enough to make him turn around, sail home, and hide all evidence of his voyage.

Nathan: Right…

Elena: But you - you're going to keep going, aren't you?

Nathan: Uh, yeah.

Elena: For what? For ‘treasure'? Sully, he listens to you. Please make him stop.

Nathan: Yes, Sully, please, tackle me.


Elena: What is wrong with you two?

Nathan: Elena, c'mon - we're just joking around.

Elena: Listen - you've won, okay? You've outsmarted her. You know where to find the city, and Marlowe doesn't. Why can't that be enough?

Sully: Take cover, it's an ambush!

Nathan: Oh shit! Elena! Sully! Get down!

Sully: Can't see a damn thing!

Nathan: Sully, you all right?

Sully: Yeah!

Elena: Over here, Nate. I'll give you a leg up.

Sully: Careful, kid.

Nathan: All right, watch it. I'm gonna end the ladder down. All right, heads up.

Elena: Got it.

Nathan: You got it? There.

Elena: Thanks.

Nathan: Here give me your guns. Can't take 'em out onto the street.

Sully: Ahh, right.

Nathan: As much as I'd like to.

Sully: Okay, I think we're clear. C'mon. We gotta make ourselves scarce - before any more of 'em show up.

Elena: Alright, up here. This way.

Nathan: No…

Elena: Nate?

Nathan: Run -

Sully: Oh, no. All right, easy, kid.

Nathan: Stay away.

Elena: What's wrong with him?

Sully: They drugged him.

Elena: What?

Sully: Come on. We gotta get him out of here. C'mon, son.

Nathan: Don't touch me! All right -

Elena: We just, we just want to help.

Nathan: Get away!

Nathan: Get away from me!

Sully: Nate!

Nathan: Get away from me.

Talbot's Voice: Easy now.

Nathan: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Talbot's Voice: Stay calm. Come with me.

Nathan: Don't - don't touch me.

Talbot's Voice: Drake. Marlowe's waiting.

Nathan: No, no, no, no…

Talbot's Voice: It will all be over soon.

Nathan: No… no…

Talbot's Voice: Relax. Trust me.

Nathan: I'm sorry.

Talbot's Voice: Shhh.

Nathan: Sully?

Talbot's Voice: Sully's not here, Drake. You're on your own now.

Nathan: Sully knows.

Talbot's Voice: Trust us. Follow me.

Nathan: No. I won't go.

Talbot's Voice: Don't resist. Where is this? You're with us. Just listen to me. You know what we want.

Nathan: Don't… don't let them, don't let them…

Talbot's Voice: I won't let them hurt you.

Nathan: Damn it.


Talbot's Voice: Where is it?

Nathan: I don't know.

Talbot's Voice: Give them to us.

Nathan: I don't know. I don't know

Talbot's Voice: Good.

Damn it, I don't know. I don't know. Please, I don't know!

Kate Marlowe: Welcome back.

Kate Marlowe: I don't recommend making a scene. You're not exactly here legally, remember? ‘Greatness from small beginnings…' Beneath that cocky exterior, you're still the same scared, filthy little runaway, aren't you?

Nathan: Skip the mind games. You don't know me.

Kate Marlowe: In fact - I suspect I know you better than anyone, Mr. Drake… Of course, that's not your real name, is it? - but we won't dwell on that. Mother commits suicide… Father surrenders son to the state at the age of five… Entrusted to the St. Francis Boys Home… It's all so Dickensian. Oh… Don't worry. She's of no interest to us. Unless of course, we need to apply a little pressure.

Nathan: What do you want from me?

Kate Marlowe: Well, as much as it pains me to admit it, I need your help. To find Victor Sullivan.

Nathan: Right.

Kate Marlowe: We already know he has the coordinates to find Iram.

Nathan: How do you know that?

Kate Marlowe: You told us, Nathan. It seems your loyalty isn't as firm as you'd like to think it is. What about his?

Nathan: What? Wait. What are you trying to pull?

Kate Marlowe: Nothing. It's just that - well, we've had you ‘in our clutches' for quite some time now…

and he hasn't exactly mounted a rescue. He didn't 'rescue' you back in Cartagena, either. He just saw something he could exploit.

Nathan: I know what you're trying to do -

Kate Marlowe: Trust me - Victor is only ever in it for Victor. It's a cold hard fact. I discovered it twenty years ago. I'm surprised it's taken you this long to figure it out.

Nathan: You're wasting your time, lady.

Kate Marlowe: Fair enough, but ask yourself… when he scooped you off the streets of Colombia twenty years ago, did he save you from that life? Or did he just doom you to this one? Ah, excellent. Well we've located Sullivan on the other side of the city. I'm sorry, Nathan - it seems you've been removed from the equation.

Nathan: Oh, no, no, no. Ah, shit.

Talbot: Damn it.

Nathan: Surprise, asshole!

Talbot: Shit.

Nathan: Where the hell did he go? Ah, great. Pardon me. There he is. Think you'd lost me, didn't ya? Come on, Talbot, this is getting old.


Mercenary: Remember me? Rameses. You should thank me, my friend.

Nathan: Right… thanks.

Rameses: No, really. The English lady paid me to get rid of you. But me? I'm a nice guy. I saved your life. Right now, I am the only friend you got.

Nathan: Uh-huh. And how you figure I owe you something, is that it?

Rameses: Smart guy. I like that. You are way ahead of me. It is really a simple question… Iram of the Pillars…

Nathan: Of course.

Rameses: …where is it?

Nathan: I don't know, buddy.

Rameses: Bullshit.

Nathan: Look, even if I did know, my life wouldn't be worth very much once I told you, now would it?

Rameses: You insult me. You're a pirate. And a good businessman. Give me some respect. Let's try this again.

Where - is – Iram, Nathan?

Nathan: Look, you can torture me all you want -

Rameses: Okay.

Nathan: But I can't tell you what I don't know.

Rameses: Maybe so. We'll see il your friend is more… cooperative.

Nathan: What-? Who?

Rameses: Your friend - Victor Sullivan? I don't want to do this… at his age, it may be too much for him.

Nathan: Wait -

Rameses: No, no, no. You have given me no choice. Perhaps your friend will be more grateful for his life.

Nathan: Wait. You leave Sully alone.

Rameses: Bye, Nathan.

Nathan: You don't touch him!

Pirate: This is gonna be fun.


Pirate: Don't want to tell us what we want to know, huh? I'm talking to you, boy.

Nathan: Oh shit, where did you come from?

Nathan: And stay down… please.

Nathan: Rum… how cliché.

Nathan: All right, now we're talking. Empty. Of course, it's empty.

Nathan: Oh crap. Where the hell am I?

Nathan: Look at this place. Shit. Here goes nothing. Okay. Making progress. I see you buddy. Just don't turn around don't turn around… don't turn around. All right Sully, you're out here somewhere. Come to papa. Two down. Shitload to go. Oh shit! That's what you get for messing with my friend. And that one's for Sully. All right, getting close. This doesn't look too dangerous. Oh God. I love the smell of propane in the morning. Wait. That's an idea. Nice. That'll do it. All right, don't look down. Okay. Only get one shot at this. Back on solid ground, or solid boat. Gonna need a tetanus shot after this. Now where's that radio tower? All right, early there. Nice. Must be Rameses' ship. All right, finally… let's… Ah, you gotta be kidding me. This place is a mess. Shit. Right… plan B. Wait.

Nathan: Where are you headed? That must be where they're holding Sully. I gotta get on that ship. Oh, shit. All right, now we're getting somewhere. All right. I gotta make it to that boat.

Rough Seas[]

Nathan: Hang in there, Sully. On my way. Oh, crap. Damn it. Don't leave without me, boys. Holy shit! Big wave, big wave! I can't let you boys leave me behind! I guess they don't like stowaways. Oh you gotta be kidding me! Oh shit… this one's going down. Whoa, shit. Oh, yeah, two can play at that game. Okay, there's the ladder. Only got one shot at this.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'[]

Nathan: All right, Sully, I'm coming. Oh - crap. Gotta get to the upper deck. Ah, crap it's blocked. All right, don't look down. Don't look down. Oh, oh. Here we go. Okay, okay… Let's take a look. Oh, shit. So much for stealth. Argh, I hate boats. Where did that thing come from?

Rameses: Take the prisoner to the hold.

Nathan: Thanks for the tip, Rameses. All right, right into the lion's den. Damn it. All right, let's try to do this quietly. All right, gotta get down to the hold - find Sully. It's gotta be down this way. There he is. Sully. Sully, it's Nate. Sully – Sully?

Nathan: He's not here.

Nathan: Oh, crap.

Rameses: Nathan! You have given me so much trouble. I promise you - we're gonna end it now.

Nathan: You never had him, did you?

Rameses: Of course not. I lied. Remember? I'm a pirate.

Nathan: That's right, buddy. Keep laughing.


Sink or Swim[]

Nathan: Whoa! Oh, that's not good. We're sinking, if you haven't noticed! Damn it, this isn't good.

Nathan: I gotta get outta here.

Nathan: Oh, no, oh, shit. Which way is up? Okay, this way. Here we go.

Nathan: Holy crap. Easy. All right, come on.

Nathan: Finally, something went right.

Nathan: Oh, shit. No, no, no. Can't get much worse than this.

Nathan: Uh oh - no! Yes, it can.

Nathan: How 'bout that? Okay - time to get out of this aquarium.

Rameses: See you in hell, habibi.

Nathan: Ah, no - crazy son-of-a-bitch!

Nathan: Get outta here.

Nathan: How convenient. How's it going?

Elena: …all right, all right, yeah… Yeah, I understand. Can you call me if ah, if anything changes -

Elena: Oh my God. I gotta go… Nate.

Nathan: Hey…

Nathan: I thought this was frowned upon.

Elena: Shut up. I really thought you were gone this time.

Nathan: Nah…

Elena: Are you okay?

Nathan: Is Sully…?

Nathan: He's alive.

Nathan: Oh, thank God.

Elena: But they've got him.

Nathan: What? Where?

Elena: They're in a convoy, headed into the desert.

Nathan: We gotta go -

Elena: Whoa-whoah, whoa, no. No, it's not… It's not that simple. C'mon. They've got at least two days' head start on us. So, we'll never catch up.

Nathan: We gotta try -

Elena: Listen, I've got a plan. But we're only going to get one shot at this.

Nathan: Okay.

Elena: They're loading up a cargo plane at the airport. They're going to make a supply drop to the convoy.

Nathan: We gotta be on that plane.

Elena: Exactly.

Nathan: You do realize that means parachuting in, right?

Elena: We've done it before.

Nathan: Not well. Okay. I could really use a glass of water and then we oughta get going.

Elena: No, no, no, no, no, no. My contact at the airport says that the plane isn't taking off until dawn. In the meantime, just try to get a couple hours' sleep

Nathan: I don't think that's a good idea.

Elena: C'mon, all right? He'll call if anything changes.

Nathan: You were really gonna do all this on your own, huh?

Elena: For Sully - yeah.

Nathan: I like the way you think.

Elena: I know.

Nathan: No, I mean that's…

Elena: I know what you mean.

Nathan: I'm sorry.

Elena: I know.

Elena: There it is.

Nathan: Okay. Here.

Elena: Man… I don't want to have to use this.

Nathan: I know, but we have to do this quietly. They catch us sneaking onto that plane, we're dead.

One Shot at This[]

Elena: Hey, Nate, over here. I think we can cut through the building.

Nathan: All right, good call.

Elena: Here, help me lift this.

Nathan: All right, go under. You got it?

Elena: Mm-hm. Okay.

Nathan: All right, let's set it down. Looks like there's a way out on the other side. Ahh… shit.

Elena: Are you okay?

Nathan: Yeah. Yeah, I'm great.

Elena: Looks like we can get out that window.

Nathan: But we need a way up.

Elena: If I put it in neutral, I think we can push this.

Nathan: Here - I'll push, you steer. How much further?

Elena: We're almost there. Keep going.

Nathan: Did you bother to look for keys?

Elena: Just keep going

Nathan: All right, hold it steady-I'm going to climb on top.

Elena: Hurry, hurry, it's slipping. I can't hold it much longer.

Nathan: God, that hurt. Man, that's a big plane. Hold on a minute, I'll open the door.

Elena: Hey careful, okay! I can hear two guys. Is there some kind of lock or something?

Nathan: There used to be.

Elena: Oh shit, get down, get down! Behind you!

Nathan: You okay?

Elena: Yeah, you?

Nathan: Think we can do the same thing.

Elena: It's slipping!

Nathan: Oh, oh, whoa, whoa, I'm losing it! Oh, crap. That's bad. That's really, really bad…

Elena: Get down!

Nathan: Up here. Ahh, shit. We've been spotted.

Elena: Watch out, Nate!

Nathan: Yeah, there goes the element of surprise!

Elena: We gotta take these guys out fast!

Nathan: Just keep your head down.

Elena: Hey, what are you doing? Don't leave me behind! We're almost there. It's just over that roof.

Nathan: Got it. All right, looks like it's a straight shot from here.

Elena: Yeah.

Nathan: I'm gonna… I'm gonna climb to the top, then I'll help you over,

Elena: All right.

Nathan: Keep me covered.

Elena: Okay.

Elena: Hey, what're you - What are you do

Nathan: Elena, listen -

Elena: Damn it. I knew you would try something like this.

Nathan: Don't. Please. Let's be honest. This is a… this is a million-to-one-shot. And when I almost lost you before-

Elena: You're not gonna-

Nathan: I just can't do that again. So, take that jeep over there and get the hell outta here, all right? While you can?

Elena: You haven't got much time. Go.

Nathan: Oh no. Agh - damn it!

Nathan: Atta girl.

Elena: I got you - come on!

Nathan: Hey - déjà vu, right?

Elena: Yeah.

Nathan: Just get me up to the landing gear!

Elena: Okay. Careful.

Nathan: Just keep it steady! To the right! To the right! More this way! To the left! More that way! Little more! Get a little closer! That's it! That's it! Steady!

Elena: Jump! Now!

Nathan: Oh, God!


Nathan: All right…

Nathan: Ohh, shit.

Nathan: No, no, no - let's, let's talk about this…

Nathan: Come on, come on. Thanks for flying with us! Oh, no. Oh, crap, no.

Nathan: You kidding me? See ya! Oh, God! Come on. Oh, thank God… Oh, no. Oh, this is not good.

The Rub' al Khali[]

Nathan: Okay. Gotta think… Keep my head. I'll just head to the wreckage and see what I can find. Maybe some water… Something.

Nathan: Perfect. Here we go… All right. Hating the sand. Okay… If I could just find some water, some water would be good. A well.

Nathan: Oh, thank God.Bring it on up. I don't care if it's cold or not.

Nathan: Goddamnit. Oh, shit… you gotta be kidding me Now what?

Nathan: All right… Where are you, Sully? Where are you? Ah, come on, Nate. Okay, there's, there's Orion. There's The Big Dipper. Ah… shit. Should've been in the Navy.

Nathan: I don't know who I'm talking to. I'm exhausted. Sully. Thank God.

Nathan: What the hell is that? Just keep going. Just keep going.

Voice of Kate Marlowe: What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this story rubbish?

Nathan: Wait a minute.

Voice of Kate Marlowe: Son of man, you cannot say, or guess…

Nathan: Wait, is that the…

Voice of Kate Marlowe: …for you know only a heap of broken images…

Nathan: That's the well.

Voice of Kate Marlowe: …where the sun beats, and the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief, and the dry stone no sound of water.

Nathan: Goddamnit, I've been going around in circles. Shit! Damn it, Nate. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

Voice of Kate Marlowe: Only there is shadow under this red rock, come in under the shadow of this red rock, and I will show you something different…

Nathan: So hot.

Voice of Kate Marlowe: …from either your shadow at morning striding behind you or your shadow at evening rising to meet you; I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

Nathan: Just want to keep… Oh, God… I just wanna lay down. Can't lay down, just can't lay down.

Sully: Nate. Nate.

Nathan: Sully…

Sully: Wake up

Nathan: Help me.

Sully: Come on. Give me your hand.

Nathan: I've been… I've been looking for you. I couldn't find you. I don't know how long I've been out here. I think. Sully? Sully…

Nathan: Okay… I can do this. Sully? I'm coming, Sully. Almost there. Oh, thank God. It's a village. Please don't let that have been a mirage. No.

Nathan: No. Ah shit. It's a ghost town.

The Settlement[]

Nathan: At least it's real. If I could just find some water… some water would be good. Let's try through here. Didn't need that. Oh, thank God, a well. Okay. Damn it! Damn it, it's dry.

Nathan: Here we go. Ah shit, it's undrinkable. Okay, don't give up. There's gotta be something useful here.

Nathan: Oh, shit! Okay, need a gun. What the hell are Marlowe's men doing here? They must've been sent to look for the plane. Damn it, I'm trapped down here.

Nathan: Ha! It worked! There's gotta be a way out of here. Ah, shit! This is getting ridiculous! Ah, shit! This is getting ridiculous! I've had enough of these assholes. Okay. Hopefully that's the last of them. Ah, crap. Where the hell did that come from? Come on, yo, fall! Oh God, it's hot. Snipers, now. Agh, there's too many of them! This is it, this is it! I can't do this. What the hell is that?

Horseman: English?

Nathan: What? English. I speak English.

Nathan: No, no, no, no. No, no. Don't shoot me. Please, don't shoot me.


Nathan: Sniper! Dead ahead!

Nathan: What the hell? Oh, no. No, no! Oh, shit. I gotta get the hell out of here!

Purple Horseman: Hurry, stay close American! This way! Through here! Sniper! Snipers, look out! RPG! RPG!

Nathan: I got it! We must get through the gates!

Purple Horseman: You are far from home, American.

Nathan: شكرا

Purple Horseman: You do not belong out here. Any of you.

Nathan: You spared me. Why not just kill me along with the others?

Purple Horseman: That would have been impolite. You were in distress. Even an enemy must be fed and sheltered. Are you my enemy, American?

Nathan: Drake.

Purple Horseman: Hm?

Nathan: My name. It's Drake.

Purple Horseman: Salim. I am sheikh of this tribe.

Nathan: Well, I don't mean to be forward, Salim, but I need a horse. I don't have anything to offer in return-

Salim: You plan to attack the English caravan alone?

Nathan: You know about them.

Salim: My scouts have been tracking them for two days. Why are you here? Why do the English cross the Rub' al Khali?

Nathan: They're looking for the lost city of Ubar.

Salim: Iram of the Pillars…

Nathan: They've taken my friend hostage. He's the only one who knows the way. Once they find Iram, he'll be worthless to them.

Salim: If they find Iram, we are all dead. Three thousand years ago, King Solomon commanded the power of the Djinn. Demons, born of smokeless fire. Until they rebelled. He imprisoned them in a vessel of brass, and cast it into the depths of the city. Iram became a place of evil, cursed by the tormented spirits of the Djinn. The English must not reach the city. If they unleash the power of the Djinn…

Nathan: We don't have much time, do we?

Salim: No - but they have the greater numbers. We cannot attack them in the open. Tonight, rest. Tomorrow they enter the canyons - we'll take them there. We ride at dawn.


Salim: The convoy – follow me this way!

Nathan: You got it.

Salim: Stay close, stay close! Careful - this pass is narrow!

Nathan: Salim, is it much farther?

Salim: We are nearly there. The convoy will be up ahead! Be careful - be careful! There they are! The convoy is right below!

Nathan: We have to hurry!

Salim: Drake, save your bullets, they're too far away! They're out of range! This is a shortcut, just stay with me! Come on, we're nearly there! Come on!! Quickly, now is our chance! Let's go! Drake, get on the trucks! Take these guys out!

Nathan: I got the one on the left!

Salim: Nice shooting, Drake! Nice!

Nathan: My friend's probably up at the front!

Salim: Good shot!

Nathan: Look for the lead car! That's where Sullivan is! Think I got this horse thing down!

Salim: Come on, I'm right with you, let's go, let's go!

Nathan: This way!

Salim: Gotta take out that machine gun!

Nathan: I'm on it!

Salim: Take out the truck! The truck is on fire! Jump! Close one! Take our these bikes, I can't get past! Stay with me, come on, we're nearly there! Quickly - through the canyon! We must get to the lead vehicles!

Nathan: Roadkill.

Salim: Come on! Give me your hand!

Nathan: There's my horse!

Salim: There! Jump to the horse, Drake! Jump to the horse! Keep going! He's got to be up ahead!

He's got to be up ahead!

Nathan: We're almost to the front! Sullivan! Sully - you in there? Sully!

Nathan: You're alive! Hang on!

Sully: Oh, slut! Help me!

Nathan: I'm coming! I'm coming! Hang on, I gotcha! Take my hand, I got you! Oh, shit!

Sully: I can't hold on!

Nathan: Salim – grab him!

Salim: Take my hand, I got you!

Sully: Oh, shit.

Nathan: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No shit, hang on!

Sully: Watch it, kid! Jump!

Nathan: Hey.

Sully: Oh, man.

Nathan: You all right?

Sully: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. But - Damn, I was sure they'd killed you, kid.

Nathan: Well, they tried, right?

Sully: So, how the hell did you find me all the way our here?

Nathan: I had some help.

Salim: Salim.

Sully: Sullivan. Thank you.

Salim: We haven't much time. We cannot allow them to reach the city.

Nathan: I don't know -

Sully: He's right, Nate. I've been trapped with those crazy bastards for days. I don't know what the hell it is Marlowe is after, exactly - but it sure as hell ain't treasure. We've got to stop 'em.

Salim: We've got to stop 'em. Drake, we must go. Now.

Nathan: Never a dull moment, huh, Sully?

Sully: Why change now?

Nathan: Yah…

Salim: There! Straight ahead!

Nathan: Into the storm? Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Salim: Trust me, Drake! Trust me!

Nathan: Salim!

Salim: Drake, where are you?

Nathan: Sully! Sully, stay close!

Sully: Where's Salim?

Nathan: We must've lost 'em!

Sully: It's no good! Let 'em go!

Nathan: They must know something we don't. It's the convoy. Hang back, Sully. I'll go check it out.

Sully: You got it.

Sully: This can't be the whole convoy. There's not enough of them.

Nathan: Must've gotten separated in the storm. Come on.

Sully: Nate! Get an RPG! Get an RPG and take those trucks out!

Sully: I think that's all of them.

Nathan: This is it. We made it. C'mon, let's get inside.

Sully: Holy shit…

Nathan: Wow… Look at this place.

Sully: So it really does exist.

Nathan: It's amazing.

Sully: Sure would hate to have to polish this.

Nathan: It's enormous.

Sully: Oh hey… I managed to swipe your notebook back off Marlowe. Figured it might come in handy.

Nathan: Still got it. Sully, up here. I found something. Ah crap… it's stuck.

Sully: Nate, there's one on the other side.

Nathan: I'll go see if I can get that one working. You wait here.

Sully: Nate, you gotta get on that other switch.

Nathan: Almost there. You ready? Go.

Sully: Yep.

Sully: Ha, ha… it worked!

Nathan: In the words of Victor Sullivan, “I'll be go to hell”. Holy shit. It's true, it's really here.

The Atlantis of the Sands[]

Sully: Oh my God.

Nathan: Victor Sullivan, welcome to Ubar. Another dead end.

Sully: Jesus how the hell do we get down from here.

Sully: Incredible…

Nathan: This is how the city could thrive all the way out here. The whole place must be fed by an underground spring. It's clean. It's amazing it's still running after all these years.

Sully: Now that's a hell of a thing…

Sully: What-?

Nathan: No.

Nathan: No… please. Sully.

Nathan: Whoa! Jesus what the hell was that?

Nathan: Talbot! You come back here you son-of-a-bitch! You're dead! You hear me, you're dead! You come back here you…

Nathan: What? Where did he go? This is impossible. Where the hell am I? This is Cartagena… I haven't been here since I was a kid. What's going on with me? Huh? Oh shit… Oh no!

Nathan: This can't be happening!

Nathan: Whoa… no! What? No, no, no, no!

Nathan: No. Stay away, please. Oh God. Oh no, what is this?

Nathan: Everything, everything is moving. I gotta get out. I gotta get out of here. No, no, no… No. Can't do this. What is this? What is happening? Oh, there's no way out. Oh no…

Nathan: They're here. I'm gonna kill 'em. You killed Sully! I'll kill you, you killed Sully! Demons… Demons born… born of smokeless fire. Can't be real. Can't be real. No, no, it can't be real. I gotta get out. I gotta get out. Okay. Hold it together. Just hold it together, Nate. Come on. Sully? Hey, Sully!

Hey, Sully! No, no, no, he's…

Nathan: Huh? What is that? What the? Oh my god…

Nathan: Oh, there they are.

The Dreamers of the Day[]

Sally's Voice: That you, kid…?

Sully: Oh, thank God.

Nathan: You all right? Man, I had a hell of a time-

Sully: What's the matter with you?

Nathan: How do I know you're real?

Nathan: Ow!

Sully: That real enough for you? Don't ever point a gun at me again.

Nathan: I… I saw them shoot you… right after the eclipse…

Sully: What? What eclipse? Look, kid, you went nuts right after you drank from that fountain. It's the water. That's what destroyed the city, not 'the Wrath of God.' The whole water supply is tainted with some sort of hallucinogenic agent. Must've drove everyone mad.

Nathan: That's what Marlowe and Talbot are after.

Sully: Oh, man, yeah… Remember Cutter said, they controlled their enemies through fear. Oh, this'd do it, in spades. But wait, it doesn't make any sense - how do they think they're how do they think they're getting the water out of here?

Nathan: No, it's not the water - it's what's in the water.

Sully: Come again?

Nathan: All right, listen, just bear with me for a second - Salim told me that Iram was cursed when Solomon imprisoned the evil spirits of the Djinn inside a vessel of brass, and then cast it into the depths of the city.

Sully: A genie in a bottle.

Nathan: I know it sounds pretty crazy.

Sully: So, you reckon that's why Elizabeth and Dee sent Francis Drake out here in the first place.

Nathan: Yeah. It wasn't treasure they were after, it was power. Only once Drake realized what he'd been sent for, he abandoned the mission. He lied to the Queen, told her he didn't find anything, and then hid all the traces of his voyage. Rewrote history.

Sully: Well - who are we to argue with Sir Francis? Whaddya say we head down there and end this thing, once and for all?

Nathan: Look at this place. Whole city's resting on this cavern. Doesn't look very safe, does it?

Sully: Here. Give me a hand with this.

Nathan: That's an understatement. We gotta find a way down there.

Sully: This is gonna get hairy. You ready for this?

Nathan: Let's do it. Amazing. This is how they moved the water to the surface.

Sully: Good God. Look at the ceiling here.

Nathan: I'm surprised the whole place hasn't come crashing down yet.

Sully: I don't know how the hell it's still standing.

Nathan: We gotta get across there. Help me with this door. Shit, get down! All right, all clear! Down this way! Ah crap! Sully we got more company!

Sully: Let's see what they're up to.

Nathan: Well, they're definitely going into the water.

Sully: Hey… Ha, ha… sweet!

Sully: I'm holding on to this.

Nathan: Sully, help me with this. We gotta get through here.

Kate Marlowe: Careful! Lift it gently.

Sully: You gotta be kidding me…

Nathan: We've got to take that thing out. Any ideas?

Sully: Well, they sure as hell got us outnumbered. Let's… let's split up, try to flank 'em.

Nathan: Yeah. Better odds that way.

Nathan: Damn it, where is he?

Nathan: Sully. Sully!

Kate Marlowe: No!

Talbot: Marlowe, we've got to go! Run!

Nathan: C'mon, Sully. Get up. C'mon. Please tell me you didn't swallow any of that water.

Sully: I… I don't think so.

Nathan: Okay. Jesus.

Sully: This is why we can't have nice things.

Nathan: C'mon - we gotta move. Whole place is coming down

Sully: If I had a nickel for every time you said that…

Nathan: We gotta find a way out here, fast! Keep moving! Sully, this way. We gotta get outta here. C'mon I need your help. Oh crap! More of 'em! Get down! Over here, Sully. Up this way. How we gonna get outta here? Wait, the gears! Sully, we're gonna have to ride these, all right? Up here!

up here! Look out! This is the way out.

Kate Marlowe: You!

Talbot: Drake!

Sully: Nate!

Talbot: Marlowe! I can't reach!

Sully: C'mon, kid, I'll pull you up!

Nathan: Yeah…

Kate Marlowe: Nathan! Drake. Are you worthy of the name? Earn this - as Francis earned it from Elizabeth. Prove your greatness.

Nathan: I've got nothing to prove.

Sully: Hurry - give me your hand!

Talbot: You can't just let her die!

Sully: The hell he can't! Nate, give me your goddamn hand!

Nathan: Here! Grab it!

Sully: What the hell are you doing?!

Kate Marlowe: I can't— I can't—

Sully: It's no good! Get the hell outta there!

Nathan: Hold on.

Talbot: No!

Sully: Nate!

Talbot: No!

Sully: C'mon.

Sully: There you go.

Nathan: Run!

Sully: Up here! Hurry it up!

Nathan: Sully, we gotta get out of here! The whole place is coming down!

Sully: Three goddamn bullets?! How the hell did you do this with three bullets?!

Sully: Holy shit!

Nathan: Run!

Sully: Come on!

Nathan: Holy shit! We're in a giant sinkhole! Go! Quick! Keep going!

Sully: Goddamnit!

Nathan: We gotta get higher! We're almost out! Run! We're almost there! Go! Oh God! That's it! That's it! Up this way!

Sully: Nate!

Nathan: Thanks.

Sully: That'll teach you to bring a knife to a gun fight! Oh shit!

Nathan: Sully! Hold on! Time to end this you son of a bitch!

Sully: Thanks, kid! Come on! Get up here! It's no good! We can't make it!

Nathan: Salim!

Salim: Hurry! Get on! Come on!


Sully: My God.


Nathan: So much for ‘immeasurable wealth,' huh?

Sully: Well…

Nathan: It's not much, is it?

Sully: It's enough.

Nathan: Yeah… Yeah.

Sully: Hold up a minute, Nate.

Nathan: You okay?

Sully: Yeah - Yeah, I just got something needs saying, that's all.

Nathan: All right. What is it?

Sully: Look, I, uh… I had a lousy father. Lousy childhood. I hit forty, I figured I was never gonna have a son of my own. Hell, I never wanted one. What the hell do I know about raising a kid? Then you came barreling into my life.

Nathan: Look, you don't have to…

Sully: No, listen, I do. I have made a lot of mistakes, kid. A lot. And, ah… well, I'm not a perfect man.

Nathan: You're not proposing, are you, Sully? I mean, I love you, but-

Sully: Stop. Just stop being a wise-ass for one second.

Nathan: How long you been carrying that around?

Sully: Too long.

Nathan: Thought I'd lost it.

Sully: Here's the thing, kid. We don't get to choose how we start in this life. Real ‘greatness' is what you do with the hand you're dealt.

Elena: Hey.

Nathan: Hey. Going somewhere?

Elena: Maybe. I'm really sorry about your ring.

Nathan: Yeah. It's all right. I swapped it for something better.

Nathan: Let's get out of here, huh?

Elena: Yeah.

Sully: C'mon, we're this way.

Nathan: But-

Sully: Come on. Trust me.

Nathan: What are you up to? No way.

Sully: Eh, it's not as nice the one you two wrecked four years ago, but it'll do. C'mon, let's see if I can remember how to fly the goddamn thing…

Elena: Hey, this has parachutes, right?

Sully: Oh, yeah.

Nathan: Three?

Sully: Eh, more or less.