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Drake's Deception features a total of 101 treasures. Treasures contribute to unlocking rewards, as well as trophies. Although there are a total of 101 treasures, only 100 are required to unlock the final Master Fortune Hunter silver trophy.

Other trophies are granted at one, twenty, forty, sixty, and eighty treasures. These are respectively titled "First Treasure", "Apprentice Fortune Hunter", "Skilled Fortune Hunter", "Adept Fortune Hunter", and "Expert Fortune Hunter", and are all worth bronze. Drake's Deception Remastered includes the Master Thief Collection gold trophy for collecting all treasures and the Strange Relic.

Another Round[]

Antique Boxing Medallion[]

After defeating everyone in the main room of the bar, check the slot machine in the corner. It is located inside the coin return.

The front of the medallion reads "The good old English custom of deciding a quarrel" with "Nat x Fran" at the bottom. The medallion is based on an actual medal commemorating a boxing match in 1821.

Brass Vesta Case[]

After the bathroom fight, search the shelves behind the bar for this treasure.

Greatness from Small Beginnings[]

Emerald and Diamond Ring[]

This treasure is found inside the third cannon in the first room of the museum.

Antique Coin Purse[]

Before going upstairs in the museum, go through the arched doorway to the right of the stairs. The treasure is on the floor behind a vase on the right.

Antique Colombian Soup Ladel[]

After you get booted out of the museum into the street, look for this just past first blue car. It is in front of a doorway under an overhang on the right side of the street.

Pottery Chimu Vessel[]

After eating the rotten fruit, follow Sully until you see a blue truck on your left with sandbags next to the back tire. Instead of following Sully through the archway in the distance, go to the first blue merchant stand on the right after the blue truck. The treasure is among the glass jars on the stand behind this merchant stand.

Ancient Chupicuaro Figure[]

Right after the previous treasure, just before following Sully through the archway into the market, there will be a side street to the left. Turn down that street and there will be a small staircase on the left side. The treasure is at the top of the stairs.

Shamanistic Jaguar Head[]

Immediately after drain pipe breaks loose while Sully exits key maker's residence, you will hop over a nearby railing. At the other end of this balcony is a potted plant. The treasure is resting against this pot.

Antique Colombian Table Knife[]

When Sully first meets with Marlowe, you will find yourself on a roof with the Hotel Arrecife sign in front of you. When you jump to the sign, climb up to the top first. The treasure is in the "O".

Second-Story Work[]

Dog-shaped Incan Whistle[]

Get yourself to the roof of the L-shaped, covered porch that is outside the open window used to enter the museum. Before entering the window, turn left and head to the end of the roof. Climb down the yellow pipe in the corner and jump to the porch. The treasure is on the other side of the railing from the pipe.

Silver Chimu Pendant[]

As soon as you enter through the window, look in hands of Deep-sea diving suit to your left.

Seventeenth Century Coin[]

After entering the museum, go over to the ship's engine controls in the corner of the room by the door. The treasure is between the controls and the wall.

Run to Ground[]

Diamond-Studded Horse Brooch[]

After Charlie Cutter squeezes through the narrow passage, hop over a pipe and the treasure can be found in the alley to the right.

Coral Cameo Brooch[]

After climbing pipes on the exterior of green-door hideout, through the backside 3rd story window, the treasure will be on a platform below the platform you are standing on. To get to it, move to the right and jump over to some pipes on the interior wall. Immediately drop down to the pipes below you and move to your right. Jump to the platform and look between the barrels to find the treasure.

Victorian Locket and Chain[]

Found on top of the stack of boxes in the corner of the ground floor of the green door hideout. After getting in through the window, get down on the floor underneath the entry point to recover the Brooch, then back onto the pipes, climb through the window opening into the adjacent room, follow the pipes around and down to the ground floor, then back into the first room that has the green roll-up door, and back over to the wall with the initial window entry and climb up the stack of boxes to find the treasure.

Silver Roses Bracelet[]

In the generator room where you encounter the very first enemies, look for it behind a generator in the shadows.

Strange Relic[]

When you jump down into a room filled with water, head over through a door, where you will find yourself inside a vertical pipe. Normally the player should climb down using other pipes on the wall, but this time climb up to a grate on the wall near the top of the pipe. It should be sitting in the bottom right corner of the grate.

Fierce Lion Bangle[]

After reaching the room with standing water on the floor, you'll turn right and enter a vertical shaft and Nate will make a comment about it being a long way down. From here you'll grab some wall pipes and try to get just below the entry platform. On the wall you will see some chain link covering an opening, look inside and the treasure will be there.

Pearl Diamond and Ruby Brooch[]

After you shoot two goons and start your trek back up to street level, Nate shakes loose the first ladder, then you come to an area where Sully asks you to give him a boost. Go ahead and boost him up but look around for some wall pipes to climb up and after the 2nd or 3rd one you'll see the treasure.

London Underground[]

Victorian Copper Penny[]

It can be found in the Library, and is passed when climbing up to the golden deer's head also known as "The Golden Hind". When you climb the first column, instead of going to the golden deer's head, you jump to the wall. You can do this after the head falls and you discover the map.

Victorian Gold Sovereign[]

It can be found in the Library shortly after finding the map and defeating the few men who show up with guns. When you leave the Library, turn right immediately and follow the stairs back up to the second level of the Library. Circle around the second level until you see a drawing table. The sovereign is under the table.

Silver Hunter Pocketwatch[]

As you proceed back through the train station, you will find a train on your left that is sitting under a large clock. Climb the train and shoot the glowing treasure to make it fall.

Art Nouveau Flask[]

After the leaving the main train station and climbs a set of stairs, there will be another train depot. The flask is in front of the train on the tracks.

The Chateau[]

Antique Wax Seal Stamp[]

At the very beginning of the chapter you will come across a small stream. Follow it downstream (to the right) and you'll collect the Antique Wax Seal Stamp in a small cave.

Gold Inlay Cameo Bangle[]

When you arrive at the ravine, stick to the left of the screen up a slight incline (above the statue of the piper). The treasure is just behind the short waist-high wall on the edge of the cliff.

Diamond and Pearl Bracelet[]

When you arrive at the Chateau, you will have to climb your way inside. When you reach the tower to climb through the hole, continue shimmying on the red rail to the right, and climb the bricks to a high entrance. You will find the bracelet inside.

Louis XVI Louis D'or Coin[]

When the player is in what seems to be the Chateau's main entry way (the room with the large lavish staircases), before climbing through the window, the player should turn around and head down the landing towards the glowing treasure.

Emerald Cameo Brooch[]

The room with the turning knight puzzle has a small adjacent room. When you enter, look to the top of the curtains to your left. At the end of the curtain rod you will see the treasure glowing. Shoot it down and pick it up.

Art Nouveau Belt Buckle[]

After completing the turning knight puzzle and entering the fireplace's secret tunnel, you will fall into a cave. Immediately stick to the right wall and you will find the belt buckle in a nearby corner, behind three stalagmites.

Ruby and Diamond Ring[]

Immediately after learning how to throw grenades, drop down to the lower level with the ammo crate. Turn left and in the corner you will see the glowing treasure.

Silver Rococo Teapot[]

After reuniting with Sully and bursting through a door with his help, Sully will suggest going downstairs. Instead, turn right and look for red climbing bricks. Climb up to the second story and walk across the beam to a landing. You will see the teapot's shining as you cross the beam.

Miniature Portrait Pendant[]

After completing the floor code puzzle and entering the secret library of John Dee, look at the ceiling for the familiar glowing of a treasure. Shoot it down and pick it up.

Stay in the Light[]

Gold and Pearl Stickpin[]

After fleeing the spiders, you will enter a room that requires you to climb across a chandelier, ultimately causing the ceiling to fall to a 45 degree angle. Sully will walk up it, saying "that will work". Do not follow him, Instead, get on the slanted ceiling and turn to your right. Follow the still in-tact ceiling around through a doorway. You will find the treasure just through the doorway.

The Citadel[]

Silver Sassanid Coin[]

It can be found in the very beginning of the chapter. After climbing around the main gate of the citadel, you will come to a part of the walkway that is damaged and blocked off with a fence. Climb and fence and dangle down. You should see the treasure on the molding of one of the arches that compose the walkway.

Ancient Metal Elephant[]

After defeating the first room of thugs and letting Sully in, you will both lower a draw bridge. Cross the bridge and look for the treasure embedded in a wall directly in front of you. Shoot it down and pick it up.

Crusader Coin[]

After lowering the drawbridge, you must shoot a lock to open a metal gate. Pass through the gate and immediately turn to your right. The coin is in the statue's hands. Walk over and pick it up.

Enamel Copper Vessel[]

After dropping down the well, take out the 4-5 armed gunmen. Climb up to the next level and keep left. You will find the treasure on the floor by a shelf.

Marble Double Eye Idol[]

After Sully shoots a lock to let you into a courtyard, enter the courtyard. Turn around and look up at the tower you just exited. You will see the treasure on a small ledge. Shoot it down and pick it up.

Medieval Lead Horseman[]

Once reunited with Chloe and Cutter and completing a firefight with some agents, you will come to a large metal gate. Cutter will help you lift it. Once through, before heading up the spiral staircase, stick to the left and you will find the treasure on a windowsill.

Byzantine Reliquary Cross[]

After using the scope to find the three columns, Cutter and Drake will be ambushed by agents. After killing them all (with Sully's help on the rocket launcher) enter the recently created hole in the wall. Before climbing the wall, turn around to face the entrance to see the treasure on the floor.

The Middle Way[]

King Bohemond III Coin[]

After fighting Charlie, climb through the hole in the wall and fall down into another chamber. Head to your left. You will find the treasure on the ground between a large face carving on the wall and catacombs on the wall.

Antique Cuff Bracelet[]

After helping Charlie the player turns to the first mechanism to release the water, and while looking to the right of the room on the wall, the glowing treasure can be seen. After jumping into the water, the player swims so that they are directly under the treasure when it falls. After shooting it down, the player has to catch the treasure.

Crusader Fleur-De-Lis[]

After solving the globe puzzle and climbing the newly revealed spiral staircase, you will find this treasure in the stone coffin falling out of its tomb behind where Chloe and Sully are standing.

Historical Research[]

Antique Cloak Clasp[]

At the very beginning of the chapter, you will be slowly walking behind Elena and Sully. You will come across a vendor selling foods. Turn to your left and head back into the back left corner. The treasure will be on the ground.

Silver Jambiya Dagger[]

Near the beginning of the level, when you are still slowly walking behind Elena and Sully, you will head down a set of stairs. To your left is the market. Head right toward the fountain. The dagger is in the back right corner of the fountain's alcove.

Golden Yemeni Bracelet[]

This one's hard to miss. After being let through the locked gate by the local and heading up the stairs, you will see this treasure shimmering on the left side of the street by a cactus.

Traditional Silver Bead[]

After entering the hotel with the red carpets and red furniture, head up the stairs. Rather than going right, turn left and head back behind the stairs. You will see the treasure in the left corner by the windows.

Amber and Silver Necklace[]

After fighting in the fish market, the gates will open. Head straight until you hit the fence, then turn to your right. The treasure will be on the ground.

Kahraman Amber Necklace[]

After brawling in the fish market, the player leaves the market and heads down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs and after turning right and the treasure can be seen on the ground in front of the shop. It's so much like stealing.

Unusual Red Bead Necklace[]

This one can be found mere feet from the Kahraman Amber Necklace. After brawling in the fish market, the player should leave the market and head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, they should turn right. Crates on a ledge can be seen. After climbing the ledge the treasure can be found behind the crates.

As Above, So Below[]

Silver and Coral Ring[]

Climb down the ladder at the very start of the chapter. When you get to the bottom, instead of jumping down, climb round to the right. The treasure is on the other side of the ledge that you're hanging from. Can also be grabbed later in the chapter when climbing out of the well.

Silver and Leather Dagger[]

After solving the first puzzle of the level, a door will open. As the player proceeds through the brown and tan chambers into the turquoise and gold chamber, they should immediately turn to their left. It will be in a small alcove just past the doorway.

Pearl and Emerald Brooch[]

In the gear puzzle room, you will see the treasure just before shimmying across the pole. It can be found behind the large stone pillar near Sully.

Silver Box Pendant[]

This treasure is found in the puzzle room where the player must align the shadows with the torch. After picking up the torch, the player will face the opposite ledge where Sully and Elena are standing. After heading to the right the can be seen on the ground in the corner.

Silver Filigree Bracelet[]

This treasure is found in the puzzle room with the metal body pieces. Look to the ceiling for the standard sparkle of a treasure, and use L1 to aim the torch at it. Bats will cause it to fall. Walk over and pick it up. This can be done before or after finishing the puzzle by picking up the torch again.

Amazonite and Amber Necklace[]

After killing the henchmen who attack using smokebombs you will climb through the hole in the ceiling. Exit the well and leave the room. Take an immediate right and you will see the treasure by a wooden door in an alcove.

Silver Capsule Pendant[]

Just after finding the Amazonite and Amber Necklace, go towards the stairs toward Sully and Elena but stop right in front of the fountain. Do not go on the stairs or you will trigger the cut scene. Turn to your right and head into the small cafe. You will find the treasure in the back on a bench.

Amazonite and Amber Earring[]

Immediately after getting the Silver Capsule Pendant, turn around and head to the small market area on the other side of the fountain. (Avoid Sully and Elena, as you want to avoid causing the cutscene.) The treasure will be on the ground past the pillars near the vendors.

Silver Yemeni Bangle[]

This one is very easy to miss. While chasing Talbot you will temporarily lose him after climbing a large spiral staircase. Before heading into the crowd to search for him, look to your right for an archway. Enter the archway and immediately turn left. The treasure will be behind some small wooden boxes.


Seahorse Vesta Case[]

After winning the big brawl in the ship, climb to the second level of shipping containers. Circle around to the opposite corner and you will find the treasure on the floor.

Silver Figa Amulet[]

After finding your holsters (unfortunately empty) continue through the next door. Turn right and go down the hallway. Turn right at the end and you will find the treasure on the floor of a small closet.

Antique Silver Parrot[]

This one is out of the way and is found during the firefight with heavily armed henchmen. As you approach the first turret, head to the far right wall. You will see a hole in the wall. Swim through it and head to the left. Climb up to the next level. Turn around and jump across to the other platform. You will see the treasure sparkling. You will be an easy target while retrieving the treasure, so either do it after you kill all the henchmen, or on Very Easy mode.

Turquoise and Pearl Bracelet[]

After lowering the yellow crane and jumping across to the ledges on the exterior of the remains another large ship, shimmy and climb until you are standing on a metal platform inside the ship. Jump across to the other metal platform. Leap from I-beam to I-beam until you get to the treasure. It's sparkle is easily spotted.

Unusual Blue Stone Ring[]

After climbing the yellow pipes and shooting the henchmen while hanging you will come to a yellow pole that you will swing on to catch a rope. The game wants you to wall-run with the rope to jump to the next section. Instead, stop the rope's swinging and climb up to the top, and into the area above. The treasure will be to your left on the ground.

Gold Scarab Brooch[]

After wall-running to swing a rope, climb up to the platform. Drake will say "Nice, must be Rameses' ship." Do not turn right. Instead, walk straight and dangle off the other side of the platform. Climb down a little to the treasure - you will see it sparkling.

Gold Axumite Coin[]

Just before ziplining down to the other ships, head further back in the control room. The treasure will be on the ground, in the back right corner.

Rough Seas[]

Antique Silver Box[]

From the start of the level, keep to your right. Get on the right pontoon, and walk across to the next floating barge. Turn left and you will find the treasure on a blue barrel in a corner.

Silver Tribal Bangle[]

When looking towards the Pirate's boat, take a left from the crane. You'll find the treasure on the ground inside the open container.

Ancient Gold and Coral Bracelet[]

From the green bridge leading to the Pirate's ship head right across the small gap and turn the corner. The bracelet should be laying on the ground. Approach the winch, but don't operate it just yet. Instead, visit the floating platform to the right of it beforehand to find this treasure hidden just out of sight.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'[]

Unusual Mask Brooch[]

Just after jumping from the burning boat to the cruise ship at the start of the level; you will run toward the camera. The treasure will be on Nate's left, and is clearly visible when you run past it. It will be on the ground in a small alcove.

Rose Cut Diamond Pendant[]

Near the start of the level, you will jump from the burning ship onto the cruise ship and run toward the camera. You will climb a set of stairs and continue to the rear of the boat. Rather than climbing up to the second level, continue around to the other side of the boat. Veer to the left and the treasure will be at the dead-end on the ground.

Emerald and Pearl Necklace[]

As you get to the open deck with shipping containers, you must fight a bunch of henchmen. When you get a chance, climb the yellow container in the middle and walk along the top of it into the alcove it created. The treasure will be on the ground.

Antique Minerva Pendant[]

When you get to the deck with the pool, head to the far left corner. The treasure will be on the ground.

Ruby and Pearl Pendant[]

After the big gunfight in the main hall, you will leave through a door out to a walkway on the outside of the boat. As soon as you go through that door, turn right and follow the brown hallway to the dead end. You will find the treasure on the ground there.

Georgian English Compass[]

After leaving the main hall, walk along the walkway by the water. Continue past the guard with his back to you. You will find the treasure on the left near the dead end.

Ruby and Diamond Bracelet[]

After leaving the main hall during the big gunfight, continue down the walkway and take out the guard with his back to you. Enter the room on your left and continue to the next room. Take out the guard there and look behind the bar for this treasure.

Amethyst Cufflink[]

After the big firefight in the main hall, you will sneak through the innards of the ship, taking out guards while being blinded by spotlights. You will go down a set of metal stairs. Rather than turning right into the red hallway, walk around to the back of the stairs. The treasure will be under the stairs.

Golden Amethyst Ring[]

After heading down the metal stairs and walking through the red hallway, you will come to the cargo hold. Before jumping down, head to your left. The treasure will be on the ground between the back wall and some crates.

Sink or Swim[]

Silver Rococo Napkin Ring[]

As you are climbing up a hallway, when you grab onto a white door it will swing open. Climb into the room, and then climb into the room above it via the door on the ceiling. In that room, straight ahead of you, is a bathroom. Inside that bathroom is the treasure.

One Shot at This[]

Mosaic Birds Pendant[]

Right at the start of this chapter, after entering the first building, is a room filled with boxes. The treasure is on top of the highest stack.

Song Bird Brooch[]

When you encounter the first bunch of bad guys, you are in a room with two exits to the outside. The room without the car has the treasure in the back on the right side on a stack of boxes.

Enamel Bird Ring[]

After pushing the second truck through the gate and eliminating the guards you will climb a crate then through a long horizontal window/opening and fall to the ground. Turn left and it is past the white car.

The Rub' al Khali[]

Calcite Statue of Female Figure[]

When you approach the well, a cutscene will occur after pulling the empty water bag out. Before you wander off into the desert, walk around to the other side of the well and either shoot or kick the vase to break it. Inside is the only treasure of the chapter.

The Settlement[]

Ancient Alabaster Ibex[]

At the beginning of the level after rolling down the hill, to the left of the city's main entrance you will see the treasure glimmering on a pile of sand and rubble.

Coin of the Qataban Kingdom[]

After crashing through the ceiling immediately after entering the city, the player should turn to the right in the room which they have just fallen into. The treasure will be on the floor by the wall.

Antique Silver Linked Bracelet[]

After climbing back out of the well, continue into the second room. Turn to the left and you will see the treasure on the ground by the wall you just passed.

Antique Agate Wedding Ring[]

A gunman shoots a support pillar out under the player and sends them crashing into a pit. After walking to an area under the gunman's platform, the treasure can be seen shimmering on the ground.

Silver and Cornelian Necklace[]

After climbing out of the pit where you found the Antique Agate Wedding Ring, climb the stairs, kill the sniper, and head to the far front-left corner of the room. The treasure will be on the ground hiding behind a pillar.

Ancient Sabaean Bust[]

After climbing out of the pit and defeating the first group of enemies with last-sighted rifles and riot shields, the player will find this treasure in near the end of the courtyard, to the left. There will be a small alcove holding the treasure.

Ancient Kingdom of Sheba Coin[]

After squeezing through the narrow passageway, jump over the railing to the ground below. To proceed in the level you must go to the left, but since you are after the treasure head to the right. You will see it on the ground in the back corner of this patio.

Antique Bedouin Bracelet[]

When you reach the area where you must shoot the wooden gate with an RPG, while facing the wooden gate head to the furthest right corner of the area. The treasure will be on the ground.

The Atlantis of the Sands[]

Carved Sabaean Face[]

This treasure is actually found in the odd space between Chapters 20 and 21. It can be obtained easiest by replaying Chapter 21. When the level starts, turn around and head back into the room behind you. It will be to your right, on top of a pile of sand.

Bronze Sabaean Bull Sculpture[]

Like the Carved Sabaean Face, this treasure is found between chapters 20 and 21, but is most easily accessible by replaying Chapter 21. Facing the sealed door there will be a ladder on your right leading up the wall. When you are a short way up the ladder look to your right and you should see the treasure laying on a small landing that you can jump to

The Royal Game of Ur[]

In Chapter 21, the player should head back into the room behind them. If playing through the first time, it is found in the room with the giant door and chandeliers. It is on the chandelier closest to the ladder the player initially climbs up.

Bronze Man of Nashqum[]

The Statue of Gudea is found in The Atlantis of the Sands. It can be found when you first see the City of Brass. Go down the stairs and then to the left. It will be located at the end of the staircase.

Sabaean Alabaster Stele[]

It can be found at the start of the chapter, go down the stairs and then to the right. As the staircase wraps around a tower you will see a chunk missing from the left rail. There is a hole here into the tower. Enter and pick up the treasure.

Akkadian Statue Head[]

It can be found when you are at the fountain. Jump down to the platform in front of you and go to the right. Go up the stairs and enter the building. You'll find the treasure on a wall with three faces carved into it.

Sabaean Moon Symbol[]

It can be found after you have emerged from the elevator the second time when things all are wavy. Look just behind the elevator at the bottom of the short stairs surrounding it.

Statue of Gudea[]

It can be found after you have filled the pool. When you are in the next hallway, head to the entrance to the next room where it will be located on the left side after the 2nd statue.

The Dreamers of the Day[]

Golden Cup from Ur[]

It can be found at the start of the chapter, turn around and it will be located right under the stairs.

Golden Hittite Goddess[]

It can be found after you go down the elevator. Move forward until you see some stairs. To the right of the stairs is a locked door, and in front of that door is the treasure.


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