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'''Nathan Drake''': Whooo! All right, Sully!
'''Nathan Drake''': Whooo! All right, Sully!
(If the opening cutscene is played in full.)<br>
'''Elena Fisher''': Oh - I don't think I'm getting my security deposit back.
'''Elena Fisher''': Oh - I don't think I'm getting my security deposit back.

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Grave Robbing

"There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory."
—Sir Francis Drake

Elena Fisher: I'm here off the coast of Panama, where we've just recovered what we believe to be the coffin of legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake, who was buried at sea over 400 years ago.

Elena Fisher: Are you sure you wanna be defiling your ancestor's remains like that?

Nathan Drake: You make it sound so dirty. (laughs) Besides, I thought you didn't believe me.

Elena Fisher: Well, I did do my research. And apparently, Francis Drake didn't have any children.

Nathan Drake: Well, history can be wrong, you know.

Nathan Drake: For example - you can't defile an empty coffin.

Elena Fisher: What the hell-?

Nathan Drake: (laughs) You devil.

Elena Fisher: What is it? C'mon, hold it up -

Nathan Drake: No, no, no - no way. The deal was for a coffin, that's it.

Elena Fisher: Wait a minute, if my show hadn't've funded this expedition, you wouldn'tve-

Nathan Drake: Hey, hey... You got your story, lady.

Elena Fisher: Look, Mr. Drake, you signed a contract.

Nathan Drake: -(laughs)

Elena Fisher: -I have a right to see every single thing that-

Nathan Drake: Whoa whoa... Could you hold that thought?

Nathan Drake: Sully? Uh, we got some trouble. Hurry it up.

Elena Fisher: Okay, okay - what's going on?

Nathan Drake: Uh... Pirates.

Elena Fisher: Pirates?!

Nathan Drake: Yeah, the modern kind. They don't take prisoners.

Nathan Drake: ...least not male prisoners.

Elena Fisher: Wait, what are you talking about?

Elena Fisher: Uh, sh- shouldn't we call the authorities or something?

Nathan Drake: That'd be a great idea, but we don't exactly have a permit to be here.

Elena Fisher: What?

Nathan Drake: Yeah, so unless you wanna end up in a Panamanian jail, we should probably handle this ourselves.

Elena Fisher: Wh- What's worse?

Nathan Drake: You obviously haven't been in Panamanian jail. Do you know how to use one of these?

Elena Fisher: Yeah, it's like a camera... You just, you point and shoot, right?

Nathan Drake: Good girl.

Nathan Drake: Here we go.

Chapter 1 - Ambushed

Elena Fisher: How the hell'd they find us out here?

Nathan Drake: Ah, these guys been tailing me for weeks. Thought I lost 'em.

Elena Fisher: So what'd you do to piss 'em off?

Nathan Drake: Uh, it's kind of a long story.

Elena Fisher: These guys don't like you much, do they?

Nathan Drake: Less talking, more shooting!

Nathan Drake: Hurry up, Sully.

Elena Fisher: They're climbing aboard!

Nathan Drake: Oh no, you don't.

Nathan Drake: C'mon, Sully, where are you?

Elena Fisher: Oh my God! Drake - that one's got some type of rocket launcher!

Nathan Drake: Whoa. Okay, that's not good.

Elena Fisher: What's that?

Nathan Drake: Whooo! All right, Sully!

(If the opening cutscene is played in full.)
Elena Fisher: Oh - I don't think I'm getting my security deposit back.

Nathan Drake: Calvary's here!

Elena Fisher: Oh, thank God!

Elena Fisher: Oh no.

Nathan Drake: Ah, dammit!

Onto Something Big

Nathan Drake: Whole ship's gonna blow! We gotta jump!

Elena Fisher: Yeah... Oh wait!

Nathan Drake: What are you doing?!

Elena Fisher: -Okay... okay...

Nathan Drake: -Come on!

Nathan Drake: Go!!

Elena Fisher: All right...

Victor Sullivan: (laughs) I can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?

Nathan Drake: I had everything under control until they blew up the boat.

Nathan Drake: You all right?

Elena Fisher: Nothing that years of therapy won't fix.

Victor Sullivan: Well, if it isn't the beautiful and talented Elena Fisher.

Elena Fisher: Flattery will get you screen time.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah, I'm more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. Victor Sullivan.

Elena Fisher: Oh...

Nathan Drake: Oh, for chrissakes...

Nathan Drake: Whaddya say we get out of here, before we attract any more attention?

Victor Sullivan: Well?

Nathan Drake: A little present from Sir Francis.

Victor Sullivan: (laughs) So you found the coffin?

Victor Sullivan: Wait a minute - is this what I think it is?

Nathan Drake: (laughs) Drake's lost diary.

Nathan Drake: He faked his death, just like I said, Sully.

Nathan Drake: He must've been onto something big.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah, well let's just keep that between us.

Elena Fisher: Thanks for the loan, Mr. Drake. I think I've earned a look at that diary, when we land.

Nathan Drake: So look, when Drake sailed into the Pacific, he took the Spanish fleet completely by surprise. He captured their ships, he took all their maps, their letters, their journals - and he recorded everything in this diary.

Victor Sullivan: Uh-huh, so this-

Nathan Drake: But when he got back to England, Queen Elizabeth confiscated all of his charts and logbooks - including this one - and then swore his entire crew to silence.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah, so this-

Nathan Drake: Y'see, Drake discovered something on that voyage, Sully - something so secret, and so valuable, they couldn't risk it getting out.

Victor Sullivan: All right, Nate, just pretend for a minute that I don't really care about any of that stuff, and cut to the chase, would ya?

Nathan Drake: A man only interested in the climax. You must be a real hit with the ladies.

Victor Sullivan: Never had any complaints.

Nathan Drake: Okay then, I'll jump to the good part, just for you.

Victor Sullivan: (laughs)

Victor Sullivan: El goddamn Dorado...

Nathan Drake: He was onto something big, all right.

Victor Sullivan: Does it say anything else?

Nathan Drake: Oh, so now you're interested, huh?

Victor Sullivan: Yeah.

Nathan Drake: Well, unfortunately no- last page was torn out.

Nathan Drake: I'm telling you, Sully... This is it - this is finally it.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah... Only, we got one little problem.

Elena Fisher: Yes, that's what I said - it blew up. It sank.

Elena Fisher: No, that's why we have insurance, right?

Elena Fisher: Oh.

Elena Fisher: Oh no, the camera- No, the camera's fine, don't worry about the camera. No... still as good as new...

Nathan Drake: Sully, the girl can hold her own. You shoulda seen her.

Victor Sullivan: Fine, you go on out there and you tell her, "We just found the lost City of Gold." Maybe her producer can get it on the air tonight.

Nathan Drake: Oh, come on...

Victor Sullivan: Nate - do you trust me?

Nathan Drake: More or less.

Victor Sullivan: Good, 'cause we're gonna have every two-bit scumbag in the world racing us to this treasure, unless we cut her loose right now.

Nathan Drake: You're a real gentleman, Sully.

Victor Sullivan: I know. It stinks. She'll get over it.

Elena Fisher: No, I don't- I don't care if we're over budget. I mean- Do you realize this could be like- the biggest story of the year?

Elena Fisher: Hi...

Elena Fisher: No, I don't trust 'em, okay? That's why we need to move fast. So just get me the camera crew, and I promise you that-

Elena Fisher: Sonofabitch.

Elena Fisher: HEY!! Shoulda seen that one coming.

Chapter 2 - The Search for El Dorado

Victor Sullivan: Hold on. Hold on, kid. I'm not as young as I used to be.

Nathan Drake: You weren't too old for that little barmaid in Lima, were you?

Victor Sullivan: Well, that was different. Although I must admit, equally as strenuous.

Nathan Drake: Well, hang in there, old timer. We're just about there.

Victor Sullivan: Y'know, this reminds me- I ever tell you about the time I pawned a phony 16th-century santo off on Pablo Escobar? (laughs) Ah, risky move, but by time he figured it out I was- Nate, are you even listening to me?

Nathan Drake: Hanging on every word.

Victor Sullivan: Ah, why waste my breath.

Victor Sullivan: You really think Francis Drake came all the way up here, huh? We're an awful long way from England.

Dead End

Victor Sullivan: Well?

Nathan Drake: I don't get it... according to this we're right on top of the mark.

Victor Sullivan: Maybe you're not reading that thing right. Let me see it.

Nathan Drake: No, this is the place.

Victor Sullivan: There's nothing here, Nate.

Victor Sullivan: Another goddamn dead end.

Nathan Drake: Easy, Sully. Just relax. Let's take a look around.

Gameplay (continued...)

Victor Sullivan: Man, this is like trying to find a bride in a brothel.

Victor Sullivan: Well, now this is more like it!

Victor Sullivan: What do you think this is - Incan?

Nathan Drake: Nah, it's older than that. Like two thousand years older.

Victor Sullivan: Huh.

Victor Sullivan: Find anything?

Nathan Drake: Nothing yet.

Nathan Drake: Whoa!

Victor Sullivan: Be careful up there.

Nathan Drake: Hey, there's something funny about the ground down there.

Victor Sullivan: It's hollow. We gotta find a way to smash through this.

Victor Sullivan: Good work, kid!

Victor Sullivan: Uh, think we're gonna need the flashlights for this one.

Nathan Drake: Whoa.

Picked Clean

Victor Sullivan: What a warm and homey place, huh?

Nathan Drake: (laughs) Not quite what you were expecting, huh?

Victor Sullivan: Yeah - where's all the damn gold?

Nathan Drake: Ah, this place was picked clean centuries ago.

Victor Sullivan: No-good limey pirate.

Nathan Drake: No, it wasn't Drake. Check this out. Looks like the Spanish got here before he did.

Victor Sullivan: AGH!!

Nathan Drake: What the hell, Sully?

Victor Sullivan: Nate, I'm not looking for a lousy piece of tin! I'm up to my eyeballs in debt!

Victor Sullivan: I was really countin' on this one.

Nathan Drake: Too many big bar tabs in Lima, I guess?

Victor Sullivan: (laughs) That, and well, just a few bad deals.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, well, I always told you to stay away from the bad guys - and the bad girls.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah? Look who's talkin'.

Nathan Drake: What's that supposed to mean?

Victor Sullivan: That reporter. I saw the way you were eyeing her.

Nathan Drake: Elena? Please. I snuffed any chance with her the second we ditched her on that dock.

Victor Sullivan: (laughs) All's fair in love and war, kid.

Nathan Drake: Hm. And what if you can't tell the difference?

Victor Sullivan: Then, my friend, you are in big trouble.

Gameplay (continued...)

Victor Sullivan: Those Spaniards sure left a lot of crap behind.

Victor Sullivan: Careful, Nate - that's quite a drop.

Nathan Drake: You're not kidding.

Victor Sullivan: We gotta find a way across.

Victor Sullivan: (laughs) That'll work.

Victor Sullivan: Here - let me do that.

Victor Sullivan: I'll hold it open. See if you can jam it from the other side.

Victor Sullivan: Hurry up, Nate.

Nathan Drake: All right, let go. This oughta hold it.

Nathan Drake: Hurry, Sully!

Victor Sullivan: That was a little too close! Let's hope this place has a back door, huh?

Nathan Drake: Y'know, this looks familiar. I think there's something in Drake's journal about this.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, here it is... Looks like this thing is some sort of lamp, or brazier. See if you can light it.

Victor Sullivan: So, after all your bitching about the cigar, now it comes in handy, huh?

Victor Sullivan: We gotta figure a way to clear this debris.

Victor Sullivan: This wood's kind of dry - bet we could burn it.

Victor Sullivan: Try shooting one of those lamps down.

Nathan Drake: Nice!

Victor Sullivan: Beautiful!

Victor Sullivan: Now what?

Victor Sullivan: Uh, Nate, I mighta been able to do that thirty years ago.

Victor Sullivan: I think there's a ladder behind all this rubble.

Victor Sullivan: See if you can figure out a way to clear all of this crap out of the way.

Victor Sullivan: Whaha... wow!

Victor Sullivan: Let's get goin'.

Nathan Drake: Ah, now what?

Victor Sullivan: What do ya make of this?

Nathan Drake: Wait, I recognize these symbols...

Nathan Drake: "The order of these signs have some importance."

Victor Sullivan: Hey, something's happening!

Nathan Drake: Crap. Wrong one.

Victor Sullivan: Whoa!

Nathan Drake: Ha-ha!

Victor Sullivan: Pretty deep.

Nathan Drake: Yeah. Looks like there's a ladder cut into the side. Wait here while I check it out.

Victor Sullivan: All right. Just be careful.

Victor Sullivan: Hey, watch your step down there.

Nathan Drake: Okay - getting somewhere.

Victor Sullivan: Aw, don't tell me you're gonna swim in that!

Nathan Drake: I've been in worse!

Nathan Drake: I am really wet.

Nathan Drake: I made it! I'm on the other side!

Victor Sullivan: Can you get this open?

Victor Sullivan: Nice one!

Victor Sullivan: I've got this one.

Nathan Drake: Ah, this looks safe.

Nathan Drake: Whoa - Uh-oh...

Victor Sullivan: Uh, Nate... Get out of there - now!

Nathan Drake: Oh no no no no NO NO!

Nathan Drake: I made it! I'm okay!

Victor Sullivan: Now it looks like we're getting somewhere.

Nathan Drake: After that, we better be.

The Golden Man

Victor Sullivan: Oh man...

Nathan Drake: The temple must've been built around this...

Victor Sullivan: Around what?

Nathan Drake: A statue... a gold statue.

Victor Sullivan: A huge gold statue! And look, here, these people - they're worshiping the damn thing. At least I think they're people.

Nathan Drake: Of course. 'El Dorado' - 'the Golden Man'! Sully, it wasn't a city of gold, it was this. It was a golden idol.

Victor Sullivan: Man, could you imagine what that thing would be worth now?

Nathan Drake: Look over here - tracks. I bet the Spanish dragged it out on cut logs. Huh... We're four hundred years late for this party.

Victor Sullivan: So the trail's cold?

Nathan Drake: Yeah, it looks that way.

Victor Sullivan: Sonofabitch!

Nathan Drake: Unless...

Victor Sullivan: Unless what?

Nathan Drake: We follow the tracks.

Gameplay (continued...)

Nathan Drake: Huh. They stop here.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah - It looks like the back wall of the temple was blown out.

Nathan Drake: Yeah. The Spaniards must've made themselves a shortcut to get the treasure out.

Victor Sullivan: Swell, now what?

Nathan Drake: Wait - Sully, do you hear that?

Nathan Drake: Now there's something you don't see everyday.

Victor Sullivan: My God!

A Surprising Find

Nathan Drake: Whoa.

Victor Sullivan: I'll be damned.

Nathan Drake: Must've come up the river during flood season and gotten stuck. Let's check it out, huh?

Victor Sullivan: Nah... Wait, wait, wait. Something about this feels kinda hinky.

Nathan Drake: Hinky? You act like you've never seen a German U-boat in the middle of the jungle before.

Victor Sullivan: No, I'm being serious, Nate.

Nathan Drake: (laughs) Tell you what... Why don't you stay here. I'll check it out myself. I'll call you if I run into any Nazis.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah right, you do that.

Nathan Drake: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait... Hold onto this for me, will ya?

Nathan Drake: Okay... Looks like I'm gonna have to do this the hard way.

Chapter 3 - A Surprising Find

Victor Sullivan (radio) Looks like you're gonna have to monkey across those cliffs to get into the U-boat.

Victor Sullivan (radio) Hey, watch yourself up there. It's a long way down.

Victor Sullivan (radio) Nate, you should be able to drop right down into the U-boat from there.

Victor Sullivan: Nate, when was your last tetanus shot?

Nathan Drake: Oh, that's funny.

Nathan Drake: All right, I'm in.

Victor Sullivan: What do you see?

Nathan Drake: Something nasty happened to these guys. There's blood everywhere... and soup.

Victor Sullivan: What?!

The Coin

Nathan Drake: Eugh...

Nathan Drake: Huh. Now where did you get this, my decomposing friend?

Gameplay (continued...)

Nathan Drake: I think the trail just got warm again.

Victor Sullivan: How so?

Nathan Drake: Well, I just met a guy with pockets full of Spanish gold, only the coins are stamped with a mint mark I've never seen before.

Victor Sullivan: Really?

Nathan Drake: Looks like our German friends had a secret.

Nathan Drake: Cozy.


Nathan Drake: I'm in the Captain's quarters and get this: He's still here.

Victor Sullivan: What's that supposed to mean?

Nathan Drake: Looks like he was killed, ripped to shreds actually. What a way to go.

Victor Sullivan: Sounds terrible, check his wallet.

Nathan Drake: You're all heart, Sully.

Nathan Drake: No way...

Nathan Drake: You've got to be kidding...

Victor Sullivan: Find anything, kid?

Nathan Drake: U-K... U-K... UK2642... Gotcha!

Victor Sullivan: Are you all right?

Nathan Drake: Sully, you're not gonna believe this.

Victor Sullivan: Try me.

Nathan Drake: I think I found our missing page.

Victor Sullivan: You're kidding.

Nathan Drake: It looks like Drake and our German pals were after the same treasure, and I've got the map that's gonna lead us right to it.

Victor Sullivan: Nate, this better not be another wild-goose chase. We've got to get something out of this trip or -

Nathan Drake: Or what? Sully... you there? Sullivan?

Gameplay (continued...)

Nathan Drake: Ooh, oh - don't - don't - That's probably bad.

Time's Up

Gabriel Roman: Hello.

Nathan Drake: Hey, hey -

Nathan Drake: Friends of yours, Sully?

Gabriel Roman: I'm Gabriel Roman.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, I know who you are, asshole.

Gabriel Roman: Manners, young man. This is just business.

Atoq Navarro: Get over there.

Nathan Drake: Easy!

Atoq Navarro: Put your hands up.

Nathan Drake: All right, they're up.

Gabriel Roman: See, your friend owes me money, Mr. Drake. A lot of money. So when he told me that you two were onto something big - "the find of a lifetime," he said. Well, I was intrigued. But he's made grand promises before. Haven't you, Victor? And here we are again, another fool's errand.

Nathan Drake: Sheesh, does he always go on like this?

Gabriel Roman: Take it easy, Navarro. So, I'm afraid the time is up. Unless of course you found something in there, Mr. Drake... that might compensate for all this unpleasantness?

Victor Sullivan: He's screwing with you, Nate. They heard everything. Just give 'em the map.

Atoq Navarro: Slowly.

Atoq Navarro: What does a Kriegsmarine map have to do with El Dorado?

Victor Sullivan: What, you think this is a coincidence? The Germans were after the same treasure - that map has something to do with it.

Victor Sullivan: So, we square?

Gabriel Roman: For now. But just in case you need a reminder...

Victor Sullivan: Hey, come on, leave him out of it.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, don't you guys usually just cut off a finger or something?

Gabriel Roman: That's far too vulgar. No, I think this will hurt him a bit more.

Victor Sullivan: Now whoa, whoa, whoa - C'mon, Roman, he's got nothing to do with -

Nathan Drake: Sully! Sully!!

Nathan Drake: You sonofabitch!

Gabriel Roman: Stop him!

Whoa there, Cowboy

Elena Fisher: Whoa there, cowboy!

Nathan Drake: Oh...

Nathan Drake: Ow!

Elena Fisher: That's for leaving me at the dock.

Nathan Drake: What the hell are you doing here?

Elena Fisher: Listen, I'm a good enough reporter to follow a couple of no-luck tomb robbers! (gasps).

Nathan Drake: Shhh!

Mercenary #1: He went this way!

Mercenary #2: I'll radio ahead!

Nathan Drake: Well, you're down to one tomb robber now. Sully's dead.

Elena Fisher: What?

Nathan Drake: Yeah, and we're next if we don't get out of here.

Elena Fisher: Oh God... I'm sorry.

Nathan Drake: Please tell me you have a gun.

Elena Fisher: Of course.

Nathan Drake: Oh, thanks. All right, c'mon.

Gameplay (continued)...

Elena Fisher: You always seem to be getting shot at.

Nathan Drake: They're shooting at you, too, you know!

Nathan Drake: Stay close.

Elena Fisher: What the hell is this place, anyway?

Nathan Drake: Long story. Tell you later.

Elena Fisher: Never a dull moment, huh?

Nathan Drake: Just keep your head down. These guys aren't messin' around.

Nathan Drake: C'mon. Back this way!

Nathan Drake: C'mon - stay with me.

Elena Fisher: Over here, I think - yeah, this way!

Uncharted Island

Elena Fisher: You always been this popular?

Nathan Drake: Well, I do seem to attract the scum of the earth. Ah - no offense.

Elena Fisher: None taken.

Nathan Drake: Do you have a good memory?

Elena Fisher: Yeah, why?

Nathan Drake: UK2642... you got that?

Elena Fisher: Yeah, what is it?

Nathan Drake: It's Kriegsmarine coordinates. I think I know where the Spanish took El Dorado.

Elena Fisher: El Dorado?

Nathan Drake: The problem is - so do the bastards who killed Sully. Damn it! If the Spanish found the treasure, they had to move it to that island, and Drake followed 'em.

Elena Fisher: Well, what are you waiting for? I'll get the story, and you get... whatever it is you're after.

Nathan Drake: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon - Yeah, haha!

Elena Fisher: C'mon...

Nathan Drake: Hey, this isn't going to be a vacation, you know.

Elena Fisher: I can take care of myself. Besides, you owe me one.

Nathan Drake: I suppose I do.

Elena Fisher: We're on the trail of the lost treasure of El Dorado, and it brought us here, to this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Nathan Drake: Let's get a closer look... and hope we're the first ones here.

Elena Fisher: Will we discover the ruins of a forgotten colony and a fortune in Spanish gold? Or does the island have darker secrets in store for us?

Elena Fisher: That should keep 'em from changing the channel.

Elena Fisher: Whoa! What the hell was that?!

Nathan Drake: An anti-aircraft fire? This is so not cool!!

Elena Fisher: Oh crap! We're on fire!

Nathan Drake: Enough with the damn camera! We gotta bail out!

Elena Fisher: Bail out!? Does this thing even have parachutes?!

Nathan Drake: Now would be a good time to look!

Elena Fisher: I hope these things still work!

Nathan Drake: Well, we'll find out in a second.

Elena Fisher: Have you ever done this before?

Nathan Drake: Of course - you just jump, count to five, and pull the cord. Now go!

Elena Fisher: Are you coming?!!

Nathan Drake: Kinda busy right now! Get going!

Elena Fisher: See you on the ground?

Nathan Drake: Right behind ya!

Elena Fisher: Yeah... I'll be okay.

Elena Fisher: Aaaaaghhhh!

Nathan Drake: What am I doing?

Nathan Drake: Ow!

Nathan Drake: Okay - you just jump... count to five, and you pull the cord. How hard could that be?

Nathan Drake: Oh crap!

Nathan Drake: Aaaagghh! Onetwothreefourfive!! Aaaagh!!

Nathan Drake: Oh crap crap crap crap crap crap!!! Uuggh!

Nathan Drake: Aaahhh! Ah, shit.

Nathan Drake: Ah, hell.

Chapter 4 - Plane-wrecked

Nathan Drake: Oh, strangers trying to kill me. Left my map on a burning plane. Elena's missing, most likely dead. That's great. Great start Nate.

(Upon finding the first unknown object, by pressing R2)
Nathan Drake: What's this?

Nathan Drake: Here they come!

(Upon finding another unknown object, by pressing R2)
Nathan Drake: Whoa, that's weird.

Nathan Drake: Ah, man.

Nathan Drake: Doesn't look good.

The Wreckage

Nathan Drake: Sweet.

Nathan Drake: Oh no, Elena.

Gameplay (continued...)

Nathan Drake: Better watch where I'm going.

Nathan Drake: Hang on, Elena.

Nathan Drake: Oh, jeez.

Chapter 5 - The Fortress

Nathan Drake: Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

Nathan Drake: Eyes ahead, don't look down... Oh, God...

Nathan Drake: Ah, thank you God...

Nathan Drake: Oh, you can't be serious. Wasn't I just out here?

Nathan Drake: Ah - gonna have to bust through that window.

Nathan Drake: All right - all right, it'll hold me...

Nathan Drake: No sign of her... that's either very good, or very bad.

Buka Pintu

Nathan Drake: Elena. What the hell's she doing?

Nathan Drake: Hmmm...

Guard: Ha-low?

Nathan Drake: Buka pintu.

Guard: Siapa ini? Bicara sekarang!

Nathan Drake: Ah, crap. Sialan lo! Cepatan, buka pintu!

Guard: Ah, tai!

Nathan Drake: (laughs) It worked.

Guard #1: There he is! Up there!

Guard #2: Get on the gun!

Nathan Drake: Oh boy...

Gameplay (continued)...

Nathan Drake: This place could use a good plumber.

Nathan Drake: Son of a bitch! Where'd they all come come from?

Chapter 6 - Unlocking the Past

Nathan Drake: Jesus, Elena, where are you?

Nathan Drake: Huh - wait a minute...

Nathan Drake: Now what's so important about that tower?

Nathan Drake: Whoa! - Sonofabitch!

Nathan Drake: Aha. What's this?

Nathan Drake: Oh no - oh no no no no no no NO NO!

Nathan Drake: Yuck - excuse me - thank you.

Nathan Drake: Hm - no - All right.

Nathan Drake: Where the hell is she?

Nathan Drake: Hmm... these aren't Spanish - they're English.

Nathan Drake: Whoa.

Nathan Drake: Fletcher - we have gone to the great tower. I pray that you'll meet us there. Francis Drake... Wow... So you made it... but what were you plotting?

Nathan Drake: That must be Drake's tower.

Nathan Drake: Where'd she go?

Nathan Drake: This must've been Drake's...

Nathan Drake: So what were you looking for, hm?

That Looks Familiar

Nathan Drake: Well now, that looks familiar... Huh. The ships never left.

Nathan Drake: Elena, where did she come from-

Pirate: Hey, there she is! Watch this.

Nathan Drake: Oh crap.

Pirate: We got him.


Elena Fisher: I know I'm not a big time treasure hunter like you, but I doubt you're gonna find El Dorado in there. How'd you get yourself in this mess?

Nathan Drake: Trying to rescue you, as a matter of fact.

Elena Fisher: Oh, that's so sweet.

Elena Fisher: Traditional sandstone brick and stucco... limestone mortar... huh.

Nathan Drake: How'd you get to know so much about this?

Elena Fisher: My show - episode 4, "Architects of the New World." Yep, it'll just take a tug to pull these bars out.

Nathan Drake: What? No, wait... are you sure-

Eddy Raja: Get out of my way, bodoh!

Eddy Raja: Cepatan, open this goddamn door!

Nathan Drake: Oh crap.

Eddy Raja: Hey, Drake.

Nathan Drake: Eddy Raja. I shoulda guessed.

Eddy Raja: Fascinating document, huh?

Eddy Raja: Seems like this "Sir Francis" was in my line of work.

Nathan Drake: Don't flatter yourself, Eddy.

Eddy Raja: (laughs) Always ready to be enemies, eh? Tell you what - lead me to the gold, and I just might let you live.

Nathan Drake: Is that it? Is that my deal? Die now, or help you, and die later. It's a tough call, but you know what? I'll take "die now."

Eddy Raja: Tai kamu! Listen to me, maggot - I was promised treasure on this goddamn rock! And now my men are dying. They can't even go outside and take a piss without an armed guard, and I have nothing to show for it!

Eddy Raja: I am making you a fair offer. You help me find the treasure, and the last man alive gets the gold... and the girl, of course.

Nathan Drake: The girl? Oh, Eddy, the girl's long gone. She's probably off the island by now, going for help.

Eddy Raja: Tai kucing - you were never very good at poker. I will find her, trust me. How much trouble could one girl be?

Elena Fisher: Well?! Come on!!

Nathan Drake: Thank you.

Eddy Raja: Hey, goddamn it-

Nathan Drake: Okay. Nice work!

Elena Fisher: Thanks.

Eddy Raja: Hey, hey, buka pintu!

Elena Fisher: Hang on!

Eddy Raja: Hentikan mereka! After them!!

Chapter 7 - Out of the Frying Pan

Nathan Drake: Go! Go!

Nathan Drake: Do you know where you're going?

Elena Fisher: No!

Nathan Drake: Here they come!

Elena Fisher: They're coming in from the side!

Elena Fisher: On the left!

Nathan Drake: Whoa whoa whoa, watch the cliff!

Nathan Drake: Oooh no no no no No!

Elena Fisher: Oh crap!

Nathan Drake: I said watch THE CLIFF!

Elena Fisher: All right back there?

Nathan Drake: Just drive!

Elena Fisher: Look out!

Nate and Elena: Aghh!

Elena Fisher: They're behind us!

Elena Fisher: Nate?! Shoot it out!

Nathan Drake: W-wh-whoa CLIFF!

Elena Fisher: I see it!

Elena Fisher: Uh... Nate?

Nathan Drake: Step on it! Punch it!

Elena Fisher: We made it!

Nathan Drake: I can't believe that worked!

Elena Fisher: So, who was that guy?

Nathan Drake: Just an old business asso - OH LOOK OUT!

Elena Fisher: Oh no! Hold on!

Out of Road

Elena Fisher: Okay... Here - grab my hand.

Elena Fisher: Okay.

Nathan Drake: All right. You okay?

Elena Fisher: Yeah, I'm fine - oh but, you're bleeding.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, it goes with the territory.

Nathan Drake: Let's get the hell outta here.

Elena Fisher: What?

Nathan Drake: C'mon!

Eddy Raja: Going somewhere?

Nathan Drake: Hey, Eddy!

Eddy Raja: Did you really think you could escape from moi?

Nathan Drake: Oh, no, Just giving the young lady the ten dollar tour.

Eddy Raja: Shut it! I bet you're working for them, too.

Nathan Drake: What?

Eddy Raja: You though you could set me up and keep everything for yourselves, hm?

Nathan Drake: Get down!

Elena Fisher: Damn it! This guy's crazy!!

Nathan Drake: Eddy, take it easy buddy!

Eddy Raja: Well, you're out of luck now, and out of road.

Eddy Raja: Now, give me that map.

Nathan Drake: Hold on.

Nathan Drake: All right, you got me, fair and square.

Eddy Raja: Hey, don't move!

Nathan Drake: Relax, Eddy, just getting the map, like you asked.

Nathan Drake: I said, hold on.

Elena Fisher: I am.

Eddy Raja: Well, hand it over.

Nathan Drake: Well now, you told me not to move. Looks like you're gonna have to come get it.

Eddy Raja: Tai kamu!

Elena Fisher: Nate!!

Eddy Raja: Aagh!

Chapter 8 - The Drowned City

Nathan Drake: Go! Go!

Nathan Drake: Oh, for God's sake!

Elena Fisher: Ugh, these guys never quit!

Our Ticket Outta Here

Nathan Drake: This was a big mistake.

Elena Fisher: No kidding. You know, I should've turned before the bridge.

Nathan Drake: That's very funny.

Elena Fisher: Oh, come here a minute - I wanna show you something.

Nathan Drake: That thing still works?

Elena Fisher: Uh-huh. Check this out.

Elena Fisher: Okay, see this building in the harbor? That's where all of the boats coming into the colony would've unloaded their cargo. So, if the El Dorado treasure came to this island, it would've had to have come through here.

Nathan Drake: Wait a minute. What - what was that?

Elena Fisher: What?

Nathan Drake: Rewind it.

Elena Fisher: Yeah...?

Nathan Drake: Wait - stop.

Elena Fisher: Uh-huh.

Nathan Drake: Right there.

Nathan Drake: That's our ticket out of here. Come on.

Elena Fisher: Our ticket out of here? Are you giving up?

Nathan Drake: Maybe you hadn't noticed, but we're kind of outnumbered.

Elena Fisher: We're doing fine so far...

Nathan Drake: Elena, I don't need your bullet-riddled corpse on my conscience. Let's go.

Elena Fisher: Oh, please. You quit if you want to, but don't use me as an excuse.

Nathan Drake: Fine. It's me, okay? I am quitting. Are you coming or not?

Elena Fisher: So that's it? You're just going to forget about the treasure and forget about Drake?

Nathan Drake: (chuckles) Goddamn it, this is not worth dying over.

Elena Fisher: Okay. Okay. Listen, either way we have to head back to the harbor. Don't worry about it. We can argue about it later. It'll be great.

Nathan Drake: Wait...

Nathan Drake: This time, I drive.

Elena Fisher: Okay.

Gameplay (continued...)

Elena Fisher: I don't get it. How does a colony just drop out of history?

Nathan Drake: Looks like we've got company.

Nathan Drake: Hit the barrels!

Elena Fisher: What happened to this place?

Nathan Drake: Whole city's completely flooded.

Nathan Drake: You're gonna to have to cover us!

Nathan Drake: Hang on!

Elena Fisher: There it is!

Nathan Drake: Yeah, now we just gotta find a way in.

Elena Fisher: You know, I read a story once about a cursed Inca treasure... You don't supposed that -

Nathan Drake: Please don't tell me you believe in that stuff.

Elena Fisher: I'm just saying... something bad happened here. A whole colony doesn't up and vanish.

Nathan Drake: (laughs) Yeah.

Elena Fisher: Well, how do you explain it?

Elena Fisher: Looks like that cable would get us up there.

Nathan Drake: Let's go check it out.

Elena Fisher: I'll stay here and keep an eye on our ride. See if you can figure a way to get us to that tower.

Chapter 9 - To the Tower

(After Nate unlocks the gate, followed by Elena pulling up below him.)

Elena Fisher: Down here!

(Nate drops down into the jet ski and takes the wheel.)

Elena Fisher: You okay?

(They encounter more enemies.)

Nathan Drake: Take 'em out, Elena!

(The player continues until reaching another stopping point.)

Elena Fisher: You've got to get to that tower! I'll meet you back at the customs house.

(The player continues on, fighting enemies.)

(The player then continues climbing the tower, pulling levers.)

Nathan Drake: Another one...

(The player continues until reaching the door to let Elena in.)

Elena Fisher: (shouting from outside) Hey, Nate, let me in!

(Nate shoots the lock off.)

Nathan Drake: Stand back.

(Elena enters the building.)

Nathan Drake: All right - let's find a way to the harbor, and hope the boat's still there.

Chapter 10 - The Customs House

Sic Parvis Magna

(Nate and Elena enter a room full of ship manifests.)

Nathan Drake: Wow... these must be all the old ship manifests.

(Elena starts filming the place.)

Nathan Drake: Still seem to be in pretty good shape.

(Walks over to the table.)

Nathan Drake: Hey, check this out - this looks right. The Esperanza. Sailed from Callao, Peru. Carrying 800 bars of gold, 1200 silver. Emeralds... Golden masks, ornaments...

Elena Fisher: Whoa, reading 16th-century Spanish. Not just a grave robber after all, huh?

Nathan Drake: Right here. Gold statue, weight: 20 arrobas. That's over five hundred pounds. That's gotta be it.

(Nate turns the page to one showing El Dorado.)

Nathan Drake: Wow... there you are...

Elena Fisher: That thing kinda gives me the creeps.

(Continues turning pages.)

Nathan Drake: Huh. That's the last entry...

(Nate begins fiddling with his ring.)

Elena Fisher: (seeing Drake's ring) That someone special?

Nathan Drake: What? Oh, yeah. I guess you could say that.

Elena Fisher: Huh. I had you pegged as more of a "woman-in-every-port" kinda guy.

Nathan Drake: (laughs) Don't I wish. No, this was ah... this was Francis Drake's ring. I, y'know kind of inherited it.

Elena Fisher: 'Sic Parvis Magna'?

Nathan Drake: "Greatness from small beginnings" - it was his motto. Check out the date.

Elena Fisher: 29th of January, 1596.

Nathan Drake: One day after he supposedly died.

Elena Fisher: Wait, what are these numbers right here?

Nathan Drake: Coordinates. Right off the coast of Panama.

Elena Fisher: Oh, so that's how you found the coffin.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, that's right. See, Drake left this as a clue to pinpoint the exact burial sight.

Elena Fisher: For someone clever enough to figure it out.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, nice try. But we're still going for that boat.

(Rips El Dorado page out and holds up to the camera.)

Nathan Drake: I'm afraid this is as close as we're getting to El Dorado.

(The player continues on until reaching the harbor, triggering the next cutscene.)

Harbor View

(Nate and Elena walk towards the balcony.)

Elena Fisher: I don't see any boat, Nate. Looks like we've missed our chance.

Nathan Drake: No, there it is, on the other side of the harbor. C'mon.

Elena Fisher: Hey, you know what - why don't I just wait here, and you can uh, swing around and come back and pick me up.

Nathan Drake: Okay, what are you up to?

Elena Fisher: Nothing. I just wanna, y'know, stay here and get some more footage. I'll be safe.

Nathan Drake: All right - fine. But promise me you'll stay put.

(Elena nods, holding her hands up.)

Nathan Drake: Whatever that means.

(The player continues until the start of the next chapter.)

Chapter 11 - Trapped

(Nate spots a chopper flying over the building.)

Nathan Drake: Who's this, now? Wait, that's not one of Eddy's...

You Need to See This

(Nate spots Eddy's pirates getting onto he boat.)

Guard #1: Get this all on the boat now!

(Elena sneaks up on Nate.)

Elena Fisher: Hey.

Nathan Drake: How did you get here?

Elena Fisher: You really need to see this.

Nathan Drake: Now is really not the best time.

Elena Fisher: (pulls Nate down) No - Nate...

Nathan Drake: What are you doing?!

Elena Fisher: You really need to watch this. Just -

Nathan Drake: What?

(Elena shows him footage of Victor Sullivan with Gabriel Roman.)

Elena Fisher: He's alive.

Nathan Drake: Huh.

Elena Fisher: I don't know, Nate... I mean, how much do you trust this guy? It's not exactly like they're holding him at gunpoint.

Nathan Drake: I know. Yeah, it seems weird.

(The boat sails off, and the two get up to look at the map.)

Nathan Drake: But no. Sully's a lot of things, but he's not a back-stabber.

(He unfolds the map.)

Nathan Drake: Which way were they headed?

Elena Fisher: Uh... North-ish. Yeah, towards the mountains.

Nathan Drake: Okay, it's gotta be the monastery. Let's go.

Elena Fisher: What if it turns out he's working with them?

Nathan Drake: We either rescue him or we beat the crap out of him. Hell, I might just beat the crap out of him anyway.

(The player continues until reaching a rope bridge.)

The Bridge

(Nate and Elena walk slowly across the rope bridge.)

Elena Fisher: How does something like this happen?

Nathan Drake: See those scorch marks?

Elena Fisher: Uh-huh?

Nathan Drake: Somebody packed this place with enough gunpowder to blow it wide open.

(The bridge begins to creak.)

Nathan Drake: Whoa - watch your step. Some of these boards are really falling apart -

(Elena falls through the wood, with Nate grabbing onto her arm.)

Elena Fisher: (screams)

Nathan Drake: Elena, I can't hold on! Give me your other hand! You've got to let it go!

(Elena drops her camera.)

Elena Fisher: Damn it!

(Nate helps Elena back up to safety.)

Nathan Drake: Okay.

Elena Fisher: Oh, shit.

Nathan Drake: It's okay. C'mon... c'mon.

(The player continues until reaching the jet ski by the river.)

Chapter 12 - Heading Upriver

Nathan Drake: This river ought to take us right up to the monastery.

(Along the way, they encounter Eddy's men.)

Nathan Drake: For God's sake, Elena, hit the barrel!

(The player continues until reaching the monastery.)

Chapter 13 - Sanctuary?

(Upon reaching the stopping point.)

Nathan Drake: All right.

Elena Fisher: Yep.

Nathan Drake: Okay, let's head up to the monastery and see what's going on.

(While walking up some stairs, before the next cutscene.)

Nathan Drake: Would you slow down? One of Eddy's goons could be up ahead.

Who Made This?

Elena Fisher: Come on, we left those clowns in the dust ages agoooooOHMYGOD!!

(After seeing a dead pirate impaled into the spike trap.)

Elena Fisher: That's disgusting! Oh, I wish I had my camera. So... what? The Spanish booby-trapped the island to protect their gold?

Nathan Drake: This wasn't made by the Spanish. Take a closer look at the spikes.

(Elena observes the spikes.)

Elena Fisher: You have got to be kidding me.

Nathan Drake: This is from our plane.

Elena Fisher: Wait, that doesn't make any sense, though. Why would anyone set traps like this when their own men are calling all over the island?

Nathan Drake: They wouldn't.

(Nate crouches down and spots footprints.)

Nathan Drake: Something's been here since the trap was sprung.

Elena Fisher: Something or someone? Wait, do you think that -

Nathan Drake: Shh sh sh! Do you hear that?

Elena Fisher: Hear what?

Nathan Drake: Nothing... absolutely nothing.

(Pulls out his gun.)

Nathan Drake: We're being watched.

Elena Fisher: Watched?

Nathan Drake: Yeah, you know what - it's probably nothing. Um... Let's just get out of here before we run into whatever's been chewing on this guy.

Elena Fisher: Okay...

Gameplay (continued...)

(The two press on and encounter Navarro's mercenaries.)

Nathan Drake: Keep your head down! These guys have laser sights!

(Nate and Elena take down the mercenaries.)

Nathan Drake: Roman and Navarro can't be far off, if they left their attack dogs at the gate.

(Nate and Elena eavesdrop on two mercenaries.)

Mercenary #1: Go ahead.

Gabriel Roman: I want the library secure. Don't let them get to Sullivan.

Mercenary #1: Yes sir. They've got the old man working on the east side of the complex. I don't even know why they brought him along! That son of a bitch can't be trusted.

(The player is then prompted to shoot down the mercenaries.)

(Nate and Elena then enter the courtyard.)

Elena Fisher: Nate, I've got a bad feeling about this place.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, I know, me too. Let's just find Sullivan and get the hell out of here.

(The two then encounter more thugs.)

Mercenary: Now!

(The player continues until they have to blow open a wall for Elena.)

Elena Fisher: Nice job!

(Nate tries to open up the gate, but it falls down.)

Elena Fisher: Here, I'll hold that while you brace the gate open.

(If the player waits a moment.)
Elena Fisher: Hurry up!

(Nate gets underneath the door.)

Elena Fisher: (moans) You ready?

Nathan Drake: Okay, let it go... gently.

(Elena releases the lever and heads through.)

Nathan Drake: (grunts) Ahhhh, I said gently...

(Nate holds rolls underneath.)

(After the player takes down the next group of mercenaries.)

Elena Fisher: That must be the library - over there.

Nathan Drake: But we're not gonna waltz right in the front door. Let's find another way in, scope things out.

(Nate and Elena sneak in through the side opening.)

Dead Man Talking

(Nate and Elena overhear a conversation.)

Victor Sullivan: She worked in this little bar in the Phillipines... Oh man, she had a smile that'd melt your heart.

(Nate and Elena crouch down and look down into the room.)

Victor Sullivan: But oh, I swear to God, she'd just as soon kill you as kiss you if she caught you steppin' out. Just a wee bit of a thing. She couldn't of been more than four-eleven. They called here a "spinner" because she -

Mercenary #1: Will you shut up, old man? You told us that one a dozen times already.

Victor Sullivan: Oh yeah, right. 'Course I did. Memory's not what it used to be.

Mercenary #1: What the hell's taking you so long anyway?

Victor Sullivan: Well, maybe you hadn't noticed, but most of these books are half-rotten, and written in Spanish.

Mercenary #1: Yeah well, hurry it up. The boss is waiting on you.

(The second mercenary spots Nate and Elena.)

Mercenary #2: Hey! Up there!

Nathan Drake: (to himself) Ah, crap!

Gameplay (continued...)

Elena Fisher: This better be worth it!

Nathan Drake: Sully, just stay down!

Nathan Drake: Keep your head down, Sully!

Awkward Reunion

Victor Sullivan: Ah, man. It's about time you showed up.

Nathan Drake: Well, you're looking awfully good for a corpse.

Victor Sullivan: So, you brought the girl after all, huh?

Elena Fisher: "The girl"?

Nathan Drake: Hey, if it wasn't for her, you wouldn't be getting rescued right now.

Elena Fisher: If this is a rescue.

Victor Sullivan: What the hell does that mean?

Nathan Drake: You gotta admit, Sully, this all looks a little shady.

Elena Fisher: Yeah.

Nathan Drake: I mean you tipping those guys off.

Elena Fisher: And miraculously showing up alive.

Victor Sullivan: Now wait a goddamn minute. Roman had a contract out on me. I needed to buy some time. All right, stupid mistake. I didn't realize they'd try and track us.

Nathan Drake: Sully, we would have been headed home with the treasure by now if you had just for once kept your mouth shut.

Victor Sullivan: And you might've thought of checking for a pulse before running off and leaving me for dead. Look, none of that matters now.

Elena Fisher: All right, so how is it you're standing here breathing and all, huh?

Victor Sullivan: You are not gonna believe this.

(Sully shows them the diary, with a bullet hole in it.)

Victor Sullivan: Huh?

Nathan Drake: No way... Ol' Francis took a bullet for you?

Victor Sullivan: Yeah.

Nathan Drake: I thought this kinda thing only happened in the movies.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah, well, it still hurt like a sonofabitch, I'll tell you that.

Elena Fisher: (laughs)

Nathan Drake: I bet.

Victor Sullivan: Anyway, once they realized I wasn't dead, I convinced Roman that they'd never find the treasure without me. So I've been trying to mislead them ever since, waiting for you to show up.

Elena Fisher: Well, where are they now?

Victor Sullivan: Well, they're chasing a little red herring I sent 'em on, on the other side of the monastery, to get rid of 'em.

(Nate chuckles, while Sully opens up the diary.)

Victor Sullivan: Look, Drake had it all figured out. See, that's the symbol the Spanish used to mark their secret vaults. The treasure is hidden right here in this monastery. Find the symbol...

Nate and Sullivan: ... and we find the vault.

Victor Sullivan: We have everything we need right here. All the clues to take us right to the treasure. We can do this, kid.

(Elena steps in between them, wrapping her arms around them.)

Elena Fisher: All right, you boys aren't gonna get all chummy and leave the girl behind again, are you?

Nathan Drake: Don't even think about it, Sully. She's got a mean right hook.

Victor Sullivan: I'll keep that in mind.

Gameplay (continued...)

Victor Sullivan: There's more to this room than meets the eye, I'm sure of it.

(Nathan looks up at the four statues.)

Nathan Drake: Hm... something about these statues...

(When Nate touches the first statue.)

Nathan Drake: Okay.

(If the player turns the first statue the wrong way.)
Nathan Drake: No, that's not right.

(If the player turns the statue the wrong way again.)
Nathan Drake: Ah!

(If they player waits for a little while.)
Elena Fisher: Try checking the diary again.

(If the player continues to wait for a while longer.)
Victor Sullivan: C'mon, hurry it up, Nate. We don't have much time 'till they realize something's wrong.

(Nate solves the puzzle, opening up a secret passage.)

Nathan Drake: Bingo!

Elena Fisher: Whoa...

(The three of them head down the stairs.)

Victor Sullivan: Oh - another library?

Elena Fisher: Huh. What now?

(Nate spots a statue in the wall.)

Nathan Drake: Y'know, this looks familiar.

(He opens the diary to a page with a picture of a torch.)

Nathan Drake: (reading) "The inverted torch leads to the land of the dead."

Watch Your Head

(The three unlock a passage leading underground.)

Nathan Drake: Well, this looks promising. Here, let me see that.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah.

(Nathan shines the flashlight downstairs.)

Nathan Drake: Okay, you two sit tight. I'm gonna check things out.

Elena Fisher: Whoa, whoa, wait. No, you're not going out there alone.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah, Roman's men are swarming all over this place.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, and one person'll make a lot less noise than three.

(Sully shrugs.)

Nathan Drake: C'mon, I'll be fine. And you guys will be safe here. They don't even know about this room.

Victor Sullivan: Okay, take this with you.

(Sully gives Nate a walkie-talkie.)

Victor Sullivan: Leave it on channel 13 - they don't use that one. And keep us posted.

Nathan Drake: All right, you got it. Close this thing back up.

Victor Sullivan: Yeah.

Elena Fisher: Nate - be careful.

Nathan Drake: C'mon, I always am.

(He turns around and hits his head.)

Nathan Drake: Ow! I did not see that.

Chapter 14 - Going Underground

Nathan Drake: Okay. Land of the dead. Here we go.

(The player continues until reaching the bells.)

Nathan Drake: Wait, there's something about this...

(Nate opens the diary to a page display two bells.)

Nathan Drake: Two bells resound in perfect harmony.

(After solving the puzzle.)

Nathan Drake: Yeah, all right!

(Nate then climbs down into the underground caverns.)

Nathan Drake: We got all the clues, right here. We can do this, kid. How the hell does he think he's gonna get that statue outta here, anyway?

(After climbing down the ladder.)

Nathan Drake: Oh jeez, these guys are everywhere.

(The player continues until the next cutscene.)


(Nate eavesdrops on the conversation in the upper room.)

Gabriel Roman: This is completely unacceptable.

Eddy Raja: Well, what do you expect from me, Roman? My men are getting massacred.

Gabriel Roman: I find it hard to believe that one man could wipe out your entire crew.

Eddy Raja: It's not just Drake, goddammit! I'm telling you, this island is cursed!

Gabriel Roman: Enough! Take your sorry mob and go.

Eddy Raja: Wait, you can't cut me loose. You owe me a share of the gold!

Gabriel Roman: Your share, Eddy, was contingent upon you doing what I required. You assured me that Drake was captured, and the island secure.

Eddy Raja: Oh, this is bullshit Roman, and you know it!

(Eddy draws his gun on Roman, followed by Navarro drawing his.)

Gabriel Roman: We're done here, Mr. Raja.

(Roman drops his cigar onto Nate's head.)

Eddy Raja: Tai kamu!

(Eddy walks out the room angrily.)

Eddy Raja: Mati aja lo! Sialan!

Gabriel Roman: Remind me again why you employed that superstitious idiot?

Atoq Navarro: You wanted someone cheap.

Gabriel Roman: Well, you get what you pay for, I suppose.

(Turns to Navarro.)

Gabriel Roman: And what about you, Navarro? Are you worth what I'm paying you?

Atoq Navarro: The vault's here. I'm sure of it. If Sullivan can be trusted...

Gabriel Roman: Which he can't!

Atoq Navarro: Look, he knows we'll kill him if he's lying.

Gabriel Roman: Don't be stupid. He knows we'll kill him once we find the treasure. He has no incentive to tell the truth. Really, Navarro, sometimes I think you left your brains back in that slum where I found you.

Atoq Navarro: I just need a little more time.

Gabriel Roman: Chasing this treasure of yours is proving to be more trouble than it's probably worth.

Atoq Navarro: I assure you, El Dorado is worth more than you can possibly imagine.

Gabriel Roman: It had better be...

Chapter 15 - On the Trail of the Treasure

(The player continues until Sully radios Nate.)

Victor Sullivan: Nate, you read me?

Nathan Drake: Yeah. Sully, I'm just going in circles, here.

Victor Sullivan: Well, the girl and I been reading some of the books down here and it looks like there's some kind of secret gallery at the top of the church. Can you get there?

Nathan Drake: Think so. Yeah.

Victor Sullivan: All right, give us a call if you find anything.

(The player continues until Nate spots the symbol.)

Nathan Drake: That's gotta be it.

(Nate spots the same symbol in the journal.)

Nathan Drake: Aha...

(The player continues until reaching the window.)

Nathan Drake: Well, hello there.

Cutscene (title unknown)

Nathan Drake: You gotta be kidding...

(Nate takes out his walkie-talkie.)

Nathan Drake: Hey, Sully.

Victor Sullivan: I'm here.

Nathan Drake: Remember Roman and Navarro, and that "red herring" you sent them on, to get them out of the way?

Victor Sullivan: Yeah?

Nathan Drake: Well, they're sitting right on top of the treasure vault.

Victor Sullivan: Oh, of all the goddamn luck -

Nathan Drake: Look, I'm gonna need a diversion to get them out of there.

Victor Sullivan: You got it, kid. One diversion, coming right up.

Nathan Drake: And Sully -

Victor Sullivan: Yeah.

Nathan Drake: Once they're gone, meet me in the mausoleum. But come through the catacombs - it's safer that way.

Victor Sullivan: Gotcha.

Nathan Drake: Now I've just gotta get past all these goons without getting noticed.

Gameplay (continued...)

(Nate climbs down to the ground.)

Atoq Navarro: Sullivan has escaped! Spread out - find him!

(Gameplay continues until the player enters the mausoleum.)

Nathan Drake: Hey.

Elena Fisher: Hey.

Victor Sullivan: I knew you could do it, kid! So what's next?

Nathan Drake: I don't know, I'm figuring it out as I go. This is definitely the right place, though. Wait a second, it's something to do with these symbols.

(As the player solves the puzzle.)

Victor Sullivan: (chuckles) Oh man, Roman and Navarro really tore this place up.

Passage to the Vault

Nathan Drake: Looks like we're in business.

(Nate tosses a skull head to Sully.)

Nathan Drake: Heads up!

(Nate then climbs inside for inspection.)

Victor Sullivan: Whaddya make of it?

Nathan Drake: I dunno, could be a dead end.

Elena Fisher: Wait, it looks like their might be a passage this way -

(Elena steps on a switch on the floor, causing the door to shut.)

Elena Fisher: Uh-oh.

(Sully tries to climb through the archway.)

Nathan Drake: Oh shit.

Victor Sullivan: What the hell's that?

Nathan Drake: Sully! Get outta there!

Victor Sullivan: Huh?

Nathan Drake: It's a trap!

(Nate pushes Sully back through the archway before it shuts.)

Nathan Drake: Sullivan, are you okay? Sully?!

Victor Sullivan: Yeah, yeah, fine. Still in one piece. You knocked me on my ass, though.

Nathan Drake: Yeah well, you better get back to the library. We're gonna have to find another way outta here.

Chapter 16 - The Treasure Vault

Nathan Drake: Well, there's no way but forward.

Elena Fisher: Yeah.

(Nate and Elena enter into the vault.)

Elena Fisher: What is this place?

Nathan Drake: A really elaborate way to hide the damn treasure.

Elena Fisher: Which way do we go?

(Nate spots a Roman numeral on the ground.)

Nathan Drake: Huh - wait a second...

(Nate then opens the map to find the symbols.)

Nathan Drake: There are Roman numerals on the corner of Drake's map - this has got to mean something...

(Nate heads down the path, following the Roman numerals.)

Elena Fisher: I'll stay here and keep a lookout while you figure out how we're going to get across.

(Nate continues until he spots something in the distance.)

Nathan Drake: What was that?

(Nate continues following the path.)

Nathan Drake: Oh, man. I'm completely lost.

(Nate finds a wheel mechanism up ahead.)

Nathan Drake: This has gotta be good for something.

(Nate activates the mechanism.)

Nathan Drake: Something's happening!

Elena Fisher: Nate, did you do that? Things just started moving down here!

(Nate continues, contacting Sully on his radio.)

Nathan Drake: Sully, you read me?

(Static noise is heard.)

Nathan Drake: Damn. Nothing.

(Nate continues until he spots Elena below.)

Nathan Drake: Hey! I made it!

Elena Fisher: Hey, be careful! That thing doesn't look very safe - NATE!

(Nate stumbles from the platform, then falls to a lower path.)

Nathan Drake: It's all right! (chuckles) I'm okay!

(Nate then leaps to a lift, then steps onto the lift, then it drops.)

Nathan Drake: Whoa... Okay...

(The windows leading to the other side of the wall open up.)

Elena Fisher: See if you can find a way to get this gate open. I'll wait here.

(Nate climbs through the window, then spots something else in the distance.)

Nathan Drake: What the hell?

(Eddy Raja and his pirates confront them.)

Eddy Raja: Hey, bule! Last man alive gets the gold! You lose.

Pirates: (laugh).

Eddy Raja: Kill them both.

Nathan Drake: This just keeps getting better and better.

(Nate and Elena defeat Eddy's pirates, followed by Nate spotting a ladder.)

Nathan Drake: I think there's some kind of ladder mechanism up there.

(Nate makes it to the ladder mechanism and lowers it down for Elena.)

(The two continue up some stairs.)

Nathan Drake: Hope this leads somewhere.

(They go up a spiraling ramp.)

Nathan Drake: Let's try this way.

Drake's End

(The two enter a circular room.)

Elena Fisher: There's nothing here.

Nathan Drake: This is getting so old.

(Nate spots the corpse of Francis Drake.)

Elena Fisher: Nate...?

(Nate kneels down for a closer look.)

Nathan Drake: It's Drake. He never found it. He just... died here.

(Nathan removes the ring from his neck.)

Nathan Drake: So much for 'greatness.' Wasted his life... for nothing.

(He drops the ring by Drake's corpse.)

Elena Fisher: Nate, are you ready to get moving?

(Nathan stands back up.)

Nathan Drake: Yeah... More than ever.

Chapter 17 - The Heart of the Vault

Elena Fisher: There's gotta be a way outta here.

Nathan Drake: It looks like there's some kind of machinery up there.

Elena Fisher: Hey, there's a ladder. Here, I think I can reach it if you give me a boost.

Nathan Drake: All right, climb on.

Nathan Drake: Oh, you're heavier than you look. Can you reach it?

Elena Fisher: ...umhmm...

Elena Fisher: Looks like an old hoist or something! There's a rope - I'll try to lower it down to you!

Elena Fisher: Oh, I see a tunnel - we can get out this way!

Hello, Boys

Nathan Drake: Hello boys.

Nathan Drake: Easy Eddy. Easy.

Nathan Drake: What the hell's going on out there?

Eddy Raja: Didn't you see them?!

Prakoso: Oh no... Oh God, no...

Eddy Raja: We're trapped!

Nathan Drake: Jesus, what is that?

Eddy Raja: We're dead! We're all dead!

Prakoso: Aaaaaggh!!

Eddy Raja: No!

Nathan Drake: Eddy, get back here.

Nathan Drake: Oh crap.

Eddy Raja: Drake, if we don't make it out of here, I just want you to know - I hate your guts.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, likewise pal. Now let's do this.

Gameplay (continued...)

Elena Fisher: What the hell is going on down there?!

Nathan Drake: Just get that rope down here! Fast!

Elena Fisher: Damn! It's totally rusted - it won't move!

Eddy Raja: You want some of this?

Nathan Drake: Elena?!

Elena Fisher: It's stuck!

(If Drake is killed.)
Eddy Raja

  • Drake!
  • No!

Don't Mess With Eddy Raja

Eddy Raja: That's right, you ugly konyok!

Eddy Raja: Don't mess with Eddy Raja!

Nathan Drake: Eddy!

Nathan Drake: Eddy! Hold on!

Eddy Raja: (screams)

Nathan Drake: Oh, you have got to be kidding me... Elena, hurry up!

Gameplay (continued...)

Elena Fisher: Hold on, Nate!

Elena Fisher: I got it! It's moving!

Elena Fisher: Grab the rope!

Elena Fisher: C'mon, Nate.

Elena Fisher: I'll swing you over - hold on!

Elena Fisher: Oh my -

Nathan Drake: Go!

Elena Fisher: This way!

Nathan Drake: Go! Go! Run!

Where Are We?

Nathan Drake: Go! Go! Go! Go!

Elena Fisher: What the hell were those things?!

Nathan Drake: I don't know. I don't know. Are you okay?

Elena Fisher: Yeah. Nate...

Nathan Drake: Okay, I don't think they can get through this.

Elena Fisher: Nate...

Nathan Drake: What?

Elena Fisher: Where are we?

Nathan Drake: I'm not sure.

Nathan Drake: Go!

Elena Fisher: Whoa...

Nathan Drake: Wow, this explains the U-boat in the Amazon.

Elena Fisher: Nate, c'mere. Look at this.

Nathan Drake: So they found it... They must've broken into the vault and cleared it out.

Elena Fisher: Yeah, but what's the monastery got to do with it?

Nathan Drake: I don't know... It doesn't make any sense. If that's where the statue is now... Oh man, we were right on top of it.

Elena Fisher: I bet this'll take us to the surface.

Nathan Drake: Guess the Nazis didn't pay their electric bill.

Elena Fisher: Damn it!

Nathan Drake: You know, I bet if we can make it to the generator room, we could get the power turned back on. We just gotta find a way out of here first.

Nathan Drake: Wait, what are you doing? What are you doing?!

Elena Fisher: Found a way out.

Nathan Drake: Nice work.

Elena Fisher: Yeah.

Nathan Drake: All right, let's go.

Elena Fisher: Nope, this one's all you, cowboy.

Nathan Drake: Whaddya mean?

Elena Fisher: Nate, you know I can't make that jump.

Nathan Drake: There is no way I'm leaving you here alone with those things.

Elena Fisher: We don't have a choice. Just go turn the power on, come back and get me, and then we'll get the hell out of here. Okay? Just go.

Nathan Drake: I will be right back.

Elena Fisher: Yeah.

Chapter 18 - The Bunker

(Nate climbs his way into the bunker.)

Nathan Drake: Sullivan, come in.

(Only static is heard.)

Nathan Drake: It's no use, I can't get a signal in here.

(Nate continues to search the submarine until he comes across a messy room.)

Nathan Drake: What the hell happened here?

(Nate enters another hall, where a descendant appears.)

Nathan Drake: Oh, shit!

(Nathan continues to fight off creatures on his way to the generator room.)

Nathan Drake: This has got to be the generator room.

(Nate gets the generator working.)

Nathan Drake: Thank God.

Chapter 19 - Unwelcome Guests

(After Nate sees the door open, allowing creatures in.)

Nathan Drake: Oh no.

(After pulling the levers and escaping the room.)

Nathan Drake: This is turning out to be a really lousy day.

(Nate then stumbles upon a dead pirate.)

Nathan Drake: Oh man, those things must've got to them.

(Nate continues through the hallways.)

Nathan Drake: How am I gonna get outta here?

(Nate continues until he reaches a room with a film reel.)

Last Testament

(Nate enters the dark room and plays the film strip, while reading a letter from Francis Drake.)

Nathan Drake: "My end is near... The devils hunt for me in the darkness. The gold of El Dorado bears a terrible curse; the Spaniards have unleashed hell, and become as demons."

(Nate takes one quick look at the projector.)

Nathan Drake: "My men have all been murdered, leaving the task to me alone. No ship will depart this island; I destroyed them all, and drowned the cursed city. A thing of such great evil must never leave these shores. In my final hour, I commend my soul to God. May He have mercy on this unholy place. Francis Drake.

(Takes one last look at the projector.)

Nathan Drake: My God...

(He turns the projector off, then hears growling noises.)

Gameplay (continued...)

Nathan Drake: Oh, no, not again!

(The player continues on until the next cutscene triggers.)

Hostage Situation

(Nate enters another room and sees through the window Elena held hostage.)

Gabriel Roman: Can you hear me in there?

Nathan Drake: Loud and clear, jackass.

Gabriel Roman: Oh, no microphone on your end? What a shame.

(Elena grabs hold of the microphone.)

Elena Fisher: Nate! Get outta there before-

Nathan Drake: Elena! Leave her alone, you sons of-

Gabriel Roman: Navarro, if you can't maintain control over a small girl...

Atoq Navarro: It won't happen again.

(Takes out a gun.)

Atoq Navarro: Trust me.

Gabriel Roman: I'm sorry for the interruption. I just wanted to uh, thank you for leading us to El Dorado.

Nathan Drake: (silently) Of course.

Gabriel Roman: Oh, I hope you don't mind if we borrow Miss Fisher a little while longer. Just to discourage you and your partner from trying anything creative. So long, Nate. It's been fun.

(They walk away, with Navarro smiling and giving Nate a salute.)

Nathan Drake: Yeah, keep smiling, asshole. I'll see you soon.

(Turns around and hears voices.)

Mercenary: Whoa!

Nathan Drake: Oh, hell... that can't be good.

(Nate continues, fighting through mercenaries and descendants for the remainder of the chapter.)

Chapter 20 - Race to the Rescue

(Nate returns to the top surface and radios Sully.)

Nathan Drake: Sully - are you there? Dammit - Sully, come in!

Victor Sullivan: Thank God, Nate - where are you?

Nathan Drake: Heading your way. They've got Elena - we have to stop 'em.

Victor Sullivan: Got problems of my own. Bastards have me pinned down outside the church.

Nathan Drake: Almost there.

(Nate makes his way to the church to fend off some mercenaries.)

Victor Sullivan: You cold-blooded sons of bitches!

(After Nate kills one mercenary.)

Victor Sullivan: Nice one, kid!

(After the mercenaries are defeated.)

Nathan Drake: We gotta stop 'em, Sully. They don't know what they're dealing with!

Victor Sullivan: What are you -?

Nathan Drake: I don't know how, but that statue destroyed the whole colony, and it killed the Germans too.

Victor Sullivan: Whoa - come again?

Nathan Drake: There's no time! We've got to get to the church!

Nathan and Sully enter the church and are attacked by more mercenaries.

Nathan Drake: Dammit! They're everywhere! Hang back, Sully!

(After the mercenaries are defeated.)

Nathan Drake: C'mon, Sully - there should be a hidden passage right under the altar.

Cutscene (title unknown)

Victor Sullivan: Holy shit...

Nathan Drake: Whoa...

Chapter 21 - Gold and Bones

Victor Sullivan: You wanna tell me what the hell's going on!?

Nathan Drake: Drake didn't want to get the treasure off the island, Sully. He was trying to stop it from leaving!

Victor Sullivan: What?

Nathan Drake: It's cursed or something.

Victor Sullivan: Oh, Nate, for God's sake...

Nathan Drake: Look, I know it sounds crazy. You just gotta trust me.

El Goddamn Dorado

Nathan Drake: Oh man.

Victor Sullivan: Whoa...

Gabriel Roman: (laughs) You two should realize by now that I plan for every contingency. Now, drop your weapons. Down there.

Gabriel Roman: No heroics please, or I will kill her.

Gabriel Roman: Good. Now, if you'll just hang tight, we'll be with you in a moment.

Gabriel Roman: It's magnificent. The craftsmanship, I've never seen anything like it before.

Atoq Navarro: That is only a shell. The real treasure of El Dorado lies inside.

Atoq Navarro: (laughs) Open it!

Nathan Drake: My God...

Gabriel Roman: (coughs)

Atoq Navarro: Watch this.

Gabriel Roman: Navarro... (growls)

Atoq Navarro: Adios, jefe. So little imagination. (laughs)

Atoq Navarro: Bajen la red!

Mercenary: Bajen la red!

Nathan Drake: Navarro, that thing wiped out an entire colony. You don't know what you're doing.

Atoq Navarro: Wrong. I'm the only person on this island who knows what the hell he's doing!

Atoq Navarro: Cargue la estatua. Cuidado!

Atoq Navarro: You are so pathetic, all of you scrambling around for your petty treasures. Do you have any idea what this is worth, to the right buyer?

Atoq Navarro: Levantenlo!

Mercenary: Levantenlo!

Nathan Drake: Oh no...

Victor Sullivan: What the hell is that?

Victor Sullivan: Jesus, what are those things?

Nathan Drake: It's the Spaniards, Sully. They never left.

Nathan Drake: My God, if that thing gets off the island...

Victor Sullivan: You gotta stop him. I'll cover you from here.

Gameplay (continued...)

Victor Sullivan: Go!

Victor Sullivan: He's getting away!

Helicopter Ride

Mercenary: Hey!

Nathan Drake: Crap!

Nathan Drake: Ohhhh!

Nathan Drake: Oh my God.

Atoq Navarro: Matenlo! Kill him!

Chapter 22 - Showdown

Nathan Drake: Nowhere to hide, now!

(Nate spots Elena still unconscious.)

Nathan Drake: Elena!

(Navarro fires at an explosive barrel, knocking Nate back and causing his weapon to fall overboard.)

Nathan Drake: Oh crap—now what?

The End

Nathan Drake: Elena!

Nathan Drake: Elena! Oh God... Elena.

Nathan Drake: C'mon. Can you stand?

Elena Fisher: I'm okay... I'm okay.

Nathan Drake: Are you all right?

Elena Fisher: Oh—Nate?

Nathan Drake: Adios, asshole.

Atoq Navarro: Huh?

Elena Fisher: Oh my—

Elena Fisher: Oh... Quite a day.

Nathan Drake: Yeah - yeah, save the world, triumph over evil - pretty typical.

Elena Fisher: Really.

Nathan Drake: It's a shame we're leaving empty handed, though.

Elena Fisher: Oh well, you know, I... I did manage to save one small thing.

Elena Fisher: Here I... I thought you might miss this.

Nathan Drake: Thanks.

Elena Fisher: Yeah.

Victor Sullivan: You two got a funny idea of romantic.

Nathan Drake: Sully! Wow. You - you look like hell.

Victor Sullivan: You should see the other guys.

Elena Fisher: (laughs)

Victor Sullivan: Got us a boat.

Elena Fisher: Uh, we already have a boat.

Nathan Drake: Yeah. Big boat.

Victor Sullivan: I like this one better.

Elena Fisher: (gasps)

Victor Sullivan: (laughs)

Nathan Drake: Sully, you beautiful sonofabitch!

Victor Sullivan: Borrowed it off a couple of pirates who were too dead to care.

Nathan Drake: Sorry you didn't get your story.

Elena Fisher: Ah, that's all right. There'll be other stories. You still owe me one.

Nathan Drake: I'm good for it.


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Nathan Drake

(After kicking a pirate)

  • I'll kick you to sleep!
  • Oh crap.
  • No children for you!

(Upon being attacked by a descendant)

  • (Screams)
Eddy's pirates
  • Flush him out!
  • He's trapped!
  • It's over, bule!
  • We've got him!
  • Right between the eyes, bule!
  • Shoot to kill!
  • I'm going for him

(If Drake is killed)

  • Lights out, Drake!
  • He’s finished!

(If attacked by descendants)

  • Help Me!
  • What are these things?
  • Get away!

Onscreen prompts / tips

  • Press L1, press L1 to shoot
  • Press Circle to take cover when next to an object
  • Press Square Square Square Square Square for a fast and furious combo
  • Press Square Triangle Square for a brutal combo
  • Enemies killed by a brutal combo drop more ammo
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