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Drake's Fortune contains a total of sixty-one treasures. They are indicated by a small pulsating light. Treasures contribute to obtaining medal points that allow the player to unlock in-game bonuses. Collecting all treasures rewards the player with 175 medal points. Although there are a total of sixty-one treasures, only sixty are required to unlock the final "Master Fortune Hunter" medal and silver trophy.

Collecting treasure also rewards the player with medals and trophies. The first is earned after collecting one treasure, the second is earned after collecting a total of five, and the third is earned after collecting a total of ten. The rest are then gained with each five subsequent treasures collected. The first three medals are worth five points, and the rest are all worth ten each, with the "Master Fortune Hunter" medal being a worth total of fifty. Equivalently for trophies, all are worth bronze, except the "Master Fortune Hunter" trophy, which is silver.

Drake's Fortune Remastered allows the player to unlock various rewards by collecting treasures and also includes the Master Thief Collection gold trophy (having lowered "Master Fortune Hunter" to bronze) for collecting all treasures and the Strange Relic. Drake's Fortune Remastered does not include trophies for collecting a total of treasures ending in five. The "Beginner", "Enthusiast", "Skilled", "Advanced", "Senior", and "Crack Fortune Hunter" trophies do not appear.

Chapter Treasure
The Search for El Dorado 6
A Surprising Find 2
Plane-wrecked 10
The Fortress 4
Unlocking the Past 4
Out of the Frying Pan
The Drowned City 2
To the Tower 2
The Customs House 1
Trapped 3
Heading Upriver
Sanctuary? 7
Going Underground 6
On the Trail of the Treasure 6
The Treasure Vault 3
The Heart of the Vault
The Bunker 1
Unwelcome Guests 1
Race to the Rescue 1
Gold and Bones 2

The Search for El DoradoEdit

Silver Mosaic Inca EarringEdit

The Silver Mosaic Inca Earring can be found at the beginning of the chapter. Follow the stream until a large rock on the left side blocks most of your path. The treasure is located directly behind it.

Jeweled Silver MonkeyEdit

The Jeweled Silver Monkey is located in the next area after a short cutscene, with three large stone pillars in the center. Upon jumping to the first pillar, instead of going to the right, head left to find the treasure behind the tree on-top of it.

Decorated Gold RingEdit

The Decorated Gold Ring is located inside the ancient temple, in the area where you must shoot a powder keg to create a bridge. The treasure can be found in the bottom left corner, prior to the gap, and behind a large stone pillar jutting out from the wall, very close to the edge of the pit.

Silver LlamaEdit

The Silver Llama is found directly after jumping down into a pool. Climb back onto land and before using the nearby structures to climb back up, look for the treasure in a small nook on the right side.

Golden Inca CupEdit

The Golden Inca Cup is obtainable following the cutscene "The Golden Man", which is after heading up a staircase. Instead of following the tracks, turn around and look for a large ceramic jar. Behind it is a skeleton with the treasure.

Silver TurtleEdit

The Silver Turtle can be found outside the temple ruins, on the last of four pillars that can be climbed on.

A Surprising FindEdit

Gold Tairona PendantEdit

The Gold Tairona Pendant can be found midway through climbing towards the submarine. While climbing, you will encounter the first yellow vine with red leaves on it (the third vine in total). Instead of swinging across with it, climb up to the top where the treasure is. Note that you cannot climb back down, but can shimmy across the ledge of the platform and continue along to the left.

Gold and Turquoise Inca EarringEdit

The Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring is found at the very tip of the submarine, and is only obtainable prior to entering the U-boat.


Silver Inca FigurineEdit

The Silver Inca Figurine is available at the very start of the chapter, located to the left and behind of Nate's starting position, at the base of the large tree with Nate's parachute hanging in its branches.

Silver Fish CharmEdit

The Silver Fish Charm can be found in the area with the small waterfall, to the left in a small dead end.

Gold FrogEdit

The Gold Frog can be found in the following area with the two log crossings, directly prior to the first shoot-out. Before going across the first log, turn right and drop off the ledge onto a smaller platform to find the treasure.

Intricate Gold RingEdit

The Intricate Gold Ring can be found after a large shootout in an open area containing several ruins. While climbing the broken pillars to reach the top of a small plateau with a locked gate, jump across to another plateau next to it, where the treasure can be found in a corner.

Patterned Silver RingEdit

The Patterned Silver Ring is placed atop a stone wall at the rear section of the large pirate-infested ruins following the previous firefight and treasure. While beginning to climb a partially standing section of a ruined wall, climb on-top and jump to the stone walkway behind it to find the treasure at the far end.

Golden JaguarEdit

The Golden Jaguar can be found in the immediate area following the last treasure's location. After defeating the pirates, and before continuing through a tunnel on the right, turn left and head for the large white tree at the far end of the clearing. The treasure is located on the ground behind it.

Silver Inca VesselEdit

The Silver Inca Vessel is lies in a small pit, which you attempt to cross by walking across a slanted pillar and the slightly teetering remains of a tree. It is located at the right end at the bottom of the gap.

Golden ToothpickEdit

The Golden Toothpick can be found immediately after the area where the Hog Wild crashed, located directly to the right behind the doorway once the pirates have blasted it open.

Silver Bird VesselEdit

The Silver Bird Vessel is separated from the previous treasure by a platforming section. After completing the platforming section and before moving onto the next area (containing numerous wooden death traps), you must head to the right and to the cliff edge in the far corner.

Silver Inca EarringEdit

The Silver Inca Earring can be found after exiting the area with the wooden deathtraps. Instead of heading to the base of the fortress, turn around and move to the grassy ledge overlooking the area with the wooden deathtraps, where the treasure lies on the grass.

The FortressEdit

Strange RelicEdit

The Strange Relic can be found following the first encounter with pirates. After finishing them off, you must go to the top of the wall surrounding the small plaza, and then leap to the roof of the sole standing building. The "relic" is in the far left corner.

Silver JaguarEdit

The Silver Jaguar is located inside the fifth watchtower on-top of the fortress' wall, overlooking the ocean. While still on the wall, head to the next courtyard, but instead of jumping down, climb the nearby pile of rubble to find the watchtower behind it, with the treasure inside.

Gold Mosaic Inca EarringEdit

The Gold Mosaic Inca Earring is hidden underneath the archway connecting the first and second plazas. Said archway is blocked off by an iron grating from the first plaza's side, but only partially blocked by a pile of rubble on the other. Simply climb to the rubble to find the treasure behind it.

Golden SpoonEdit

The Golden Spoon can be found prior to the pirate manning a second machine gun, in the underground waterway. Make your way through the tunnel until you find reprieve from the turret in a pair of smaller rooms built into the side of the structure. After finishing off the lone pirate here, head to the small steps separating the first room from the second and climb over them to find the treasure in the left corner.

Unlocking the PastEdit

Silver Inca MaskEdit

The Silver Inca Mask can be found following the first gunfight in the chapter. Afterwards, head up the stairs to find two very large trees with white bark. The treasure is located behind the second tree, on the edge of the battlement.

Spanish Silver CoinEdit

The Spanish Silver Coin is found after unlocking the door with the keys and the fight involving the large group of pirates in the main courtyard. Head up to the large gate at the end of the yard and turn left to face a large white tree that has grown atop the remains of a stone staircase, the treasure is located on the lower corner of what remains of it.

Silver Tairona PendantEdit

The Silver Tairona Pendant can be found after going upstairs and completing the following gunfight. Afterwards, you must go down a broken set of stairs from which you cannot climb back up, entering a small room containing some crates, with the treasure located on the lower right corner, between the wall and the staircase.

Gold LlamaEdit

The Gold Llama is found after defeating the small group of pirates on the walkway overlooking the courtyard. You will need to climb up to part of the fortress wall and make your way to the right to continue here, but to grab the treasure you must instead turn left and jump atop a small platform. The platform will largely be filled with rubble and a pair of small green trees, but if you make your way through and across it you can find the treasure in the corner.

The Drowned CityEdit

Decorated Silver RingEdit

The Decorated Silver Ring is found at the very start of the chapter, simply head through the doorway, taking care of any pirates, and immediately turn right to find the treasure in the corner.

Silver FrogEdit

The Silver Frog can be found in what used to be a house, after the jet ski section. You will shortly run into more pirates, including one wielding an M79, and behind him an even larger wave of pirates. Once all are dealt with the treasure is carefully hidden in the corner of a dark room at the back of the ruined house.

To the TowerEdit

Golden Fish CharmEdit

The Golden Fish Charm is located within the area where you fight a large group of pirates, directly prior to entering the tower. The treasure can be found alongside the left wall.

Jeweled Golden BroochEdit

The Jeweled Golden Brooch can be found after sliding down the metal cable from the tower to the customs house. The treasure is located on the same floor as the door entrance where Elena asks you to let her in, in a corner opposite of the staircase. It can be collected both before and after opening the door to let Elena in.

The Customs HouseEdit

Silver Belt BuckleEdit

The Silver Belt Buckle can be found after dealing with the large shootout with a pirate crew in the next room. Head up the right-most staircase to find the treasure in a corner at the top.


Spanish Gold CoinEdit

The Spanish Gold Coin can be obtained shortly after reuniting with Elena, directly after a short gunfight involving a few pirates. The pirates, including one wielding an M79, occupied a split staircase that leads both left and right. The right path is a dead end, with the treasure hidden past the doorway in a corner.

Silver Spanish ChaliceEdit

The Silver Spanish Chalice is located on the floor next to the staircase opposite from the previous treasure, after crossing the rope bridge, slightly hidden behind some plants and rubble.

Gold CoatimundiEdit

The Gold Coatimundi can be found after leaving the custom house and heading into a small cavern, where the treasure can be found behind a stack of crate at the back of the room.


Golden TurtleEdit

The Golden Turtle is located at the start of the chapter, directly behind the waterwheel nearby where you disembark from the jet ski. Either dive back into the river and climb up the ledge, or go through the level as normal and jump down from the bridge after defeating the nearby pirates.

Silver Inca CupEdit

The Silver Inca Cup can be found directly underneath the dilapidated staircase, on top of some minor debris, after viewing the cutscene involving the spike trap.

Jeweled Silver CrossEdit

The Jeweled Silver Cross is found nearby the large pile of powder kegs which you must shoot to let Elena through a blocked doorway. If facing the kegs, turn right and head to a small room to find the treasure.

Silver ToothpickEdit

The Silver Toothpick can be found immediately to the right upon going through the gate with the winch. Simply jump over the railing to find it in the corner.

Gold Spanish ChaliceEdit

The Gold Spanish Chalice can be collected shortly after the previous one, after dealing with the local mercenaries. Facing the cathedral in the plaza, head to the right street to find the treasure in front of the rubble.

Silver CoatimundiEdit

The Silver Coatimundi can be obtained after the previous one, by going through the tunnel on the far left end of the plaza to a small dead end where the treasure can be found in the corner.

Golden Cup and CoverEdit

The Golden Cup and Cover is found at the end of the chapter, in the hidden room where you must invert two torches. The treasure can be found in front of the opposite wall, to the right of a large painting.

Going UndergroundEdit

Golden Inca VesselEdit

The Golden Inca Vessel is found at the very beginning of the chapter, head down the stairs and make a right immediately upon entering the room.

Golden SkullEdit

The Golden Skull is found in the waterfall in the next room, simply shimmy across the far edge of the room as normal to reach it, and instead of heading up the stairs go into the water to grab it.

Silver Snuff BoxEdit

The Silver Snuff Box can be grabbed as soon as the player emerges from the previous section using a stone staircase and through a trap door in the ground. It is in the back left corner behind the trap door.

Silver Spanish GobletEdit

The Silver Spanish Goblet is found after dropping down from the ladder while exiting the church, located behind a large sarcophagus.

Silver IngotEdit

The Silver Ingot is found in the section after viewing the cutscene with Navarro and Roman. Exit the room and jump across a gap, then drop down of a ledge to find it on the floor.

Gold and Ruby Inca MaskEdit

The Gold and Ruby Inca Mask is found shortly after the previous one, at the end of the chapter. It is in a small nook on the left past the doorway upon reaching the gate that is operated by a nearby winch

On the Trail of the TreasureEdit

Gold Inca FigurineEdit

The Gold Inca Figurine is found directly at the start of the chapter. Instead of heading up the stairs in front of you, search the grass to the right of them for the treasure.

Golden Bird VesselEdit

The Golden Bird Vessel can be collected shortly after the first group of enemies. Head across the second floor corridor where you fought them, but before going through the doorway at the end, turn left to find the treasure tucked away in a corner at the edge.

Golden Spanish GobletEdit

The Golden Spanish Goblet is found after re-entering the cathedral and defeating two lone mercenaries. Instead of going across the platforming section, look for a small room in a corner on the right side.

Jeweled Golden CrossEdit

The Jeweled Golden Cross can be claimed by heading to the right after opening the first secret window and turning right to find it at the end of the passage.

Silver SkullEdit

The Silver Skull can be collected after entering the cemetery and eliminating all present enemies. Starting at where you initially dropped down into the area, follow the right wall, going down a small staircase to enter the lower area. Continue following the right wall, passing by a mausoleum, until you reach another, the skull can be found directly behind the second one.

Golden Inca MaskEdit

The Golden Inca Mask can be found in the same area as the Silver Skull, located between the building from which Navarro and Roman emerged, and a larger mausoleum on its left side (your right when facing it). The treasure will be behind a gravestone between the two aforementioned structures.

The Treasure VaultEdit

Silver Cup and CoverEdit

The Silver Cup and Cover can be collected by following the right path from where the vault is first entered. Follow the arrows: V, then ignore II, then follow IV up the stairs, and then follow I to a dead end with the treasure.

Jeweled Silver BroochEdit

The Jeweled Silver Brooch is located nearby the second swinging lantern (the one swinging in front of the IV sign). When you reach the top of the stairs before the lantern, stop and turn left to face a III sign on a pillar. The treasure is located on the tiny drawbridge on its left side, which can be reached by making a careful jump.

Gold Snuff BoxEdit

The Gold Snuff Box can be obtained at the end of the chapter, after heading up a circular staircase, and directly prior to another one. The last staircase will have nearby I and VII signs as well. Stop in front of the signs and look to the right to spot a lone platform, on top of which lies the treasure. Either climb the railing and jump to towards it, or hang down from it and jump backwards.

The BunkerEdit

Gold Monkey FigurineEdit

The Gold Monkey Figurine can be found after encountering the first two descendants, turn right at the intersection, head to the end of the hallway, then turn left and search the pile of rubble for the treasure.

Unwelcome GuestsEdit

Golden Seadragon PendantEdit

The Golden Seadragon Pendant can be found near the end of the chapter, during the main encounter between the descendants and Navarro's mercenaries, in the largest chamber in the bunker. There will be a large firefight amidst a collection of large crates, with the treasure lying on top of the first stack of two standing against the wall on your left. Climb the stack of crates, or use another stack to jump towards it to grab the treasure.

Race to the RescueEdit

Gold IngotEdit

The Gold Ingot is located directly at the start of the chapter, after climbing the ladder. Turn to the right and look for the treasure at the edge of the jungle, between a large rock and a plant.

Gold and BonesEdit

Golden Skull RosaryEdit

The Golden Skull Rosary can be found in the catacombs, in the room with the two large sarcophagi. When entering the room, the treasure is by the sarcophagus on the right side.

Sapphire and Silver MaskEdit

The Sapphire and Silver Mask can be located right after the previous treasure; head down the stairs from the previous treasure room, and search behind the pillar in the middle of the room.


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