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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune features a total of 61 treasures. They are indicated by a small glow. Treasures contribute to obtaining medal points that allow to unlock in-game bonuses. Collecting all treasures rewards the player with 175 medal points. Although there are a total of sixty-one treasures, only sixty are required to unlock the final Master Fortune Hunter medal and trophy. There are no treasures in the chapters "Ambushed", "Out of the Frying Pan", "Heading Upriver", "The Heart of the Vault", and "Showdown".

Collecting treasure is also related to medals and trophies. These are: "Find Treasure", "Beginner Fortune Hunter", "Novice Fortune Hunter", "Enthusiast Fortune Hunter", "Intermediate Fortune Hunter", "Skilled Fortune Hunter", "Proficient Fortune Hunter", "Advanced Fortune Hunter", "Professional Fortune Hunter", "Senior Fortune Hunter", "Expert Fortune Hunter", "Crack Fortune Hunter" and "Master Fortune Hunter".

The first is awarded after collecting one treasure, the second after a total of five and the third after a total of ten, the rest of the medals and trophies are then gained with each five subsequent treasures collected. The first three medals are worth five points, the rest all ten each, with the "Master Fortune Hunter" medal being a total of fifty. Equivalently for trophies, all are worth bronze, except the "Master Fortune Hunter", which is silver.

The Search for El DoradoEdit

"The Search for El Dorado" contains six treasures.

Silver Mosaic Inca EarringEdit

The Silver Mosaic Inca Earring can be found at the beginning of the chapter, by following the left side of the river bank until a large rock blocks Drake's way; the player needs to climb the rock and jump down to its other side, where the treasure will be waiting.

Jeweled Silver MonkeyEdit

The Jeweled Silver Monkey is located in the area where the player is required to push a boulder on a wooden door. To obtain the treasure, Drake must proceed left after jumping on the first pillar, before jumping once more to the next pillar; the treasure will be waiting around the tree's base.

Decorated Gold RingEdit

The Decorated Gold Ring is located inside the ancient temple, where Drake has to shoot an explosive barrel to create a bridge. The treasure is on the lower side (opposite the barrel and pillar). The player will face the barrel and pillar and has to move left along the ledge, to the side with the wooden scaffolding. The treasure is in the very corner, between the pillar and the edge of the gap.

Silver LlamaEdit

The Silver Llama can be found inside a nook after Drake floods the ancient temple with water.

Golden Inca CupEdit

The Golden Inca Cup is obtainable following the cutscene "The Golden Man," by turning around to observe one of the ceramic jars to the right hand side of the room. The treasure is behind the jar, on the body of a skeleton.

Silver TurtleEdit

The Silver Turtle can be found outside the temple ruins, on the last of four pillars that can be climbed on.

A Surprising FindEdit

"A Surprising Find" contains two treasures.

Gold Tairona PendantEdit

The Gold Tairona Pendant can be found midway through climbing towards the U-857 submarine; midway through climbing up, Drake will encounter the first yellow vine with red leaves on it (third vine encounter in-game). Instead of swinging across with it, the player needs to stop its swinging and climb up to the top where this treasure is waiting.

Gold and Turquoise Inca EarringEdit

The Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring is found on the edge of the U-857 submarine. It is only obtainable before entering the U-boat.


"Plane-wrecked" contains ten treasures.

Silver Inca FigurineEdit

The Silver Inca Figurine is available in the beginning of the chapter. It is located right to the base of tree decorated by Drake's parachute.

Silver Fish CharmEdit

The Silver Fish Charm can be found upon encountering the small waterfall; it is in a nook on a tropical tree left to the waterfall.

Gold FrogEdit

The Gold Frog can be found after reaching the first log crossing; the player should drop down the ledge to the right of the log to find the treasure.

Intricate Gold RingEdit

The Intricate Gold Ring can be found between one of the gunfights with Eddy Raja's pirates; the player needs to climb up the pillars and follow the pillar to the end, then jump to the platform (there should be an exploding barrel here if the player hasn't shot it yet). The treasure is in the corner of this platform, near a small boulder.

Patterned Silver RingEdit

The Patterned Silver Ring can be found in the last section before jumping over the large gated wall. The player has to head left and to the corner where the top of the wall is partially blown out, then climb up onto a ledge and grab the treasure.

Golden JaguarEdit

The Golden Jaguar can be found in the immediate area following the last treasure's location. After defeating the area's pirates, the player has to head left (opposite the next area with the large waterfall) to notice a huge white tree. The treasure is in the corner between the huge white tree and the small white trees.

Silver Inca VesselEdit

The Silver Inca Vessel can be found in the section where the player discovers the remains of the Hog Wild; in this area, the player has to jump from a slanted narrow slab of rock to a slanted log. The treasure is fairly easy to spot: it is to the right and below the log, in the corner of the rock wall.

Golden ToothpickEdit

The Golden Toothpick can be found immediately outside the area where Sullivan's plane is crashed, before encountering the first wooden death trap.

Silver Bird VesselEdit

The Silver Bird Vessel is separated from the previous treasure by a platforming section. After completing the platforming section and before moving onto the next area (containing numerous wooden death traps), Drake has to head to the right and to the cliff.

Silver Inca EarringEdit

The Silver Inca Earring can be found after exiting the area with the wooden deathtraps; the player should make a U-turn to the grassy ledge overlooking the area with the wooden deathtraps, where the treasure lies on the grass.

The FortressEdit

"The Fortress" contains four treasures.

Strange RelicEdit

The Strange Relic can be found following the first encounter pirates in the chapter. Drake has to proceed to the wall with the windows directly in front of the door he came in, before going in between the windows and climbing up the bricks until he'll get to the top. The player has to then then go all the way to the left and jump to the roof; the "relic" is in the far left corner.

Silver JaguarEdit

The Silver Jaguar is located closely to the previous treasure; after getting the Strange Relic, the player need to run toward a nearby large pile of rubble and stone. Find the way over this pile of rock, and head toward the last watchtower (the structures that look out to the ocean). The treasure will be inside there.

Gold Mosaic Inca EarringEdit

The Gold Mosaic Inca Earring is between a large pile of rubble and an arch-shaped iron gate. After getting the previous treasure, head down to the section where this treasure is (the section before the machine gunner). The player has to kill two pirates there, then climb over the pile of rubble and grab the treasure.

Golden SpoonEdit

The Golden Spoon can be found after defeating the fortress' machine gunner; head up the waterway and go into the room to the right with the torches. There is one pirate here guarding the area. The spoon is behind the ammo boxes to the right of the table. Walk on top of the box in the corner and pick up the spoon.

Unlocking the PastEdit

"Unlocking the Past" contains four treasures.

Silver Inca MaskEdit

The Silver Inca Mask can be found following the first gunfight in the chapter; afterwards, head up the stairs to find two very large trees with white bark. There is one large tree growing right by the stairs, and the other one is growing on the mossy green ledge. The treasure is behind the tree growing on the mossy green ledge.

Spanish Silver CoinEdit

The Spanish Silver Coin is found after unlocking the door with the keys and fighting the swarms of pirates. Head up to the large gate at the far end of where the gunfight took place. Face the left side (the side with a giant white tree). There will be a small pile of rocks there. Climb up these rocks and hop over the ledge for the coin.

Silver Tairona PendantEdit

The Silver Tailrona Pendant can be found after going upstairs and completing the following gunfight; afterwards, the player will have to go down a broken set of stairs from which they won't be able to climb back up. At the bottom of this set of stairs is a small room with some crates and ammo boxes. The treasure is to the right of the small set of stairs.

Gold LlamaEdit

The Gold Llama can be found after defeating the small group of pirates on the walkway overlooking the courtyard. As Drakes makes his way towards the next destination, the player will have to do some platforming. The treasure is behind the small green trees and the pile of rubble to the left when the player first climbs up.

The Drowned CityEdit

"The Drowned City" contains two treasures.

Decorated Silver RingEdit

The Decorated Silver Ring can be found upon entering the first area with pirates; head right to find the treasure by the small plant in the ground.

Silver FrogEdit

The Silver Frog can be found in what used to be a house. This section comes after encountering the pirate with the M79. The player will find the treasure around the back corner of the house.

To the TowerEdit

"To the Tower" contains one treasure.

Golden Fish CharmEdit

The Golden Fish Charm is located within the area where Drake fights a big wave of pirates. Before heading into the tower, head left to a wall where the treasure can be found.

The Customs HouseEdit

"The Customs House" contains two treasures.

Jeweled Golden BroochEdit

The Jeweled Golden Brooch can be found after sliding down the metal cable; go down to the corner, looking at the door to find the treasure.

Silver Belt BuckleEdit

The Silver Belt Buckle can be found after killing the lone pirate with the shotgun; head all the way up the first set of stairs encountered, with this treasure lying in the corner.


"Trapped" contains three treasures.

Spanish Gold CoinEdit

The Spanish Gold Coin can be obtained after the first cutscene of the chapter, where Drake will have to face some pirates in the next area. Afterwards, the player has to head up the staircase that splits in two directions, before taking the right path up to a small section of a broken floor where the treasure is.

Silver Spanish ChaliceEdit

The Silver Spanish Chalice is found beside the staircase opposite to where the last treasure was. After saving Elena on the bridge, head all the way down the stairs and to the left where all the plants and rubble are. The chalice can be found here.

Gold CoatimundiEdit

The Gold Coatimundi can be found after leaving the Customs House and heading into a cavern of sorts. The treasure can be found behind a pile of ammo boxes.


"Sanctuary?" contains seven treasures.

Golden TurtleEdit

The Golden Turtle can be obtained in two ways. After getting off the jet ski, jump into the water and swim to the ledge behind the waterwheel and go behind the waterwheel. The treasure is on the small ledge against the broken bridge. Alternatively, after defeating the pirates, jump from the bridge near where it's broken, to the ledge below.

Silver Inca CupEdit

The Silver Inca Cup can be found under the dilapidated staircase after viewing the cutscene involving the deathtrap being made of the airplane parts. It is found on some rocks in the water, directly underneath the staircase.

Jeweled Silver CrossEdit

The Jeweled Silver Cross is found in a little room near where Drake shoots the large pile of exploding barrels.

Silver ToothpickEdit

The Silver Toothpick can be found to the right of where the player first enters this area. The player will likely need to kill all the enemies before being able to get it. Jump over the stone railing to get it.

Gold Spanish ChaliceEdit

The Gold Spanish Chalice can be collected after first coming into this area, where Drake will have to go down the ramp and make a left past the large staircase, all the way to the wall, then turn left again to the corner where the rubble is. If this treasure is missed in this chapter, it can be found again in Race to the Rescue in the same place.

Silver CoatimundiEdit

The Silver Coatimundi can be obtained by heading through the large tunnel to reach a small little area, where this treasure can be found in the corner.

Golden Cup and CoverEdit

The Golden Cup and Cover is in the room where the player has to invert the torches to open the secret passageway. It is in the section of the room to the right of the main painting.

Going UndergroundEdit

"Going Underground" contains six treasures.

Golden Inca VesselEdit

The Golden Inca Vessel is found at the very beginning of the chapter. Head down the stairs and make a right immediately upon entering the room.

Golden SkullEdit

The Golden Skull is found in the waterfall after the previous treasure. The player has to pass the platforming section first before being able to reach the waterfall.

Silver Snuff BoxEdit

The Silver Snuff Box can be grabbed as soon as the player emerges from the previous section through the trap door in the ground. It is in the corner behind the trap door.

Silver Spanish GobletEdit

The Silver Spanish Goblet is found after dropping down from the ladder. The treasure is located behind a huge square-shaped sarcophagus.

Silver IngotEdit

The Silver Ingot is found in the section after viewing the cutscene with the villains. Jump across the gap and drop down off the platform to the other side to get it. A Naughty Dog symbol can be seen on the back of the artifact.

Gold and Ruby Inca MaskEdit

The Gold and Ruby Inca Mask is found at the very end of the chapter, where the player needs to turn a chain wheel to open the wooden door to the outside. The room is extremely small, making it easy to find this treasure.

On the Trail of the TreasureEdit

"On the Trail of the Treasure" contains six treasures.

Gold Inca FigurineEdit

The Gold Inca Figurine is found at the very beginning of the chapter. Instead of heading up the stairs, go to the right, and it should be in the grass.

Golden Bird VesselEdit

The Golden Bird Vessel can be collected once Drake has taken out the first batch of enemies and Sullivan contacts him; head forward, but turn left before the room with the wooden platforms. It should be on the floor at the edge.

Golden Spanish GobletEdit

The Golden Spanish Goblet is found after re-entering the monastery and defeating the two mercenaries; go to where they came from, a room on the right and it should be in there.

Jeweled Golden CrossEdit

The Jeweled Golden Cross can be claimed by heading to the right after opening the secret gallery and jumping in. It should be in the corner.

Silver SkullEdit

The Silver Skull can be collected after taking out the enemies after exiting the secret chapel. It is between a small house and the wall, opposite of the hole. The wall is the one the sniper and the guy with the M79 were.

Golden Inca MaskEdit

The Golden Inca Mask can be found by heading right before entering the building after taking out all the mercenaries. It is hidden behind some grave stones.

The Treasure VaultEdit

"The Treasure Vault" contains three treasures.

Silver Cup and CoverEdit

The Silver Cup and Cover can be collected by following the right path from where the vault is first entered. Follow the arrows: V, then ignore II, then follow IV up the stairs, and then follow I to the end of the path.

Jeweled Silver BroochEdit

The Jeweled Silver Brooch can be found when Drake reaches the second swinging lantern (the one swinging in front of the IV sign). When Drake reaches the top of the stairs before the lantern, stop and turn left to face the III sign on the pillar. Aim Drake diagonally in order to jump just to the left of the pillar. With a successful leap, the treasure can be claimed at the end of the drawbridge.

Gold Snuff BoxEdit

The Gold Snuff Box can be obtained after heading to the area where there's a I and VII sign around the rusted iron gate. Go to the part of the railing beside the broken section and press forward + X to climb over and hang on it. Now jump backward to the platform where the snuff box is.

The BunkerEdit

"The Bunker" contains one treasure.

Gold Monkey FigurineEdit

The Gold Monkey Figurine can be obtained by going all the way down the hall where the first two Descendants of the chapter charge at Drake, before taking right all the way down the hall and turning left to search a pile of rubble containing the treasure.

Unwelcome GuestsEdit

"Unwelcome Guests" contains one treasure.

Golden Seadragon PendantEdit

The Golden Seadragon Pendant can be found between encounters involving both the Descendants and Navarro's men; climb on top of the pile of five boxes against the back wall, then jump over to the nearest pile of two boxes, and then jump again to another pile of two boxes against the back wall to claim the treasure.

Race to the RescueEdit

"Race to the Rescue" contains one treasure.

Gold IngotEdit

The Gold Ingot can be found right after climbing up the ladder; turn around and search the plant between the large brown rock and the palm tree.

Gold and BonesEdit

"Gold and Bones" contains two treasures.

Golden Skull RosaryEdit

The Golden Skull Rosary can be found in the catacombs, in the room with the two large sarcophagi. When entering the room, the treasure is by the sarcophagus on the right side of the room.

Sapphire and Silver MaskEdit

The Sapphire and Silver Mask can be located right after the previous treasure; head down the stairs from the previous treasure room, and search behind the pillar in the middle of the room.


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