Drake's Fortune logoAmong Thieves logo Dyno-Might! is a recurring medal and trophy in the Uncharted series. It involves killing a number of enemies at the same time with a single explosion, be it either from an Mk-NDI, M32-Hammer or RPG-7.

Drake's FortuneEdit

Trophy data
Kill three enemies with one explosion. Bronze
Expert Dyno-Might!
Kill three enemies with one explosion five times. Bronze

Drake's Fortune features the Dyno-Might! and Expert Dyno-Might! medals and trophies, with the former requiring a triple kill of three enemies with a single explosive, and the latter requiring the same but in repetition of five times total. Successes are cumulative and do not have to be done in a single playthrough. They are both worth a bronze trophy each, but Dyno-Might! is worth ten medal points and Expert Dyno-Might! is worth thirty.

Among ThievesEdit

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