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Eddy Raja was a character in Drake's Fortune and Eye of Indra, with appearances in other games in the Uncharted series as a multiplayer skin. He was an Indonesian treasure hunter, the leader of a pirate gang[1], the tertiary antagonist of Drake's Fortune and a supporting character in Eye of Indra. He has a sister named Rika and was once "best friends" with Nathan Drake.

Eddy was one of many treasure hunters interested in acquiring the fabled El Dorado and was hired by Atoq Navarro and Gabriel Roman. Prior to the events of Drake's Fortune, Eddy worked alongside his sister Rika and Nate in a hunt to find the Eye of Indra.

In all of his appearances, Eddy has been voiced and motion-captured by James Sie.


Eye of Indra[]

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Episode 1[]

Eddy was tied to a chair next to Nate, enduring the same torture at the hands of Daniel Pinkerton. In a flashback, Nate took a job from Pinkerton to locate a mysterious artifact; the Eye of Indra. He met Rika, and they instead plotted to rob Pinkerton of the amulet. Though Pinkerton did not realize it, he already had the artifact locked up in his safe, as it was hidden within the other two treasures of Indra, the Path, and the Wrath. Unaware that Rika was Eddy's sister, Nate slept with her.

Episode 2[]

In another flashback, Rika revealed to Nate that she had told Eddy about the job. Nate and Rika got into a confrontation with Eddy's pirates, but despite the initial disagreements and confusion, the three agreed to work together to rob Pinkerton of the amulet. In the present, Eddy warned Nate not to tell Pinkerton anything while they continued to be tortured.

Episode 3[]

Eddy and Nate came to a compromise about the job. The group went to Pinkerton's mansion. Eddy blew up Pinkerton's cars as a distraction, while Rika stayed behind to cover them as Nate and Eddy snuck into the mansion. When they reached the vault, the detonator unfortunately failed and could not use another one due to having used them all on the cars.

In the present, Pinkerton revealed he had captured Rika and threatened to kill her if Nate or Eddy did not come clean about the amulet.

Episode 4[]

In the present, Nate finally told Pinkerton that he already had the Eye. In a flashback, Nate and Eddy, having failed to stay hidden, were in a gunfight with Pinkerton's guards. They reached the office where the safe was located, but Eddy's remaining detonator failed, and they could not open the safe. Nate came up with a plan, which involved getting caught.

While Pinkerton was distracted, Rika broke free and used Eddy's concealed golden gun to wound Pinkerton and kill his guards, saving Nate and Eddy. Nate explained to Pinkerton that the whole ordeal was the improvised intention, as they needed Pinkerton to open the safe. Rika executed Pinkerton, and the three made their escape.

Later, Rika double-crossed Nate and Eddy at gunpoint, taking the amulet for herself and leaving the two empty-handed. As Rika got away, Eddy warned Nate not to say anything, before they went their separate ways.

Drake's Fortune[]

Eddy confronting Nate at gunpoint.

Eddy first appeared at the end of "Unlocking the Past", in which he met Nate after he woke up in his cell, holding the map he took from him. He proposed that he would let Nate live if he managed to find the treasure, knowing Roman and Navarro had not yet done so. Nate refused to help Eddy, despite his threats and said that he would rather die. Angered, Eddy revealed how his pirate gang was being killed off by an unknown entity. Soon, Elena managed to break Nate out. Nate managed to swipe back the map from Eddy, and the two escaped the fortress en route through the forest, pursued by Raja's pirates during "Out of the Frying Pan".

Eddy and his pirates confronting Nate and Elena.

After losing Eddy and his men, Elena asked Nate what his relationship was with Eddy, who was about to reply they were old business associates until she almost drove off a cliff. As Nate attempted to save the jeep, Eddy arrived at the scene. He suspected they were working with 'them', and were trying to set him up and keep the treasure for themselves. He ordered them to give him the map, but they instead drove off the cliff into the water.

Eddy's conflict with Roman and Navarro.

Later on, during "Going Underground", as Nate traversed the underground tunnels of the island's monastery, he overheard a heated discussion between Roman, Navarro, and Eddy in a chamber above. It was revealed that Eddy was hired by Roman to capture Nate and secure the island, in exchange for his share of the treasure. Roman was unhappy with Eddy's failure and incompetence, but Eddy assured Roman that a force other than Nate was killing his men. Roman blew it off, stating that Eddy was superstitious. Eddy and his men were then promptly dismissed by Roman, stating they would not receive any share of the treasure. Furious, Eddy pulled his gun out and aimed it at Roman, but Navarro stopped him. He then angrily stormed out of the room, cursing as he left.

In "The Treasure Vault", while Nate and Elena made their way through the treasure vault, they spotted human-like figures moving swiftly in the distance. They soon encountered Eddy, who along with his men, blasted through a door at the back of the vault. He reminded them that the "last man alive gets the gold" before ordering his pirates to kill them.

Nate and Eddy standing back to back to fight the descendants.

Nate and Elena fought past the pirates and eventually arrived in the heart of the vault, in the namesake chapter "The Heart of the Vault", where they discovered the remains of Francis Drake. As they searched for a way out, they heard Eddy's pirates screaming in the distance. While Elena worked to find a way out, Nate found Eddy and his remaining pirates running through a chamber with immense fear, with Eddy shouting "we're all dead", before one of his pirates was abruptly killed by a vicious descendant. More of the descendants began emerging from various gaps in the floor, surrounding Nate and Eddy, and forcing them to work together. The two of them stood back to back, fighting off several waves of the creatures.

Eddy meeting his fate.

Eventually, Eddy shot what was believed to be the last descendant into a hole and stood over it, shouting "Don't mess with Eddy Raja!". Within seconds, another descendant emerged from the pit and tried to pull Eddy in. Nate managed to shoot the creature and attempted to help Eddy up. Another one emerged and bit Eddy on the neck, forcing Nate to let go and sending a screaming Eddy down into the hole, falling to his demise. Nate briefly mourned his former friend and foe, and was then left to fight off the remaining descendants that appeared all around him.

Among Thieves[]

Though Eddy does not appear in the game's story, he is mentioned several times throughout Nate's journal, there is a drawing of an angry statue, captioned "Angry Eddy (R.I.P.)", with the quoted words "I kill you, Drake!". Another part of the journal shows Eddy's name next to Harry Flynn's, with both of their e-mail addresses crossed out. He was also referenced in Nepal by one of the signs, which says "Family Raja".


Among Thieves[]

Eddy makes his appearance in multiplayer in the Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack, updated with all new quotes. His pirates appear as well, going by the names of Prakoso and Mac, where they are also playable skins.

Drake's Deception[]


Eddy appears alive in the Airport chapter of the game's Co-op Adventure. He, Zoran Lazarević, and Harry Flynn are seen loading the other half of the statue into a truck. While Nate, Sully, and Charlie Cutter are fighting Zoran Lazarević's soldiers, Eddy can be heard over the speaker with quotes like "Don't die, Drake. I want to kill you myself!" and acts unappreciative of Drake trying to save him on the island (albeit the co-op missions are non-canonical). He, like Lazarević and Flynn, has a laser sight equipped on his gun. He uses a Tau Sniper and is killed like the other two villains.

Eddy also appears in Prelude - Fort as a playable villain. It serves as a prequel to the other Co-op Adventure maps.



Eddy was perhaps well-known for his catchphrases and addressing himself in third-person. He had a quick temper, as shown in Eye of Indra and Drake's Fortune, holding Nate at gunpoint for sleeping with Rika Raja and threatening to kill Nate on numerous occasions. However, he has shown signs of slight mercy, although in a twisted way. Eddy was not very intelligent, often being outwitted by Nate. It should also be noted that he was morally gray, working for whichever side paid him best, and does not at all care for either history nor archaeology.</ref>[1]

Eddy was incompetent, as seen in Drake's Fortune. He was tasked with capturing Nate but failed numerous times. He was also displayed as quite comical, due to his witty comments. Eddy can be described as arrogant, believing his skills surpassed everyone else. Despite having a mostly negative personality, Eddy had some positive characteristics: he cared for his gang of pirates and his sister Rika. In Drake's Fortune, he showed great concern for his pirates, who were being picked off by an unknown force.


Concept art.

Eddy was a short man with a tanned complexion and a slim, yet athletic build. He had short, black hair, thin facial hair, and gray eyes. However, his eyes appeared brown in Eye of Indra and the multiplayer of A Thief's End, more suiting his ethnicity. Eddy had three visible tattoos: two on both his arms and one around his left knuckles. He makes up for his relatively shorter stature with threats and blsuter.</ref>[1]

Eddy's outfit in Drake's Fortune consisted of an orange, Batik shirt, underneath a brown vest. He wore greenish-brown striped pants and light brown combat boots. In Eye of Indra, Eddy had two outfits: his heist outfit and his default outfit. In his heist outfit, Eddy wore a black tank top and brown pants. In his default outfit, he wore a green button shirt, unbuttoned, revealing his chest and the same brown pants. In A Thief's End multiplayer, Eddy's winter attire is shown. He wears a yellow and pink jacket with a flower print.

Eddy also wore an assortment of jewelry. He wore silver earrings, gold chains, a golden bracelet, a gold watch, and three golden rings.


Eddy was a talented free-runner, much like the other characters depicted in the series. He was capable of climbing various obstacles and terrains. Eddy was also displayed as a decent negotiator. He was also a pirate, and managed to lead a large gang of rugged and tough pirates. Eddy, like most other villains in the series, was known for double-crossing people when it came to treasure hunting.

Behind the scenes[]

On the 12th of April 2011, renders—supposedly of Eddy Raja—appeared on SystemLink. According to the article, the renders are from a Naughty Dog staff member's blog and bear the title, Uncharted: The Return of Eddy Raja. Naughty Dog's community strategist Arne Meyer later blasted the site, saying that they are far too quick to jump to conclusions and make wild assumptions to get headlines/hits. He went on to say that the renders were character art tests for a Naughty Dog employee.[2]



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