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A picture from Sir Francis's expedition, featuring the statue.

El Dorado, also known as The Golden Man, was a large golden sarcophagus weighing over 20 arrobas (500 pounds), appearing in Drake's Fortune. The mummified body inside the sarcophagus carried an extremely detrimental, ancient, and unidentified virus, which was dispersed through the air. It would immediately affect victims, causing them to become extremely violent.

As the virus was extremely rare, no infected human would have any innate or acquired immunity to it. Its effects would became progressively worse over time. It affected Gabriel Roman during the events of Drake's Fortune, and a Nazi German soldier in a brief piece of film footage that Nate viewed in the submarine bunker. The Spanish colonists were similarly infected, and through centuries of inbreeding, evolved into mutant creatures that became known as the Descendants.[1]


Pre-Drake's FortuneEdit

El Dorado was a great treasure, initially hidden in a remote Amazon temple. It was found by the Spanish approximately 400 years before the events of Drake's Fortune. They moved it to a hidden island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on a ship named the Esperanza. They had built a large colony around it and hid the treasure in an extremely elaborate labyrinth beneath the island. It was later moved into a network of catacombs underneath the island's monastery by the Nazi Germans at some point during the early to mid-twentieth century.

Drake's FortuneEdit

El Goddamn Dorado 2

Nate and Sully watching Roman suffer the effects of the virus.

Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan tracked down its location, only to be caught by Atoq Navarro and Gabriel Roman. Upon opening the sarcophagus, Roman was infected with an airborne virus that caused him to become feral. He was shot dead by Navarro, who airlifted the sarcophagus to his boat, intending to sell the virus inside as a biological weapon to the black market. After a brief fight on a large freighter, Nate managed to subdue Navarro and dispose of the treasure by pushing it into the deep waters.

A Thief's EndEdit

El Dorado was mentioned by Nate as he told his story about discovering El Dorado. Cassie inquired if it was the city of gold, but Nate explained that the city was a legend but turned out to be a cursed statue.

A Thief's End multiplayerEdit

The sarcophagus appears as a usable item, unlocked by default. When thrown, the sarcophagus spawns from the point of landing and starts shooting low-damage, homing specters/demons to the members of the opposing team. These specters/demons can travel through walls.

The Wrath of El Dorado is a great weapon to use to protect objectives and areas. It is also handy to create choke points. In the Plunder and Command gamemode, the mystical works well, as the enemy has to go to certain areas. Players should, however, use it wisely, as it is the most expensive mystical. Having the Cash Drip booster equipped will help to purchase the mystical more quickly.

Modifications Description Loadout Cost Starting In-game Price Requirements
None (default) The standard mystical 5 LP $800 Unlocked by default
Highlight Targets Opponents are highlighted upon receiving damage from your Wrath of El Dorado 6 LP $850 50 Wrath of El Dorado uses
Faster Specters Specters from your Wrath track opponents 25% faster 7 LP $875 100 Wrath of El Dorado uses
Increased Damage Opponents take 50% additional damage when struck 8 LP $1000 200 Wrath of El Dorado uses

Behind the scenesEdit

It is a popular misconception that the statue carries a "curse". Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells addressed the issue by saying, "There are mystical elements to the world that don't necessarily have a supernatural explanation... the idea was that there was this virus trapped inside that sarcophagus... and it has some really nasty effects."[citation needed]

In Among Thieves, there are signs seen in Nepal that say "Hotel El Dorado".

In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Nate's Level 3 Special releases El Dorado's virus, triggering an effect where his enemies turn into descendants, making them slow, easy targets, as they are picked off by Nate with one shot.



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