Decrease sprint recovery time and increase sprint duration


$5,000 (Competitive) Free (Cooperative)

Required level

1 (Both)

Booster slot

1 (Both)

 Endurance is a booster that appears in the multiplayer of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It can be used in both competitive and cooperative game modes.  Endurance decreases sprint recovery time and increast sprint duration, depending on the level of the booster.  It is available from rank 1 in both modes, but in competitive it must be purchased for $5,000.


Each level of the booster has the same effect in both competitive and cooperative.  The only significant difference is how each booster is upgraded.

Level 1Edit

Decreases sprint recovery time.  To upgrade the competitive booster to level 2, earn 5 Sunday Stroll medals with Endurance equipped.  To upgrade the cooperative booster, earn 12 Punch Out medals with Endurance equipped.

Level 2Edit

Effects of Level 1 and sprint duration is increased.  To upgrade the competitive booster to level 3, earn 15 Sunday Stroll medals with Endurance equipped.  To upgrade the cooperative booster, earn 36 Punch Out medals with Endurance equipped.

Level 3Edit

Sprint recovery time is decreased further.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

  • A common strategy in competitive modes is to use Endurance in the initial rush for power weapons to help you team get an early upper hand.
  • Another strategy for the booster is to use it in conjunction with blindfire weapons such as KAL-7 or Arm Micro. The Endurance booster will help the player get into blindfire range quicker before they are spotted and killed from a distance.
  • Upgrading the competitive booster can take a long time, since you can only earn 1 Sunday Stroll medal per match. To ensure you can upgrade it as quick as possible, use a play style that involves near-constant movement around the map.
  • In co-op modes, the booster is most useful to help the player get away from a sticky situation or to help the player run away from chokers and take them out from a distance.
  • Upgrading the cooperative booster is easiest to do on Easy or Normal difficulty because fewer armored enemies will spawn than on Hard or Crushing, and enemies will not drop revenge grenades.