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Drake's Deception - Nathan holding a flare gun

Nathan Drake preparing to fire a flare gun at one of the pillars supporting Atlantis of the Sands

A flare gun is a gun that shoots flares. It is generally used for signaling, such as distress signals, ranging from at sea or from the ground to airborne aircraft. It is not designed to function as a weapon.


Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan came across a metal crate containing oxygen tanks and a flare gun in it while in the lower levels of Atlantis of the Sands. Sully took the gun on sight.

After Talbot knocked Sully into the water, Nathan jumped in to save him. Taking the flare gun from Sully, Nathan used it to destroy the winch that was lifting the brass vessel out of the water, as well as a pillar supporting the city above, which resulted in the complete destruction of Atlantis of the Sands' infrastructure and in turn the entire city.

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  • It is actually a Heckler & Koch P11 underwater pistol, which fires special darts that have a higher chance of killing when shot underwater. The real life weapon most certainly does not fire any kind of explosive round or rocket, as the gun in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception does.