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Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan going to a chateau

France is a country located in Western Europe.


Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan traveled to France to find a chateau that contained a crypt with one half of an amulet that would reveal where they had to travel to in order to find Atlantis of the Sands. After navigating through George Coulter Dee's secret laboratory. Underneath the lab was the crypt where they found half of the amulet.

As Drake and Sully were leaving, Talbot, along with his henchmen, took the amulet piece and left them in the chamber as a swarm of deadly spiders swarmed in. They found way out and returned to the chateau, where Talbot ordered his men to burn the building down. Barely making it out of the burning chateau, Drake and Sully then escaped into the jungle. They then realized that they had to leave France and head to Syria to warn Chloe Frazer and Charlie Cutter that Talbot was on to them and that they had to find the other piece to the amulet as fast as possible.