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Gold and Bones is the twenty-first chapter of Drake's Fortune. Nate and Sully rushed down to an underground cavern to stop Roman and Navarro from escaping with the El Dorado statue and Elena.


El Goddamn DoradoEdit

After revealing a secret passage beneath the altar, Nate and Sully ventured quickly through the catacombs and arrived in an open cavern. Much to their amazement, the two caught sight of the statue that was El Dorado. With nobody aware of the two's presence, Nate and Sully prepared to make a move by drawing their weapons, only to be caught by two mercenaries who revealed themselves, brandishing their shotguns at them.

El Goddamn Dorado 2

The corpse inside of El Dorado.

Roman directed his attention to the two, ordering them to drop their weapons in the water below, threatening to kill Elena if they did not obey, who was being held within Navarro's grasp. After the two relinquished their weapons, Roman turned back to the statue to inspect it further, fascinated by the craftsmanship. Navarro pointed out that what he was looking at was only a shell. He encouraged him to open it, for the real treasure of El Dorado was inside. Upon opening it, Roman stared shockingly at what was revealed to be a desiccated corpse, with Nate reacting silently in surprise. The corpse then released some sort of air that was quickly inhaled by Roman. Roman was quickly transformed into one of the monstrous descendants and attempted to attack Navarro. To finish his act of betrayal, Navarro shot Roman in the head and ordered the troops to lift the treasure with the helicopter.

Nate tried to warn him about the dangers the statue could bring, but Navarro revealed his true motive with the statue, which was money. With Roman now dead, he was planning to sell El Dorado “to the right buyer”. As he began to escape with Elena, everyone began hearing the echoing roars of the descendants, who soon began swarming the cavern within a matter of seconds. With everyone distracted by the ambush, Nate and Sully took the opportunity to overpower the two mercenaries holding them at gunpoint, taking their shotguns in the process. With Sully providing cover from his position, Nate ran after Navarro before he could escape with Elena and El Dorado.

Helicopter RideEdit

Helicopter Ride

Nate hitching a ride on the net of the statue.

Nate fought his way through several descendants and troops to reach the helicopter in time. He managed to grab hold of the net that held the statue, allowing the helicopter to carry him off to its destination. Nate, however, was spotted by a mercenary on the ground, who radioed Navarro in the helicopter.

Seeing Nate hanging from the net, Navarro ordered Dillon to finish him off. As Dillon fired through the open door, Elena kicked him out, and as he fell, he continued firing, causing one of his bullets to accidentally hit Javier, the pilot. Navarro attempted to take control of the chopper as it plummeted towards a large freighter sitting within the ocean during a storm. As the helicopter passed over the ship, Nate let go of the statue's net, landing onto one end of the ship. The helicopter crashed at the other end, hanging precariously over the edge and leaving Elena lying unconscious. Navarro, having a few cuts and bruises on him, climbed out of the wreck and ordered his men to kill Nate.


You start by following the path down to the underground caverns, with Sully covering for you. After the cutscene, your only remaining task is to rush through the caverns to reach the helicopter before it leaves. Using a SAS - 12 shotgun, run down the path to your left and shoot any descendants or mercenaries that get in your way. It is recommended to blind fire at the monsters, but when facing the mercenaries, you may find aiming to be more useful.

Note that if you were to try and take a shortcut by jumping directly forward instead of taking the path down to the left of where Sully is, you will land in the pool of water, and a descendant will emerge from it and pull you in, resulting in a drowning death.

Head for the same staircase used by Navarro, which will be occupied halfway by a few soldiers. Once you get in view of the slowly rising statue, you must leap onto it to grab hold of the net.

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