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Graveyard is a downloadable multiplayer map that appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.[1] This map was released in the Drake's Deception Map Pack on April 10, 2012. It is based on Abducted and Rough Seas from the single player campaign.

Map description[]

The map is based on the ship graveyard segment from the game's single-player campaign. There are many cargo containers scattered around the map along with several derelict ships and boats. There are also various tunnels that stretch under the water that the players can use to move across the map undetected.

Environmental factors[]

  • A patrol boat circling the map launches grenades toward the center of the map several times.[2]
  • There is a single cargo container towards the center of the map is raised and lowered periodically. It crushes the player if it is lowered onto them.
  • There is a shark that swims around in the water on one side of the map. It causes no harm to the players.

Treasure chest locations[]

  • There is a chest by heroes spawn point.
  • There is a chest by the villains spawn point.
  • There is a chest on the walkway near the Shark area.

Power weapon locations[]

  • RPG-7 Leaning against a crate in the center of the map
  • M32-Hammer Leaning against the wall along the outside catwalk
  • T-Bolt Sniper At the top of the staircase by the villain's spawn, going into the center of the map
  • Mag-5 Lying at the end of the cargo crate tunnel near the hero's spawn


  • While under the water players are safe from enemy melee but not gunfire.
  • Medal kickbacks can not be used while in the water.
  • Players will drown if they stay underwater for too long.
  • There are two different underwater tunnels each with three entrances.