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Polytlas Zeus Nathan

πολύτλας διος Ναθαν

The Greek inscription is an easter egg that appears in chapter one of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. There is a cutscene where Nathan Drake is sitting at a beach bar, and in the background is a blackboard with Greek writing on it, which says:

πολύτλας διος Ναθαν


  • polýtlas dios Nathan (phonetic transcription)
  • polytlas Zeus Nathan (in English)

Zeus is the Greek "Father of Gods" and Polytlas is one of the epithets used to describe Odysseus:

  • Polytlas-- much-suffering; much-enduring; persistent

An approximate translation of "Persistent God Nathan" can be made from the inscription, although more accurately, it may be translated as "Much enduring divine Nathan." This is an allusion to the Odyssey, the great epic adventure written by Homer, in the ancient Greek. Along the Odyssey, Odysseus (the greek name of Ulysses) is called πολύτλας διος οδισσεύς (polytlas dios Odisseus), which means "Odysseus divine sufferer" or "great sufferer". So, the allusion is comparing the sufferings that Nathan will endure in his adventures with the story of Odysseus.