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Harris was a high-ranking agent of Katherine Marlowe's Hermetic Order, and minor character and antagonist in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Harris only appears during the all Talbot cutscenes in The Chateau and the opening of Stay in the Light.


Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception[]

Harris was Talbot's right hand-man and has accompanied Talbot to France while searching for an amulet - with the other half being in Syria.

Under Talbot's instructions to retrieve the amulet from Nathan Drake, Harris walked over to Drake, who unsuccessfully attempted to disarm him. Shortly after Harris took the amulet, he was killed by a swarm of Spiders while walking back over to Talbot, who ordered Agent 13 to grab the amulet from Harris just before his death.


  • Harris is the only Agent called by name from other characters.
  • Unlike the other agents who share the same 3 skins, Harris's model is unique.
  • Harris is shown to be extremely loyal to orders and the organization he works with, as while he was attacked by the spiders, when Talbot ordered Agent 13 to take from him the amulet, even while panicking and covered by spiders he obediently handed it to his fellow Agent before falling uncounscious and becoming unsavable...