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Trophy: Up a Short Creek Without a Paddle
Beat Chapter 12 - "Heading Upriver" in less than 5 minutes. Bronze

Heading Upriver is the twelfth chapter of Drake's Fortune. Nate and Elena hopped onto another jet ski and made their way upriver to the monastery, under almost constant attack from Eddy Raja's pirates along the way.

Completing the chapter in less than 5 minutes in Drake's Fortune Remastered will unlock the bronze trophy Up a Short Creek Without a Paddle.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once again, you will be controlling Nate on a jet ski, with Elena wielding a 92FS - 9mm, which has unlimited ammunition. The river will actively work against you, as the strong current will make steering difficult at times. Explosive canisters are also scattered throughout the river as a hazard, continuously floating downstream as well. It is recommended that you slow down and shoot them from a far distance. Elena can blind-fire now, allowing you to shoot some of the barrels and enemies, while moving forward simultaneously.

The two running into trouble.

Some of Eddy's pirates are stationed along the banks of the river, some with barrels placed beside them. Upon approaching these groups, prepare to aim for the explosives rather than the individual pirates. Halfway through, you will have to force the jet ski up a series of small waterfalls. Make sure to pick your path wisely, as the camera cannot always show if a barrel will be floating downstream on that exact path. After taking out the last group of enemies, ski through a tunnel to reach the monastery, then approach the drop-off point ahead.

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