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A helicopteris a type of a rotary wing aircraft, and often features as a gameplay element in the Uncharted series. Nate fights against a helicopter gunship twice in Among Thieves, as does Frazer in The Lost Legacy. Gunships also appear in the Co-op Objective and Co-op Adventure modes for respectively Among Thieves and Drake's Deception, both of which also feature helicopters attacking players indiscriminately in several competitive multiplayer maps.

Helicopters also appear in Drake's Fortune and Golden Abyss, but have no interaction with gameplay in either case.


Among Thieves[]

Lazarević's private army made use of Mi-24 Hind gunships, the first of which Nate spotted in "Urban Warfare". Nate and Chloe later saw it again, looking for them while atop Hotel Shangri-La during "Desperate Times". Shortly after it found them and they were forced to run away, during which the gunship blew up an entire multi-story building in an attempt to bring them down while they were inside of it. At the end of the chapter Nate managed to destroy it with the use of several M32-Hammer grenade launchers.

Another gunship appeared in "Locomotion", during which it chased Nate across the train, blowing up several train cars and nearly killing Nate, up until the train headed into a tunnel. The gunship reappeared in "Tunnel Vision", after Draza ordered the pilot to kill Nate. Although the gunship attempted to do so, Nate made use of an armored car with a turret to bring it down.

Lost Legacy[]

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In the Among Thieves Competitive multiplayer the gunships only appear in The Plaza and The Highrise maps. In the Plaza, the helicopter causes small damage by using its machine gun when it flies over the map. On the Highrise, the helicopter launches a few bombs on a random building every few minutes. It can kill the player if one is on the roof of the bombed building.

In the Competitive multiplayer helicopters only appeared in the maps Syria and Old Quarter.

Co-op Objective[]

Helicopter gunships are featured as bosses in the Co-op Objective missions The Sanctuary and The Village. In the former it will drop off two heavy soldiers, after which it has to be shot down with an RPG-7, while in the latter the same has to be down after destroying a tank.

Co-op Adventure[]

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Helicopters are featured in the Co-op modes of Drake's Deception. In Co-op Adventure level, Syria, a pirate-manned helicopter appears in the beginning as the player characters enter the tower. As they enter, the chopper appears and destroys the door with rocket fire, flinging the three characters into the water-filled underground. At the end of the chapter, two hostile helicopters will appear as a boss fight. The players have to destroy the helicopters with RPG-7s.


Concept art of a Mi-24 Hind.

The helicopter that appears in Among Thieves is an Mi-24 Hind, and primarily makes use of its twin miniguns, which are capable of penetrating softer materials that Nate could use for cover. Even when it cannot directly hit Nate, relentless fire and its aerial position and maneuverability makes it difficult to repeatedly dodge the bullet hail. Similarly the missile swarms that they could unleash had impressive destructive power, but are technically only used as a manner of forcing the player along.

The helicopters from Drake's Deception appear to be based on the Aérospatiale Gazelle, whereas the helicopter used by Orca in in The Lost Legacy is based on the Kamov Ka-60.